Time To Go Dark


It’s not just the blokes down in Oz.

Look at this silliness:


And this:


And this:


Better tyranny through political medicine.

To be clear, we will be here for some time.

But the utility of alternate media pales in comparison to relocation work, defensive alliance formation, and everything else needed to beat the maniacs behind this bust-out caper.

Not only is no one coming to save you.

But there are scads of evil people who see you and your family standing in the way of their Great Reset.

And they will stop at nothing.

26 thoughts on “Time To Go Dark”

  1. A problem for many, but not all, is lack of community of like minded hard hearted fellows. Think Taliban enclaves…thats what we need to become. They can’t enforce if they dissapear. We need local food, water, and men. Heck think Amish… but without the pacifism.

    1. Many Amish got tooled up after the schoolhouse massacre a while back.
      As far as community goes, it has improved for me since March. Many people I haven’t heard from in years popped back up on my radar. They remembered all my tin-foil hattery back in the day. They aren’t ready for night-movements yet but after this October they will be.
      Scarf-lady looks like she is accustomed to the gag-ball.

  2. The Benedict Option, unless you crave isolation and despair.

    I suspect if your survival community is not based on common faith, it will not survive.

    1. “….unless you crave isolation…”
      I used to crave isolation.
      Now I require it.
      I can barely tolerate anybody.

      1. fucking A

        who in the right minds would want to be around what passes for humans these days?

        tfA-t has had enough of the common loser cucks and their ever long quest to lie cheat and steal whatever they can to keep their miserable pathetic existence going one more day- which is the truth of the matter

        tfA-t goes many days at a time without actually seeing anyone

        fuck the poor dumb desperate peepul and let the culling begin in earnest

  3. You don’t need an account to peruse the social media of your local “democrat” or “rino” party.
    They’re replete with placeholders and their minions.
    Faces have names and pages have links.
    Accountability lists and local, local local.
    Events and whatnot.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis

    1. They even put signs up in front of their houses and stickers on their cars. The XYZ article said it all.

  4. tfA-t doesn’t cower and doesn’t go dark

    tfA-t is the light, the way, the truth

      1. you fucking CUCK

        go pray to your dumb fucking god

        that’ll help- NOT!


        1. Ghira: The display of rage in the face of logic.

          The purging of charity inevitably yields a hatred of truth. Satan is a liar and the father of lies. Because God is Himself Truth, Satan, in his warped desire to be God, and resulting hatred of God, can only ever pervert Truth in an effort to lead others away from God, and into eternal hell with Satan himself.

  5. Gee, there’s those words again….deluded and brainwashed. I guess even Americans don’t hold a monopoly on that.

    1. Stop replying
      I’m sure you have a castle made out of logs to hurry and build for some ex- politician and some super fine guns to get shipped to euro- trash kings and what not.

      Oh probably not because like I said you do nothing
      But run your mouth
      What a dick

        1. And you’re amongst some of the best!

          Dollbanger is good at, well, banging dolls.

          t-Fag is good at, well, telling others how good he is.

          Gringa is good at, well, reminding everyone else how much of a cuck they are.

          You’re in GOOD and SKILLED company!

  6. Eventually OPFOR is going to have to step outside their protected little playgrounds.
    Things could be a bit unfamiliar for them when they don’t have their politicians and Po Po three blocks away to hide behind.

  7. 5 months into this (((covid lie))) lockdown bullshit and the thing that amazes me most is not one single politician around the globe has been capped for the damage they’ve done to peoples lives. Not one.

    Doctors like this Birx POS are rapidly finding themselves on the list …

  8. Going dark, that’s what the Marxist here on WRSA are trying to do. Sadly their having an effect.

    After talking email with several good good men, from here,,,,,, they have told me, their just not going to put up with tee fat, DMV, and some of the NEW ” Fine Young Marxists on the site. M

    I beg you to come back, fight back. It’s them not you who should be put to bed.


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