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  1. Total Liberty is not a revolutionary thing, its an evolutionary process with moments of great and small resustance to tyranny, Liberty’s reason for being in the first instance.

    Bill Buppert is right about secession from and abolition of slavery of The State as the only legitimate viable course.
    Its certainly possible it could happen in one great orgasmic defiance and rejection of tyranny.
    Yet…in all things it is action that matters, in this matter aside from the profound birth of ordered Liberty, which is adifficult thing to maintain, Liberty began small, of course Liberty begins with each of us as it is part and parcel of all of us.
    There is not a thing wrong or imperfect with this process, besides nobody ever managed to attain and ascend to ordered Liberty, a process far from complete and which may never stop evolving, most likely it will never be free of having to be defended fought for and die for.
    Having pointed this out, so what if the parchment worshippers do not get their constitutional order back, it looks more and more each day the whole constitutional order was corrupted from before the ink was dry on the parchment. The constitutional order is without exception the foundation for administrative centralism, regulatory tyranny, where generations of political actors and their associates cored out the constitutional order in order to wear it like a skin suit, hide behind its shell, deny us the very protections it offered, yet perserving those same protections for themselves, while creating inalienable laws and attainders of writ with which to enrich and empower themselves at our expenve and suffering.
    So what I say?
    Oh yeah indeed so what, its simple, time to evolve more, advance our cause, even if we must leave it to our Rifles and God. So be it. Sitting around waiting will not solve the problems created from the constitutional order. Not to say nothings good about it, quite the contrary, at worst it has been a great step in the right direction, the critical precepts of Liberty both ordered and individual defined, tried, found wanting or requiring modification adaptation and improvisational action.
    But you have to start someplace with anything which action creates.
    In tegards to the evolutionary nature of ordered Liberty, stages in the process are the order, even if the Birth of Ordered Liberty is that 5000 Year Leap, its birth is a step, a stage, so recognizing the constitutional order has turned out to have existential flaws within it with no recognizable realistic remedies or recourse, and the truth it is broke and doesnt work, whats so bad about recognizing its time to evolve adapt and take action to try revolutionary and or evolutionary things.
    Isn’t the idea, the ideal, to have ordered Liberty to begin with?
    The constitutional order did not pan out because the constitutional order never in its approximately 245 years fepending upon where you think its starting point is, ever in all its history, create a single shred of Liberty. The constituional order has been an excellent stealth platform for usurping and diminishing every aspect and element of Liberty and freedom.
    Truth of that abounds. Every day. In every way.
    Some like Gary North and Al Benson Jr. contend there was as North in his great outlier work, a “Conspiracy in Philadelphia,” which sure seemed like a total outlier of an idea in the beginning, or as Al Bendon Jr. sublimely pointed out, if the objective in Philedelphia was Liberty why did they give us administrative centralism to begin with? Was this not the very thing everyone fought suffered and died to get away from to begin with?
    As time passes with all such things, which courageously point out uncomfortable truths, go against accepted convention, established government, social order, such paradigm thinking and truth, mature and come of age.

    Aren’t we American’s the Aces of improvisation adaptation and doing what is supposed to be the impossible? Did we not put all those Americans on the moon with slide rules and no Faceborg or Goolag?

    Perish the thought, its so White Privilege! And just who did we cuturally appropriate such an achievement from? After all we are racially mutant, fit for genocide and other methods of luquidation.
    Bad White Men baaaad racists!

    To think we are even capable of evolutionary never mind revolutionary accomplishments which fundamentally transform America!

    Thats….thats…You didn’t make that…bitter clingers with their skill sets, way of life, bibles and guns…Deplorable’s, even baskets full of them… cant do that sort of thing!
    We broke the mold of the world.
    Raised everyones boat.
    And we are supposed to be afraid and submit to a bunch of whiners and bitchez, crybabies, playground bullies, free shit ghetto rats, and baby enslaving raping murdering pedo=”elites”?The good Doc sure points out many vital things so many are unawares of, unaware being the key element in using fear to control people.
    Fear is highly contagious. Fear is easily associated with any target you choose to create fear and cause people to fear.

    Observe the yellow media and its 5th column at work. They attach fear to everything to the point it is so common so previlent, so all encompassing there is nothing but fear and fear is associted with everything to the exclusion of everything else, where fear is no longer obviously recognized, it all becomes a primal sense blanketing everything.

