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  1. Fat, ugly, mudsharking pussies won’t do anything about it even more.
    I’d get off a fair amount of my favorite legal tenders for up close vid of the whiney puss accepting it’s thoracic ventilation, and I’d double down if it was a face shot.

    This child’s parents should be dragged, for committing long term child abuse.

  2. “Gun-rights supporters on both the left and the right often carry rifles at protests in Texas”

    This is from a NYT article on the shooting. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/26/us/austin-shooting-texas-protests.html

    I like how you can be a gun rights supporter and on the left now, I remember the good ole days when the left couldn’t think of a reason why you would need an “assault rifle”. They must be giving up on disarming the right. If we’re all lucky maybe that will be a gateway into them understanding individual liberty better and how it conflicts with most of their other views. I know some former progressive activists that have come around, they are passionate by nature and still just as dedicated to their beliefs, except not they have their heads screwed on straight.

  3. Kent Dorfman replied, upon hearing Garrett was assuming room temperature: “Oh boy is this great!”

  4. And Tfat sez there isn’t a god? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m about to piss my old self!

  5. It’s reported that this guy, Garrett, was a Libertarian … member of the Libertarian’ Party.


    1. Libertarians are like baskin robins ice cream…there’s 31 different flavors.

  6. Garret Foster = ‘Good [room temp achieved by being a bullet sponge] commie’.

    May his wheelchair inhabiting nigger cunt and the rest of his associates and
    fellow travelers join him asap….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Looks like one of the “pussies” decided to do something about it.


    Projection. Leftists project their fear of an armed opponent – onto the opponent. Cowardly leftist bully with a gun thinks his victims won’t fight back if they see him pointing a gun at them. Oops.

    Note to commies, you are coyotes NOT wolves. And your intended victims are not sheep, they are sheep dogs. Get a clue. Your victim just might be an ear collector. And there is no bag limit on coyotes.

    1. “Your victim just might be an ear collector”.
      That’s a winner right there!!

  8. Unfortunate the opposite of your statement, did you in; my prayers for you.

  9. I said leave me alone, I’m a family man, and my bark is much worse than my bite,—- I said leave me alone, I’m a family man, if you push me too far, I just might,,,,,, Hall and Oates, back in the 80’s sometime. Underestimating your opposition leads to things like Bull Run, Little Big Horn, Pearl Harbor, Midway, Stalingrad, D-Day, Inchon, Tet 68′ etc, etc,etc. If you don’t study your Sun Tzu, you will encounter someone who does, but only once.

  10. Austin is not a conservative* city by far, but replicate this in any dem haven like Atlanta or Baltimore and you’re going to spend a very long time in prison.

    There is a photo of the newly departed pointing his rifle into the car of the man who shot him, and hopefully that will help prevent a prosecutor looking for screen time from coming after him.

  11. Globo=pedo’s proxies burn loot murder and antifart are in essential ways the best thing could happen.
    The truth is nothing could realistically prevent events unfolding. Sure its nice, and noble to believe otherwise, but the truth is what it is, here we are.
    Yet the seeming paradox is how could events be the best thing to happen?
    Clues which answer that statement abound. Notice first globo=pedo’s projection, it’s adaptation of all things defiant and insurgent, “woke”, “color revolution”, attaching the pejorative of “racist and racism to everything which represents a threat to not only their strategies and tactics, to their optics and illusionary narratives and false flag activities, most vital of all is preventing perceptions and their truths from mainstreaming that there exists hundreds of millions of good folks who are natural born plank owners in the whole idea and reality of traditional America: good folks who are in every way completely legitimate in their opposition and resistance to tyranny, their standing up for and defending our civilization and culture, and the means to do so. Such means are manifold. Globo=pedo’s objective of limiting and diminishing those means to a narrow set of approved narratives is in itself a most instructive body of evidence their present actions are weak sauce, which balance on a knifes edge, totally vulnerable to good folks who turn their backs, just walk away, in particular withdraw their consent from events.
    Globo=pedo’s proxies effectiveness is predicated on a captured public audience, they themselves literally live and die in the masters of the universe’s construct dream world of social media hive technology along with the yellow media’s false narrative matrix. Without these virtual world constructs they really don’t have a whole lot. After all what is going on is 4th G war, war for legitimacy, specifically war for an illusion of legitimacy on the part of globo=pedo and their proxies. Destruction, burn, loot, murder, they aren’t means to an ends, they are part and parcel a crafted narrative intended to provide the look of legitimacy, of legitimate action, hence the narratives created surrounding action, are intended to provide appearance of legitimate political and social cause, providing an illusion the inherent demands and intent of globo=pedo are legitimate above all else.
    Globo=pedo power is legitimate, its agenda legitimate, its control of a global order legitimate, the political power this illusion provides legitimate, the raw naked control of free unfettered economic activity, legitimate.
    The truth is globo=pedo only possesses power if the illusion their power is legitimate can be created and maintained.
    We see this agenda of illusion of legitimacy hourly, from governor’s and mayor’s mansions, from state local and federal centers of political power, from the black robed Nazgul’s of the supreme court on down to county and town courts.

