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  1. Most of our esteemed politicians have probably visited pedo island on several occasions.
    Oh and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    1. Just Me,
      SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts is logged on the flight manifest of Epstein’s pedo=plane.

      Explains why those black robbed Nazgul’s betrayed us, our civilization, rule of law, sold us all out.
      Like how you would go WTF?!!!! with totally corrupt ideological legislating from the bench, aka, judicial activism, nullifying constitutional order and precepts, social engineering by judge, such as his totally BS obama care ruling, Roe vs Wade and 65 + million babies murdered, genocide, an endless list of betrayal and treason.

      Blackmail is the only way there can be so many quislings and traitors.

      ShareBlue is infested with pedos. It’s pedo central. They produce the daily 9am talking points for the day memo, sent to every converged newsroom and print shop across the country.

      It’s like every time the Free helicopter ride for life meme comes up, they get really stressed, out comes the double think pieces, of course they attach it to all the white supremacists out there, all 5 of them, but, with #BillClintonIsAPedo, it’s a minefield, they already suck and swallow at 4thG War Hearts & Minds Counter Insurgency. Any attempt to project or attach stigmata, backfires spectacularly, because when they try to counter such things they expose themselves, they tell on themselves, by the very act of reacting to it.
      Paradoxically it’s a Catch 22, #pedo=22, if they say nothing, they are guilty as charged.
      Whats so beautiful about #BillClintonIsAPedo is they are powerless to do anything but employ force and violence, see they got themselves in a real pickle now, that system of pedo=elite blackmail doesn’t work on us good folks, the conundrum is they got nothing else but force and violence, but they need effective minions and sycophants to apply it, minions and sycophants don’t grow on trees, only certain ones become effective proxies, takes generations to breed and nurture the hatred and envy which constitute their state of mentality. And the Amerikan Nomenklatura class, who perpetuate the tyranny of the regulatory and administrative state, Mr. Trump has done a fine job of rooting them out or leaving them to wither on the vine, shutoff much of the spigot of free money which financed the commies and their agenda. Why they turned to Goolag Faceborg and the other masters of the universe.

      It’s a diminishing return cycle. Pretty soon the whole construct collapse, the institutional order is failing.

  2. I love that picture of Willie.

    That little episode with Chelsea and Willy watching from the front row and Trump dared to say what no one else would say. It was worth the price of admission, if nothing else.

  3. He’s a former President. They are above the law per the Supreme Court (or was that Diana Ross and the Supremes? hard to remember.) who gave all high ranking federal “officials” qualified immunity because; just doing their job. It’s what the Nazis claimed and Nuremberg which the commies denied them but they like the idea so much they gave it to themselves. See how that works?

    Nobody will be arresting anybody.

    1. The ruling classes were exempting themselves from prosecution way before the Natzees and commies hit the scene pal.
      All government and military apparatchiks follow illegal superior orders – even in the beloved democruhcees.
      Today, the democraps and republicunts get away with far more than anyone did during the WW2 or even Vietnam eras.
      Yes, no arrests are forthcoming and Trumpenstein and his cadre ain’t gonna do shit about it!

    2. Frankly, the whole idea of a victors telling the defeated that they had an obligation to resist orders they perceived as unlawful was idiotic…more so because the victors shot their own men for doing that very thing.

  4. Trump has enough evidence to put all these people away for life, and yet………nothing!
    He’s either one of them…..or, can’t say a word for fear of repercussions of his own guilt in various other shenanigans.
    Political theatre at it’s finest.

    1. Exactly… “indictments any day!” got old about four years ago. Da fuk u waitin fo nigger?

    2. drumpf is more crooked than a dirty cop

      that’s pretty damn crooked

      yet half the cuntry will vote for this orange tinted turd

      tfA-t laughs at voters for they will get everything theyu “voted” for

      he he he

  5. #BillClintonIsAPedo
    (its on the verge of viral, help it along, auto-delegitimization ensues)

    It’s what brings these foul insects down.
    Pedo’s busted everywhere. Entire pedo rings. Antifa and Burn Loot Murder pedo’s.
    Get the low hanging fruit, bust up conduits and trafficking platforms, the cycle and methods of pritection and dark activity are disrupted, everything’s connected to #Pizzagate and #BillClintonIsAPedo, the entire system of control within the construct is connected, Chief Supreme Court Justice Roberts is on the pedo-island flight log books, take out the minions, even if they don’t go stool pigeon, word of what the globo=pedo’s are about, too many dots connect, too many loose ends to handle with assisted arkanside.
    Common everyday main street knowledge, reaches a certain stage and the pedo=elites, their institutional world order, crashes.

    Notice how Tony Pedesta is Biden’s campaign manager now.
    No accident there.
    Pedo=Joe’s pedo past has caught up with him. Would not doubt a group of his victims are organizing, they are out to get this piece of human garbage, maybe spring a class action suit against him a month just before the election.

    #BillClintonIsAPedo and his baby blood drinking pedo=vampires community can’t stand the sunlight of the truth.
    The whole system of #Pizzagate blackmail which all their human trafficking and satanic death rituals springs from, depends on operating in the darkness.

    After all that skumbag and Barren Vag von Pantsuit has done to us, #BillClintonIsAPedo just rolls off the tongue.

    How do you counter such a richly just deserved call out?
    They all got to be concerned, you never detach from such an accusation of ultimate depravity.


    BFYTW asshole

  6. August 2, 2020 at 16:57
    “Understand, learn from, accept the factual reality, that regardless of being degenerate multi-gay, multi-gendered, soy swilling snowflakes, whiny SJW’s, and a host of other toxic-waste mindsets, the conglomerate that is Team Globohomo Red are highly skilled at accurate, random, rotating target acquisition, skillfully bringing into play a strategy and tactics, surrounding the chosen target with a plan of action and initiating gameplay.”

    3:33 AM · Aug 3, 2020

    Antifa in Portland have announced an upcoming gathering for 8 August. They are using a “bee” to symbolize that they plan to quickly swarm & “sting” a certain target and then quickly disperse. This is the same park they met up at yesterday before attacking the SE precinct.

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