38 thoughts on “Are You Loving Your Servitude?”

  1. This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. Before God I swear this creed: My rifle and myself are defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until there is no enemy, but peace. Amen.

  2. Don’t forget to vote in November, we need to maintain our fine quality of life and freedumb. And keep working on those high credit score numbers too. Anything less would be giving in to the enemy.

    1. I’m voting to continue record black employment and unlimited brown immigration.. Still not tired of winning!

  3. tfA-t asks: what is this “servitude” you speak of?

    Work Pay taxes
    Conform Buy Obey Consume
    Get Married Re-Produce
    Go into debt

    They Live!


    Bonaventure says:
    August 1, 2020 at 00:43

    No, not entirely. BOOMERS such as yerself who enriched themselves despite fully knowing what was coming down the pipe are equally, if not more, culpable.

    tfA-t seen where this was all headed back in 1979

    and made the right choices and the right moves

    member of a high speed infantry reg
    self employed tradesman
    traveled everywhere
    lived the high life in the fast lane
    tempted death on a daily basis for decades 🙂
    and now i’m enjoying my financial good fortune and early retirement due to those actions

    tell me again why i’m more culpable?

    tfA-t ROARS with thunderous laughter


    and poops in your general direction

    1. You know…we could get those arrows that point to Mecca, and poop in their direction…

      1. The moslems are half-brothers to the globalist pedo bankster vermin that call both “The City of London” and israel home.

        Both are enemies, but deal with the latter first as they created and still utilize/empower bolshevism.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


      tell me again why i’m more culpable?

      When it comes to telling the truth, t-Fag always comes up short. Half-truths are still lies.

      Despite his ‘by the bootstraps’ bravado, he’s always had daddy’s money to fall back on, and that is largely the reason as to his ‘success.’ And as he mentioned recently, once mommy is gone, he’ll be enjoying the rest of daddy’s money all to himself.

      As to his business… well, screwing both clients and employees does oftentimes lead to more money in one’s pocket. Now, in his ‘retirement,’ he sits backs and makes fun of those same two groups of people.

      t-Fag has no scruples, no morals. Do you think his wife (and later concubine) left him because he was the man-O-the-year? Hardly. No, they left him because he was a selfish lying P.O.S.

      Long and skinny of it comes down to, despite t-Fag incessantly decrying BOOMERS!, he is himself one and the object of his own ridicule.

      1. ROFLMAO! LOL! HA! HA! HA!





        tfA-t will be remembered by all for his wisdom, daring, victories, and- fairness 🙂

        1. t-Fag’s wife and former concubine were unavailable for comment.

          As for fairness… you seem to forget bragging here about banging the wife of your client while working on his house and he was away. So in all things moral, by your own tongue, it’s clear that you’re nothing but a reprobate.

          But in business, we’re supposed to believe that you all-of-a-sudden become Florence Nightingale?


          The list of people you’ve screwed, both literally and in business, is long.

  4. Not related, but took NC Scout’s advice and put PVS 14 in front of day-scope this weekend. Knowing smiles all round.
    Works good on fixed 3 power and excellent on 1-6 power turned down to 1 power. Great morale booster in the middle of this shit.
    The article was good but nothing new to old hands. The academic phase of this struggle is over .

    1. A 14 in front of a scope, really. I’ve seen it,, yea those guys were paint ball players,,,,,,,,, I think. Maybe they were Delta?.

      TNVC makes a device referred to as a TM-14, allows the mounting of a “14” behind the IR red dot, allows proper eye relieve, and is good thru the red dot, to 500 ish yards.

      Im surprised NC, has suggested this, it’s a gimmick, a good idea, gone bad in seconds.

      Something tee would use on his woodsman pellet assault rifle.


      1. Gammo Whisper @1200 fps- Derp

        and tfA-t can shoot the eye out of squirrel at 50 yards


        even ewe you will have you’re “come to tfA-t” moment

        for it is written.

      2. Like I said , on low power setting only. Try it. I put it behind the red dot for years but that won’t work on the 1-4 scopes. His article recommended it only for certain applications .
        The Pvs 22 type systems uses the same concept for magnified scopes.

  5. Amusing, that most have to be told/ reminded is special. EVERYTHING, we know is a lie!. Our History, our leadership, EVERYThING!.

    That we have to be constantly reminded is a testament to just how effective THEIR PROPAGANDA is!. Isn’t it ashame that we’ve lost focus of what’s really important.

    Tic Toc!.


      1. Dirt is scared

        tfA-t has no fear

        he laughs at devils and demons
        he shouts at gods and angels
        he cares not about death or dying


      2. It’s like being so close…and yet so far. Hope you’re well-hope to make it your way soon.

  6. my three friends above, didn’t you get the memo,,,,,,,, All Lives Matter! Some just more then others.

