Fighters: Covert Load-Out Gear

You certainly don’t want to look like these guys.

But how to you go to the initial RP, meet your pal, then proceed to the ORP carrying everything you need to do the job – without looking like you are armed or even that you don’t belong there.

Remember the exfil as well.

Gear makers and links are always welcome.


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    1. I have two tennis racket cases, one made from the factory to carry a rifle and the other an actual tennis racket bag. Ironically I have been asked every single time I have carried it into a hotel about it. It draws far more attention then you would expect, once someone even said “what do you have in there a Thompson machine gun?!”
      File this under “seems like a good idea but in reality doesn’t go well.”

      1. Picked up a local-shop guitar bag from Goodwill, electric-style, that fits an M-4 size perfect. Added some mag holders (Bish’s Tear Mender works as well as sewing).

        Damn thing even has shoulder straps for backpack-haul.

        For better effect, an amp case can haul a lot of shit.

        1. MN Steel is correct.

          The Soft Guitar case is the superior choice.

          A small hand towel can we wrapped around the “obvious” parts to smooth the effect of the rifle.

          Another excellent choice is just a regular backpack. Which I suggest you get a little dirty and worn looking. If you live in a college town, buy the best collegiate pack.

          Blending in is easy.

          1. An AR pistol broken down will fit in almost any day pack. Same for short AK w/folder.

        2. Just saying, if you go this route…

          It Helps to have “the look” of someone that would have that sorta thing ……the mannerisms, speak, place your playing or played….maybe your Tech(i dont mean technology)
          or are you a Road Manager?

          It ain’t 1980 anymore…
          it was simple then, longhair, 4-8 guys, and afew Anvil guitar cases, Some Crew Passes around the neck and a little …”crazy” behavior.
          We carryed a portable recording setup, talk about holding alot of stuff.
          Front end Hotel folks always loved a band and the crew, for whatever reason.😁

          Whatever your choice,…Be It, in Every aspect and Polite.(this has paid dividends for me)
          Or the jig is up.

      1. In the wargamming phase of you decision making process, you would realize that “guitar player” is an unsupportable Cover for Status and you would either:
        1. Develop a convincing cover story to support “guitar player” cover and continue with that COA, or:
        2. Go back to brainstorming and find a Cover for Status that you can support that meets the requirements of your COA, or:
        3. Redevelop your COA’s so clandestine techniques are not included.

        A fact remains you may not have sufficient resources and experience for clandestine operations and you may have to drop the mission.

        The take away is planning. It’s always MDMP and the environment and how that will be employed in an evolving manner to accomplish end-states with what you have.

    1. If you’re carrying a guitar case, try to look a guy who’d be carrying a guitar case.

      1. Ridiculous Statement.
        All kinds of people play music.

        Also, if you mean to say “Wear a Fender or Gibson T-shirt”… don’t.

        3 questions deep and you’ll out yourself if you don’t play.

        Stick to the “I’m new; and I don’t know what to do” plan.

    2. “Currently unavailable
      We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

  1. For magazines and even handguns the Hill People Gear kit bags are perfect. However, I actually like the Haley Micro Rig better because it puts the admin pouch up front where you can get to it with mags on board. With the Hill People you need to add a shingle for mags in the molle in front and it blocks access.

    Also, there is a Chink knockoff of the Hill People that is half price from Emerson Gear. Normally, I don’t recommend Chink stuff but it’s hard times and if it’s all folks can afford, well, then it’s better than nothing. It has the mag pouches in an INTERIOR pocket so in some ways it’s more low profile than either of the others…..It needs a few tweaks of the harness- there is a good Youtube video on this. Works fine once tweaked.

  2. Surveyor lathe and tripod bags.

    Have some other props like tool bags, survey tapes, clip boards, etc. Dress like your common utility/city worker. Better still is a plausible story for being in the area. A white pickup or van is good too. Magnetic signage for the vehicle can be made for some phony business.

    1. Nice, I’m in that business but have never seen bags like that, usually just shoves the lathe through the slot in the back of our vests. Still, no one would give me a second look carrying one of those.

  3. What’s old is new!. Around here those guys are way overdressed. But then a different era, a different style. See also different areas provide different opportunities.

    We have much shorter weapons conceal-able, have to be a pretty big deal for us to go into occupied terrain.

    Train lines in out.
    Power lines in out,
    gas transmission lines in out.
    Rivers creeks in out.
    Alleyways, no longer used

    Here we have the old pony express routes, and stage coach routes.

    Our people literally own the mountains overlooking the city.

    Only a fool would use the same way in and out, more then once.

    Equipment, with the little packs all the wonderful folk are carrying these days, packing kit in/out is a snap. Routinely carry a couple glock 45 s, and ten mags a ” hawk” no not a hatchet” a first aid kit, and food for a couple days. O yea NODS, batteries.

    Only change I’ll make is, one of the Glocks will be removed and a 22 mag a can for it, and ten thirty round mags in its place.

    These KelTec 22 mags continue to impress me. The cans obvious, this round is a wicked nasty serious round. Should not be underestimated.
    From the top of the mountain to center of town is roughly two miles. I’m not capable of that distance, but it could become a goal, if needed.

    Here the majority of the poopoo, will be with us. A few won’t, but then they will figure it out quickly, or just live with their poor choices.

    Note if your not accessing your community police department picture boards, for up to date photos, your missing a golden opportunity. Teachers are in year books, at the library. On the white boards at your schools.

    City and county officials loveeeee their pics taken, be wise to have photos of all. Down to the dog catchers. It’s been my experience that the dog catchers are literally Nazis, love their power!. Have the powers of local court, and your purse. For fines.

