27 thoughts on “From Lockdowns To The Great Reset”

    1. well if it isn’t the weasel shit Derp

      you and you’re cheesy scumpigcop loosers should go back to your safe space so you’re wittle feeewlings aren’t bruised- LOL

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        1. Follower of tee , your delusional, tea bags mommy, classy. Actually like it.

          Good day sir.

          Get a room. What would I get out of ol needle dick Marx’s kid.

          Just more Hate’n and Marxist propaganda. Listen don’t like what I’m doing, don’t read my accountably pact, with the spawns son.

          He chills, I’ll chill. Agree it’s time to get back to solutions, not this chickenshit bullshit.


          1. face it Dick breath

            your time- the BOOMERS! time is up

            you all screwed the pooch and everyone is tired of your fucking bullshit

            no more chances
            no more time

            Fusa must die

            who fucking cares what replaces it

            none of us will be alive to see it anyways

            vote all ewe want assholes

            IT’S OVER!

            and good riddence scumpigcops

            false god christers



            tfA-t has won and Dickbreath even admitted it

            your fellow travelers are old, weak, irrelevant, stale, and CUCKED

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            tfA-t has spoken with the AUTHORITY that no pig cop or politician could ever hope to have

            and thanks to ewe sisybois who have thin skin even this site is thru
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            when he is simply RIGHT


        2. Dick breath here is the fucking new guy and ever since he showed up
          with his bullshit cop mentality, WRSA went straight downhill

          cops and their copsucking followers are THE ENEMY

          always were

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      1. Well good morning Carl Marx, Jr, how’s it hang dumb fuck! Looks like you have some of Uncle Maos “Man Sauce” dribbling down your chin!.

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        Up and attem tiger. We have an entire day to rumble! I’m excited, and I’m sure you are 2.

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        More later buttercup.


        1. it is the fools such as yourself and the other old timer cucks who spam this site with your worn out drivel and drool

          YOU LOST!

          tfA-t claims yet another victory over the farces of weakness and dulladry

          always remember- when in doubt

          tfA-t isn’t


  1. The silly boy was a follower of t-bag doctrine.
    Found out he’s wrong the hard way.

  2. ‘police budgets are being deeply cut and in some cities there is talk of eliminating police departments altogether. ‘

    and it won’t be long before the BOOMER! scumpigcops and so-called teachers(talk about Marxist scum) lose their scam pensions, double/triple dipping schemes, and medicare/medicaid flim-flam they’ve been fucking the taxpayer with for so long

    tfA-t laughs at all the folks who rely on their gubmint checks to live on

    the time has come to end all benefits for the lazy cops and (((teachers))) once and for all

    that would surely put the brakes on Derps stolen lifestyle – WINNING!


  3. The article is pretty good due to being well footnoted (links). The WEF webpage is totally creepy with charts and graphs on how everybody loves the immigration and globalization.

    The fake pandemic is designed to keep the normies from fighting back while the new order is put into action. It’s working. Hunger will drive most to submission, even those who resist.

  4. When I turn this shit box off all this retardedness disappears.

      1. Nothing but another geriatric Cuck
        tapping out and lying about why…….IYCSTHGOOTK.

        1. these turds have no clue of reality

          they are lost in 1950-1999

          the 2000s have proved too much for the cucks and conservatards

          they will die soon 🙂

          and the rest of us will get the last laugh as we are taking their stuff and wymin to do as we please

  5. This ‘Great Reset’ BS was what the plandemic was really about all along. What they didn’t account for are the unintended consequences. A ‘glitch’ in the new program that prevents the reboot. To the elites: BFYTW

  6. I would like to put the question to Matt Bracken, or anyone else knowledgeable of explosives: doesn’t the orange/rust colored cloud and the very fast explosion indicate iron oxide and aluminum oxide as components of those rockets used in the ME? They’re already saying 2,750 tons of explosives that were seized at the port, so I figure Iranian rockets for tossing at Israel or somebody. They make thousands of these rockets and fire them all the time, and they are not really stable in storage, or use. I’ve also read that careless handling by Hamas or Hezbollah has led to operators and crew being killed while setting up to fire them.

  7. I’m backkkkk, had a blood draw at the VA hospital. Asked the DRs, to run my blood against Teefats to confirm we were not related. Was quick, they said,, no sir,,,,zero sighs of the “spawn of satans blood” match. A relief.

    Tee, a quickly. When you and the others here who complain 24/7 yet offer zero Real Solutions ” Ever” well other then boiled chicken with 4.00 delivery you might, just might gain some credibility back.

    Even the son of Carl Marx, should be offered an oppertunity to unfuck himself.

    Gotta, say hi to uncle Mao. Remind him 50 million of us hope he’s rotting burning in hell, or that special place these monster and their ilk go.

    Off for a five miler with my stunning bride of 38/39 years. Ashame your left is two minutes tee.

    Your ol Pal!


    1. because of ewe sissys complaining about your hurt feelings and because everything ewe believe and think is WRONG!

      this site no longer allows comments

      give yourselves a hand


      CA- it was better this way, winnowing out the ‘stuck in stooput tards’ from the

      there would be nothing but blood and death if we all got togeter in meatspace

      there is NO fucking way i or many others could ever come to any type of mutual understanding

      statist lowlife scum and FREE THINKING humans just don’t mix

  8. The Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation?
    A man made Tower of Babel redux and the best that manboons could come up with.
    At least you have a clue and don’t have your head in the sand waiting for the next check from mommygov.
    Get your 55 gallon drums ready for rat kebab roasting and cut up the old tires now for sandal making.
    Forward! Yes we can.

  9. Probably the best time to kill the comments, CA. Looks like the children have finally lost it. Per the masthead, Godspeed to you also.

    Tom762 out.

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