19 thoughts on “Buppert: The Worst Best Time – Whistling Past The Graveyard”

  1. I accept my upcoming death with the hope I can make it count for something.

  2. nothing will ever change until wymin are put in their place

    take notice how they are at the center of all the worlds problems- besides Islam’s…

    it’s no wonder (((TPTB))) protect them


    1. There is a severe lack of balls in the US humansphere as almost everyone has turned into pussified cucks. I mean, srsly, males dressed up as wimmenz and prancing right down the middle of Main Street USA and this is accepted as normal.

      An intense culling is way over due and the burnoff will be glorious. 90,000,000 in the first 6 months then 10 million a month til equilibrium occurs with a net result of the population leveling out at about 25-50 million, mostly caucasians. Only the best prepared intellectually and physically will make it through to the otherside. I plan on being there and have lived my whole life accordingly.

      1. I don’t expect to see the other side. But I do expect to take a few Ag supplements with me on the trip to the hereafter.

  3. Yes, communism is the most restrictive form of government oppression on a countries population.
    With that said, what level of government oppression is the correct amount?
    Libertarians still want government.
    They just want tyranny lite.
    ALL government is tyranny.
    Government means “to steer the mind”.
    Mind control is the worst form of tyranny regardless of its political flavor.

    1. “ALL Government is Tyranny.”
      I would say pretty much ALL Government morphs into Tyranny because the people LET IT.
      Without a shared moral and ethical compass as well as CONSEQUENCES for poor impulse control, everything devolves into a metaphorical Camden.
      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”- John Adams
      Therein lies the crux.

      Cue the mUh cOnsTeeTutiOn and Divine Intervention as myth clapback.

      It was never a guarantee. Just guideposts.
      Well placed guideposts that were repeatedly vandalized and graffitied over time.
      Sever Roots, Tree Dies.
      We are the last bastion on Earth.

      1. “I would say pretty much ALL Government morphs into Tyranny because the people LET IT.”

        Different viewpoint: Why is a pro-baller better than a weekend warrior that hacks at it? PRACTICE. Same holds true in politics. A bunch of voters every 2 years are unlikely to defeat a Pol who has been in the game 100% of the time for 30 years.

    1. Victim looks like a butt pirate. An “accomplished bridge player”?! Give me a break. This was a lover’s quarrel. I handled a lot of similar incidents as a Peace Officer. The most violent homicides and assaults I was ever confronted with were faggot-on-faggot. Res ipsa loquitur.

    2. Doing business with any nig is ill advised.
      Doing business with a young male nig previously convicted for robbery and assault is suicidal unless you’re armed and ready to shoot the fucker during any and all encounters.
      White dumb ass was probably a liberal or cuck in denial.
      His death will be attributed to Covid so as to not inflame Black Lies Matter.
      Nig will be let loose but not before being knelt to and having his feet washed.

  4. That’s precious. Can’t get to Zerogov.com using TOR, some failure message regarding CAPTCHA. Then there’s a tiny button at bottom right, click it and you land at policies.google.com
    REALLY? Now which freedom minded person would us Google?

  5. The first can cost you your monies/freedom/perhaps life,after that,they are all free.

  6. It seems to me that the more people there are, the more fucked up things become.
    Small communities (such as mine) things are very simple: local problems are worked out locally (a kind of you piss on your side of the fence and I’ll piss on mine mentality) and for those few who do not want to ‘work things out’ life becomes very difficult. We are ‘diverse’ here (one black family, a few Hispanics, a few ‘native Americans’ and the rest (dare I say it?) white. About 70 total full time ……. if things ‘fester’ here it becomes very noticeable quickly and dealt with unlike the bigger communities around the nation.
    Not making a case for rural life but for the life of me, I can not understand why a reasonable person would wish to live in larger areas especially the notable shit holes displayed in the daily/nightly news. Hell, maybe it’s just my ‘white privilege’ talking here …..

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