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  1. Good article and the Dostoevsky excerpt is gold. Most of these ‘travellers’ were dumbasses anyway. Flying around the world to carouse and take selfies with zero interest in the culture or history of where they were visiting. Cheap travel was wasted on them.
    Meat and dairy diet will return to non-subsidized prices again . Support your local farm or farm yourself.
    The sheeple will descend now into a hell of drugs and virtual reality . Two tribes forming on this planet – awake vs asleep.
    The coming UFO ‘disclosure’ will fry the brains of all but the ultra-stoic.

    1. Used to lead some dive trips to Belize and Honduras around 30 yrs ago, just simple middle class folks. As soon as we got there, they turned into rich snobs who found fault with everything, amazing to watch folks do the Jekyll-Hyde thing when they’re tourists. We had awesome fresh caught sea food daily, more lobster than I could eat and eventually they wanted hamburgers, shit like at home. They didn’t care for local things, wanting everyone to act more like Americans, not understanding they were the foreigners, and all this on a 7 day trip.
      It’s not just the filthy rich who are ugly tourists, most Americans have a tendency to think the world revolves around them exclusively.

      1. ………no shit ! ever make it out to the San Blas Islands …..god I miss those days ? I wonder if that has become a tourist trap by now…. 50 years since I was there… I am sure you did , just making conversation, but did you ever swim with all the Rays ,Like B-52’s sliding by just above you. The Sgt Major fish…..Yaoooooo schools and schools of beautiful fish………clear water ……………………

        Now Dork will write in and exclaim something brilliant like ” youassholes have never been in a bath tub let alone swam the ocean”…………..Glad you took the time in your life to do those things !!!!!
        good on you.

  2. this moron takes the cake in the stooopit class

    yeah.. what is needed is a bunch of poor useless fucks who believe in imaginary gods

    oh wait… that’s what we have now

    what a fucking retard

    come to think of it, i’ve never read anything this turdberger has written that made any common sense

    the fact is

    white peepul have swallowed the dumb pill and are their on their way out as a result

    no worries

    your whore daughters have been very busy fucking and reproducing with scum of the earth niggers and muslimes

    ha ha ha

    “go forth and be fruitful”

    HA HA HA

    now run along lifes-losers

    oh, and pray and vote HARDER

      1. your reeetahd chillin are going to killed or commi’d

        there is no other option

        you will see all your hopes, dreams, and efforts lying in a puddle of death


    1. Actually islam could be the cure to all ailments of current western postcivilization – oligarchy, usury, denigration of family, racism, feminism and sexual depravity.
      So indeed, try praying harder – to Allah, not to idols like billionaires, politicians and popstars.

      1. i’m modeling the new world religion tfA-tism around several planks of islam

        it will be the best religion evah

        the girls are gonna LOVE it 🙂

        tfA-t be with you

  3. Where does it all end!. For years I thought most here were, squared away, this china bug, whatever it is, seems to have exposed many of your for the Marxists pieces of dog dung you are.

    Some of you fuckimg idiots are hating on the wrong folk.

    To the good men women here, it’s time to take WRSA back from the Marxist, the anti Americans. They push push back harder, hold em accountable. They make a bullshit claim, like they were SF, call em on it.

    I’ve learned the hard way with one of the fancy trainers published here, that stolen valor runs rampent when theirs zero accountability.

    That NIGGERS, think this is theirs, they didn’t build it, yet think they can run Their chicken and watermelon eaten rotten to the core, bullshit here.

    That boiled chicken with 4.00 delivery anywhere on fantasy islands ok to threaten the lives of 300 million. Have you not seen these people’s retorical change to their real intent here over the past year.

    Their masks have come off, their now preaching full blown hate, here, then sitting back thinking it’s ok. These cock suckers need to be taken out back of the woodshed. Where I’m from this kinda disrespect is not tolerated.

    Yea, I get it, first amendment, not all speech is protected speech. Not all men are measurable, their worth given, one has to earn their creds.

    0321, I can’t explain it, Im so so so disappointed in you, what happened, or were you always a closet Nazi? .

    You new people, it’s clear many of you are agitators, here to disrupt, a site trying to put out good stuff, for those of us who still Love this Nation.

