5 thoughts on “Normiepost: Both Sandman And Your Family Are Supposed To Die For Their Waaaaacism”

  1. We are going to go down some dark, bloody, and soul sucking pathways before this is over. Never let these bastards win at anything!!

  2. I would like to point out something about the Sandmann legal victory. Everyone is fixated on the “$250m” number. He will be lucky he clears $50-100k in the deal after expenses. Reasons:

    * the “$250m” number is for public consumption. The setting the battle space so to speak. Defamation cases do not and have not ever clocked those level of numbers.
    * From the defendant side, the insurance company is in control. Meaning that CNN and WaPo had little input into the outcome of the trial. The bean counters run the numbers of settling vs trial and set a target amount.
    * The settlement amount is under nondisclosure. Generally the plaintiff makes this requirement. Please see first point for why. Had Sandmann received even half the demanded amount the lawyers would have wanted that out there for public consumption.

    Oh and Brian Stelter can go F himself.

    1. Dr, thought his victory was ” With Predjioqus” think it means the looser paid all court bills, not the kid.

      And this was a slam dunk case, a give me. If he settled out of court for pennies on the dollar, he was a fool. His attorneys were some of the best I. The business. They would not let that happen.


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