A Reader Sends

This is a link to a 3+ hour session of front line practicing physicians,
exposing the fear and panic surrounding the scamdemic.


Many excellent presentations, but I recommend paying particular note to
the segment from minute 56:30 to 1:05:00, in its entirety, provided by a
practicing child psychiatrist.

Some excerpts:

“The state of our children is abysmal.”

“The pandemic, in my mind, is not so much a medical pandemic; it’s an
emotional pandemic, and this emotional pandemic is based on, and
centered around, fear. The fear is real, but it is not based on reality.
I have tried to provide facts, data, statistics, information to my
patients and their parents for weeks, and months. Some of them do
listen, some of them do change their minds, because they believe that
there is probably more going on than what they’re being told, and that
what they’re being told is probably not entirely accurate. A lot of it
is lies, a lot of it is misinformation.

But, very many of my parents and children don’t respond to information.

I’m a big proponent of facts, I’m a big proponent of information, I’m a
big proponent of science. I’m a physician, that’s how I was trained.

But I also know that, unless we deal with this fear, and we take it and
face it, head on…information will not be of use. You cannot use
information, no matter how accurate it is, unless you’re in a calm state
of mind.

Anybody who’s worked in the military knows this: when you’re in a state
of panic, when you’re terrorized and you’re traumatized, you cannot
think clearly. Most of the adults in my practice with children coming in
for treatment are in that state; they are not responsive to information.
They are allowing fear to drive their decisions.”

“The children are suffering; in my view this is child abuse. We are
training an entire generation of children to live in a state of fear. To
live in fear of people.”

“Why is this happening? Why are we living in this state of fear, this
pandemic of fear? My belief is that there has been an unholy alliance
made between certain politicians, certain media, and special interest

[Paraphrase: One of the largest special interest groups is the teachers
unions and in the state of California it is THE largest…the largest
financial contributor to the Governor, to the county, to the city]

“..and they have effectively told parents that if you send your kids
back to school, the moment that they cross the threshold, they will die.
And before they die, they will kill all the teachers. This is not an
error, this is not naive, this is a lie. It is a cynical, manipulative
lie, to hold the children hostage, for personal gain. It is evil.

We made a mistake, in March, as a country. The single biggest mistake in
my view which was to close our schools. Without schools open, nobody can
work. And when nobody can work, we don’t have an economy. And without an
economy, we have a country of dependency. We have a country where we do
not have the right or the capacity to exercise choice. And this choice
can be from whether to work or to go to school, all the way down to what
direction we walk at our local supermarket.”

37 thoughts on “A Reader Sends”

  1. Ya, had the ear of a few normies last night. Laid out basics at which they nodded.
    Then one flat out said ‘I don’t want to believe’( that we are being played).
    How to undo that level of psyop?

      1. They just locked Trump Junior on Twitter because he linked the doctor presser.

    1. Listen to the lady doctor, 3rd to speak I believe. Never lost a Covid patient from a Hydroxyqloroquine treatment, from all ages and with various ailments

  2. it’s a HOAX

    yeah yeah

    so your 89 year old mother died- of ‘covid’


    no it’s called old age morons

    anyone who wears a mask is marked as a disposable non-thinker

    i talked to 2 nurses from the VA yesterday and both agreed it’s a HOAX “but we have to go along with it” was the standard response

    this is because murkins are broke ass loooooooosers and are slaves to their asswipe crumby jobs and suckass brainwashing

    tfA-t poops on you all 🙂

  3. Government teachers are accomplices in an evil enterprise, willing executioners of childhood and murderers of young imaginations.

    The silver lining is that every day parents who pay attention are seeing the dross, drivel and sewage that government schools sell under “education” via telecommuting or whatever other means the “programming” is transmitted.

    Remember that education majors, like urinalists, tended to be the most lazy, shiftless and intellectually beggared of any drones attending university.

    1. Teaching your own kids the trivium and quadrivium >>>> cat ladies+public education

  4. What happened in March was not a mistake. And LEAVE THE SCHOOLS CLOSED forever.

    No amount of post Enlightenment science, reason, logic, or sound judgement can save us. We must recognize why this is happening. The openly declared annihilation of America and white men is here.

    God has been systematically removed from Western Civilization. Are we reaping better science? Is logic more abundant? Does reason rule the day? Judgement? Forget it. God came first. God comes first or civility, indeed civilization itself falls apart. The Old Testament and the untaught parallel history of Christianity since antiquity in the time of Christ shows us that; God-out equals destruction-in. Remove God and society falls apart. This is not by accident that God has been evicted from the schools, the public square, and the workplace, everywhere.