    There is another aspect, beyond the victims of weaponized fear, the good Doctor’ succinct observations neglect. The warrior mindset regarding fear, the ability and strength one can never allow oneself to take council of our fears,
    that fear is like surprize, it exists only in the mind of the recipient.
    That the only thing to fear about fear is simply fearing it where you lose the courage and ability to ward off fear and not permit fear to rule your mind and actions.

    Fear is a superbly effective weapon in this war for hearts and minds, fear is foundation of the tyranny our enemies whish to impose on us in order to rule over us. Fear as in the foundation of totalitarian dicktatorship.
    They employ fear constantly, attach fear to everything, as a tool to socially engineer us they create and appoint false fearful narrative and symbolism to everything, saturation level weaponized fear. Everything good and right which provides sustenence to self reliance, self determination, empowers one in their natural state of freedom, must be destroyed. All symbols, records, down to thinking and thoughts has to be destroyed for totalitarianism to prosper.

    How this process is successful once you have manipulated all possible who fear fear, all who take council of their fears, all who submit to the mental slavery of fear, there exists a stark contrast between all who are afraid and all who are not afraid, this contrast singles out all who are not afraid, sticking out like a sore thumb, cause in the minds of those who are afraid, to fear us who are not afraid. This pervasive fear permeates everything, essentialy creating an army of paranoid fearful people who become mortaly afraid of freedom and liberty in particular all who are themselves free men become especially despised and held in extreme contempt.
    Just listen to pedo von Pantsuit’s audience in her election speech describing and defining her Basket of Deplorables, its akin to listening to a pack of hyena’s at feeding time. This primal visceral hate rises up from the mob, its not words but a growl of hate and fear blended into one. It is stunning to percieve, as her audience consists of the white liberal slave class who turn to stone if they ever touched a gun.

    What you create weaponizing and using fear as a tool to manipulate and enslave people is not unlike the sci-fi totalitarian horror movie “Invasion of The Body Snatchers”.

    Really, fear is all our enemy has in terms of weapons superiority. A weapon difficult to use, one which must be used often, requiring constant maintenence, one fraut with disaster if the weapon gets away form those wielding it. A weapon if not feared by its target is disarmed rendered ineffective to those who not only do not fear this weapon, they gain inner power, they are further empowered by their outright rejection of this instrument of fear. It becomes a wellspring of courage along with strengthening all of the warrior virtues. Basically fear backfires on those using it as a weapon.

    It is impossible to rule people who are not afraid of fear, who do not take council of their fears, who in fact are stronger in spite of fearmongoring because the great powerful weapons of courage and prudence they possess protect them and provides positive council as the bulwark against such evil, all who are indomitable in the face of fear, who if anything re-weaponize our enemies’ instruments of fear to be used turned against them.

    Lets Win! is inevitable
    BFYTW is the order of the Warrior ethos mindset.

    and we are armed to the fucking teeth…
    50,000 of us showed up on 1-20-20…
    they thought, as they thought She could never lose, we where kaput…

    so they are barn blind in their special way, they can not percieve there is an entire world of meat space, an entire civilization that doesnt give a rats arse for their construct, in no way fears them, who they have no socially engineered hold over, not a basket of deplorables, A Legion of people who refuse ever, eternally, to be anyones slave or bend a knee to the tyrants tyranny.

    The fat lady isn’t even in the same country yet.
    Go fuck a flyin’ Rollin’ Donut.
    OkeeDokee, what ever.
    Kiss my arse
    In fact BFYTW

  2. Political legitimacy has been dead for quite some time now. What zombie I wonder, will come from the grave to cudgel what is left, of what once was a Republic? I figure already that the socialist assholes will steal it, and go into their shee-boon, johnny chimp out routine, until exhausted and having burned down every major American city. Comes the dawn after that one, their great die-off can begin. Life is hell for those who only know how to be a parasite, and a destructive worm, once reality relies.

    1. ‘Life is hell for those who only know how to be a parasite, and a destructive worm’

      that’s no way to talk about your buddy Dick and the rest of the 12v DC bunch

      no worries, he and his rascal squadron will mount up and save Murka! and the murkin way of life! with pooplice abuse, voting, and taxes for all!

      1. Aaaa you are amusing at times. You will vote, likely for Biden, but you will vote.

        Have a good one.


  3. If for nothing else, a vote must be cast for Trump in defense of innocent life from abortion.

    Every little bit helps, and we will be required to render our account to God on what we did in this life to prevent the hideous massacre of babies.

