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  1. omfg

    Matt you dumbshit, “all men are created equal” means in the eyes of God, and before the law, and that context us given in the phrase that follows: “…endowed by their creator with inalienable rights.”

    sorry, friend, you didn’t really not understand that…?

    1. I posted a link, moron, to an article that condemns the concept.
      Don’t you read? You make a comment before reading or understanding the concept of the article?
      Geez. Unbelievable.

      1. Why bother then?
        It’s not like the concept materialized for the first time this week.

      2. point taken, I reacted to the tag line and didn’t read the rest. have seen the tag line used in quite another way too many times.

        apologies to all, especially Matt

    2. “… sorry, friend, you didn’t really not understand that…?”
      Oops. Sorry, RW, but you failed to read properly.
      Now who’s the dumbshit?

  2. Grades are racist and mean. Also everyone should get a Ranger tab no matter what.

    1. Yup, the Go/No Go demands of RIP & ROP are just a formality, and the necessary attrition of the Darby phase doesn’t apply to womyn ‘soldiers’.

    2. A Ranger tab, yes. And a gold star for effort. And “M.D.” after your name whether you showed up to take the classes or not–and asking questions about how many of your customers live and how many die, DAT BEEZ RACISMS. Everybody gets a million bazillion dollars, too. And a pony.

      Where’s my goddamn pony?

  3. There is nothing in this world that is fair, free or equal. If you haven’t figured that out, or even worse, never figure it out, all I can say is one thing, you’re one dumb fuck.

  4. We need male adversarialism to return to our schools, at least for the boys, rather than female consensus seeking.

    Feminine Instinct has been used as a weapon to weaken and destroy our country/Nation etc.

    If you haven’t seen these, please watch:



    They’re doing literal flat earth theory in academia now and they’re too stupid to see any problem with it because they think that consensus equals truth.

    It really is amazing how toxic the female mind is to civilization. Children we expect to be uneducated…to explain the woman requires adding an active ingredient of malice. Like that bible quote about being ruled over by women and children for your iniquities.

    And what is the iniquity of the Western Man? Having lost WW2…and then more, in his giving up of the use of violence, and becoming feminized, the 19th amendment, etc.

    Actually, it really is just the childless females that present the problem. If they haven’t found a man to give them children then they do everything they can to destroy the men around them, and invite less selective foreigners to take their place, etc.

    1. There’s a good effing quote of the day for next change:

      “We need male adversarialism to return to our schools, at least for the boys, rather than female consensus seeking.”

      Hope you don’t mind me adding the following bracketed section after “schools”:

      [and the rest of society]

      1. Hey CA, I was looking for contact info for you on the new site but to no avail. Was hoping to email semperfi about some construction stuff. Any chance you could pass me his email address or vice-versa?

        Thank you, sir!

      2. We need a rite of passage too.
        For too many kids its getting their drivers license which for some stupid reason is far to easy to do.
        If we had an actual rite of passage where by successful completion means that you are an adult, then this forever infantilism is put to rest.

        1. HA!

          the murkin females “rite of passage’ is fucking at least one nigger and being gangbanged by strangers


    2. murkin cunts are black widows

      they mate and then kill their partner, both emotionally and financially- usually added effort goes into turning them into criminals for the hat-trick

      it’s as easy as a phone call, BS story, fake tears, and a scratch or bruise they cause themselves…

      they will get everything they deserve

      woe unto the murkin female after the Fusa collapses 🙂

      1. I’ve said it on a number of forums. I’m only half joking when I say White Sharia is what we need.

        Islam is right about women, and about fags.

    3. “because they think that consensus equals truth.“

      Well it does, if you don’t believe in an objective reality, but a subjective one. Perception is reality to them.

      “As for My people, children are their oppressors,
      And women rule over them.” Isaiah 3:12a

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