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  1. That gut feeling, hunch, instinct you’re feeling?

    Is that the wall we’re backing up to?

  2. The meme “vote … burn your place down” is incomplete. It should also say, “If you’re White, they’ll burn your place down anyway.”


      what an IDIOT

      the country is burning B E C A U S E of ewe morons- the pigscum have gone too far and this is only the beginning of the unrest due to pooplice being assholes on steroids

      take Dick for instance..

      cops are the dumbest of ALL

      1. yup, all my fault, I did it, all by myself.

        tee thats the diff, you’ve never been able to except the responsibility for any of your actions, or your in-actions. . Me on the other hand, I’m wrong, I own it.

        I learned to be responsible for my actions.

        You,,,,,,, not so much, always someone else’s fault.

        Which is what makes you the fucking looser you are to this very day.

        Your ol pal, Dirt

      2. the country is burning B E C A U S E of ewe morons-

        No, not entirely. BOOMERS such as yerself who enriched themselves despite fully knowing what was coming down the pipe are equally, if not more, culpable.

        So…. shaddup BOOMER faggot.

    2. Really, in a Constitutional Republic, the only hope is a policing constabulary? You’re a pathetic joke.
      And that’s me being polite, and I’ll leave it at that.

      1. And you’re even more of a pathetic joke.

        What tard even says ‘Constitutional Republic’ nowadays?

    3. Fuck you and the police!
      Tin badge pieces of shit!
      Organized crime in uniform!
      You bastards enabled all of the corrupt shit that has gone down for the last century!
      Time to defund your asses!
      I’ll take my chances!!

  3. It doesn’t matter who the ‘voting’ Kabuki selects, the “place” is already burning down and has been for a long time.

    1. ha ha

      there’s one guy here who’s “getting” ready for the revolution

      pretty sure it’s well on it’s way

      there’s something very exciting and exhilarating about the unraveling of the modern world and reading about it’s breakdown and collapse in real-time

      of course tfA-t wouldn’t know if the world had ended if he didn’t have the interwebs
      the Canadian’s refer to murka’s downward spiral as “watching your neighbors house that is on fire” 🙂

      why did the americans ever allow things to get to this point?

      they must be dumb or sumting


    My deceased Uncle, a military veteran from Korea and Vietnam years would reply “NO PROBLEM – I USED TO BE SENT TO KILL COMMUNISTS AND NOW WE HAVE DELIVERY – SUCH A WORLD !!”

    Do these people actually expect persons to just sit there and allow their property to be destroyed without consequences ?

    1. Yes.

      And why wouldn’t they?

      Look at the box score in the bullshit Little League contests to date.

      Deterrence having not been attempted, we proceed to a continental-sized riot for Keeps.

      Just remember that Xi and his Chink hordes have already chosen their proxies.

      1. And… it’s not too difficult to know who some of those proxies are. No need for doxxing…they are front and center.

        But CA, regarding Molotov Mob’s expectations. They have home field advantage at present and are overly confident that what has been, will be.

        As I observe in my corner of the world, I do not know one single homesteader, farmer, rancher, small business owner, clerk, mechanic, (insert descriptor here) who will allow on their property, what has been allowed in the PNW.

        Molotov Mob may prevail, but it won’t come easy, or free.

        I do sense an undercurrent everywhere. It’s a “don’t start none, won’t be none.” Everyone is on eggshells. Could be because everyone is armed to the teeth.

        Meanwhile, we all go about our business.

        1. “I do not know one single homesteader, farmer, rancher, small business owner, clerk, mechanic, (insert descriptor here) who will allow on their property, what has been allowed in the PNW.”

          Oh really? Every single one of those folks prostrates themselves at the feet of the Fed Res and wets themselves like a little puppy, pays untold millions to attorneys and CPA’s so they won’t be audited by the IRS, and will eventually rat out their friends to the tax cops for leniency when pressured by the bad guys.
          But today they’re all tough guys itching for a fight.
          Got it.

          1. But today they’re all tough guys itching for a fight.

            You, apparently, being the toughest of ‘em all.

