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  1. Very accurate graphic. Basic marksmanship fundamentals are the cornerstone of effective employment of any platform of any caliber.

    1. I’ve beaten that premise to death here, some of us can run anything from a flintlock to a Krag to a belt-fed, but it’s usually the gear queers who object the loudest to anyone denigrating their fancy toys. In most cases it’s ego vs skill too.
      NRA Highpower was one of the finest venues for keeping your skills fine tuned. I’ve been on the firing line in the middle of M-1’s, M-14’s and AR-15’s. It wasn’t just for old dinosaurs.

      1. Interesting. When I was in grade school (a looooong time ago) the one local high school had an indoor shooting range (Winchester Mdl. 52’s in .22) used for the ROTC but in the evenings, the local NRA held class’. Shot there for years not to mention growing up in a ‘gun culture’ with my parents. Good times. Sure paid off with the USMC and VN …… some get it, most don’t. Sad for them.

        1. I went thru same thing, Boy Scouts used local range for .22 training (old WW2 target rifles) then high school ROTC had .22 range in basement (WW2 target rifles), USNR had 1903A3’s for drill and M-1 rifles at NTC, and M-14’s at MCRD. M-16A1’s in 3rdMarDiv.
          I watch friends giving their little 8-10 yr old kids a .22 with a 3×9 or even bigger scope for their first rifle. WTF, over???

  2. That’s not what they said on the innertubes.

    Whoever is spreading this blasphemy is the lying son of a motherless goat.

        1. Fred did yeoman’s work promoting real marksmanship. His 25 meter AQT set humbled many a shooter.

          1. Some of the readers here, as well as our host laid the ground work for Fred. That’s why I said he must be new here.

          2. I miss Fred’s ad and writings in Shotgun News.
            He advertised some CD’s I wish I had ordered.

      1. Unfortunately, you aren’t. And up to your old tricks.

        Lotta new people here; maybe some who have never heard of Appleseed.

        Ain’t nothing wrong with advertising Appleseed.

    1. Appleseed is good for what it is: A confidence builder and basic training for people who WANT to be a rifleman. Appleseed encourages the course to be fired with .22 caliber rifles. They simulate their targets out to 400 meters and never use full power battle rifles in the basic qualification. WHOLE ‘nother world.

      Those who promote Appleseed need to do a ‘Rifleman’s AQT’ as has been done with groups I’ve trained. You need a 100 meter range. Put the 25 meter targets at the 100 meter line. Bring the shooters up to 75 meters. Have them ground their weapons for safety. Then, on “go!”, have them do an about face and run 75 meters back to the 100 meter line, turn and run back to the 75 meter line, pick up their rifles and then load and engage the 25 meter AQT target for the first relay. Oh, by the way, time allowed for rounds to be expended starts when the first man/woman hits the firing line. Everyone else must fire their rounds before cease fire. Any rounds not expended are ZERO’s.

      Each following course of fire one runs is the same thing: run 75 meters back and then 75 meters to the firing line with time starting when the first person hits the line and picks up his/her rifle.

      When you can do THAT, and score at least 125 on the AQT, then we’ll see if ‘Appleseed’ makes you better

      This is a standard course of fire for a NPT.

      Hope it helps!

  3. What the man at DTG said, doubleplusgood. You could follow a bunch of these “gearheads” as they ponderously make their way to what they believe is a forward area (hint: unless you own it, all areas are forward/hot/wet/dangerous/enemy occupied) and outfit yourself for a year with what they’re going to throw away. I used to police up what other GI’s lost, threw away, etc, at training areas I was in, clean it up, and store it for lean times. When I left on my next deployment, there was enough gear to fit up a squad.

    1. Wasn’t one of the selling points of the M-16 it’s light weight, 6.5 lbs to be exact? Now they clamp enough shit on them to outweigh an M-14 by several lbs.
      Lesson not learned.

      I turned the bbl of an A2 down to A1 diameter, weighs 1 oz. more than my A1 and feels downright good. Then when I want to lift weights I can grab my scoped M-14.

      Isn’t this back to where we started???

  4. You mite want to forward this PSA to grand master jay at NFAC.

  5. Two point sling should be default on all rifles. A sling is essentially a holster for a rifle. Knowing how to use said sling to aid in marksmanship or transition has far more utility that any mall ninja stuff will.

    1. Huh?

      Agreed, but it’s for old fogeys, guys that don’t keep up with the range ninjas. There’s probably 5% of us here who can sling up properly, the rest find it too complicated, stupid, or they just never heard of it before. And how many can actually get in a good sling/body position and hit bullseyes consistently at 500m?
      Most of them just want bigger scopes.

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  7. A PSA * for PSA ** ?

    * public service announcement

    ** Palmetto State Armory

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