    Think about it, the power of all these entities and their figureheads is all predicated upon convincing enough of good folks into believing, or really, fearing this illusion of power is legitimate in the first place, and more legitimate than good folks sovereign unalienable existence, an illusion if you refuse to comply, if you refuse to cow tow to this illusion you have given away, you forfeit your own natural unalienable legitimacy of self because you violate another’s absolute power over you.
    A contradiction in terms so absurd it makes it the greatest con that exists, and it works, because it is so outrageous, how as a good folk, could anyone do such things to other folks?

    The entire construct existentially is totally dependent upon this ruse.
    Even in the best of noble intentions of constitutional republican form of government, even that negative power granted by will of the governed, depends upon a certain kabuki theater of ignoring the 10 ton gorrilla in the rom, and long as nobody crosses a certain line of corruption, accumulation/usurpation, of power not given by the will of the governed, entrusted to be exact, this construct too exist because of illusion of legitimacy, and illusionary trust in good things, noble things, in virtue, prudence and codes, remaining unviolated.

    Truth is the construct presently attempting to obtain that illusion of legitimacy, hence power, over all of us, is only different than that parchment by degrees and stridence.
    It is all, totally, completely, ultimately, dependent upon obtaining legitimacy in the eyes and thoughts, thehearts and minds of a plurality of people who give up their self determination and self reliance, give away their natural unalienable sovereignty as free individuals.
    This is made possible by such people of such a plurality giving their consent to such a construct, thus they make that construct, this illusion, legitimate.

    Where the construct fails and collapses in totality, and it happens in the blink of an eye, literally and figuratively, is when a plurality of good folks refuse to grant their consent for such an illusionary thing.
    When a plurality of good folks withdraw their consent, then things really get jumping, and those running the construct of obtaining themselves the illusion of legitimacy freak out, as they should, because that seeming tiny determined audacious plurality is the most dangerous weapon ever devised against tyranny and its agents.
    Why do you suppose the deep state, really the deep cabal, prefers to remain hidden, employs depraved methods of blackmail and extortion to control and stop those around them? Why they work within a shell of a constitutional republic they have spent since 1850…tick…tock…hollowing out, which they hide behind, which grants them an illusion of legitimacy, why? Because us good folks could not see them and thus we believed this hollowed out shell, which we also could not see, was legitimate.

    See what they do to us?
    They gull us.
    Gull us into not only believing an illusion of legitimacy is legitimate, but our faith predicated upon an illusion of legitimacy is legitimate, which itself grants them legitimacy. An illusion of legitimacy to get away with just about anything. And they have, they do, they are doing.

    Whats the noodle baking element in all this, is your’s, my, consent. It’s free, it costs nothing, this consent. Simply withdrawaing ones consent, your consent, my consent, we withdraw the illusion, the fig leaf of legitimacy, and to prove just how legitimate your coinsent is, how legitimate your sovereign power is, if by withdrawing your consent from something, and that something is legitimate, nothing happens, nothing bad, or good, but withdraw your consent from something posing as a legitimate thing, watch what happens.
    In fact, just look at the state of the world, of events, events which are the reaction to millions of good folks who withdrew and are withdrawing their consent, and for those potentially withdrawing their consent, consent for what is being done to us, our way of life, our codes, our culture, our economic activity, our faith, our traditions and history, to everything that is made of us and made by us in this world.

    If globo=pedo was a legitimate entity run by legitimate people, why would they object to what makes us us, in the first place?
    Why would globo=pedo need to create an illusion of legitimacy, in the first place?
    Why would globo=pedo need to de-legitimize all the things about us and what we are?

