11 thoughts on “Are You Loving Your Servitude? – Part II”

    1. Yup, stranger than fiction.
      Trump’s had so many chances to go after the opposition and instead he gives them free reign to tear this country apart, it’s almost as if he were controlled opposition. Just to give the illusion he’s doing something against Red team, but in reality, all political theatre.
      Trillions of dollars going into the Uniparty pockets while he fights for America’s freedumb.

      1. 0321,

        My thoughts exactly.

        BTW….just who created, endorsed and ordered this C-19 mask bullshit ? I cannot for the life of me fathom why ANY citizen would comply with such garbage.

        I firmly believe the answer to this tyranny is hemp and lead.

      2. SemperFi, 0321
        I think we live in the same town.
        CA has my e-mail if you want to meet up.

  1. This article rings true. I especially relate to this ditty:”The anger borders upon depression, as I see no way to reverse the course of this country…….”. Despite having killed cable years ago, I am still subjected to bites of news-speak at times. I am overwhelmed by the IDIOCY of Faceberg posters, in response to postings that are witty, true, and honest. (There are a few.) Faceberg posts I truly follow now are people and their spaniels-along with Bracken and a few others. I have had to clamp my mouth shut, put my head down and keep earning cash, and realize that the only reality is what affects me and mine. It’s all I can do to keep from going postal. Older neighbors-who lived through the damned Depression and WW2 act like Biden is God’s Gift and that the happy train can never stop. So-called-friends who can’t understand why I don’t think another stimulous is needed, and hopefully it’s more money this time. Everyday people in stores, other neighbors, some friends; chirping about their pensions or their daughter’s pension, or someone’s high paying pension that will sustain them in RVs, summers in France, a new boat…….Who do they think is paying for these pensions? Cuz few folks are working and California is literally tapped out. Same with NY and NJ and Ill. I was truly becoming angry and then depressed over all of this insanity. I have had to step back.
    No one is coming to save you.
    This life is 100% your responsibility.
    Plan accordingly.

    -Thanks, as always to WRSA, for the pants kick to keep moving!

  2. “I have had to clamp my mouth shut, put my head down, and keep earning cash…” Absolute truth. I view these events and portents within the context of how they will effect me and mine. Time is of the essence now. Whatever loose ends I find in my life are being dealt with. I have no time for political or religious debate. What is on the horizon will make landfall after November. Bleib ubrig.

  3. The unreality and spookiness of all this is that I meet and see a lot of people who believe this is all passing, and will get better. Twilight zone. The other thing I want to mention is that the enemy knows about our plans to be ready for/by Nov. 3. It would be a simple thing for them to spring an early surprise attack to way lay our preparations and negate our moves. They may be a lot of evil and monstrous things, but they are not stupid, and they have people reading what’s here and elsewhere. Tempus fugit.

    1. Ambush us,? Amusing. Before anybody I knows getting jiggy, the cities will have had to burn. Anything else is simply ” self defense”. Our definition,,,,,,,, not theirs.


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