    Useful folk
    Marina workers,
    Railroad workers
    Highway maintance crews
    Loggers/ fallers
    Ranchers/ farmers.
    Timber cruisers public and private. These folks know where all the caves, etc are.

    Nuff said.

    O should you find tee fat in a outfit your considering joining. Run don’t walk away. His profile is obvious to us all. Motherfucker will sell any and all of us down the road if he thought it would save his ass.

    I use to deal with loserslike him all the time. It’s always about them, burning others is just business. Exceptable losses.

    Hey, don’t believe me. Ask him straight up.


      1. Lol, you are an amusing lil fella! Do you even stand five ft tall, remind me of the lil Banti rooster you think you are.

        Rent Free? not hardly.
        Big D
        Lil irk!.

        1. fucking losers and cowards AND dumb

          trifecta of stewpit

          tfA=t laughs at ewe who have to hide anything

          what for?
          there’s no one around

          not a soul in sight…..

          oh wait.

          i forgot most of ewe are too poor to have a decent place to live

          so ewe crowd yourselves into a shithole called gayborhoods

          tfA-t poops on all of ewe

      1. City had a hard time filling that spot in recent years. Got one now, some mousey gal.

    1. “Our people literally own the mountains overlooking the city. ”

      you are so FULL OF SHIT Derp

      how is it your targets get stolen if ewe own the mountain?



      1. Stolen targets? All my thirty ar 500 targets are accounted for.

        Are you here in southern Oregon stealing my shit? Na, their’s lions and tigers and bears that would eat you. Na far to dangerous here, for you.


  4. When my daughter was living in an apartment complex, she’d carry her AR-15 in a Wilson bat bag. It held her mags and everything else. Just to add to the camo, she had an aluminum bat sticking out the end of it with a pair of batting gloves attached. Also, dressed appropriately for a trip to the batting cages or ball fields.

    1. Soft-side guitar bags work just as well. When in any blue-hive city, one can easily meld into the crowd.

    2. For city ops as a white dude gay pride attire is the best way to assume “protected class” status. Most conservatives have too much of an ego to actually blend in so they’ll fail the moment their 5.11 boots get pointed out to the angry mob.

    3. Perfect.
      Two weapons. One loud, one proud.
      Great camo.
      Some batting cage shoulders would be functional as well.

  5. An M1 Garand and/or M14 clone can be easily broken down into the action and stock. These can then be placed into a 34″ hard-case, along with their trigger group and enblocs/mags. Cuts down on the obviousness of what you’re carrying; also takes up less space in a vehicle. Could do the same with an AR type rifle, with even smaller case.

    For pistols, take a look at a square hard case with customizable foam inserts. Generally, three pistols, along with associated mags, can be fitted per case. Again, does not look as suspicious as a typical triangular case, and can carry more than one at a time. I use these for range sessions all the time.

  6. Crazy black guy went back the company that fired him. Maybe 3 years after the fact. Carried his rifle into the building in a golf bag. Shot the Whites and 1 Asian. Left the blacks alone.

  7. Pretty much country around here, hunting camo worn year round also guns, side arms and long guns, are a common sight. Reloads could be carried in lunch boxes, backpacks or in your pants pocket and no one would look twice. Pickup trucks and shallow water boats are in most all driveways and since we border the largest fresh water marsh in the country plenty of places to move through, hide and harvest food. With a couple extra 5 gallon cans I can cross into either of my east/west bordering states without ever getting onto a roadway and good luck following me because short of a full blown helicopter assault and/or rescue you’ll never make your way out alive.

    1. I live in Wyoming, don’t understand what all the fuss is about. There’s at least 3 guns in my Jeep now and the truck has 2. My buddies 4Runner usually has around 6 in it any given day. We don’t carry them around in cases either, what are you gonna do if you need it ASAP?
      Can go out and drive for hours and not see another soul. Who cares if you make lotsa noise?

      1. There aren’t any commies or muzzies in Wyoming.

        You can probably pick a new hobby.
        Your boogaloo is about 2,000 miles in either direction.

        Plus the old people in Wyoming worship Israel, and China. Or anything else the TV tells them.

        Most of the Voters I know vote Republican or Dem depending on the candidate.

        That being said, I know most of the folk in the North Fork, and there are quite a few friendly faces in the area. But there aren’t really any concentrations of evil To dispatch.

        Living in Iceland didn’t liberate Hungry…

      2. I love Wyoming, was planning on moving there 30 years ago but shit happens and plans change.
        I’m not sure what you’re talking about commenting to me about noise since I never mentioned noise in my post…
        Anyway best wishes to you and yours

      3. most of these cucks are city scum they don’t know what is to have space and privacy

        they should go kill themselves RIGHT NOW

  8. Carrying big satchels of guns is NOT going to look like big satchels of guns.

    So you’re sitting in a Steak n Shake chowin down on a triple steakburger and in walks a dood with a A) guitar case, B) tennis racket case, or C) DeWalt recip saw case, nothing to be suspicious about here!

    Don’t know what everybody else is doing but if I’m rippin that triple I’m in line of site of the door and as far away from it as possible and anybody that comes in carrying anything at all trips all the red flags and I keep them in my focus. I also know exactly which chair is going through the escape window when the shit goes down.

    If I need to have a long gun I won’t be obviously discreet about it because, well, it’s obvious. If discretion is mandatory that is what my 2 hand guns are for, 1 in the belly and 1 on the left ankle.

    There’s a time and place for everything and you mix them up at your own peril.

    1. Correct and may I add.

      The Keltec-Sub-2000 is the real deal.
      Or any other takedown weapon for that matter.

