49 thoughts on “Fred: It’s Gonna Blow – Be A Miracle If It Don’t”

  1. I think if Trump tweets out “law and order” a few more times it will calm things down. Or maybe I should just pray about it.

  2. Key graf, right here: “And BLM wants to go into the suburbs to get Whitey. God help us. Then it will well and truly blow. BLM doesn’t know how many white men are sick of the chaos and destruction, sick of BLM. They quietly say, “Bring it on. Let’s settle it.” Laden words.”

    He forgot to add, NFAC, ANTIFA, and BAMN.

    And he’s absolutely correct. The anger is palpable.

  3. murka SUCKS!

    if dirty rotten scum pig cops were never created, corrupt pols, welfare niggers, and parasite foreigners would have never taken over and things would have been different- BUT NOOOOO

    let it blow- no great loss

    300 million +

    tfA-t is Great

  4. Tell us something we don’t know.

    Place your seatbacks and tray tables in the upright and locked positions.
    Assume crash position
    Prepare for a hard landing

  5. To me, the only big question is this:
    does the kinetic, shooting, dirty civil war phase begin:
    Before the election,
    between the disputed election and Jan 20,
    or after Jan 20, when the new POTUS should have been sworn in.

    1. November 3rd. AntifaBLM will show up at polling places in conservative areas in an effort to suppress that vote. LE will stand down in most cases. That should be enough to finally push “The Silent Majority” out of their comfort zone.

    2. If I was a betting man, I’d say the days immediately following election day when they are still bullshitting the count. For once in my life I’d like to see the “right” stand up for itself. I think that would be a good time to do so. In the meanwhile, fix up dope sheets.

    3. My guesses:
      -before Nov 3rd only if someone loses it and does a mag dump into a BLANTIFA mob, killing 20+ morons in the process. Bonus points if the triggerman can be portrayed as an evil white supremacist.
      -on Nov 4th if Trump is the clear victor on Nov 3rd (the left will totally lose it)
      -on Jan 21 if Biden clearly wins, but it may be in stages (barring a mag dump catalyst of course, as that is always an ever present potential catalyst).

      Time will of course tell, but I see zero way that it doesn’t start before Spring 2021.

      Keep your powder dry,
      Atlas Shrug

    4. I think the BLM (Burn-Loot-Murder) types, ANTIFA and the other related communist/Maoist/Bolshevicks will try their utmost to disrupt the election in the weeks directly proceeding. These fools will go to kinetic action using IED’s and targeted attacks. I think their goal will be to force Trump to resign prior to election day–mostly likely with more false accusations of criminal or licentious activity. I think you will see armed thugs standing watch/blocking polling places on election day, turning away/intimidating white voters.

      Also–when Trump wins (not if) the violence will further explode and the betrayals within the deep-state surrounding Trump will intensity–possibly with outright betrayals from within the top military and alphabet agencies. There may also be a “Seven Days in May” scenario play out (or attempt) by these multi-star goons in uniform.

    5. If Trump shit cans the mail in votes the pot will boil over before.
      If Trump doesn’t shit can the mail in votes the pot will boil over after.
      See the commonality here?

    6. I have wondered this also since the financial meltdown in 2008 and after the last presidential election ramp up. All the blustery talk to date from those saying, “…bring it…” seems to be just talk. The ‘left’ to date has not been afraid to use violence to get where they are at but others? Not so much: no stomach for such? We will see …. be a sad day when the observers roll over and hope ‘someone else’ steps up or worse, relies on the ‘government’ to protect them.
      My one truism is that it takes escalated violence to stop violence. It is the way of the world.

    7. When it’s most advantageous and generates the greatest leverage for the enemy. Basically…when it would create the most chaos. So after Jan 2o…after the inauguration never happens and there is no clear leadership.

