The Global Cage: The “Manifesto For Secure Tolerance”


For more screeching dissonance from The Narrative, read this as well:

14 thoughts on “The Global Cage: The “Manifesto For Secure Tolerance””

    1. Oy vey they know! KvEtChInG iNtEnSiFiEs!!!

      “This sort of astonishing counter-factual possibility is not nearly as totally absurd as it might sound to our present-day ears. We must recognize that our historical understanding of reality is shaped by the media, and media organs are controlled by the winners of major wars and their allies, with inconvenient details often excluded to avoid confusing the public.”

      History is far more (field) grey than most care to acknowledge.

      1. Berg, what was it you told me about looking up all the Chinese names? 🙂

        Go to JewTube, look up and watch any WW2 TV series (Rat Patrol, Hogan’s Heroes, etc) from the 60’s and read the names of the directors and producers; Oy vey
        Do the same with the 70’s sitcoms. Double oy vey.
        And folks want to deny they’ve been brainwashed by a certain (((tribe))) of people. And even when presented with clear facts, they still deny them.

        1. …..0321 …… Did Lawrence Stord__l , do any wiring on your Log homes there in the area, name ring any chimes……..asking for a friend (left out letters in the name to protect the innocent)

  1. For fuck sake, the EU ?! This ‘manifesto’ can be summed up as ‘ ‘you deplorables must tolerate all our shit while nothing you do or say is tolerable’.
    The HollowHoax is the prototypical gas light operation . Break that spell or nothing changes.

    1. HollowHoax? I was thinking Hollow Points myself….
      M I Rite?
      Change shape or catch on fire,matters not which one.

  2. So, Kaligri (sp?) was just (((their))) tool all along?

    Really? Hard to believe. Didn’t see his name once in all three parts, or did I miss it…

    His grand plan was masterful in its evil nature and fulfilled so well.

  3. From the comments to one of the linked articles:

    It’s worth pointing out that described abstractly, Zionism and Nazism are ideologically very similar. Both are essentially exaggerations of Nineteenth century European racial nationalism, both posit a more or less imaginary history to justify their territorial claims, both ignore the rights of all others in favor of their chosen group, both openly worship violence, and both are contemptuous of both legal and moral constraints.

    Holy cow. That describes to a “T” all the Nazi lovers who post their incessant garbage here. As Dirk pointed out something similar the other day, and the comment above captures it even more: Said Nazi lovers are nothing more than a different side of the same (((coin))).

    1. Yeah all the ghey nazifucks will really gnash their teeth learning that fact.
      I laughed my ass off reading it. Considering they blame every.single.thing. in the world on Jews/Zionists.
      Only to find this out….fucking priceless indeed.
      Now. Predictively they will try to parse words and defend their stupid fucking, losing ideology.
      Ya know. The one that was defeated and is hated worldwide even more than they hate da joooooos.
      Lol, fucking looser nazifucks.

  4. In addition to The Occidental Quarterly:

    Time is running out!
    Break the jewish spell – or die!!

  5. Dear Saoirse: I went to just now, no difficulties. The Googleheim did pause me for 5 seconds before going to the site. Prolly to keep a good record of where I went. Not a regular visitor. A fanatic, as Churchill once said, is someone who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

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