    Consent is unique.
    It is said it is something that can not be taken, only given.
    Consent is like Love, you can’t make someone love you. But love that is freely given, unconditionally, thats the ultimate consent given.

    People’s Consent is unique in another way.
    I’ll use myself as an example.
    I have withdrawn my consent for Hillary Clinton who occupies the White House. She become’s the totalitarian Stalinist dicktator millions of us feared she is under the deceitful illusion of legitimacy of a legitimate representative of our government’ POTUS, which she and her’s used to sneak into the seat of power.
    So I’m writing things about her, and she don’t like any truth about her illegitimacy and other crimes getting out, because this damages her illusion of legitimacy, thus diminishes her power, because people read what I have written and withdraw their consent for her.
    Well the weaponized FBI eventually gets me in a secret room. I’m handcuffed to a chair, agents are giving me the 9th degree, but I’m having none of it, BFYTW is what I give them, I refuse to comply, I defy you all, go to hell, well what they are really after is coercing me, forcing me, with threats if force, and violence if I refuse to grant Hillary my Consent.
    What is the real pickle here for all of them, is my Consent belongs to me, my Consent can only be given to them if I give it to them, I have to no matter what, perform the gesture, I have to consciously, deliberately grant my Consent. Even tacitly, granting my Consent, I have taken an action, to do so.
    This is where my Consent, your Consent is unique, why it is the most powerful weapon ever devised by Men:
    one of trhe FBI agents draws his .45, puts the muzzle upside my head, pulls the hammer back, tells me if I do not give my Consent to them, he will put a bullet through my skull. Kill me if I don’t do what he says.
    Know what?
    I still have a choice, I still can refuse my Consent, and if he murders me right there, I still have not consented. I still own my Consent. They never got my Consent.
    I win even if they kill me.

    Multiply that by 100 Million good folks who withdraw their Consent and thereafter refuse to grant it to Hillary Clinton.

    This last really happened.
    64 million people refuse their Consent for Hillary Clinton.
    More than 64 Million American’s withdrew their Consent, millions and millions who did not vote on November 8th 2016 did not vote for Hillary Clinton either.

    See what happened?
    She, who they thought could never lose, lost more than being POTUS, She and her ilk lost something far more valuable, they lost their illusion of legitimacy, hence power, hence vast lucre and influence.
    All because some people did some things.
    They refused to comply with granting their Consent for an illusion of legitimacy.

    And whats going on now, is not riots and burn loot murder, the same globo=pedo actors are using proxies to cram their desperate need for an illusion of legitimacy down our throats.

    Where they go wrong with us “Basket of Deplorable’s”, which is unique in all the world in all of the history, (hint-hint, tear down statues if The Greatest Christian Warriors Ever) for there are none like us, We Are Armed To The Fucking Teeth.
    Our rifles are our Consent personified, Our Consent’s teeth.

    And all they got left, all they ever had except illusions they are somehow legitimate, like the weaponized Clinton FBI, think Ruby Ridge, Waco, LeVoy Finnicum, they all refused, they all withdrew, their Consent for that illusion, is force and violence.

    Force and violence=burn loot murder=globo=pedo

    Say BFYTW!
    Lets Win!

  12. A good Commie, is a dead commie!

    Gawd, hard to believe that after 20 years controlling the colleges, here we are?
    I recall when the early graduates started coming out of the indoctrination centers with their fresh faces and teaching degrees… we were warned (by tinfoil hat wearing nutjobs we were told!) that they’d change the schools and pit our own children against their families with their Godless theories and grand “knowledge”. Nobody believed them. We all thought they were over the moon crazy.. but, here we are!
    Praise God and pass the ammunition. Time to start stacking them like firewood if you’re asking me!

  13. They all become good communists eventually, see Hon. J. Lewis. Much more honorable lately.

    1. Lewis is to lie in Congress, hell, Lewis has lied to Congress for 50 something years.
      Kill a commie for mommy
      Hell kill two
      It’s the right thing to do

  14. Lot’s of rumors floating around that a woman dispatched his ass. If any one sees confirmation of this please link.

  15. Heard on the radio today that 13 of the 20 rioters arrested in Portland were school teachers. Not a surprise. Get your kids out of public schools.

  16. While I don’t celebrate this person’s (and I use that word loosely) death, it does act as an object lesson that: ‘Ideas have consequences.’.

    It’s a shame that too many that need to heed this lesson are ‘slow learners’. :-/

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