41 thoughts on “The Kickoff Was Weeks Ago”

  1. On the Left; 6000 psychotic generals, few troops besides a few opportunistic criminals.
    They do have finance, lawyers, and the media; no fighters.
    Great cohesion.

    On the Right; 60 million ready to fight privates, no leadership, no organization. No cohesion, just suspicion everyone else is a Fed.

    Winner by default; the Left.
    And munitions manufacturers.

    1. Central leadership is gay.

      It is the reason that normal people keep losing. They are looking for leaders and when those leaders are provided for them, it generally turns out that they were really only there to lead you away from victory.

      Be a man and make your own decisions. Build a community. Keep it close. Harder than following, but it kind of seems like your only option, no?

      1. Folks haven’t caught on to that shit their entire lives, everyone you seek as a leader is doing a worse job than you could possibly do yourself. Learned real quick in the Corps I wasn’t a good follower of the incompetent.
        The fact that most folks have been brainwashed to believe they need a consultant for everything in their life is a sign we live among idiots. Can’t fill out a tax form….hire us! Can’t think for yourself….follow us! A world of mindless sheep looking for shepherds.
        And here we sit in a world of the most corrupt worthless leaders you could ask for. And whose fault would that be? The sick, lame and mentally lazy.

      2. I think we probably have plenty of communities, but as Constitutional govt is captured and gelded when not flat treasonous …”we “ don’t exist. There is no Right wing, there is The Left and its captive state. The enormous potential of the Right (defined simply as not Left) is neutered by allegiance to a corpse.

        So we wait for the enemy to over step – or rather hope they overstep.

  2. I’m all for hiring TeeFATT, as the temporary war lords here in mind. Je’s a VERY fair man,,,,, his planning is in depth, comprehensive , some say cutting edge!. ” but not many”

    with his bold, new idea of boiled chicken with 4.00 “Police Car” Delivery will be a smashing hit their in Niggerville.

    His no brainier cutting edge strategies, his vision to see the future for those fine young cannibals, wellllllll, don’t know about you, but I see this as a natural fit.

    Before long tee tard will have those NIGGERS, vacationing their on fantasy island.

    The possibilities are endless!.


      1. Bonerventue → anonymous → DrDog → Don’t like the asshole either → CrustyFremen → Milwaukee’s Best beer fart → and back again

  3. The next game-board that the American contingent of Team Globohomo Red are set to play upon.

    From ZeroHedge: As Rent Moratorium Expires, Landlord-Tenant Battles Begin


    Understand, learn from, accept the factual reality, that regardless of being degenerate multi-gay, multi-gendered, soy swilling snowflakes, whiny and triggered SJW’s, and a host of other toxic-waste mindsets,
    the conglomerate that is TGH are highly skilled at accurate, random, rotating target acquisition, skillfully bringing into play a strategy and tactics, surrounding the chosen target with a plan of action and initiating gameplay.

    Stomp Out Slumlords, organizing on what appears to be a rental property of a tenant facing eviction in Chillum, Maryland: The group tweeted one post of a picture of demonstrators in front of the house that read, “Fuck around, find out, landlords – https://twitter.com/StompSlumlords/status/1289298785185587200

    We’re out here in Chillum, MD now. Dozens of people in the front and the back yard. Ready for anything – https://twitter.com/StompSlumlords/status/1289300759079616512

    1. Why do you pay any attention to landlord/tenant relationships? Do you live in a shithole as a rent payer?

      Many others, do not. Just sayin’. A person’s choice of where to live does affect that person’s perspective on life. Yours seems to be a uniformly poor perspective. Almost as if you have a shitty outlook on life.

      A move to a better place might be considered by you. But in a better place, it is wise to not show your baggage to the new crowd.

        1. Says the house nigger! Motherfucker, back in your momma’s basement cage!. You wanna chimp, go elsewhere, fucking black haired bongarian bush nigger!.

          That a nigger feels the need to come here to chimp, is a symptom of the total problem, “WE”want your oppinion,,,,,,, well that’s just it, I don’t want your opinion, go choke on a chicken bone, or a watermelon seed, motherfucker.

          Your black, you represent exactly 13% of the population, yet you run your soup koolers, all day, every day, like your gonna lead us to salvation.

          Fucking niggers gotta nigger.

          Thought, why don’t you MODEL your intellect to the rest of your peeps, since they get it, seem to have succeeded post slavery!.

          O wait, your food stamps, you Obama watch are going to be a day late, via the mail. Seems we hired a couple Niggs to run South African errrr the USPS, only took em a week to turn it into a goat fuck, n shit!.