    Fear is not removed by any amount of facts whatsoever. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

    True believers understand and live this verse.

    I further contend that Psychiatry is not science at all. It’s witch-doctoring. A point about this; what about all the well-adjusted mass murderers in the white house since WWII? Is what they’ve done logical, fact-based mass murder upon a foundation of sound judgement? What about the legalization of abortion based upon the feelings of needing the god expediency? Are these people well, “Doctor?” Did the facts save those children?

    1. sounds good to me

      get rid of the low hanging rotten fruit- fat unhealthy types

  5. And without an economy, we have a country of dependency.

    Gee, you’d almost think that this was the idea all along, and they just figured out how to get those not on the welfare roles already – to be dependent on the government and cowering in fear too.

    A two-fer!

  6. The good Doc sure points out many vital things so many are unawares of, unaware being the key element in using fear to control people.
    Fear is highly contagious. Fear is easily associated with any target you choose to create fear and cause people to fear.

    Observe the yellow media and its 5th column at work. They attach fear to everything to the point it is so common so previlent, so all encompassing there is nothing but fear and fear is associted with everything to the exclusion of everything else, where fear is no longer obviously recognized, it all becomes a primal sense blanketing everything.

    There is another aspect, beyond the victims of weaponized fear, the good Doctor’ succinct observations neglect. The warrior mindset regarding fear, the ability and strength one can never allow oneself to take council of our fears,
    that fear is like surprize, it exists only in the mind of the recipient.
    That the only thing to fear about fear is simply fearing it where you lose the courage and ability to ward off fear and not permit fear to rule your mind and actions.

    Fear is a superbly effective weapon in this war for hearts and minds, fear is foundation of the tyranny our enemies whish to impose on us in order to rule over us. Fear as in the foundation of totalitarian dicktatorship.
    They employ fear constantly, attach fear to everything, as a tool to socially engineer us they create and appoint false fearful narrative and symbolism to everything, saturation level weaponized fear. Everything good and right which provides sustenence to self reliance, self determination, empowers one in their natural state of freedom, must be destroyed. All symbols, records, down to thinking and thoughts has to be destroyed for totalitarianism to prosper.

    How this process is successful once you have manipulated all possible who fear fear, all who take council of their fears, all who submit to the mental slavery of fear, there exists a stark contrast between all who are afraid and all who are not afraid, this contrast singles out all who are not afraid, sticking out like a sore thumb, cause in the minds of those who are afraid, to fear us who are not afraid. This pervasive fear permeates everything, essentialy creating an army of paranoid fearful people who become mortaly afraid of freedom and liberty in particular all who are themselves free men become especially despised and held in extreme contempt.
    Just listen to pedo von Pantsuit’s audience in her election speech describing and defining her Basket of Deplorables, its akin to listening to a pack of hyena’s at feeding time. This primal visceral hate rises up from the mob, its not words but a growl of hate and fear blended into one. It is stunning to percieve, as her audience consists of the white liberal slave class who turn to stone if they ever touched a gun.

    What you create weaponizing and using fear as a tool to manipulate and enslave people is not unlike the sci-fi totalitarian horror movie “Invasion of The Body Snatchers”.

    Really, fear is all our enemy has in terms of weapons superiority. A weapon difficult to use, one which must be used often, requiring constant maintenence, one fraut with disaster if the weapon gets away form those wielding it. A weapon if not feared by its target is disarmed rendered ineffective to those who not only do not fear this weapon, they gain inner power, they are further empowered by their outright rejection of this instrument of fear. It becomes a wellspring of courage along with strengthening all of the warrior virtues. Basically fear backfires on those using it as a weapon.

    It is impossible to rule people who are not afraid of fear, who do not take council of their fears, who in fact are stronger in spite of fearmongoring because the great powerful weapons of courage and prudence they possess protect them and provides positive council as the bulwark against such evil, all who are indomitable in the face of fear, who if anything re-weaponize our enemies’ instruments of fear to be used turned against them.

    Lets Win! is inevitable
    BFYTW is the order of the Warrior ethos mindset.

    and we are armed to the fucking teeth…
    50,000 of us showed up on 1-20-20…
    they thought, as they thought She could never lose, we where kaput…

    so they are barn blind in their special way, they can not percieve there is an entire world of meat space, an entire civilization that doesnt give a rats arse for their construct, in no way fears them, who they have no socially engineered hold over, not a basket of deplorables, A Legion of people who refuse ever, eternally, to be anyones slave or bend a knee to the tyrants tyranny.