            Go get ‘em, Jarhead! t-Fag has your rear!

          2. cucking funts shouldn’t be allowed on the internet

            too stupid

            can’t even produce healthy strong intelligent spawn these days

            they pop out with medical problems from day one…

            that quickly morph into psychological issues

            but they sure asre good at mouthing off and then hiding behind cops

            300 million + after that, tfA-t will decide who regenerates- as it should be 🙂

            tfA-t IS GOD

          3. Semper Fi, 0321, I will repeat, I do not know one single homesteader, farmer, rancher, small business owner…” for your edification.

            One key word in that declaration is “know.” The implication is that I know of whom I speak. What may hold in your social construct may not be the same as what holds in my social construct.

            And, to clarify further…what a separate culture allows, accepts, lays down for, is generally regarded by this culture as “not my business. ” If we did not make those choices the consequences are neither ours to bear, nor confront. No side has sought our advice or consent. We have no authority therefore no responsibility for decisions and consequences thereof, made by others, who, by the by, scorn and revile our culture as backwards, irrelevant, ignorant. So be it.

            We shall see just who is operating from a position of ignorance, soon enough. I am reasonably certain it is not the people whose “coin of the realm” remains their own blood sweat and tears.

            The answer is…”No. We will not stand helplessly by while the Professional Victim Culture casts it’s covetous eye on the fruits of our labor.” While some grasp the 40,000 foot view that the PVC is but cannon fodder for global communists, at the end of the day, it renders down to what is the most effective response to yet another plague threatening the herd and the crop…so to speak.

      2. I agree. To date no significant push back at all. The commies et al, continue to push the boundaries, and they win! The way I see it a total force on force reaction by US will never happen. People are too afraid of the poPo. Read Fry The Brain. A great take away was the tactic of one shot and scoot. One shot, hit or miss, then get out of Dodge. Remember don’t litter. Take the shot clean up and go. Dress as the opposition does. Shoot and scoot. Blend in. As much as WE want to think and believe that there is a patriotic cavalry coming, guess again it is not going to happen, there is no cohesion yet. Each individual, for now, must do what you can. Remember no magazine emptying regardless of the kit you have. You will have your chance later. For now KISS is the philosophy. One shot hit or miss. Shoot and scoot. Remember KEEP your mouth shut. As always, stay small, do what you can.


  5. If the intention here is to alarm, fail. I have long known that communists love to maneuver their victims into a corner, so they can do naught but explode, which will promptly be blamed on the victim. Lies are what they live on. And this delights them, as they don’t even consider anything like shame or regret. Unless it happens to them. Living on lies makes a person arrogant, which is why they respond to ridicule as if acid were thrown on them. The only good communist is a dead communist.

  6. Man (male and female) will not be civilized until he learns to get along without government.

    1. but..but………..wait , what about the OTHER 56 genders ………can they learn too ?

  7. I really don’t give a shit about voting or even the election. Just getting ready for the revolution…………………

  8. “And the police aren’t coming”

    Thanks for the news flash. Just send the coroner.

  9. So it seems that it would make sense to rent a backhoe and have some individual 6 ft and some group holes pre-dug.
    Beat the rush.

    1. Don’t forget quicklime, a household chemical of many uses, which keeps latrines sanitary and dispels the bad odors from decomposing matter, such as might be found in your garden’s compost heap.

        1. Quicklime is anhydrous calcium oxide. One of its properties is that some of the heat energy from the process of its formation is stored in chemical bonds in its crystalline structure and released when it is dissolved in water, raising the temperature so much so rapidly that the process frequently causes the water to which is to added to come instantly to a boil–which is why they call it “quicklime.”

          It is made by baking the carbon dioxide out of limestone, chalk, crushed oyster shells, etc., at high temperatures in furnaces designed for the purpose. You can’t make it at home in the oven, as the temperature must exceed 1700 degrees F. for around 72 hours. It may be labeled “burnt lime” or instead of “quicklime.” It may or may not be sold as “gardening lime,” but read the label carefully, as that term is applied quite broadly and not everything sold as “gardening lime” is quicklime. It isn’t “pickling lime” either.