      1. I see it as probability.
        1. the election will be an absolute mess, on purpose, and there will be enough irregularities (real or merely alleged, doesn’t matter) that whichever side “loses” will not accept the results. I see this as a high probability, almost certainty. Phalanxes of commie and neocon attorneys certainly are already preparing scenarios, filings, falsifying evidence, infiltrating polls and setting up poll workers for allegations. The left is completely unscrupulous. Learn to think outside the box, they do.
        2. the left is already talking about using the military to remove Trump when he “refuses to leave the White House.” planting seeds in the nation’s minds. so this is also likely, or perhaps a contingency, you know, an insurance policy, Plan B. election a hot mess, Trump points out massive irregularities, demands time for courts to sort it out, commies literally march on DC (having already demonstrated the weakness of security there, Mayor’s complicity, etc) and force a crisis. Trump is isolated and defenseless, crisis provides cover for his literal removal from the WH. easy peasey.

        the possibilities are endless. do I need to go on?

    8. Speaking of the Kabuki Theater of the [S]election in November….

      Donald Trump wants the US elections to be postponed. Is it possible?

      Of course such would be blamed on the alternating crises of
      riots…boomer coof…riots….boomer coof….all while the Uniparty
      gloats and the parasite class slowly draw the knot closed….

      And the NPC’s and normies…played like a fiddle by
      the parasite class…

      And they bow the knee and say, “Yes daddy – fuck me in the ass harder
      without lube – I know it’s for my own good!!”

      You just can’t fix stupid of this magnitude…the Killhouse Rules DO apply!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. NFAC Leader is: John Jay Johnson aka John Fitzgerald Johnson aka Master Jay aka Tool for Soros/Rothschild Deep State etc.

  7. Da it, thought this was “Stevie Wonder”,,,,, After all “Genius Loves Company”. Ha ha.

    Tee that’s his last album. Got it filed next to my NWA collection.


      1. Hint…it’s NOT Norway Wimmmins Association….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    1. How would you know if T-Fart has or has not been responsible in his life ? Oh and when you say you own it when you are wrong………………..crickets ………….I am still waiting for your PUBLIC apology to me for your accusations and insults………or is that just more of your mindless talk.

      1. ………UH huh ! still waiting……………no ? can’t bring yourself to face it ? you are just another fucking blowhard………..

  8. I keep reading about all this negriod monkey fuck, and this so-called race war has been threatened for decades……. Big Fucking Talk.
    Well I’m a big fan of roof top Koreans and I say let’s get this shit show going…..
    The sooner the better.

    1. Man, I wish I shared your optimism. If we’re not willing to come together and cooperate over the small things, how are we ever going to do it when faced with real challenges?

      1. there’s NO way anyone is coming together

        too many shit weasels and punk ass, bitch mouth, non-trained, non prepared so-called tough guys with NO $

        and way too many “i’m in charge” types

        tfA-t can’t wait for the mass die-off

        HA HA HA

    2. Maybe you should roll your bloated ass off the couch and go start it yourself.
      Or stfu and grab another party size bag of cheeto’s.

      1. I see you posting here regularly bad ass, so what have you done ? Absolutely nothing that’s what. Instead of talking shit maybe you should get your ass in gear you blabbing bitch.
        ghostsniper my ass. …

  9. I hope all these 1st time gun buyers are zeroing and have plenty of ammo.
    If not, they just bought expensive clubs.

  10. How do we get to the leaders—political, judicial, and financial, and take THEM out? Women in this category are not sacred cows. We are wasting time, resources and lives playing the part as cannon fodder for TPTB.

    Cut off the head of the snake once the fireworks begin, or better yet, right now. How many attempts have already been made to terminate POTUS?

    End this quick and with surgical precision.

  11. I’ll agree with some of the article, but he degrades in Liberal Thought Worship.
    ” Other countries have good national medical care. America does not. Student loans are a calculated scam, just as credit card companies deliberately entice people to buy what they cannot afford and then charge them usurious interest. Retirement plans exist elsewhere. European countries have them. But the Pentagon and Wall Street get America’s money.”
    1-We tried the Obamacare, medicare-for-all, remember? A clusterF*** of epic proportions. By the by, CONgress has yet to defund, decertify, or rip apart all of the “medical” schemes for your money. There’s Chip, Schip, Obamacare, medi-cal, ad nauseum.
    2-Student loans are a scam. Yet, employers go right along with the whole malarky. Why would anyone possibly need a Bachelors to be a personal assistant? Most women did just fine as legal assistants with a secretarial school.
    3-Oh yes, retirement scams/plans. The Germans and Swedes are already screwing the elderly for the Diversifiers. Imagine no other alternative.
    He is correct on one thing: blacks and whites in this country have little common ground. We are two seperate societies.