    The fat lady isn’t even in the same country yet.

  7. A guy wearing a mask yesterday on the way in to the store,(yes, I was wearing mine-grey man) said, loud enough for plenty to hear, ” I’m fed up with wearing this GD mask”. Just as the Nazis could not tell what was on an old French mans’ mind when he passed by on his bicycle, neither can the Karens or TPTB tell what’s on mine. Besides, I look just like the rest of the herd. Some of us have very sharp teeth, long memories, and black, hard, hearts. Few things are as surprising as a very sharp knife in the back, suddenly.

    1. Oy veh, it’s time to virtue signal all the other ignorant cucks and mention those evil Natzeees!
      Don’t kid yourself ‘black heart’ you not only look just like the rest of the herd but you think and smell like them too.
      The only knife in the back you’re capable of is the one you stick in your own race by taking a knee to the kikes!!

      1. …those evil Natzeees!

        Why do you always infer that any mention of the Nazis is because of their evil nature?

        Face it, if the Nazis were one thing, and one thing above anything else, it was that they were LOSERS!

        Every victory they ever achieved was ultimately only Pyrrhic in nature.

        Why so many, to this day, look with such high esteem upon a losing paradigm is beyond me.

        1. Are you suggesting that the mention of Nazis in Sean’s post was benign in nature?
          What absolute rot!
          Every pissant patriot uses the defamation of that regime as a convenient way to score cheap
          brownie points, even when there are much more relevant examples to choose from.
          Based on your faulty logic, the Soviet (and U.S.) paradigm should be admired strictly because they were ‘the winners’.
          Rather Darwinian for a charismatic catholic eh?
          You know who the sole victors in that conflict are/were.
          So just keep sitting there and pontificating.
          If an invisible ‘savior’ can return so can a real vanquished paradigm!!

        2. The Soviet Union won WWII. Should we be looking up to them for winning?
          The United States was on the winning team, and turned around and had a fifty-year Cold War with its former ally-which (allegedly) did things to Eastern Europe that were as bad, if not worse, than what the Germans (allegedly) did.
          Looking around at Team America today, one could easily argue that WWII was a Pyhrric victory for us as well. We were on the winning team, yet it really doesn’t matter. Most of us FUSA folks are willing to fight each other because we don’t have identical ideologies. We can’t see the forest that is the Right for arguing over individual trees. Like a bunch of niggers.

  8. So I see this as a two headed demon:
    Government’s never ending grab for our state of being with endless mandates and power grabs
    Us, the ones who see WTF is going on have options; face masks, school closers, etc:
    Balaclavas meet the standard in my state, with a bag of cap and sunglasses, good luck figuring out who is under that.
    Home schooling my grandson keeps the approved hive communist school agenda under control plus it gives me more time with him to shoot, fish and keep his eyes open.
    Social distance, it’s been 95 with a heat index of 105 for weeks now, I don’t want to get near their stinky asses anyway.
    I think you can see where I’m going with this, it’s limited only by your imagination.
    Fuck Em with a big stick.

  9. Want to break the teachers’ unions?

    Defund the schools. How?

    Keep the kids out of school. And keep one parent home to educate.

    Lose the funding and indoctrination while recreating the family before womynz rights messed things up. Now capitalists will disagree because they view education as babysitting. They sell the rope for their own hanging. They need to wise up.

    1. Classical Conversations is one homeschooling system, there’s others. Talk to some families who homeschool, they’ll level with you and give reasons you don’t know yet why it’s better

    2. Keep the kids out of school. And keep one parent home to educate.

      Definitely a recipe needed to teach your children well.

      However, probably will have little to do with defunding schools. Not unless one can decouple school funding via property taxes and/or special levies, where the majority of school funding generally comes from.

      BTW, the “keep one parent home” model is most likely, by far, the best and only recipe of bringing back the nuclear family and, more importantly, sanity to the local communities. Yes, this will most likely mean a cut in household income, but maybe less of:

      We’ve been so busy keepin’ up with the Jones
      Four car garage and we’re still building on
      Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of [life].


