7 thoughts on “PSA”

  1. Funny, ain’t it, how the science types never want to deal with humanity, or can explain why humanity does what it does? I guess that’s why they make the best communists. And why communists always get to murdering off their humanity problems.

  2. The IFLS crowd are insufferable.

    Possibly apocryphal, but still: “There is only one science. It is called ‘physics.’ Everything else is stamp collecting.” (Rutherford, via Heinlein)

    The further you get from physics, the further you get from science — and most things called “science” are very far from physics indeed.

    1. Agreed, “peer review” is about as far from actual science as you can get. Unless my “peers” take the time to get perfectly duplicate results from my hypothesis, then the review means shit. Just agreeing does not confer anything. Just what are these kids leaning in school these days, wait…whut?

      They made a movie about this, it had electrolytes.

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