      BTW, have you ever used a hunting revolver? Wow… it’s like a pocket sniper rifle. My S&W 686 is a blaster relative to a 9mm Glock (Which I have both)

      I bet you could easily kill a man at 100 yards with 5/6 chances taken using Irons. Based on my Range time.

      1. Yep!!!

        Plus you can put that hammer drill with the carbide bits and the 5 inch Aluminum Oxide cutoff wheel in the same bag.

        Add a hammer and a crowbar for seasoning.

        You can also use other things( Like a few old pints of paint) as a shell for smoke bombs or an IID(Improvised Incendiary Device)

        Wasp Spray=Mace

        A million Ideas…

        Bracken’s Tool bag is probably better than my guitar cases.

        Never had anyone look twice at the cases or my tools.

        Maybe do both… lmao.

        In Wyoming and PA I bring my tools and guitars with me. literally.

  9. I think going for the tradesman look is always good for going low profile. If I was going to a ‘protest’ etc, I would likely go as press, I’ve been thinking on that for a while. A patch for a backpack, camera, a lanyard with a laminated card, this will give you all sorts of freedom, if they’re everywhere nobody will give you a second look.

    1. There are 1 journalists for every 25 people in a crowd.
      By my “count” floating in these crowds.
      There are a lot of wannabes And professionals in the world.
      Dressing like one, or the other, is a good camo.

  10. This is something I’m finding difficult to convey, give it a whirl though, put it plain and simple:

    not knocking discreet carry imperatives one bit. But this post made me think of something else.
    Why go clandestine except for some very specific reasons?

    Maybe we are going about it the wrong way to start with.

    This is our country, our civilization, our arms and our sovereign bodies are legitimate, there hundreds of millions of good folks, its time we become once again openly armed, such a civilization is a polite prudent one. Traditions of being openly armed thru our history abound, in fact at certain points no free man could be deprived of “His Steel” even by great kings. In fact that right there, exactly, specifically, is the origins birth of what led to Liberty.
    Our enemies are just that, enemies, no matter what we do, why o we care what they think, they can not determine our priorities, only, if we let them, there’s so many of us the truth here is they can not do anything about it, if we all became the men of the west our forefathers are.

    Sure I can see valid cause to go incognito. Many reasons.

    Yet, I got this sneaking suspicion when we openly arm ourselves in droves, we change the dialectic, after all, whose this country belong to? And why oh why would we hide in the shadows of the fear they use to divide us and emasculate us?
    It’s time to pack a big stick, big knives, swords, hatchets and battle axes, halberds, armor even, It’s time to become one with our inner barbarian warrior, time to re-learn to drink from the skulls of our enemies.
    Openly armed changes the entire dynamic.
    It changes the balance of power in our favor.
    No more sneakin’ around boys.

    I was there on 1-20-2020,
    50,000 armed to the teeth Shitlords and Shitlordettes are not wrong
    To be in the warm embrace of 50 thousand armed to the fucking teeth fellow Men of The West, defines everything. I never felt so free, what Liberty is, till that day in Richmond.
    WE owned the day. Totally. Nobody was going to fuck with us. N.O.B.O.D.Y

    Be a lot less need in a real hurry to have to go clandestine, lot of things get taken care of with an openly armed civilization.
    Thats like taking about 100 select actors out behind the swamp, next to the grease dumpster, and putting a boolit on the back of their heads.
    Guarantee in about 4 hours all this bullshit going down would stop.

    Ask yourself, why the fuck are we hiding?
    What are we hiding from?
    What the Fuck is there to be afraid of?
    Isn’t that called taking council of one’s fear?
    Isn’t that right there the weapon used to keep us disarmed in heart & mind?

    It’s our fucking birthright, our natural right to be armed, to go armed, to have arms.
    There isn’t any bullshit about it.

    And just so if your reading this you think i’m talking out my arse. 2 years now I’ve gone open armed everyday, even an AR slung over my shoulder. I made the decision, the choice I was going to be armed in the way as my forefathers of my country did, (have a Confederate battle flag flying on the wind turbine to protect, aside from family and self, and my neighbors). In town I carry a full size 14 round capacity .45 automatic pistol. To date not one adverse or negative comment or reaction received.
    Funny thing, it is amazing how polite people are. Be out in the garden tilling, or helping others with haying, even the Ladies in my direct AO, they toot smile and wave going by. I’m “an old fart”, even young lass’s smile and behave sweetly.

    It’s a whole world being openly armed.

    1. I totally agree with you, I live in an open carry state, no fucking communist permit needed .
      It’s hot down here more than not so cargo shorts and Tee shirts are the normal uniform of choice along with either my G27 or G22 a reload and Surefire light.
      I had a CC permit but let it go when renewal time came around, said to myself fuck paying to exercise my rights.
      If I would find myself in an operation in hostile territory I would dress like they do.

    2. I like this comment MTNForge, but even it is a one sided argument. The left has public faces for their cause, political operatives, propagandists – public and private, financiers, private operatives, builders of street armies, nameless and faceless long marcher bureaucrats slogging away at the foundation of every institution, true believers all, and I could go on.

      If the right had a common belief system it would naturally coalesce around it and form similar such structure(s). I don’t think the right in America truly believes in much at all, not speaking of the folks here but of the wider right. The laundry list of complaints against the Church, Conservative inc., Republican Inc., etc etc is well documented. They don’t have a belief system that they see as worth fighting for. The right lost the culture war because it’s culture is no better and it’s losing the other aspects of the war because it doesn’t believe in something superior at all that’s worth fight for.

      Just a stab and figuring it all out, is all I’m saying here.