          Which Marxist institute do you cause hate and discontent for? Seriously. You days of attacking white guys without push backs done.

          You wanna Nigger, go to the zoo, motherfucker!


      1. Some folks lived in and bought property as an investment towards their retirement, is rental units, when said investments are jammed with freeloaders mandated by the enabling government. While said squatters live freely the owner the property is expected to continue maintenance, pay taxes and make payments on said property. If you can’t see where this a problem then maybe you need to rethink your priorities.

    2. I mean I know you have a fed job and all, but is there anything else you do with your time than whine on this guys blogroll all day?

      Whats that dumb latin quote you keep spouting off?

      Oh yeah, acta non verba.

      About time you took your own advice there Dept. of Motor Vehicles Honky.

      1. “Whats that dumb latin quote you keep spouting off?”

        Bonerventue → anonymous → DrDog → CrustyFremen → Milwaukee’s Best beer fart → and back again


    3. I mean I know you have a fed job and all, but is there anything else you do with your time than whine on this guys blogroll all day?

      Whats that dumb latin quote you keep spouting off?

      Oh yeah, acta non verba.

      About time you took your own advice there Dept. of Motor Vehicles Honky.

    4. I had a co-worker who was a landlord in MD. Hearing their stories, I don’t think it was worth the money. All they had were problems with idiot tenants who refused to pay, made unauthorized changes to the walls, repainted without permission, or destroyed the furnishings. The govt somehow always seems to be on the side of the tenant. It took them months of skipped payments and tenant shenanigans to finally get the state to step in. Even when they got in front of a judge, the judge tended to side with the tenant.

      I’ve read San Fransicko is even worse.

      Seems like the only way you can hope to be a successful landlord is to have your own goon squad ready to help the tenants figure out their priorities.

      1. First mistake of being a landlord is taking loans from the fed, freddy may and frannie mac predominantly.
        Second mistake is accepting section 8 program tenants.
        Staying away from the first 2 along with very vigorous screening of the credit and criminal records and asking for referrals from previous landlords tend to make for a better relationship. It may seem like a pain in the ass but it’s your investment on the line.

  4. Blacks are prone to unnecessary, gratuitous violence. They seem to enjoy it.
    If you’re not going heavy, you shouldn’t be going at all.

    1. Niggers are ALWAYS prone to niggertivity..because it’s what niggers do!

      That’s WHY black people like Thomas Sowell, the late Will Grigg and Taleeb Starkes, author of “The Uncivil War: BLACKS Vs. NIGGERS”
      DON’T live anywhere near the ‘hod’; hood or ghetto.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Let’s just say that even if some Texas department gave that advice (which is incredibly unlikely), it just plain wouldn’t be followed. Let Burn Loot & Murder come to some semi-rural area in TX and see what happens. Plenty of body bags will be needed, and not for us normies in TX. Just sayin’.

    1. Yea, yea, Texas this and Texas that, stop blowing the Texas bullshit.
      You have plenty enough dumbasses fucking up your state. go clean your damn house.

  6. Who mugs the muggers?

    Police don’t ask too many questions, BTW.

    “Drug-related incident”

    “Gang-related violence”

    Keep it all kitchen clean.

    1. Now this needs to be in Latin;

      “ Who mugs the muggers?”

      Best line today.

  7. I live in third precinct and this is the first I heard about this warning
    It is hard to tell if we look more like Mogadishu or Beirut
    I know six long time residents who are all moving to rural areas

  8. One must wonder how many of his friends and relatives will be among the ones ‘redistributing’ wealth at the point of a gun in some parking lot. And if he’s making this statement to make THEIR life easier and safer. An honest public serving Chief would advise his constituents to arm themselves, travel in groups and KILL criminals attempting to commit crimes.

    1. did you say ” An honest public serving Chief “?




      lol lol lol lol

  9. Oh, Minnesota. What happened to you?
    You used to seem so nice.

    When you read the cops telling you to just roll over and let criminals have their way with you, what can you think? Seems like an invitation for Charles Bronson-style justice.

    1. What happened to Minnesota started years ago with the control of local and state politics by the pseudo-Marxist Farmer-Labor Party. Add to that witches brew the faggot/dyke-ordaining, ELCA “social justice Lutherans” , Somali immigration, and feminazi political control; and voila! Does anyone remember Hubert Humphrey? Eugene McCarthy? Walter Mondale? Res ipsa loquitur.

  10. Give the description then be prepared to be accused of profiling, stereotyping or racism.

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