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  1. My understanding per a ZH article earlier today: The bill(s) standing in Congress currently grant Big Pharma complete indemnity from any sort of liability as regards development of vaccine(s).

  2. Fast-tracked covid-19 vaccine alters human DNA, turns people into genetically modified property

    “…Dr. Carrie Madej, an Internal Medicine Specialist, warns that the covid-19 vaccine is nothing like traditional vaccines and will be a Trojan Horse to turn human cell lines into patent-able property. The new mRNA vaccines contain DNA-altering technology that instructs human cells to produce properties of a foreign infectious organism. In this case, the vaccine inserts genetic instructions from coronaviruses into human cells, forcing the ribosomes of each cell to create infection-causing spike proteins. This trans-humanist process will cause the immune system to attack the body’s own proteins, forcing B cell antibodies into action.

    GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Inovio, and Moderna are all in a race to bring this new experimental technology to market, all backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…”


    Of course, child trafficking slaver Bill Hellmouth Gates and his succubus: Agenda 21 don’t you know.

    It’s those darn Deplorable’s as She who they thought could never lose said, and their armed to the teeth white supremacists fellows living out in “the unsecured spaces”, have to go.
    We, “aren’t capable of ruling ourselves” is their justification.
    Hubris does that. Hubris before the fall, but first the gods drive crazy. And those violating our codes are looking crazier and more insane by the day. All that baby blood consumption is having adverse effects, canabalism does that, creates a special kind of insanity. All of them, who used to appear so legitimate ruling class, such as all the old swamp things, they aren’t all there upstairs, they are losing it in every way, more than a little cheese has fell of their cracker.
    Like TINVOWOOT for us, there’s no going back to those untouchable pedo=elite gravy days for them. It’s not those days anymore when #BillClintonIsAPedo is trending:

    Scandalous 5-word hashtag mega-trending for Bill Clinton chokes media and Dems into utter silence

    They can’t stop this message. It’s out in the wild now. When #BillClintonIsAPedo goes mainstream, and your a pedo=elite’ you got a serious credibility problem, when your a leader of the pedo=elite cabal, there is no place to hide from the illegitimacy you are. The ol’ Chink mandate from heaven thing comes home to roost, that hideous depraved faustian bargain you made with human trafficking, rapine of girls, satanic blood rituals drinking the blood of tortured terrorized children drawn from them the moment of death, you got some serious fucking problems, when good folks begin to grok what foul corrupted evil you are.
    There is no turning back this clock muthafukkers.

    They want to play 4th Generation War with us. They got no idea what 4G warfare is like. We invented 4G, 4th Generation warfare is what made us winners, what started American civilization.
    4th Generation War is “Warr” for legitimacy.
    We are the legitimate ones.
    A Legion of Legitimacy.
    A plurality unlike any other.
    And we are armed to the fucking teeth, armed not only with rifles, with withdrawal of our consent, the most powerful combined arms weapons system ever devised against tyrants.

    They have no idea how mean us good folks get when they violate our codes. Lot of folks with a craw of cold anger.
    They forget who it is who makes the fiercest warriors, and where we come from. And then there’s those of us who wear the whole armor of God.
    Arise Men of The West.

    Always, TINVOWOOT.
    Always, BFYTW

  3. ZH had a piece on the legal immunity of the illegal immunizer corps the other day. Seems they are free to produce anything they want and will be off the hook for adverse consequences to normies who volunteer thier arms for chipping. Remember kids, the most effective antidote to big pharma’s bio engineered SOMA injection is a high velocity lead injection.

  4. Will CONgress volunteer to take this “experimental” vaccine? I’m asking for a friend.

  5. Oh Llama who sits in the lotus position and pontificates such wise questions: How do you intend to proceed against these bankers, big tech, and corporations, so that they no longer control us? Do you have some big intention for what appears to be a samurai sword on your lap? I think the hatred and suspicion of the bankers, big tech, and corporations is already in the minds and hearts of thinking peoples. We don’t need to belabor the question. We need acta non verba. It will require acta WROL.

  6. Mntforge Amen brother!

    There will be a fair percentage of the population that refuse to take this vaccine/poison. TPTB will leverage all the states power to force this. It’s going to get fugly. It has a “mark of the beast” feel to it?


    Mr fbi, cia, dhs, and fusion center hero these comments are for entertainment only and do not reflect any reality.

  7. Correct. No liability when their poison screws up or kills someone – which means the Murkun taxpayer is again left holding the bag.
    Corporate Murka at it’s best.
    The Murkan fucking way!
    So line up the mask-wearing emotional cripples and shoot em full of Billy’s Kool Aid.
    They deserve it!

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