      1. Guy I worked with told me they actually see more money at the end of the month with his wife not working. She worked in an office environment that required costly dress standards she wouldn’t casually use, so after clothes, shoes, make up, child care for 2 young boys, 2nd car payment and maintenance along with other costs associated with her job they actually lost $50 a month.
        Sounds crazy but I wonder how many couples actually do the math and find their real income vs cost.

        1. Not crazy at all. Just basic math. Which most people simply can’t get past.

          However, I have a feeling that some of it (maybe a lot?) has to do with qualifying for a mortgage on whatever overpriced house they want, and two incomes on paper can get you qualified for much larger loan. But then, they’re just house-poor anyway.

          As long as little johnny can get into the “best” school so that one day he can go to the “best” college so that on an a later day he can get the “best” job so can get into the same rat-race that lead to his parents leading miserable lives, and probably divorce.

          And the cycle continues.

  10. “Schools out for ever. ” – Some degenerate rock star

    No one is coming to save you or your children. You must fucking do that. Now. Today.

    The schools were long ago ceded to the Bint Loser Marxists, (BLM for short).
    Burn them and salt the earth where they stood. Less degenerate story time is better.

    1. Yea he’s pretty much a doomer.

      Something that’s 99.9% recoverable is scary to him.

      He’s the person they talk about when they list folks are being led to hysterical fear, like hoplophobic level of fear.

    2. His heads up somewhere or in the sand and he’s crying about something in his eyes.

      Since the beginning of this, he’s been Mr Doomer. I get it, misinformation confused people, but he’s been pissing in the wind on this from day 1.

      No amount of logic can fix that level of stupid. People being healed thru Hydroxy-Q is just “lies” to him.

      F him. Even his readers hate his BS.

    1. Do notice scale and proportion.

      In a country of say 330 MILLION, some 4 million are claimed to be “infected”.

      Let’s have a map with 330 million pixels, and each “infected” gets 1 pixel. I do believe it would approximate, in proportion a BB in a boxcar.

      It was an easy trap to fall into, belief in The Map, and it was designed to be so.

      Gates, WHO, John Hopkins ALL involved in the Event 201.

      Such a cohencidence!

  11. Keep the kids out of school. We home school. But too many are turning out braindead and brainwashed. I am really stumped by all of you here. This is a perfect opportunity to starve the beast and let what happens happen. Aren’t you all ready for it? Haven’t you been prepping for this all your lives? Or was that all talk? As for Aesop, well he lines up with John Mosby, and a few others of similar experience. So not everyone agrees on what this is and where it is headed.
    And Bonaventure, if most Americans have your attitude, yeah I can believe it. There is a great humbling coming. I hope all of you have your shit together. If not, most of these posts are empty chest thumping. We will see

    1. We are homeschooling starting this fall.

      When our public school system mailed out a survey asking “will you return this fall?” that was a surprise.

      Where we live, there’s choices but many stay local.

      No one cares more about your education than yourself and loving parents.

  12. Are you suggesting that the mention of Nazis in Sean’s post was benign in nature?
    What absolute rot!
    Every pissant patriot uses the defamation of that regime as a convenient way to score cheap
    brownie points, even when there are much more relevant examples to choose from.
    Based on your faulty logic, the Soviet (and U.S.) paradigm should be admired strictly because they were ‘the winners’.
    Rather Darwinian for a charismatic catholic eh?
    You know who the sole victors in that conflict are/were.
    So just keep sitting there and pontificating.
    If an invisible ‘savior’ can return so can a real vanquished paradigm!!

  13. Thank you very much for sharing.

    Great delivery on that excerpt – Hook, Line and Sinker…

  14. If I had kids, the last place I’d send them is a public school. While I was in grad school (I have a PhD in physical/organic chemistry), I ran a special lab section in second-year organic chemistry for School of Education students, they were headed for Education degrees with a “concentration in chemistry.” In other words, they’d wind up as public school teachers. This, btw, was 33 years ago, and from what I’ve heard, the bottom has dropped out what passed then for standards. It was a hard, hard class to teach, a number of the students were minimally able to read and write and do arithmetic. At least in my section I had no explosions or fires, on the other hand, I got called a Nazi. I’d rather have that than send students to the hospital, as happened in the “honors” sections taught by the supervising prof. I hope that some of those people learned some chemistry – as that is what they were destined to *teach*.

    I think most of what the public schools are putting out now are woke Maoists who may or may not be literate or numerate. Critical thinking skills – at least the open display of same – get you drugged into numbness. That conservatives and people on the right are clamoring to send their children back into that indoctrination is something that mystifies me, utterly.

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