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  1. and yet 6% of those who have caught it have died.

    The long term effects so far include heart damage, liver, lung and kidney damage . Mild asymptomatic cases have heart damage. The young are not immune.

    This is not a cough disease. It is freaking airborne aids mixed with malaria.

    Nice to see y’all spreading the CCP propaganda.

    1. Incorrect. 6% of diagnosed symptomatic people die, supposedly (for some of those no COVID test was ever performed.
      Huge numbers have already been infected, but don’t even have a tickle in the throat. Look up Prison inmate studies: around 4000 of 6000 positive, but zero symptoms.
      Many blood samples from years ago have T-cells which kill virus.
      HCQ saves most all people.

    2. Airborne AIDS with malaria?
      Apparently you need to reposition your designer mask to cover your arse because that seems to be where you get your oxygen from.
      People like you won’t need to be forced into holding pens, you’ll drive over and walk in all by yourself!
      Good riddance.
      Say hi to Bill and Tony.

    3. Oh god it’s the end of the world says chicken little.
      Bullshit, it’s a virus hyped up to scare weak mind population of sheep.

    4. And I’d wager that the “6%” that have died just happened
      to be in one of two categories:
      1. Extreme elderly who ALREADY had one foot the the grave
      and the other on a banana peel. Guess what…old people die –
      it’s what they do…surprise, surprise!

      2. People with pre-existing serious conditions that often are
      from poor to bad lifestyle choices. Things like severe obesity,
      compromised immune system/damaged organs (from drug
      and/or alcohol abuse or sexually transmitted diseases that
      went untreated [there is a growing epidemic of stds in women
      and young people between the ages of 15 -24 that IS a real
      problem, unlike the intentionally overhyped ‘boomer coof’;
      links below]) and the lifelong consumption of ‘Franken food’
      via outlets like McDeath’s, Burger Baron, Shit-Taco Hell and
      others combined with individuals CHOOSING to not be physically
      active and leading a severely sedentary lifestyle as couch potatoes
      in front of their visual god altar known as their TV’s via a life of
      welfare dependency.

      New CDC Report: STDs Continue to Rise in the U.S.

      CDC raises alarm about “growing STD epidemic” as cases hit record high

      “..The long term effects so far include heart damage, liver, lung and kidney damage ..”

      That’s because as discussed above, those comorbidities ALREADY existed in very
      large part of BOTH the extreme elderly inner city blacks AND indians due to their
      choosing to lead a self-destructive lifestyle decades ago. This is nothing more than
      reality catching up with them and delivering the consequences..not ‘boomer coof’!

      This is WHY ‘higher death’ statistics are being reported for BOTH
      inner-city blacks (mostly women..or the severely beached sea-
      mammals that are mistaken for black women) and indians (those
      who just happen to command the lions share of welfare handouts
      in ‘current – year ‘Mureica’..they get more than even the inner city
      blacks and STILL are crying for more). It’s no surprise that the
      most reported ‘boomer coof’ deaths are from BOTH areas that are
      inhabited by inner city blacks AND FEDERALLY MANAGED ‘indian
      rez’s’. And neither of those populations are ‘making the connections’….

      Five Ways the Government Keeps Native Americans in Poverty

      Trump announces delivery of stimulus funding for Native Americans

      “May 5 (UPI) — President Donald Trump said the federal government on Tuesday began distributing funds allocated to Native American tribes as part of the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill signed in March.”

      And where, pray tell, is that $2.2 TRILLION fiat bux going to magically appear from?……
      Oh, that’s right…the 2 places that it ALWAYS comes from…taxation and the printing presses
      and kicking the ‘debt can’ down the road a bit more until it’s not the (((currently owned
      parasites in charge’s))) problem…

      Again, comeandmakeit it’s NOT the falsely overhyped ‘Boomer coof’ that’s
      taking it’s toll of the less than 1% of the current population of America, it’s
      reality asserting itself via consequences of bad lifestyle choices where lazy
      and dependent peoples are concerned as well as old people dying..because
      that’s what old people do.