      My wider point is, yes; some are the public face of gun rights and should open carry as you suggest. I’m a public Firearms Rights Activist toward dot gov, I’ve met with numerous pols, fed, state, local, and have spoken with them. (obviously this means that I personally agree with you more than not) Others may be better suited to private actions either political or kinetic, etc etc. It doesn’t have to be one or another. That’s what I mean about the left, they believe and act upon it in the manner that they simply enjoy the most. Nobody understands the terror that strikes me about that. They are serious about their religion, and it is a religion, they voluntarily organize in a manner that they truly are enjoying. And they intend to kill us for their religion.

      End random thots.

      1. It doesn’t matter what they think Fred. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. Its about what is my primordial God given natural right. I come first. That means my right to arms come first. The two are inextricably intertwined. There is no such thing as a half a natural right, nor half a Liberty. No such thing half or a part of what is embedded as natural sanction, the unalienable Liberty, in the Second Amendment. Just like there’s no such thing as a little bit of slavery, or a little bit of murder, or a little bit of pedophilia. No such thing as a little bit of infringement.
        Or, such a thing as a little bit of tyranny.
        No matter who it comes from.

        After all this time Fred, politely but firmly, what part of the absolute ultimate meaning of “shall not be infringed” escapes your thinking?

        In that light perceptions do not matter either, that is if your willing to be totally a Freeman. Besides, who decided what I can or can not do?
        The neo-bolshevik crowd?
        The pedo-elites?
        People, called law enforcers, who enforce inalienable laws, who think they have more power than I and power above the unalienable laws which govern my natural freedom & Liberty I am born with?


        Aside from lack of prudence, Unalienable Rights are the two greatest issues of our time. There’s millions from every walk of life and good intention who believe because what they say or decide are the priorities of others, what they do is good, they are somehow special, exempt from the consequences of their actions, and in this world I am left with nothing but my Unalienable rights, the crux of them. And you know what Fred? Fuck them. The horse they rode in on, especially those who decide what is right and not right for me, that includes good intentioned people who have anointed themselves with power to choose my priorities, good intentioned or not.

        Have yourself a gander at this Fred, then come argue your points with me again:

        What Are Unalienable Rights?

        by Russell D. Longcore
        Owner and Editor,

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen an expansive article about unalienable rights. We all seem to just refer to the Declaration of Independence and what Jefferson wrote, and then defer to it. But natural law and unalienable rights are where it all starts.

        Thomas Jefferson wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights… Self-Evident. Obvious. Perhaps it was self-evident to the 18th Century common man, but I submit to you that the common 21st Century mind is not equally equipped. Much of the wisdom of the ages has been withheld from the modern man by the government schools. And why not? If you were a government, both tasked by The People to educate them and controlled by the same People, why teach generation after generation how to control you? Why not teach those generations how to be controlled? Self-evident truths bow to governmental self-preservation when The People aren’t watching vigilantly.

        Building a tower requires building a firm foundation FIRST…or your tower goes over when the winds blow hard. Gentle readers, we’re in a CAT 5 hurricane right now that’s going to take down our American tower. If you do not have a working understanding of unalienable rights, you’ll likely fall for the next iteration of oppressive, tyrannical government foisted upon an uneducated populace who move their lips when they read. And if you don’t truly understand this philosophy, you cannot possibly teach it to your young.

        Unalienable rights are also known as Natural Law or Absolute Rights. In this article these terms will be interchangeable. Also, the use of a male pronoun or the word “man” means all humans.

        We begin with a definition of “Unalienable:”

        “Unalienable: incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred.” Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1523. One cannot sell, transfer or surrender unalienable rights. The Creator bestowed them on every individual. All human beings possess unalienable rights. Unalienable rights cannot be taken nor surrendered but they can be simply ignored. This is a little like the story Jesus told about the prodigal son. A recalcitrant son learns through tough lessons that he cannot escape his father’s love nor his rights as his father’s son.

        But can we find natural human rights without a recognition of a Creator? Yes, without a doubt. What you’ll learn here about Natural Law dwells in the heart of every human being simply because he exists. The concept of Unalienable Rights is life-affirming whether or not you believe in a Higher Power, since the concept showcases the uniqueness of the human being in this world. Unalienable Rights are the highest form of humanness while at the same time the most elementary of man’s characteristics.

        Unalienable or Inalienable?

        There is a very serious error made throughout America as related to Unalienable Rights. That is, that many people use the term “Inalienable Rights” and think that the terms are interchangeable. But they are as different as night and day.

        Inalienable Rights: Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights. Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d 97, 101.

        Inalienable rights can be transferred, sold or surrendered if you give your consent. Inalienable rights are not bestowed by the Creator or inherent in humans. ”Persons” have inalienable rights, and the word “Person” is a legal term¹. Inalienable rights can be bestowed to persons by government, and can be likewise removed from persons by government. At times, government itself can be considered a “Person” in a legal sense. Most state constitutions recognize only inalienable rights.

        Therefore, because we possess Unalienable Rights, endowed by our Creator, to secure these rights(not grant or create them), “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”² And the rights we bestow upon government are the Inalienable Rights that we all possess that can be transferred to other persons.

        We’re going to build this like a pyramid, much like the Hierarchy of Needs developed by Professor Abraham Maslow, Ph.D. He placed the bedrock human needs as the base of the pyramid, these being the most fundamental needs upon which all others are built. Physiological needs are first, simple survival of the human body. Next up comes Safety, then Love, Esteem, then Self-actualization as the headstone.

        Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

        I don’t have a cool graphic for Unalienable Rights, so you’ll just have to look at Maslow’s pyramid and use your imagination. It won’t be all that hard.

