13 thoughts on “An Unacceptable Portion Of “The Conversation””

  1. Good essay. But, Mr. Williams is preaching to the choir. And like a lot of ivory tower academics on both sides of the aisle, no one is listening. The Negroes are rioting, looting, murdering one another, and murdering innocent whites. The whites are prepping, training, waking up, moving from Blue Hives, and getting ready for CW II. Professor Williams needs to put down the pen, get his butt to Thunder Ranch or Gunsite, and prepare to defend himself and his loved ones. Bleib ubrig.

    1. Please ! not attacking you but see the website North Idaho off grid / north Idaho exposed…….
      read what Berglander wrote ……and you live right in the middle of it here………..the only people moving out ARE the enemy ! our communities have been inundated with these weak liberal sociopaths that want “their freedom” with out earning it and they do not want to be inconvenienced with the truth. I left Bozeman 30 years ago as even then the city government was mostly Californians, by 2000 the census showed the city population was nearly 70% out of staters and Gallatin county was over 50% out of staters………..now the town is a liberal shithole gay parades gun laws and big box stores………………….

      ……………………..YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHER FUCKERS………………………………………………………………..

      1. Mr. m rapp: Agreed. Thanks for responding. My only observation is I do not have enough ammo. My list is growing simply because all of the geriatric Marxists and Red-Diaper-Doper-Babies just cannot help themselves and constantly write LTE’s. I’m making the lists and checking them twice. Bleib ubrig.

    2. “… The whites are prepping, training, waking up, moving from Blue Hives, and getting ready for CW II. …”
      At least, the ones who aren’t marching with BLM/etc, are.
      As to Thunder Ranch, we could probably all use a refreshment there. (See what I did there?)

  2. I can not even begin to imagine what his e-mail looks like, that is if he leaves himself open to receiving general mail.

  3. CW2 came and went.
    As none dare organize the Right the Left won with some street trash and college age brats.

    Ain’t Gonna Happen folks.
    All that did happen was the ratchet increased a couple of notches, then the Left justly declared victory and retired.

    Sorry – the real Minutemen now are BLM, Antifa, the Left.
    The John Hancocks if our age are now named George Soros.

    This part is over, just pray the Left makes some big mistakes.

    1. “… just pray the Left makes some big mistakes… ”
      Are you suggesting we have a revolution decrying our non-participation in CW2?

      1. I’m saying they had their way and just went into quarters when no one challenged them. Why hang around a battlefield you won by default?

        I will also say there is no We.

        There isn’t.

  4. there’s no coming back ever- as long as them dumb fucking cunts are free to destroy everything man has created

    they MUST be chained and shackled in cages for life

    the final solution rests on eliminating the cops/courts/pols who protect them

    no worries

    tfA-t has a plan for them too 🙂

  5. Kind of amazing, watching civilized men and women talk about the rampaging hordes of barbarians wrecking the place, while advocating for nothing, doing nothing, leading nothing. Just the same old, same old, “This is bad/wrong/destructive/degenerate”. Oh, and”it should stop”. That’ll teach em’. I can see where this is going. The reaction will set in, and the reaction being late to the battle field will over-do it, and itself become what it seeks to prevent. Seeking out and killing monsters often involves monstrous behavior, which can become habit. Maybe this is what our soothsayers on the Right foresee, maybe not. Maybe we’re just in for a hell of a ride, with a fucked-up outcome. Anyway, my only problem ain’t the enemy. It’s also all the unarmed, clueless children running in circles and screaming inside the wire. Reminds me of when my Dad was about to whup my seven-year-old-ass for doing something wrong. Mom tried to intervene with”Oh, he doesn’t know he was doing anything wrong!”. Dad replies, as he lays into the razor strop routine, ” Yeah, but he’ll know when I’m finished!”. Loved my Dad, and he was one of the best teachers I ever had. Soon the children will leave the stage to the adults.

    1. ‘The mob crushes the tyrant’s head and rises to become the tyrant in his ‘stead’.

  6. Early Sept, some of the TR, instructors, will be putting on a private NODS, DBAL shoot,and scoot. Out at our ranch. There is no fee, if your interested, let me know. ” I will put up a donation bucket” you don’t want to donate, no worries.

    Since its on my range, Im Sure I can get you in. This will be one long day, late into,the night. Some classroom, mostly zero and shoot, should be some around 24:00, maybe later.

    These instructors teach this shit, to,the big dogs, they are squared away. doing my crew a solid. As long as your not a convicted felon, a pervert, a Marxist propaganda turd, you are always welcome here.

    Limit is 20, other then our crew. for quality instruction.

    You will need a
    600 rounds,
    A nod, “will be lots of PVS21s, present “don’t ask.”
    Mostly 14s, maybe some 7s.

    A Pec
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    Enough batteries to keep your shot running.
    A skull crusher, or bump with a Wilcox j arm for mounting to nod on.


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