A Reader Sends

This is a link to a 3+ hour session of front line practicing physicians,
exposing the fear and panic surrounding the scamdemic.


Many excellent presentations, but I recommend paying particular note to
the segment from minute 56:30 to 1:05:00, in its entirety, provided by a
practicing child psychiatrist.

Some excerpts:

“The state of our children is abysmal.”

“The pandemic, in my mind, is not so much a medical pandemic; it’s an
emotional pandemic, and this emotional pandemic is based on, and
centered around, fear. The fear is real, but it is not based on reality.
I have tried to provide facts, data, statistics, information to my
patients and their parents for weeks, and months. Some of them do
listen, some of them do change their minds, because they believe that
there is probably more going on than what they’re being told, and that
what they’re being told is probably not entirely accurate. A lot of it
is lies, a lot of it is misinformation.

But, very many of my parents and children don’t respond to information.

I’m a big proponent of facts, I’m a big proponent of information, I’m a
big proponent of science. I’m a physician, that’s how I was trained.

But I also know that, unless we deal with this fear, and we take it and
face it, head on…information will not be of use. You cannot use
information, no matter how accurate it is, unless you’re in a calm state
of mind.

Anybody who’s worked in the military knows this: when you’re in a state
of panic, when you’re terrorized and you’re traumatized, you cannot
think clearly. Most of the adults in my practice with children coming in
for treatment are in that state; they are not responsive to information.
They are allowing fear to drive their decisions.”

“The children are suffering; in my view this is child abuse. We are
training an entire generation of children to live in a state of fear. To
live in fear of people.”

“Why is this happening? Why are we living in this state of fear, this
pandemic of fear? My belief is that there has been an unholy alliance
made between certain politicians, certain media, and special interest

[Paraphrase: One of the largest special interest groups is the teachers
unions and in the state of California it is THE largest…the largest
financial contributor to the Governor, to the county, to the city]

“..and they have effectively told parents that if you send your kids
back to school, the moment that they cross the threshold, they will die.
And before they die, they will kill all the teachers. This is not an
error, this is not naive, this is a lie. It is a cynical, manipulative
lie, to hold the children hostage, for personal gain. It is evil.

We made a mistake, in March, as a country. The single biggest mistake in
my view which was to close our schools. Without schools open, nobody can
work. And when nobody can work, we don’t have an economy. And without an
economy, we have a country of dependency. We have a country where we do
not have the right or the capacity to exercise choice. And this choice
can be from whether to work or to go to school, all the way down to what
direction we walk at our local supermarket.”