        The Right of Life

        When Thomas Jefferson wrote of “certain Unalienable Rights,” he placed them in the proper order, with Life being the first and most basic of all. This is the right to simply exist as a sentient being…one able to perceive sensations, a consciousness. Unalienable rights come into being at the moment that a human becomes a human. I do not mean when the individual becomes a viable human, capable of life outside the womb. Both sides of the abortion issue agree that a zygote…a human female egg fertilized by a male sperm…is human, and that every day after it becomes an embryo for about 270 days it is human. Our right to life means our right to express our humanness and to simply be alive. The opposite is the death of a human being. The right to life gets very complicated, since none of us were able to leave the womb and live without assistance, sustenance and support. An argument about embryonic viability here entirely misses the point, since even post-birth humans need daily care until at least age 5 (or 10) or they will likely die. So along with our own innate right to life, we acknowledge our responsibility to assist other human life to exist and express itself. Maslow pointed to the need of breathing, food, water, sleep, sex, homeostasis and excretion…all part of maintaining life, and without any one of those needs, life would eventually stop. Note here that the right of life is seldom exercised individually, but is inextricably tied to the lives of others.

        Right of Personal Security

        The next step up the Unalienable Rights pyramid is the right to protect one’s very life and bodily existence. And by acknowledging the duties we have to others to whom we give life…our progeny…we extend the right to protect their lives also. Personal security first means that our bodies are safe from harm. That security encompasses both protection by others while we are unable to secure our own safety and protecting ourselves and our loved ones after we become capable of assuring our own safety. Note here that the right of personal security is seldom exercised individually, but is inextricably tied to the safety of others. The Second Amendment has its foundation in this unalienable human right, relying upon it to secure a free state through the use of a militia. The Second Amendment is not the “right” to keep and bear arms. It is the restriction on Congress to violate the Unalienable Right of Personal Security. Both the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments were supposed to secure this Right.

        The Right of Labor

        The first manifestation of the greater Right of Property is found in the Right of Labor. Every human being owns the work of his own mind and hands, and any hindrance to his employing his mental and physical ability in whatever method he thinks proper, without causing injury to another individual, would be a violation of the Right of Labor. This right will be found in Maslow’s Safety block.

        Right to Acquire and Enjoy Property

        “Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product is a slave.” Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness

        This Right touches all of the other Unalienable Rights. First, a human fully possesses his own body, and may do with it what he pleases, as long as his choices do not violate the property rights of another human. Next, man owns his labor and may use his labor for his own subsistence. He may use his labor as an expression of value or a medium of exchange, and may freely exchange that value to acquire property. Then he may have quiet enjoyment of his property according to any manner that best reflects his happiness. Property may take the form of physical assets, but may also be less tangible assets like intellectual property. Property rights mean ownership and control, which includes the right to use an asset as well as the right to prohibit others from using the asset. Property rights also allow the owner to determine the value of an asset, and to even destroy an asset if he so chooses. The only restriction on the Unalienable Right of Property is that it does not infringe upon the Unalienable Rights of others.

        As John Locke stated in The Second Treatise on Government (1690) “The great and chief end therefore of men uniting into commonwealths, and putting themselves under government, is the preservation of property.” What man would willingly join a society that did not protect his enjoyment of the fruits of his own labor?

        In The Wealth of Nations (1776), Adam Smith states that “private property created a role for government in defending property (rights), and the existence of government created the security to stimulate the creation of new property.” Many today wonder why the economies of the nations are in such dreadful shape. But most governments around the world are undermining property rights, the very reason for their existence. When there is no predictability in the marketplace, and individuals are preyed upon by governments, the incentive for creating new property is diminished or altogether extinguished. Those still seeking to create new property will migrate to the governments that best protect property rights. That’s why capital is leaving America for foreign locations and will continue to do so.

        Right to Contract

        This Unalienable Right gives all individuals the liberty to voluntarily enter into contract with any other individual or group of individuals, so long as there is agreement as to the terms of the contract by all parties involved, and so long as the contractual agreement does not violate another individual’s Unalienable Rights. Therefore, in light of property rights, individuals may sell their labor to an employer at mutually agreeable terms. Individuals may profit from the disposition of other property by mutual agreement.

        All Unalienable Rights preceded the establishment of governments. However, governments chafe mightily under this Right. In America, the years 1897 to 1937 were a 40-year period in which the US Supreme Court vigorously protected the Right to Contract. This period of time is called the “Lochner years,” referring to Lochner v. New York (1905). In Lochner, the High Court struck down a New York statute that set maximum working hours. Justice Rufus Peckham, writing for the majority, stated that the Due Process Clauses found in the 5th and 14th Amendments were stout enough to protect the Unalienable Right to Contract, and that the State of New York had no business restricting the hours that an employee and employer may agree to. After 1937, the Court has relentlessly attacked the Right to Contract, supporting laws like the minimum wage and child labor statutes. Most of the burdensome Federal regulations are attacks on the Right to Contract, since they require parties to contracts to perform acts that they would likely not agree to if given a choice.

        Right of Free Speech

        This is the freedom to speak freely, provided that your speech does not violate the free speech of other individuals. The Right of Free Speech is an absolute right, subject to no other restrictions than another individual’s Unalienable Rights. Naturally, your liberty to speak does not allow for libel, slander, fraud or falsehood. This is another Unalienable Right which governments despise, and most governments do not allow untrammeled free speech. And free speech may take many forms, such as spoken, written, printed and performed.

        Right of Beliefs or Conscience

        Individuals have an Unalienable Right to believe what they wish, to worship as their conscience dictates, or as a negative right, to not believe or not worship as their conscience dictates.