      Every year in America over 60,000 people die from the flu. And except
      for the current bug, America has NEVER intentionally shut down an
      economy that was doing well and initiated actions that have violated
      people’s natural rights beyond any stretch of the imagination..all because
      of a intentionally over hyped scamdemic howled about ad nauseum by
      Bill Gates and his cheerleaders Fauci, Birx and others and helpfully
      megaphoned to the NPC’s and normies by BOTH the (((controlled media))
      and (((social media))) in the form of ‘Twatter’ and ‘Facefuck’ to name a few…

      “Annual flu deaths in US
      Based on an average annual count of 74,363 for all pneumonia and influenza deaths, and an average annual estimate of 6,309 deaths associated with influenza in this category, 8.5% of all pneumonia and influenza deaths were influenza associated.
      Reference: cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5933a1.htm”

      One can accept reality or one can try to play imaginary games
      to avoid reality. The outcome is much harsher for those choosing
      the latter…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    5. wait..

      aren’t you the dolt who lives in a turd whirld sheethoe filled with gooks?

  2. no worries

    there will soon be vaccines for all!

    because everyone knows Bill Gates is famous for his lifelong professional career as an infectious disease scientist- oh wait…


    and a bit of reading for the slower folks like Aslop to catch up on the medical and political reality of Hars Hoax-19…



  3. The survival rate statistic is erroneous. One can not compare the survival rate against total population. Correctly portrayed, one compares deaths to the number of people who have contracted the disease.

    Death rates currently stand at 3.89% world wide and 3.38% for the USA.

    Still a pretty survivable virus, although from some reports, the after effects may make you wish it had killed you anyway.

    1. More rumors. sigh
      Person A must mask.
      Person B must not mask.
      Because Person C says so.
      Seems a lot people these days do not have the necessary tools to live without being told how to do so.

    2. I had it early this year, late Jan. early Feb., with 2 relapses, it’s a flu virus that kicks your ass and leaves you worse for wear but at no time did I wish for death. Not even close….

      1. …….not doubting your narrative , ……..but ! I remember a couple years ago you were pretty sick …….SO ! does that mean you had “it” then ? No it does not, you probably had a flu/cold a couple months ago unrelated to this fantasy !!!! “it” has never even been identified !
        any test given will show EVERYONE has ” it” because what they test for is antibodies to the common cold ! the COMMON FUCKING COLD ! we have all had it so we all test + ……. so whether you die in a motorcycle accident or of old age…………you have it !! …………….PLAN-FUCKING-DEMONIC !

        remember what nancy reagan said ” just say no “

      2. I had the flu 3 yrs ago, for 7 weeks, almost did me in, like 3 days almost in a coma.
        Had another case of the local flu this Feb-March, nasty but nowhere near what I had 3 yrs ago.
        We all take our chances every year, and in spite of the flu shots they want you to take annually, no one has cured it yet.
        Funny that, unless you understand it’s always been a scamdemic. Drug companies vs the gullible dumbmasses.

  4. Given that most of the tests in current use are only slightly better than a coin flip in telling you whether or not someone currently has the Wubonic Plague or has been exposed to it, I am inclined to take everybody’s numbers with a grain of salt. CDC guidelines for “COVID19 case” were changed just a few weeks back and the diagnostic criteria went from actual medical tests–of dubious accuracy, mind you–to whether or not the physician or coroner thinks the patient might possibly have had any contact with anyone who could have been carrying the disease in the past month. So that’s pretty much everybody everywhere who hasn’t been hiding in the basement bomb shelter since February. Some states’ numbers went up sixteen-fold in a day, without one additional test being performed. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Funny how the muzzles everyone’s being held at gunpoint and forced to wear come in boxes that say right on the label in great big red letters, “THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST AIRBORNE VIRUSES,” isn’t it?

    Politicians all across the US have a vested interest in peddling inflated numbers, the more outrageous the better, in order to terrorize the lumpentaxpayer peons into compliance with Royal Decrees that grow ever more whimsical, whose Constitutionality grows more tenuous the more closely they are inspected with a skeptical eye. This is all necessary in order to acclimate you to jumping when your rightful masters bark out an order, regardless of how ridiculous or arbitrary it might be. Maybe next week you’ll be required to wear a gimp suit and a ball gag when you leave the house, or would that be a little too on-the-nose?