    When you attack good men like TL, Bracken, Quitus, 3006, Voor, these guys are solid as the day is long. Contribute, give of themselves.

    End of the day,,Pete’s place IS under attack, the Marxist,,the communist,,the Nazi’s , the haters the sexual predators, the girl haters, these men are the enemies of the United States. These are sick vile men.

    You boys are bottom of the barrel kinda folk, nobody aroumd you listens to you, they see looser written all over your faces, the see Traitor, or nigger lover, of I heart BLM, AND Antifa in your eyes.

    Yet here where you can hide behind a screen name, spew your hate, your pretty safe. Fuckimg cowards all of you.

    Other then that, have a great day, I sure plan on it.


      1. Berg,
        How do you even have a discussion with someone that stupid?
        Doesn’t know the difference between a National Socialist and a Communist. Calls me a Marxist when my own family died fighting them, doesn’t realize how much I hate Communism but thinks I’m one of them because I won’t support his Bolshevik run gov’t.
        I’m too independent to support any political party, even the National Socialists, just not my cup of tea. But I sure won’t hang my head in shame over the fact my family fought Communism to their own deaths.

        not only are you stupid, but you’re one of the most deceitful people we have here. You’re not a patriot, but an enabler of lies and corruption. Stealing from your fellow Americans and gloating over it isn’t something to be proud of. You crippled old brainwashed fool.

        1. Heh , do you think I could smooth it over with Dirt if I admit to being a fake, you know tell him I am really a 12 year old just messing around and if he buy’s me an ice cream come I’ll let him fuck me in the ass…hell it will be just like the old days when he was a school resource officer………..
          come on what do think ? I just want it to be all happy days again and all !

      2. But without Civic Nationalism, they wouldn’t have any Nationalism at all. And there’s the rub; CivNats will choose falling on the sword over being called mean things like ‘racist’ or’Nazi’, over building and fighting for people, their Nation, White culture.

        Sieg Heil

      3. Dirkie is just butt hurt because his ‘cadre’ had to help
        him push start HIS ‘Assault Rascal’ AGAIN out of his
        garage and down onto the street. Then he and it had
        to be towed by one of his other cadre’s ‘shoot ‘n scooters’
        the rest of the way to the local Golden Corral where the
        ‘AARP & Larp Meet ‘n Greet’ was being held.

        Karen Shumer and her hubby and family along with
        Nancy Normalstein and her husband Herschel and
        family along with other customers weren’t happy to
        see the members of G.A.S.P. (Goompas Armed Special
        Projects) show up kitted up beyond what the local
        orcs and orcettes were and heavens oh heavens..they
        WEREN’T wearing the manditory masks as they rolled
        up and took ALL of the handicap spots in the front..while
        “The Bridge Over the River Kwai” theme blared from all
        the ‘Assault Rascals’..except Dirks…his was only flashing
        it’s ‘Hazard Lights’.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. triggered

      and this guy was a cop?


      what a LOOser

      hey Dick- you already lost

      everyone HATES cops

      haven’t you seen the country imploding because of you bastards?


      1. Cancel Culture:

        A desire to cancel out a person from a social media platform for not sharing identical views. It is characterized by the sophomoric response of an evil individual when said evil individual is shown to be wrong. It is an attempt by the evil individual to get his followers to jump on the subject person, rather than discussing the criticism or showing by evidence where the criticism is incorrect.

        Narcissists make up the majority of the people who engage in cancel culture, and others who follow his lead tend to be immature individuals.

        1. cops and jeebus freaks have to go

          they’ve destroyed everything good and decent with their false better than others BS

          the real americans will never forget what they have done to freedom

    2. Yup.
      Well said Dirk,
      I’m about over it here personally.
      This narrow minded, contradictory naz I shit is a circle of stupid they cannot even see.
      Pete’s house etc., But there’s nothing worse than giving a bullhorn to cancer. And there’s is entirely too much carcinoma here anymore.
      Dividing the few who actually care about this country, at the original form, not current incarnation.
      So, mission successful agitators, and to you Pete, you’re allowing that division, for whatever reason you have. It’s a mystery to me.

      I’m moving on.
      My mom used to say, ” you are known by the company you keep”, and these naz I shitbags are not my people.

      Peace to the real Americans here, to the others, when the hammer drops and you hit my AO, come heavy, we will be.