        Right of Personal Liberty

        The classical liberal (the good kind) concept of personal liberty is as a moral principle in which an individual is free to govern himself, his life and his property without outside compulsion, force or fraud, provided that his personal governance does not intrude upon or violate the liberty of another individual.

        Right to the Pursuit of Happiness

        “Striving to find meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man.” ~ Dr. Viktor Frankl, 1992

        The Pursuit of Happiness provides the vehicle through which man can find life’s meaning.

        The Pursuit of Happiness would be found on Maslow’s pyramid at the very top as a Self-Actualization need. But this Right encapsulates all the other Rights and cannot be accomplished until the other Unalienable Rights are in place and utilized. Your pursuit of happiness would be short-circuited if you do not enjoy the Rights to Life, Labor, Property, Contract, Belief and Liberty.

        To understand how this phrase “the pursuit of happiness” found its way into the Declaration of Independence, you must know some background about Thomas Jefferson. He was strongly influenced by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, even referring to himself as an Epicurean. The teacher’s philosophy was simple: if you cultivated close personal relationships, limited your desires to the necessities of life, and found joy in the moment, you would find happiness. Everything in moderation.


        Think about a Being that creates humans, then endows them with Unalienable Rights simply because they are human, and the pinnacle of their Rights being the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness! Not its attainment, but the pursuit. The Creator is no cosmic Joker, playing a cynical game by creating a desire in the breast of each human being for happiness, but having no available tools to meet the desire. We are endowed with the desire, the ability and the Unalienable Rights necessary to live a life of purpose and meaning, and to pass on those purposes and those meanings to subsequent generations, all seeking the same outcomes.

        Share this article with those you love. Then discuss it. Teach your children these lessons so they understand how the Creator meant for them to live. Understanding your Unalienable Rights will give you a reason to live, a gratefulness to your Creator, and true self-esteem based in reality.

        * * * * * * * * * *

        ¹The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, 1776.

        ²PERSON. This word is applied to men, women and children, who are called natural persons. In law, man and person are not exactly synonymous terms. Any human being is a man, whether he be a member of society or not, whatever may be the rank he holds, or whatever may be his age, sex, &c. A person is a man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 137.
        2. It is also used to denote a corporation which is an artificial person. 1 Bl. Com. 123; 4 Bing. 669; C. 33 Eng. C. L R. 488; Woodes. Lect. 116; Bac. Us. 57; 1 Mod. 164.
        3. But when the word “Persons” is spoken of in legislative acts, natural persons will be intended, unless something appear in the context to show that it applies to artificial persons. 1 Scam. R. 178.
        4. Natural persons are divided into males, or men; and females or women. Men are capable of all kinds of engagements and functions, unless by reasons applying to particular individuals. Women cannot be appointed to any public office, nor perform any civil functions, except those which the law specially declares them capable of exercising. Civ. Code of Louis. art. 25.
        5. They are also sometimes divided into free persons and slaves. Freemen are those who have preserved their natural liberty, that is to say, who have the right of doing what is not forbidden by the law. A slave is one who is in the power of a master to whom he belongs. Slaves are sometimes ranked not with persons but things. But sometimes they are considered as persons for example, a negro is in contemplation of law a person, so as to be capable of committing a riot in conjunction with white men. 1 Bay, 358. Vide Man.
        6. Persons are also divided into citizens, (q.v.) and aliens, (q.v.) when viewed with regard to their political rights. When they are considered in relation to their civil rights, they are living or civilly dead; vide Civil Death; outlaws; and infamous persons.
        7. Persons are divided into legitimates and bastards, when examined as to their rights by birth.
        8. When viewed in their domestic relations, they are divided into parents and children; husbands and wives; guardians and wards; and masters and servants son, as it is understood in law, see 1 Toull. n. 168; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1890, note.

        A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.

        DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

        © Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

        1. I didn’t actually disagree with you in first place. Whatever you perceived was wrongly perceived.

          And the last intelligent conversation had on the US Senate floor was about Natural Law when Bork, well, got Borked.

          I do however disagree that a man simply has rights because he is a man, even if it’s acknowledged that this man was created by God. God provides blessings and curses based upon obedience to Him. That means, that keeping rights is dependent upon a man fulfilling their duties unto Holy God. If a people fail in this regard they will have their rights removed and suffer under Judgement. A man does not simply get to keep his rights for doing nothing at all about keeping them. The problem with “Natural Law” as defined in general and even by Jefferson is that it denies the fallen nature of a man and God’s desire make him upright because God loves him so much that He’ll take the man’s rights away to make the man dependent upon Him again. Our rights, I contend, don’t come from nature, they come from God who can and does take them away for disobedience toward Him. Enjoy the coming Judgement, there are 70 million dead babies, no way around it, Sir.

  11. I have converted power tool cases to gun cases. Some are even big enough for a split m4gery. Carried 9n hotels on vacation, no issues. Several sports duffels have storage under the main body. Plate carrier and rifle fit easily.

  12. Simple question. How will you get to location?

    Driving a new model vehicles, with a GPS receiver, a built in cell phone transmitter?

    1. Paper maps. Old Thomas Guide maps. disable ALL electronics. Plan accordingly. When I was a commuter in SoCal, I always had all my alternate routes planned out, in the event of sportiness or natural disasters. And, if the routes were impassible, I just relied on a BOB, hiking shoes, and shanks mare. Bleib ubrig.

  13. Long boom-sticks will fit nicely into a golf bag.
    Add to this some check-pants Republican look as if going to do 18 holes and voila!
    Will work coming and going–along with that long puzzled face when questioned.

    Also try a false bottom in one of these will do the trick…

    I would suggest everyone read a book entitled, “By Way Of Deception”
    Lot of good info and instructions on going dark and working even darker.