    Gotta establish those new precedents, ya know. It’s not enough to say “this is the new normal,” not without fines and jail time for scoffers. Gotta bust some heads and make some examples of people whose lack of proper revolutionary ardor–I mean, lack of patriotism and respect for authority–are spreading this disease, which is the Most Deadly Plague Ever, guise, really, we wouldn’t lie to you, and are Killing Grandma. It’s not those guys crowded shoulder to shoulder in the streets burning down Seattle and Portland, no, not THEM, of course not THEM, no, it’s those Democrat high rollers who went to some race hustler’s funeral and crowded round the casket elbow to elbow in their tens of thousands, no. We mean those despicable deplorable Üntermenschen in Flyover Country, who dared not to vote for Hillary. How dare they question their rightful masters? What do you mean, these same big-city Commie mayors and governors were accusing Trump of “overreacting” five months ago? Nonsense. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

    “Stop being so paranoid. Just wear the mask. It’s for your own good. Don’t make a scene.”

    “Stop being so paranoid. Just pay for the outdoor activity permit. It’s for your own good. Don’t make a scene.”

    “Stop being so paranoid. Just let them implant a tracking chip in you. It’s for your own good. Don’t make a scene.”

    “Stop being so paranoid. Just get on the cattle car. It’s for your own good. Don’t make a scene.”

    To be a little more serious, it looks like the Chinese accidentally created an ethnically selective biological weapon, one that works best on Han Chinese. The Wuhan virus, according to everything I can find in serious medical sources on the Intertubes, begins its attack by attaching to the ACE2 protein receptor in the mucous membranes of lung tissue. Han Chinese have two to five times the quantity of ACE2 receptors in their lungs as other East Asian ethnicities and six times or more the quantity of non-East Asians. You may have noticed that when the Wubonic Plague got to Japan, they didn’t reenact the “bring out your dead” scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, like the Chinese did. They weren’t stacking bodies on the streetcorners like cordwood, because for the Japanese, unless you’re over eighty years old, it’s the sniffles, if the infected person gets any symptoms at all, which most don’t. Same in Singapore. Same in Korea. In those places Plague-a-Palooza 2020 is over and done with and forgotten already. They reopened and went back to work months ago, and are wondering why we haven’t done the same, since for non-East Asians, it’s not even that, not that this keeps hospitals from reporting some poor bastard who was decapitated in an automobile accident, but who might possibly have been in the same supermarket with some hypothetical unknown Wu-Flu carrier a month ago, as a “COVID19 death.” They wouldn’t have to resort to such obvious and risible lies if the truth would serve their purposes, and that should tell you something.

    Instead we’re letting the same power-hungry morons with D’s by their names, who just a few months ago were telling us that talking about the Wu Tang Flu or trying to trace infections from person to person was “racism” and that it was “just the flu,” now demand ever more draconian measures, measures without precedent in all the history of the Republic, even though it’s midsummer and cold and flu season have been over for months. We were told in March, “just two weeks to flatten the curve,” but, mysteriously, those goalposts keep moving. We were told, then, “when the weather warms up ultraviolet light in sunlight will destroy the virus instantly on surfaces and it’ll become impossible for the virus to live outside the human body.” We are told now, “this is the new normal, every state must close all businesses forever until there is a vaccine.” Note that, as with 99% of viruses, the antibodies created by exposure to the virus confer no significant resistance or immunity, which is why there is no such thing as a vaccine for herpes, or AIDS, or the common cold.

    Oh, speaking of AIDS, let’s compare and contrast the public health measures these same Leftist politicians want to impose on everybody today, but absolutely refused to consider imposing on pederasts forty years ago, because curfews and quarantines and contact tracing would have been “a violation of civil rights” and “offensive to human dignity,” much less shutting down gay bars and gay bathhouses and “adult bookstores” would have been outrageous, just outrageous. I wish I could embed a laugh track in this post.

    The tl;dr version: wise up. You’re being sold a bill of goods, by the usual suspects.

  5. Well.

    Looky here:
    change date range to “from 2010 to 2018”
    do notice the enormous inflection point @ 2013 – What Happened There?
    The scroll down to tabulated data on RH side – notice the year over year % changes – is this not of interest?

    Look also @ https://hectordrummond.com/2020/06/02/usa-all-cause-mortality-2015-2020-weeks-1-19/
    & read comments too
    anything stand out?
    can you find actual data for y over y deaths in FUSA ANYWHERE?
    and population?
    BOTH are needed for events per 100k.

  6. Anyone want to bet that if Biden is elected, COVID-19 will be quickly beaten by his ‘brilliant and unifying leadership?’

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