    “I didn’t vote cause meah!” is not going to cut it.

    1. Agree, you not voting is a vote for Marxism, communism, but I’m pretty convinced here anymore that a large percentage of you here,,,, are wanting exactly that.

      Sadly, we will be facing off with some here I thought were Patriots.

      1. bullshit tax termite Dick

        those who vote are the sole reason for the communism and tyranny everyone must suffer

        they are giving legitimacy to the corruption and graft

        but ewe already know that



        1. You are festering hemorrhoid on this fine website.

          Nothing more.

          You contribute nothing more than a pain in the asshole region, which suits you mightily.

        2. I thought so once. Even sat out 2016. And 2012. And 2008. But alas, the withdrawal of my consent only resulted in more corruption, graft, illegitimacy of the political class. They don’t give a flying damn about your consent, my consent, any such notion of “consent.”

          Since that is clearly the case, and they personally love it when legitimate voters decline to vote for some nebulous justification as “consent” I have reconsidered that failing strategy. Especially on the local level. It will be my distinct pleasure to vote against declared communists in November. That, in my view, is withdrawing consent. If the communists win, its a sure bet they aren’t going to bother with your, my, our “consent.”

          Patriots for decades have decried voting as “consent.” That mantra is a logical fallacy, given that no action of any note has transpired following that vaunted notion of withdrawing consent, the politicians not only having refused to seek our consent, but rather dedicated their time, energy and our funding to further defraud, steal, lie and sell out this country and its inhabitants to the highest bidder. Clearly our consent is not needed or even desired.

          While we are still free to show up or not show up at polls, I don’t really care who does or does not. But…to use a dead tired excuse of “withdrawing consent” as the reason just says to me that there is clearly a lack of thoughtful consideration to the imescapable fact that “they” aren’t looking for your “consent” in the first place. They don’t want to work that hard in the second, nor are they required to since a good percentage of voters with unmet expectations are gonna take a powder on election day anyway. It suits them just fine. They prefer it I do believe. Polls close at 7, cocktails at 7:30.

          I love it that they got their panties in a wad in 2016. They still aren’t recovered. Trump pisses off everyone, triggers apoplexy, in all quarters. It is worth the price of admission to me. If not even that impresses you enough to get off your ass, so be it.

      2. Patriotism, loyalty, for many has morphed into narcissism.

        It is easy to identify who has fallen in love with their own ideas and worldview.

        We were not made for isolation and division, and it goes against our true nature. It’s why the come across so poorly and offer so little. Ignore it to the extent you can. There are men of good will here, and I think many more who read and follow who don’t bother to comment because they’d rather not see the bullshit that follows.

        The good information that comes across here far outweighs the tfucks of the world.

        When I go to vote, and I go every time, I see men like you standing in line. I know it by your posture, the way you avoid the nervous chatter, and the sober approach you take to what you are doing. I see several just like you. We see each other, and know.

        Take heart.

        1. you’re nothing but a hemorrhoid on the worlds ass

          now go pray to your worthless sky Dog

    2. Word. In spite of the efforts of the Druid Majority of SCOTUS, abortion is a mortal sin and will be the abomination of desolation for this corrupt, syphilitic country. God hates the shedding of innocent blood. Amerika IS Mystery Babylon referenced in the Book of Revelation. The chastisement will be horrific.

      1. So, Trump is a moral icon ?……….extramarital affairs , he only paid $160,000 for his abortion to shut the whore up !!! it is fine ! just fine…………..still an abortion

        1. Regardless of what the Mango Emperor did or did not do, abortion is still murder. It is the taking of an innocent unborn life. Trump is far, far, from any kind of moral icon. I did not vote for him in 2016. I will vote for him in 2020 simply because: “…the enemy of my enemy….” Saint Paul wrote in his letters no one is without sin. He also wrote we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
          It is ironic that thoughtful folks now are saying how JFK would vomit today’s Democrats from his mouth. He was murdered for his efforts to expose the FED, the CIA, the MIC, and the rest of the corrupt, syphilitic Deep State. Yet, it is well-documented that the man was an unrepentant serial adulterer. I know how one “Aw shit” can cancel out five “Attaboys”. But the thought of Pedophile Joe and his Negress VP in the Criminal Timeshare at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue makes the bile rise in my throat. No matter who wins, this will not end well and Amerika is headed for a huge chastisement. Bleib ubrig.