  14. Mtnforge, agree I’ve never seen more rifles in easy rider rifle racks as I’m seeing right now, lots and lots of M-1s and M-14s, 03a3, etcetc.

    People open carrying here in my town have gone theu the roof. People are saying fuck it. We’re done with law enforcement who isn’t enforcing the laws both directions.

    the other thing we’re seeing is hundreds and hundreds of out of state plates. A very high number which is unusual. Lots of east coast folk.

    All looking the part of hippies, liberal toads. ” they won’t be here long”

    Don’t see traffic camera’s lasting long either.

    This area, won’t be impacted until much later down the road.

    Lots of good ideas on this link. MTN people, I’d forgotten about their kit, really good stuff.


    1. “We’re done with law enforcement”- PERIOD.

      FIFY again Derp

      except you happen to be one of those scoundrel traitors

      tic toc 🙂

    2. Thats right man. Spot on.
      Nobody tells us what our priorities are.
      An entire civilization and way of life belongs to us and it all begins with each of us and our Rifles.

    3. The Liberals Abandoned the major cities because everything was TOTALLY shutdown.

      The country, although closed, was still cheaper and more fun.

      Also, it’s important to remember that the liberals never stopped having dinner parties and drinking.

      It is/was a paid vacation.

      FYI, my sister got the word. She doesn’t return to work(in an office) until spring 2021. She works for a major, major, major company. You are using their stuff RIGHT now.

      I hope you like Thai food.

      It’s gonna be spicy…

  15. Simple shoulder messenger bag with G19 ‘n Sub2000
    …dun need more’nat

  16. I don’t know anything about RP’s or exfils, but I do carry concealed every day. I’ve never had anyone notice and call me out who didn’t know I carried. And often, even people who know I carry can’t tell.

    More important than any of the gear listed below is your mindset and body language. You want to look like you know where you are and what you are doing, like you belong. Even in a non-permissive environment, security might think you’re one of them. Stand up straight and walk with a purpose. If you’re weak and nervous, you’ll get found out no matter how BA your gear is.

    On bikes and hikes, the aforementioned Hill People Gear kit bag + non-tactical day pack works great.

    EDC is a G17 with two spare mags on a sturdy belt at 3 and 9, and an LCR on the left ankle, trauma kit on the right ankle. Mini TDI knife at my appendix. When it’s rifle time, I carry a 20 round GI mag in a comptac carrier on my belt. The straight 20 round mag is very concealable. Hate me all you like, and 30 rounders still have their place, but I do prefer 20 round mags for general use. And as mentioned in prior posts, most rifles can be partially disassembled for discreet carry. Just put it in a normal bag (plain gym duffel, or standard traveling duffel). I dress like a lumberjack, jeans or Carharts and a flannel. This is standard attire where I live, ymmv.

  17. This is like burying muh stash so I can hit it when I need it. Or if the stacks at muh door I should already be gone. If ya haven’t thought this shit out a decade or more already you’re in sad shit shape. Covert gear bags? If you gotta travel heavy in public anymore and are worried about being seen armed,then you’re already in the wrong place and haven’t taken heed to exfil to an area people just don’t get scared of such displays.
    WTF over?

    1. It’s almost like all the gear queers on YouTube, laying out a dozen hard cases all fitted out with their guns and individual compartments for every mag and accessory, WTF???
      That’s what city folks do, buy guns and matching luggage for them, instead of throwing them in the truck and using them.
      Pathetic state of affairs from the gun owners in this country. Not much different from collecting Barbie dolls and GI Joes.

      1. Not much different from collecting Barbie dolls….

        You mean like your BFF Dollbanger?

  18. Pair of J frames
    Fixed blade
    Pepper spray
    Suit and tie with dress boots
    Add a hard hat and clip board ….I can go nearly anywhere and have for my job.

    Small black laptop bag with nods, batteries, 2wayrf, picks, TQ etc.
    Laptop of course because in the right place I can do more damage than with a bag full of AR’s


    This won’t be like the previous wars.

    Hearts and minds or heads and nuts

    Collect them all

  19. Something also worth considering is mimicking the IRA sniper teams. Everything separate. One team member brings the weapon. Another is the shooter. Shooter shoots and then dead drops the weapon and his clothing in a predetermined spot. Another team comes by later to pick up the dead dropped weapon and garment of the shooter. This in addition to lookouts, drivers, and the like.

    1. Although I mostly agree with you that operation would depend on rock solid guys, a rare find these days.
      Remember the rule:
      3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead.

  20. My Sub2K fits in the water bladder pouch of my camel back. I’ve taken it kayaking, and wore it downtown, draws no attention in the summer time, and weighs the same as if the 70oz bladder was full. Some cover cases draw attention, in the touristy area maybe a camera tripod bag is invisible, and in tbe club area maybe a guitar bag blends in, but sometimes it draws attention you may not want.
    Grey man and allow them to not see you, blend in so as to be unnoticed, and unremembered.

  21. One thing for sure, if I were dumb enough to put a Molan or 3% sticker on the back window of my pick up truck, concealing in a guitar case would not matter.

    1. Also goes for those same folks walking around with a tactical holster open carry, they give themselves away as morons who are trying to make a public statement….look at me, I’m stupid.
      Announcing your intentions sets you up as the first target. Has nothing to do with exercising your gun rights. The smart man carries concealed.

