24 thoughts on “BLM & Social Ostracism”

  1. How will you handle this issue in your situation?

    In her situation, a firm slap across the face.
    What these women need is a husband to tell them no. She’s too far gone for that.

    1. you’re obviously a BOOOMER!

      you can’t tell any murkin woeman no- anymore

      they will do it just to spite you and be protected doing so


        1. Be sure to throw in the broke dick part.

          Post FUSA there isn’t going to be any cialis around for Captain Provocateur and his lickspittle dingleberry troll followers.

          1. @ Crusty Semen

            What a man!
            You don’t need any Cialis as long as you have photos of Bonnie Venture and Dirk-off!

          2. I am.

            Wow an psuedo irish freedom fighter.

            I haven’t seen that before.

            Stunning and brave.

  2. Remember all those streets painted with BLM slogans? Rain or slush will make them slick as a cats ass. Prepare to sue everyone. What? The Mayor gave his permission? He helped paint those streets? Lawyers? Where are all those lawyers? Use the system to destroy the system.

      1. @ Bonnie Venture

        Jew lawfare works just fine – which is why you and your boy loving priests are still out of jail!

        1. Yeah, me thinks Bonehead is a lawyer, too many comments from him goin in the legal field direction.
          A Catholic lawyer, no wonder he’s such a brainwashed cuck.

          1. Trying to build a dossier on me so you can seek vengeance for me doxxing your circle-jerk leader t-Fag?

            I did, though, take a business law course as an elective in college. Does that count?

            BTW, is the profession of our WRSA host now persona non grata? Nice to know.

        2. @bonaventure don’t bother, this cadre of pukes are just fighting windmills because their best days are behind them and the only thing they have left is to create a fake personality on the internet to assure themselves of how tough they are.

  3. The ability to be alone for long periods of time is a strength, demonstrates many unique qualities all of its own. I recognize the other loaners here, admire em, for those strengths.

    Then the social justice princesses here, just the opposite.

    Stoic is a virtue, not share by a great many people. BB,has been a special kinda leader for me. While we are nothing alike, in any ways, I see what he sees.

    I’ve just brushed past it, cuz I realize another name, another view, is just that.

    Their are many many truths in our lives, many aren’t the truth at all, but we internalize em, cuz it’s what we know, have come to recognize our worlds.

    We all come to WRSA, with luggage we’ve collected over the years, from our informative years.

    It’s the whittling down those learned behavior into the ” real truths” that require a special kind of growth.

    I sometimes think I’ve made it, then seem to back slide a mile or two.

    It’s that we don’t quit trying that makes us worthy. Rather then saying Fuck it, it is what it is.

    Their are some dam good men here, and then their are some very un good men here. I’ll pray for their sick souls.


    1. except dirty cops have more baggage than anyone else

      go back to police one or dirty rotten traitors.com where you came from

      no one wants or needs any cop squealing on them and fucking everything up as they are known to do

      shoo fly go away

  4. Female unit here and I don’t feel the need for much social interacting with the unknown these days. Family on both sides are mostly like minded people along with our small circle of friends. We were once somewhat tolerant of others with different opinions but that ship has sailed, too much stupidity and drama from dumbasses for this lifetime. Rarely we come across someone new that’s worth the time to get to know and truthfully it’s usually a pleasure, but like I said it’s rare.

    1. it’s amazing how most of these fat fugly cunts have chirrun

      which means there’s lots of nasty losers who have no standards or self-respect

      tfA-t would die before subjecting himself to such humiliation

      can you imagine working for that?
      coming home to that?
      sleeping next to that?
      eating with that?
      breathing the same air as that?
      being seen with that?
      sacrificing for that?

      oh! the humanity…

  5. Everywhere I see lies.
    The more my eyes opened, the less I trusted. The more I learned, the greater the questions.
    Religion is a lie. It keeps the poor from murdering the rich. Religions created by the old bastard who laughs at our folly and adds up the body count on those who died in God’s name.
    History is a lie. Most of it erased, rewritten. Consider the library at Alexandria.
    Government of any form. Education. Pick any subject. It is incumbent upon you to examine carefully and gather as much information as you can. Especially consider the abyss, the void of lost knowledge never to be found again.
    Every lie sprouts from a seed of truth. The perversion of truth being that once the weeds of lies overcome, the truth is buried. All one sees are the weeds which are accepted as the truth. And the cycle continues.
    You reap what you sow and eventually all truth and humanity are buried and lost. It’s the way of nature and the destiny of humanity. It is the cycle of life and death. It cannot be escaped from.

    You are your own truth, what you know to be true in your heart. Stand firm in what you believe and teach your children well. Find others of common heart and mind and the cycle begins all over again.

    Only the dead have seen the end of war. Only the dead know peace. The quiet times in between are when we are busy reloading or retooling. Winter is coming. Teach your children well.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet…..

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