12 thoughts on “The Current Political “Leaders” Can’t Lead You To Survival, Let Alone Victory”

  1. The Current Political “Leaders” Can’t Lead You To Survival, Let Alone Victory

    but tfA-t can…

    tfA-t is the light and way forward
    tfA-t knows what needs to be done
    tfA-t HATES coppigscum
    tfA-t can save the truly worthy


  2. Somehow I won’t be surprised when we learn that t-fat is grand master jay in disguise.

  3. Jane, honey, you are a prime example of why women should *NEVER* have been anywhere near a position of power of any sort, including “journalism”.

    Get yourself a cat or three and a dildo and some soiboi to munch your carpet every blue moon or so and enjoy yourself. You have just outed yourself as a target.

    Because you will be one of the first ones to be raped and enslaved by the niggers of BLM when they come knocking.

    And, if by some miracle that doesn’t happen, you will be one of the many victims of the 3-S’s when the resistance finds you.

    1. We got one here in town, raised a couple of kids and they think they’re wiggers. Folks like that need to send them to the big city for their higher education, and watch their offspring get whacked one by one by the porch monkeys they so much adore.
      But somehow, it will always be the white man’s fault.

  4. What a bunch of cucks – but we already knew that, years ago.

    “You and your family are on your own.

    Plan accordingly.”

    Yup, and done.

  5. It takes violent men to control violent savages. The fact that the savages whimper and whine when caught by the violent men does not make them angels. So here we are today. Giving up police law enforcement because the whining of the savages finally touched the hearts of the protected. GFLWT.

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