  22. guitar cases, backpacks, fold up rifles…I guess it depends upon how you understand the question.
    for me it’s on a DAILY basis, NOT running an op involving a group. Talking just you and friend, family going about your biz 24/7…
    combo ammo pouch – EMS IFAK. concealed. Any weather. For Essentials. Not meant to replace the million $ Paramedic and wagon…
    Instagram: tac.buddy.
    If every member of your team had one (or 2 for ops as referenced), that’s a good amount of ammo and EMS. Plus, it’s at your fingertips. No digging through bag….nothing to carry thus using up valued hand / arm space.

  23. Look at yourself and your area. The urban yuppie camper phase hit hard when an REI opened here and its been a blessing in terms of what you can wear and carry without sticking out.

    Tennis bags only work in areas people are going to play tennis and even then ones holding firearms are visibly heavier than ones carrying a pound or less rackets. The straps hang and the posture and muscles of the person carrying it are different.

    Sure you can rock a guitar case but can you speak the lingo or look the part? Guitar cases have worked best if you’re downtown and with a bunch of friends who also have gig and music bags. A bunch of dudes out to have fun and play a gig in a minivan with sliding side doors and fold down seating gets a pass from most folks. Again this one might not work for the current covid based shut down.

    Rolling hardshell golf bag carriers work GREAT for carrying one or two long guns, side arms, and gear if you pack creatively. The wheels are essential to keep anyone from guessing weight or contents based on how you carry them.

    A tool or sawzall case might work but what is an average looking guy carrying one without any drywall dust, grease, or wood dust on it doing going down the street with it. Look the part!

    Carrying it is a multi-step operation. A work van with magnetic signage that can be removed and hot swapped quickly will get you a lot farther than a tennis bag. But also carries with it a higher cost and risk should you be discovered.

    Since the local sportsball seasons are likely fubar my practice of carrying a long gun to and from my office within spitting distance of a stadium isn’t workable for the foreseeable future. I used to use folding awning, stadium chair, and camp chair bags and have gotten waved through checkpoints with them since I look the part decked out in SportsTeam gear and vibed with the crowd. I’ve settled for a creatively backed cabinet and resigned myself to a permanently placed office gun.

    Some honorable mentions: When moving apartments I used flat pack furniture boxes and garment bags with velcro or styrofoam to carry most of my firearms in plan view without any outward signs of their contents.
    Legends tell of someone who may have carried rifles, sidearms, and magazines through a non-permissive environment inside a framed box with signage and warning labels like museums and art galleries use to transport large paintings.
    And lastly I’ve seen people disguise the buffer tube of AR pattern pistols with the cut off and hollowed end of a a baseball bat or wrapped with grip tape like a tennis racket and padded with ….shall we say ‘used’ gym clothes sticking out of the duffel bag.

    I understand this is a delicate matter to discuss openly with unknown persons and leaving evidence on the eternal internet so the nuts and bolts may best left to your local training group. Firstly because nothing can be traced back to a singular statement and secondly so it can’t be used against you by others trying to place blame for their own actions.

  24. Back in another life, on another continent, I was on low-profile tactical human intelligence teams (THT.) How we would dress, what equipment we would take, which vehicles we would use, entirely depended on the mission that we had. A lot of what I learned came from the SAS team in Basrah (this was in 2005-2006.) These guys had been doing these kinds of missions in N. Ireland and elsewhere for decades at this point, though their stuff culminated in more direct action than ours did.
    Some basics I recall from those days:
    1.) Never look out of place. Being a 6’1″, 225lb, 25″ shoulders White guy, I’m never going to pass as an Arab. All the tanning and hair dye and local clothes won’t change that-up close, that is. Therefore, me getting out and walking the streets in Basrah never happened. Kabul was a different story-there are a polyglot of people there, and there were people my size and complexion…not to mention all the red-headed 20-30 year-olds who had Russian fathers. Running a mission in Kuwait was also different. Instead of worrying about Mullah Abdullah and his band of Muj, the biggest threat was getting picked up by the local cops. I’d have a pistol in my waistband, no spare mags, no holster, a folding knife, and a cell phone. If needed, I could ditch the gun and not have to worry about getting rid of anything else. “Hey no I’m just Embassy staff/a contractor/a US Service member!”
    2.) For most covert operations, long guns stay away. I would usually drive, and an MP-5 or Mk18 would be between my leg and the car door, or on the floor. Typically, rifles and subguns coming out made people want to leave the area-but not always. In that part of the world, seeing contractors with long guns was not immediate cause for concern among the locals, but often it would spook our sources, simply because it attracts attention. For movement on foot in an urban area with a concealed long gun, I’d say it’s costume time. I like the idea of looking like a baseball team…frankly golf and tennis are gay.
    3.) Try to blend in from as far away as possible. By dying hair and beard, tanning, and wearing local clothes, I’d never ever pass as an Iraqi on the street, being behind the wheel of a Corolla or Hi Lux suddenly made me a lot less obvious. The guy on a building 300m away, waiting to command-detonate his South African 155mm artillery round isn’t going to realize that I’m not a local.
    4.) Always have vehicles that look like slightly older local cars. The kind that are boring and no one checks out. A loser-cruiser, that is perfectly maintained and has good tires and suspension, is solid gold for this kind of stuff.
    As an aside, I’m in airports all the time. I see fat guys wearing hats and shirts that say “Don’t Tread On Me.” I get the sentiment…but you know what REALLY says DTOM? Muscles instead of flab. Remember your PT folks.

  25. Variety is the spice of life. The mission will dictate the gear. Don’t have the gear drive the mission. METT-T (yeah, I know TC but I’m older) In the early stages (the one we’re in now) you will need clandestine capabilities. Later that won’t matter so much. You know your locality and terrain. What people wear and won’t they don’t. In my area it’s Carhart or similar for most working folks and you can add props as needed. Other times business attire may be required. Again METT-T.

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