16 thoughts on “Some Lives Matter To Some…Sometimes”

  1. RE: Picture #1
    Illustrative of this quote by a South Carolinian segregationist, 1965
    “We cannot afford equal status to the negro. For as surely as water seeks its own level, within a span of several generations we will find that our culture has been dragged down to the level of theirs”.

  2. Look everyone,
    she’s holding t-fags new hors d’oeuvres
    Goes well with 4.00 boiled chicken and soggy fries

    1. Nah… that’s either t-Fag’s wife or later concubine. They both left him for reasons he will not elaborate on, but he does seem to have a chip on his shoulder when it comes to white women and black men. Hmm… wonder why.

  3. I would love to see that chart with gun owners thrown in. Support for Burning Looting and Murder would be -75% in many of those age groups.

  4. Karen hasn’t had to deal with the consequences of her choices in life …

    Karen always supports terrorism, but instead of getting Team Blue to beat on her boyfriend or husband and playing the terrorist game that way, she’s switched sides.

    Karen is never faithful, but she’d behave herself if she’d get popped in the face more often when she supports terrorism.

    The people who follow Karen are herd animals.

    Understand that the big black eye you’re going to see Karen wearing is a gift of information for the observant and the prepared.

    Understand that the people who put it there are gifting you with that information.

    Solutions are obvious, situations present themselves.

  5. HA HA HA

    tfA-t laughs at the cucks who support their ‘single mother’ daughters LOL

    how’s little damarquious doing anyways?

    what a chip off the old er, ah, nevermind…

  6. If there was ever better evidence for a reason to repeal the 19th Amendment, there it is.

  7. the modern murkin woeman is the farthest thing from decent, honest, virtuous, and pure as you can get

    they are street trash hookers n whores with zero morals

    ask me how i know


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