15 thoughts on “Herschel: Not A Role Model”

  1. ‘white’ commie Inc. knows how shit works. But no, y’all were more enthralled with the fear mongering delirium of those terrified by their shadow.

  2. tfA-t is calling this right now- just as he called covidHoax a scam months ago

    tfA-t gets a laugh from the non-combatant cucks who clutch their string of pearls every time the pavement apes are paraded in front of their electric jew boxes

    the daily nigger show is a distraction for the ignorant masses to consume

    while the main event is still to unfold

    me thinkin the feral dhs scum et al. and likely outside actors are about to roll out the new and improved NDAA against the murkin population-around (S)election time. oh and it includes ‘red flag’ laws for the murkin military- prolly to disarm any troops who might still have freedom minded thoughts

    pretty sure we’re at that point


  3. That was embarrassing. He is either a malfunctioning plant or an idiot. Bracken is becoming the next A-sip touting this fool.
    The fuckers we have to worry about sit in the DA’s office.

    1. He is either a malfunctioning plant or an idiot.

      As was posted elsewhere to a similar thought: “Acknowledge the mighty power of And

    2. “The fuckers we have to worry about sit in the DA’s Office.” Absolute truth. Heed this and plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  4. Wanted to touch back to the Tomahawk, thread. While many referenced a lot of the units on Amazon, their really just short axes, yes they will work.

    A hawk is a multi funtional tool, should have a face, a tail, and good Hawks also have a pummeling tool at the base, hatchets will hurt ya, kill ya, but the Hawks are designed to I flick massive damage, with the head, or the pick, or aft head, and the. Again the third tool is usually the pummeling tool.

    Hawks are very specific for duties assigned. I guess the hatchet, with the hammer aft, is effective, but would be a secondary tool.

    Carry what works for you. But I can’t say enough about the balance of a primo tomahawk. In the hands of a skilled operator, who understand how to flip it in ones hangs, and how to apply all three fighting surfaces, a masterful tool.

    Even in the hands of a not so skilled operator, ” me” a a lot of damage can be done with practical application.

    Have a great night gents.


    1. 99.99% of those fantasy tomahawks will never see blood, most of them are worthless as outdoor tools, whereas a good solid hatchet or light axe will be used for most camp chores, from driving nails to tentpegs, skinning and butchering game (if it’s kept razor sharp as an Ulu) chopping wood for multiple camp uses and even as a weapon.
      Spend your money wisely.

      1. Put together a training Segway, submit it to Pete, put it up here, so folks can learn what your willing to share.

        You could be a very effective trainer,if you wanted to.

        Your a good man, 0321, but your over confidence in your own skills, and your underestimation of your enemies skill sets, are a very dangerous combination.

        I do wish you the best of luck. You admit nobody their’s listening to you.

        Ashame actually, with your knowledge base, your years of staying on top, would benefit pretty much anybody willing to listen, learn what you have to offer.

        Which is the problem were so busy here gutting each other AINT shit getting shared taught. I’m just as bad, and I fuckimg hate it.

        Good luck to you. I’d love to see your training contribution. From all of us here.


    2. A buddy bought me a really nice tomahawk made by a guy in Ohio, who uses old ball-peen hammers to forge the head.
      It’s almost too purdy to think about getting it bloody.

  5. Silly niggers. Welshmen never yield.

    CA is right when he says the S/N ratio is not good.

    I may not agree with him, but I appreciate that Matt Bracken seems to have gained some perspective and is now feeding us intel on these fucking animals.

    We don’t all have to like each other to work together, if we can’t be of like minds here, we have got REAL trouble.

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