          It is not calcium hydroxide, though this is formed when it is dissolved in water. It is not calcium sulfate. It is not calcium carbonate. It contains no magnesium. It is not “slaked,” “dolomited,” “hydrated,” or “type S,” and if any of these terms appears on the label, it isn’t quicklime. These other substances have purposes and uses, but none of them is quicklime and none of them is useful for the specific purpose we’re talking about here.

          It’s certainly sold in weed and feed stores, or at least used to be, as it has many farming uses, including but not limited to reducing excessive soil acidity. It is also an ingredient in cement and concrete mix.

          A 50-50 mix by weight of quicklime and potassium hydroxide is greatly favored by our friends south of the border for making certain classes of problems and inconveniences disappear by dissolving them into a liquid form that can then be flushed down toilets, too. Or so I’ve read.

  10. The police aren’t coming…….
    That’s ok. You may get me……….eventually.
    But I’ll have pallbearers to escort me the Great Beyond………..
    (I have GOT to buy that book on Viking life and death)

  11. Just a thought……
    So Chief of Police in Portland (?) sent a letter to businesses telling them he would not send police into harms way without the proper tools to prevent vandalism, burglary, and other such malfeasance.
    So what if some well armed individuals were to offer their services to said businesses since the police have been emasculated ?
    What ROE (if any) apply ? If roof-top Koreans can do it…..
    Wouldn’t it be absofuckinglutely outrageous if the police were sent in to actually disarm those trying to protect businesses ?
    And….BTW, I’m quite certain that the feds can send military to protect federal buildings despite whatever the mayor or any city bureaucrat says.
    Maybe just let it all burn down, the tax base evaporates and all goes to shit.

    1. If you think the Portland cops and DA’s office are going to let ordinary taxpayer peons get away with embarrassing the cops by doing their job for them, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      All those ZOGbots who have spent the last two months standing around with their thumbs up their assholes watching Antifa/BLM terrorists burn down cities would swoop down on you like the very wrath of God, guns blazing. If you survived long enough for the arraignment, the DA would be charging you with everything from mopery with intent to creep to sinking the Lusitania and assassinating President McKinley and Judge Jewberg would be all hell-fire and brimstone on the bench, denouncing you as “OMG NAZIS.” You’d get one of those six hundred year multiple-consecutive-sentences judgments, not that you’d live long enough even to start the appeals process once they dumped you into gen pop in a maximum security prison and told all the gangbangers that you were “RACIST VIGILANTES.”

      You are laboring under the misapprehension that this is a nation of laws. It isn’t. It’s one rule for Antifa soyboys and possessors of the Magical Melanin that grants so many rights and privileges, another for taxpayer scum like us. This is called “anarchotyranny.” “Fuck de po-leece! Down with government! Down with the system! Oh, wait, there’s a guy guarding that building I want to rob and burn down! Help! Police! Call 911! Arrest that man with the rifle standing on the store rooftop! That’s illegal! Get him out of there so I can steal a widescreen TV and burn the place down! Fuck de po-leece…”

      Welcome to Clown World. Honk honk!

    2. if it’s flying a feral rag- they can claim it as theirs

      anyone flying the enemies colors will be treated as enemy combatants and shot – and their property commandeered and re-distributed by the mighty forces of tfA-t

      just giving all you cucks a heads-up 🙂

      take down that flag or die a traitorous scums death

      tfA-t has spoken

  12. I thought the (Chinese) would have had prepositioned armored fighting vehicles, attack helicopters, small arms and ammunition in all those NAFTA exempt containers during the Clinton Admin. Guarded in warehouses protected by private corporate security of good churchian socially adjusted virtue signalers who know that (Jesus) was a good socialist/communist. I’m sure the PRC has “advisers” already in place.

    CA, I would like to share a concept of this I have been tentatively working on. Your above statement coincides with the dream I had about the foreign invasion on the West Coast and the reprisals.

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