20 thoughts on “Check One For Accountability Files”

  1. But…………will we find the Judge sitting on his porch ? then the equation is TOTALLY solved

  2. My understanding of physics is limited. But I do know that if you apply sufficient heat to the bottom of a pot full of water, you will boil the water, and it will turn to steam. Frogs and all, notwithstanding. This is the kind of thing we will see more of, as our govts. continue to behave like the bolshevik scum they seem to love more than us. Disloyalty is a punishable offense too.

  3. It’s nice to think that this happened, but I doubt it. He was also decapitated and left on the judges doorstep in Dallas, back in 2017. Urban Legend?

    I will say, however, that this sort of thing is going to begin happening here very, very soon; I’m a bit surprised it hasn’t happened already.

    1. Maybe Dallas was fake. Maybe this copycat isn’t. Urban legends can be inspirational.
      Unless Lee Gabriel and the South East Journal are in competition with the Babylon Bee, this one is probably real.

  4. Whoever cut off his head and left his body there was radicalized by the government’s own actions.

  5. Too bad it’s a phoney story. The photo is from a Mississippi new station and the website clearly states this is satire… (check the footer)

    Now, having said all that… I would not be unhappy if this were to happen with some frequency.

  6. This story appears elsewhere almost word for word as satire according to folks on Gab.

  7. and everywhere in every town ALL the cops would love to solve this case and bring just-us to the perp- it’s my job…

    fucking LOOOOZER scum pigs

    the pooplice/courts/politicians-IOW the entire (((system))) are Fusa’s entire problem and this case just shows how real justice is handed out

    will a few innocent die in the process? probably, but even more innocents are murdered by the cops every damn’d day.

    so in the end, things would still be much better off without these parasitic lowlifes with badges, robes, and suits

    299,999,998 to go 🙂

    1. ………this is satire ? …well……FUCK IT ! lets put someone on somebody’s porch anyway , just to say we did it……………we never do any thing………………….

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