      1. Dividing the few who actually care about this country, at the original form


    3. Thanks for saying what needed said.
      I was thinking about this yesterday and,wondering if C.A.was pleased with what the site has turned into.
      Did he want or imagine it would be hi jacked by a handful of do nothing individuals.

      1. A friend,
        Do nothing individuals?
        I’m sure you’re referring to me also, since I speak out against the brainwashed normies here.
        Though I’m not a gov’t parasite like Dirt, and not monetarily wealthy like some here, I have had an amazing rich life of adventure and of building custom homes and guns that will survive for hundreds of years after I’m gone. The former Gov. of Idaho, Butch Otter sleeps in a bedroom under my beautiful log work. I have over 100 custom made rifles across the USA and several in Europe too.

        What have you accomplished that will endure the test of time???

        1. since I speak out against the brainwashed normies here.

          Brainwashed normies?

          This is WRSA, not some soccer mom meeting or a suburbia kaffeeklatsch. Wake the hell up and pull your head out of your ass.

    4. The Nazis were far better men than modern Americans, prove me wrong.

      1. Danke mein freund.
        The German people have been the backbone of European culture and that is why they were slated for destruction by the world’s parasite class. Hitler stood up to Communism on behalf of European Christianity and was betrayed by every single country because they were held hostage by the Bolshevik bankers. Look who FDR and Churchill surrounded themselves with, Jew advisors and bankers. And who was it that rewrote all the history books, along with all the war time/post war media??? NYC/Hollywood Jews are what has taken control of this country and 99% of you are too blind and brainwashed to see who controls your own head.
        What all of you are missing is that this is not a political war, it is a religious war of Judaism vs Christianity and you have been sucked into believing the Jew is your friend, as he steals your mind, rapes your daughter and monetarily enslaves you for eternity. Wake the fuck up!
        Both my uncles died fighting Communism in Russia and I will never forget that sacrifice they made for all of Europe, which betrayed them.

      2. Dietrich Bonhoeffer would disagree. A statist is a statist. Whether they are a National Socialist or a Marxist. True liberty is not a gift from any government. It is God-given. Regardless of the truth about Mr. Hitler, and how he refused to bow to the (((International Banksters))), look what happened to Germany. The repercussions are still being felt today. Remember what he said in 1933: “…when anyone said, ‘we will not come over to your side.’ I say(sic) so what? We have your children.”
        Go on You Tube and watch the the movie DER UNTERGANG(THE DOWNFALL). Pay close attention to the one scene where the Berliner Children are manning the 88-millimeter gun and the old man is trying to talk them out of it. That should give you and idea of the way things were.
        If you look at what is currently going on, modern Amerikans are marching in lockstep behind the demented dwarf Fauci, the scarf lady, the Marxist delegation in congress and the Karens and Beta Males in their own cities and counties. Tell me history does not rhyme. Bleib ubrig.

      3. National Socialists, if you please.
        The only folks that regularly use the slur, ‘nazi’ are
        ignorant buffons and outright bolsheviks, as it was
        coined by bolshevik ‘journalist’ Konrad Heiden.

        The Waffen SS, General Leon DeGrelle, Otto Skorzeny
        and their C’nC Adolf Hitler (a decorated war vet of WW1)
        were and are far better than most of the filthy ‘chosenite’
        parasite indoctrinated losers and mouth breathing simps
        and cucks that add nothing currently to ‘Mureica’.

        Don’t like the truth..too bad cuckservative simpanzees.

        The bolshevik threat is the same one that threatened
        Hungary via Bronstein’s ‘friend and fellow traveller’
        Moriz (aka ‘Bela Kuhn)..unfortunately the ‘Dumbest
        Generation’ allowed themselves to be totally hoodwinked
        by the globalist pedo-talmudic bankster class..Unca Joe
        and his operation was saved..and America has been under
        defacto control by those parasitic banksters and their
        criminal terrorist corporate colony and “The City of London”
        ever since…..

        And the idiots at cuckservative inc STILL believe that
        they live in a sovereign ‘republic’ governed by a fraudulent
        piece of 240+ year old crap….

        Talk about sheer cognitive dissonance and disassociation
        from reality….