  4. https://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/paris.asp
    British-American Diplomacy
    The Paris Peace Treaty of September 30, 1783 .

    “In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity.

    It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America,…”

    Still think your free?

    1789 CONstitution
    Article II (Article 2 – Executive)
    Section 1
    1: The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.

    8: Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”


    U.S. v. Anthony 24 Fed. 829 (1873) “The term resident and citizen of the United States is distinguished from a Citizen of one of the several states, in that the former is a special class of citizen created by Congress.”

    Hendrick v. Maryland S.C. Reporter’s Rd. 610-625. (1914) A US Citizen upon leaving the District of Columbia becomes involved in interstate commerce, as a resident does not have the common-law right to travel, of a Citizen of one of the several states. This power of the Congress to rule over the people of the District of Columbia and the Insular states was used as an excuse to impose Drivers Licenses on US citizens living outside the confines of the United States of America (Minor) and miss-applied to Citizens of The United States of America (Major) so-called State Citizens who were entrapped into contract by a process of miss-administration and legal presumption. This applies to the myriad licenses and codes that have been miss-applied to the American People under undisclosed, misrepresented, and otherwise invalid private contracts.

    YEAH! ‘MuriKa Freedum

  5. So we dont vote for trump cause, bump stock ban, national debt, Egg Roll Flu, etc etc, make something up and pick it. OK.

    So that leaves Biden the Pedo and god knows what for a VP. One thing is sure..
    It will be Full On Socialism, bordering on Full Communism and when they are done stacking courts, changing all the rules, messing with SCOTUS, a Alien Invasion(not the green kind either) and there done cleansing anyone that had anything to do with Trump and SJW’s are effectively given the geeen light to Brown Shirt anyone Localy that publicly supported Trump, what then.

    Oh yeah, Patriots will rise! And Take Merca Back!! DOAH
    Hahahaha, uhhhhh No! Thats not how this will work or has worked.

    I tip my hat to the commies and there minions….
    They Are Doing It!! Like it or not, They are Acting.
    Unlike ….The Patriots.

    So yeah, I will Be voting for Trump, as will my entire family.
    I knew what he was and i know what he is.

    You see, if i can gain afew more years out of Trump , as just a Stalling manuever, as We All Have, that benefits me and mine….and You too.

    As for a 3rd party, please. He or she hasn’t risen and won’t by Nov.

    Choose Wisely and Good Luck.

  6. Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s massively preferable to any other viable candidate. We have two
    choices….burn it all down and hope we can rebuild something worth having or try to limit the damage
    being done and the assaults on our freedom. There really aren’t any GOOD choices. It’s work with what we got or start over. Starting over would cost a lot of lives and a lot of property damage.

  7. Trump is not perfect. Those people don’t exist. I viewed Trump
    as giving a respite to stock up and prepare. Mission accomplished.
    IF he gets 4more years it will be extra time but the next 4 will not
    as easy as the first 4.

    1. So how much longer are you going to kick the can down the road?

      Every Republican you vote for also enables his cronies, no matter how much you want to believe he’s a “good guy”. It’s not slowing down the encroachment of evil for 1 second.

      1. ………its a UNI-PARTY and they don’t get it…………..a vote is still a vote for the bad guys. go back 10 administrations and the trajectory has been following the same path no matter which party, they all work together to destroy YOU. !! You are voting for an OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT…………………….

      2. every ONE of these losers who vote, willing accept their guy is a scumbag- yet vote they do

  8. Political legitimacy died in 1860, when the dictator Lincoln sent troops to invade sovereign states that had the unquestioned legal right to secede from a failed Union under the 10th Amendment.

    That having been said, we got to Clown World by stages. Is it possible to get away from Clown World by stages? If you think it is possible, maybe giving Trump a second term would not be worse than refusing to vote and putting the nuclear launch codes into the palsied hands of Alzheimer’s Joe–for about an hour, then, under the 25th Amendment, into the hands of whatever ichor-dripping swamp creature the DNC chose for him, probably Hillary, who already promised multiple times in front of TV cameras during the 2016 elections to start a shooting war with Russia with a “no fly zone” over Syria. Maybe Trump will give us better judges. Maybe Trump will build that wall he promised. Maybe Trump will give everybody a fucking pony, too. I know, I know. But it’s him or Hillary, or worse than Hillary. Maybe Ilhan Omar. Maybe Michelle “Big Dick” Obama. Choose one. Choose wisely.

