6 thoughts on “Sunday Thinkpiece”

  1. blah blah blah balh blah blah blah blh

    whoever wrote that boring as hell crap is not worthy of oxygen

    the real question is

    when will the dumb-as-fuck murkins get right with tfA-t and follow him to glory?

    the tfA-t Doctrine is your only chance for survival


      1. tfA-t is the better bet than your pathetic illusion

        reality trumps fairytale- everytime

        you’re just sour because you are gonna die along with your deadweight family



      2. Shit bro; Ole tfat wishes he was that good looking ; ). But is looks what matters in a leader? If the silly fucker can get results I’m down.

  2. Wow. A whole lot of words to be stunningly wrong. They just don’t understand us working class middle-‘muricans at all.
    A think piece only in the sense that it gives a snapshot of the left’s inability to actually think.

    1. Well, it may help to understand the left, elite, liberal, (wtfe) never aspired to understand anyone not of their caste. We are only here to keep the engines running, the tax dollars flowing, to keep bleeding out on a battlefield somewhere to insure the flow of oil, opium, munitions.

      I have news for the author: The media, by ommision or commission, is lying…about everything. The only difference is now, most of us are just not interested in understanding them.

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