    Tee and 0321, hows early marriage? Tee you still giving your wife, 0321, good head couple times a day. Such a cute couple, you to make.

    0321, doing his Biden act, I know getting old ain’t for pussys, thank God tee married you, is carrying you on his insurance.

    0321, what is the medical term for ” God like, delusion” you seems to suffer from.

    So to review 0321, keep working on that semi auto flintlock you are modernizing, keep your roofing hatchet, sharp, lot a shingles need cutting.

    And keep up the good work down at the dinasour dig, some innovative work going down their. Wouldn’t it be weird if you dug up yourself.

    Wow heavy stuff.


    1. Says the crotchety and arthritic boomer doofus who
      rolls impotently around his neighborhood on his
      ‘Assault Rascal’ before he points in in the direction
      of the CVS in town to go pick up his ‘script of Geritol
      and Rogaine…and then off to the local Black Bear Diner
      to meet with his other members of G.A.S.P. so he can
      go over the plans (once again..half of them fell asleep;
      the others were asking the waitress for more coffee)
      of HOW he was going to lead them into glorious victory
      by having all of them take the local food distribution
      hub into their control by force and then spring back
      into action via the excitement of a successful train job.

      That’s when he and his cadre of G.A.S.P. were unceremoniously
      kicked out of the local Golden Corral by the NPC’s and normies
      that were TRYING to have a ‘nice quiet family dinner’…it didn’t
      help that dirk and the rest of his ‘goompas’ arrived looking all
      the world like testosterone deprived ‘dworks’ [dwarvish orcs]
      kitted up worse than an Airsoft Rambo larpers with the ‘mange’
      and smelling just as sweet….they all had to make a VERY impromptu
      getaway because the rest of the diners there DIDN’T want to wait
      for the cops to deal with them…and this was with dirk telling them,
      “I WAS a cop!!!” as his ‘Assault Rascal’ shuddered it’s way out of
      the parking lot as he tried to follow the other ‘goompas’….

      Luckily he was just able to make it thru the drive thru at his local
      bank to cash his 4..count ’em…4 retirement checks…before heading
      on to the Black Bear…he hopes that the other ‘Goompas’ WILL be
      able to pay for their meals..being the leader shouldn’t mean that
      HE has to always pick up the tab…

      But in the grand cosmic scheme of things that was ok..as dirk
      was a NPC normie in his own way…he mindlessly followed the
      indoctrinated ideological idiocy that he was raised with…worship
      authority…don’t question orders, just obey…vote for ‘X’ because
      ‘X’ is ALWAYS the right choice…consume what one’s herdmates
      are consuming…be a part of the herd that follows the herd leader,
      trust in the herd parchment because that parchment IS holy..because
      that’s what he and his herdmates were taught..consume, obey..don’t

      As he tries to accelerate his ‘Assault Rascal’ he hits the button
      to start playing “Gary Owen” at the top of the speakers capacity
      as he darts and weaves around the traffic…for some reason his
      player won’t play “Bridge Over the River Kwai”..and some
      young fucker put a “The Blacker the Berry – The Sweeter the Juice!”
      sticker on the back of his “AS” emblazoned with a supersized
      black woman cartoon in spandex bending over..and no matter how
      hard he tried..the fucking thing just WOULDN’T come off!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Yuh, the school yard banter is not helpful. What would be helpful if a few more or you out there who know something that would be helpful, divulge it here, and share a good thing or two. Reloading ammo techniques. Marksmanship. Food things, growing, preparing, storing, etc. Field craft. Survivalism. First Aid. That kind of stuff. Boss Man here does an excellent job of bringing it here from other sites, because he’s a grown up. Let us belay the bickering, and turn to the sails and windlass. We’ve a long way to go.

    1. you have a point

      alright everyone.

      pledge your undying support, allegiance, and resources to tfA-t and his infallible doctrine- then, and only then, we can get this show on the road to vanquish murka’s enemies(cops, courts, pols) and once again enjoy freedom instead of free dumb…

    2. Ya, just put up a post about actual use of NODs and Dirtbag poopood it as the doings of Airsoft or Delta dudes.

    3. t-Fag hates marriage. t-Fag hates children. In t-Fag’s mind, anyone who is married or has children is “stoopit.”

      In other words, t-Fag hates the nuclear family.

      Do you know who else hates the nuclear family?

      (((BLM))), that’s who. “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement…”

      So t-Fag’s hatred of the nuclear family is shared by (((BLM))).

      Funny that.

      1. Well having gone through 2 marriages and divorces I state here and now I’m not a fan of marriage either.
        Oh and Fuck burn, loot and murder, nothing but useless trash.

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