        They continue to make tfAt-s arguments more
        valid every day….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      4. I can think of three reasons:

        1. They lost.

        2. They lost.

        3. They lost.

        And no matter how much Jarhead/Dollbanger want to whitewash it, that fact will never change.

        1. Germany losing its war 3/4 of a century ago somehow makes those men inferior to modern Americans?

          I can’t see the 21st century American public pushing the natives aside, bothering to even fight England let alone winning, or swarming Europe and the Pacific simultaneously to any real effect. They can’t TALK about who is destroying their civilization. Y’all can’t even stop sex offender tranny story hour, lol.

          I’m guessing you’re also free and brave cause 1776.

  4. The problem with America is that the middle class is under-worked and over-paid, which cuts into corporate profits.

    Greed is good … but only when we’re talking about the greed of the 1%. Everybody else’s greed makes American business un-competetive in the globalist market.

  5. As I’ve been saying here for quite some time now, if you think immoral/amoral men are going to be White Knights in either turning this nation around, and/or will bring forth a new or stronger nation, then you’re insane.

    As of late, at least half, if not more, of the commenters here on WRSA don’t have a moral fiber in their body.

    Let that sink in.

    Other then that, have a great day, I sure plan on it.

    Me too. It’s Sunday. A feast day. Got a rack of ribs on the smoker as we speak.

      1. Wow. You’ve presented a totally convincing argument there, lion. You’ve converted me to the belief that amorality/immortality is the wave of the future.

        Bring on the paganism!


        1. Well, you’re comfortable losing, so by all means carry on.

          I’m sure it’ll all be better in the next life or whatever, lol.

    1. Lol, good one. Berg!. fuck Hitler, and while I’m at it, My nigger DMV, the house clown.

      Bon, what I’m saying these people are outright Marxist propaganda shit fucks. Read their message, their specific content, who exactly they are trying to put down, silence here? Same on the streets. And guess what as predicted you’ll rolled over and gave up! Why quit, their formula is working.

      And two of us here are calling bull shit, exposing their words their deeds, as left wing propaganda. These fuckers don’t do well in the light!.

      The pattern is in your face, look at all the news services, the radio, the news rags, all are falling to this very effort. Why not run it here, it’s worked everywhere else, been pretty effective.

      Then tell me you don’t see a pattern that the new crop of shit punks showed up within a week of each other is yet another clue.

      These people, DMV, Northern Gummer,Teefat, and sadly 0321, have ALL spent the past year destroying what brothership their was left here.

      That’s not an accident, that intentional. Right out of Rules for Radicals.

      To call em socialist is an understatement, they want what WE earned by working daily for 45 years of our lives. These shit stains have no intention of working for it, they think we OWE it to them.

      I don’t mind fighting in the mud, got nothing better to do. After all I am a retired Pig!

      And please don’t forget,
      The TRUTH, is its own defense! Fucking brilliant. And boiled chicken with 4.00 delivery. Business genius Right There!.

      O yea, then we got the stolen valor retards! Aaahhhhh dont get me started. Was a ” black” green beret in “dang wang yang”! Fuck you poser! You know, special ops, hush hush top secret no double top secret mang!


      1. Dirt, you’re definitely on to something. This place seems to have become glowfag central as of late.

      2. But seriously Dirk-don’t lose hope. Always keep your head high. You have allies, even from corners you don’t expect.

  6. Perhaps it is affluenza. The reason it says in the New Testament when Christ says it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle (a hole in the ring of thorns put up at night to keep lions out), than it is for a rich man to get into heaven, is that the camel would have to get down on its knees to go through the hole. Rich and powerful people have a tendency to not be humble, mostly because they believe their power will matter more, and get them anything they want. It often does, and a lot more they didn’t intend to get. It’s the same message in the sower and his seed. The riches of this world, and its cares, choke out the Gospel like weeds, so that even if it is heard, those things competing with it keep it from producing good. G*d forgave our sins at the Cross, but REJECTED our arrogance. Arrogance never gives anyone, or anything, the benefit of the doubt. An arrogant man or woman will not get down on their knees.

    1. Sean,

      You’re welcome to mentally bow down and worship your imaginary
      sky friend that supposedly manifested previously on this plane of
      reality as a Middle Easter self-sacrificing loser that became a sun-dried
      Slim-Jim (OOOOOOHHH YEAHHHH!!!) on a stick.