  12. No. Anger is nothing.

    Guns are by nature inert objects.
    This is all drama. It will pass after this election cycle.

    Blacks can do little, white brat soyboys less, normal whites do nothing and will continue to do nothing. “Whites” do not exist anymore than the Nazis, Confederates exist- pejoratives for enemies long gone.

    No, the great white whale that has so many guns does not exist, closer to plankton. Armed plankton, but nothing as there is no cohesive mass. Anyone who attempts to remedy this is called a Fed, etc so checkmate.
    Its always checkmate when only the other side exists.

    Go buy some more ammo, its masturbation but there are worse things. Maybe, just maybe that will make them pause long enough to internally collapse – but probably not.

    In the end you’ll turn in your unused guns for food, welfare, entertainment; this is the most likely outcome.

    1. pretty much

      besides tfA-t and a handful of of others

      in 10 minutes i can be in the Canadian wilderness and never be found again

      the rest have families…- CHECKMATE

      your family has determined your fates

      tfA-t tells it like it is- always

  13. While this baboon will certainly lead his chimps to certain disaster, they should not be underestimated. 100/200 of these moon crickets showing up in a white hood, unannounced would be a very effective assault, IF, they are committed to the battle, understand the timetable, in/out.

    Tee, for your weak mind that Hit/Run.

  14. Even this ‘white’ commie Inc., degenerate transvestite, understands ‘acta non verba’ and the strategy and tactics of using violence, in drag no less. Be proud Murikans……be proud: Peter Wilson Curtis, a 40-year-old transvestite, was at the violent antifa protest in Portland tonight. He was previously arrested and charged at a different antifa protest.


  15. And so on and so on…….A concern I have is that neither we, nor the communists arrayed against us get what they want. But that the string pullers in the shadows instigating and financing all this shit-show get what THEY want. I stopped reading most of what Fred wrote a long time ago, since he wears his divided loyalty like a badge……..He is mostly spot on about what’s going on here, and how volatile the situation is, but has a blind spot for south of the border. There is a failed state on our border, half of it run by gangster drug organizations that are more armed and armored by the day. I fear that when the greater collapse happens (we’re already collapsing), the drugs orgs from Mexico are going to slip into the power vacuum.

  16. Why do we keep fucking ourselves??… Why the hell are people Schooling this idiot on the correct functionality of the AR?… Never interrupt your enemy when he is in self destruct mode… People need to shutup and allow the Grandmaster, Dr. Destruct- o to continue training his troops. We should be encouraging him to up his game Can we not recognize a gift horse when we see one?

    1. It’s going to take more than a few classes to get that fool up to speed. Cmon man.

  17. So, the Sage from South of the Border has weighed in. Yes, Fred. Tell us something we do not already know. We it does blow up, the Blue Hives will melt down. Our uniforms will be our skin color, and those normies, sheeple, and clueless cucks who have not seen this coming will be culled. Permanently.
    In the meantime, amigo, your adopted country is disintegrating before the eyes of the world into a septic tank of lawless anarchy which is controlled by armed criminals more powerful than your taco-bender government. Have a nice day.

    1. ha

      the german baptist family are up from Kansas for their 2 week vacation at their lake house

      nice folks

      but none of them are gonna make it

      i had them firing AKs ARs and a 9mm pistol on my range-even the 7 year old gurl, last year
      i figured he would have bought a gun since…


      doesn’t think there’s gonna be any problems either..

  18. To m rapp per previous post
    I’ve had the flu before, this year I ended up in the hospital, all the normal flu indicators; fever, body aches, nausea, etc, etc, etc but greatly magnified, influenza tests come up negative… Mid Jan was when the wu hoo flu was supposedly just arriving in this country so nobody was testing. So after 2 separate runs of Z pac, steroids and 8 weeks time I was back up but the recovery was nothing like I have been through before. I’m still not 100% but greatly improved. Call it whatever name you want it’s a motherfucker.
    Best wishes

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