    Or you could sit at home on Election Day and clean your rifles and eat popcorn, which did us so much good in 2008 and 2012.

    Look. I know. Public policy has been disconnected from the results of elections for generations now. Any attempt to reconnect them is denounced by all the Right-Thinking People at MSNBC and National Review as “ugly populism.” I know. Still, remember the Kenyan? Imagine four or eight years more of that. It’s a shit sandwich either way, but you might get four more years to train, prepare, and make connections with like-minded people, versus getting on the cattle cars, right now. Like I said. Choose one. Choose wisely.

    1. Like, I said…..so many times here, I have spent the past 40 FUCKING years arming ,training , preparing and eating the popcorn ……….40 years ago the people I worked for told me what was coming and said it was soon (and I could see it ) so I came back to Montana and did all of the above. Was ranching at the time and tried slowly , carefully to talk to the old guys around me, went to the gun shows and spread printed in formation on my tables……and on and on and on……no old and no young would listen and prepare. “It’s all patriot conspiracy bullshit !…..”your crazy”……that would never happen in Amerika”

      Tell me about all the voting ! tell me about the left and the right, tell me about the Republicrats and the Demokins……..they are all the same…

      Should have kicked this off when I was 30 .now I am 70 and pretty much shot up worn out and of little use……..I spent last week bitching on here about NO one around here wants to form up ! there is no table of organization for a militia/MAG any where that I no of in the whole state ! no meeting, no discussion. Think John Trochman and the ( MOM) Militia of Montana……………..started it in 1986 when he moved here. I went to the first meeting in Belgrade at the NAPA store.

      Fast forward to 2020 and it is still just he and his brother going to gun shows and selling books and handing out free literature on every NWO plan there is…………and ? crickets .

      1. there is nothing anyone can do- and that’s why tfA-t understands that burning it to the ground is best for all

        sorry all ewe family cucks couldn’t see past your whores pussy and the feeewings of love.. ha ha ha…

        the world doesn’t give a fuck about what you want and either does tfA-t

        burn it to the ground, don’t leave nothing for the dinks

  9. all these “voters” still haven’t figured it out

    just stop participating in the rigged sham of duh mock crazy

    what would happen if they held an election and nobody came?

    the pols would shit their pants and get on the next plane to wherever they are planning to go once the jigg is up

    the only vote that counts travels faster than the speed of sound

  10. CA, I tried…really I did, to get through that entire whine fest of an article. The author’s primary failing is that he/she/they/them (wtfe) is sourcing his/her/ their/ its (wtfe) foundational premise on the hysterical wailings of a flailing and failing power paradigm.

    No matter who prevails in November…all bets are off. Nothing will ever be as it was. Media, Congress, SC, FBI, DOJ, CIA, Hollywood, Fed Courts, all of it…drowning in the Sea of Lost Credibility.

    Too bad the author(s) didn’t bother to take that into consideration.

    1. “he/she/they/them (wtfe) is sourcing his/her/ their/ its (wtfe) foundational premise on the hysterical wailings of a flailing and failing power paradigm”


      no different than basing your life views on imaginary spirits and gods and demanding others believe in and respect these fairy tales and myths also…

      amirite ?

      tfA-t has done SOOOOOO much better than most here because he doesn’t swallow the lies of charlatans, wizards, and priests

  11. I fully expect to be dead by 2021 if not this year. It’s my hope to die a warrior’s death. I’ve had my three score and ten years. I will die my Country’s son and my God’s faithful servant.

    1. then just do it short timer

      or you will die just as you have lived- a loser

  12. How much political legitimacy could any intelligent person expect from an electorate steeped in Abrahamic religion and materialism for the last two centuries?

    1. it amazes tfA-t that after all the let downs, disappointment, and complete and utter failure of their damn goD- they still hold true to the lies and scam of religion

      if i were a jew 2000 years ago, i would conjure up a scheme to get the non-jews to support their own demise…

      i know! make the goyim think they have hope and give them a savior… of course he will be a JEW…

  13. The only reason to vote for Trump is to try to delay the inevitable, giving us more time to stock up on weapons and ammo but I am not sure that for most of us waiting for more years is all that wise. In four years we will be older and likely in poorer health, not to mention being more outnumbered than we are now.

    1. ………………..see above……….and in some cases “out numbered by their own off spring “

  14. “Political Legitimacy Dies in 2020”


    What has Bovard been smoking for the last 50 years?

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