      Have at it to your hearts content…

      The moment that you or anyone else of the same ilk TRIES to
      coerce me to adopt it or follow it is when my Fn-Fal will be
      presented and a .308 pill WILL be the only and defining answer.

      Multiple applications of it will be used IF necessary.

      Where I’m concerned, keep your Middle Eastern cucked
      imaginary sky friend to yourself and move along.

      Don’t start nothing…won’t be nothing….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. tfA-t, It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living G*d. Heb. 10:31. I mention you in my prayers daily to receive grace from G*d.

    1. ‘The capitals of Europe are connected by cables laid through the sewers of Rome to the feeble dynamos of Bethlehem’. And here we are.

  8. “Needless to say, the lifestyle changes the Establishment will demand of average citizens in the West – changes like the expectation of air travel, car-driving, dairy and meat consumption (check the linked essay above for more details) – will certainly not apply to them. I simply cannot imagine any of our elite giving up their affluence, their private jets, multiple homes, or animal-protein rich dinners for the sake of anything, but they will insist we give up our cars, houses, and overseas vacations for the good of humanity and the planet.”
    That is the nutmeat of the entire article:communism for thee, none for me. If think that Moochelle Obammer is giving up chowing down on lobster…….or Hildabeast stops drinking……..or Pelosi….well…… I still say that the best way to independence of any system is to run your own damned ship! Shop with local farmers: get an RV and forget the feel-you-up airports: and keep loading your own larder. I have a 14 yro car that still runs beautifully, so I can get from A to Z. I support my local mechanic. I love my farmers market. The house is old, but fully paid for. Yes, I would love one of those marble counters, AGA stoved, 1200 sft kitchen of my dreams….since I love to cook…….but it ain’t happening so move on! The old story: you know what they can’t stand?? Someone who lives life on their own hook. So do that!!

    1. I believe you hit the head of the nail with that;
      What they can’t stand is someone who lives his life on his own.
      They can not allow that because that kind of person is a free thinker
      Their mortal enemy that most be destroyed.

  9. Most folks with an actual net worth of a mil or more in the US employ several people full time. Nobody, but those who truly know economics understand this. The guy who nets 400k/yr at the docs office, the chick-fil-a owner or whatever has from a few to dozens of employees. Why shouldn’t folks who actually work and build a biz not have money? The world is full of commies on the Left and Right.

    And, this is my main point; everything we will ever need is already here. All of it, every last thing. Oil saved the whales, coal saved the trees. Indoor plumbing and potable water allowed half of your family to make it past 45 years old. Did you know that? Why shouldn’t a good plumber make six figures?…and many do. Did you consider it? The next resources that we will need are ALREADY here, this is the hard part, if you would actually believe that Holy God will provide, He will.

    If you believe in central managers to save us you will end up face down in an open trench. Don’t fall for these commies. Are incomes dislocated in America right now? Yes. There are several mega corps that set all prices. Before you take the money from the doc or local store owner, break up the mega corps. These same mega corps right all the legislation, it’s not even hidden anymore, they don’t just buy politicians, the pols just pass into law whatever the corporate lawyers write. The problem is TOO MUCH centralization, too much power in the hands of the few, not the guy with the mcmansion who works 70 hours a week.

    Learn some economics, learn some history, learn of the economy of Holy God before seeking a man to manage the worlds wealth on your behalf. Men managing the world’s wealth on you behalf is what we have now. You are being conned.

    The push against affluence is a push to drive the globe into two classes, the masters and the servants. Don’t fall for it. Men with a little money make their own destiny. Serfs? Not so much.

    1. Well said Fred.
      A spark among the piles of shit on here. Hopefully that shit burns itself out very soon.

      Doubtful I’ll be in here in the future, if you want/need to link up, I’m sure Pete would arrange comms.
      If not, it’s cool.
      Peace, real Americans.

      1. cops and jeebus freaks have to go

        they’ve destroyed everything good and decent with their false better than others BS

        the real americans will never forget what they have done to freedom

  10. That was constructive. Violence is going to clarify a lot of this noise. God speed Pete and to all men on this site regardless. Wish it didn’t have to be this way but I see no other way but through.

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