10 thoughts on “Trigger”

  1. I concur, I drive a big-rig and I do not want to encounter a crowd of rebels rioting on the streets. Blocking a freeway is insane, physics is now a white patriarchy construct, like gravity. Stop a big rig in less than 100 yards at 78,000 pounds? Good luck with that one.

    1. road rats..aka ‘rioters’ go splaaaaaat..brrrrrrrrap!!

      Tankers call them ‘crunchies’….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. I have friends who are truckers. Neither will be stopping for the lunatics. Fear for life and all that. On 99 or the 5, I will just try to avoid the big squish marks.

  2. I am still LAUGHING!!!! G.T.M. always wins. 80,000 pounds moving at 65mph=silly commie wins prize playing silly game. SPLAT just like a bug on the windshield.

  3. the only ones triggered are the cops, copsuckers, and jeebus dolts

    tfA-t exposes their lies, deceit, and conspiracy to enslave the world

    the truth is always hated among those types who drank the kool-ade and like it

    the B-tfA-t heavy bomber inbound dropping truth and reality bombs for all

  4. Andy, I concur. Some women are better at looking like a man than that Jenner-thing.

  5. Roads are for traffic not pedestrians or rioters, if ya don’t want to get run over get off the damn road.

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