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  1. John Remington Graham and I demonstrated conclusively that the FBI’s own evidence proved conclusively that, even if there really was a bombing for which there is much exposed false evidence, the Tsarnaev brothers were not involved.

    A country whose lawyers no longer will fight for justice, but only for money, is a lost and destroyed country.

    Have you noticed how this “terrorist threat” went away? Why did it go away if it were real? It wasn’t real, and it served its purpose at the time. Now we have new threats,

    A country whose lawyers no longer will fight for justice, but only for money, is a lost and destroyed country.


    murka…. land of the broke and stewput reetahds

    1. Americans are consistently lied to, deceived, and exploited by monied interests and political officials they control.

      The SARS-Cov-2 virus that produces COVID-19 was made in the USA — a bioweapon spread domestically in the US and worldwide.

      What’s been going on for months is part of a diabolical scheme to transfer unprecedented amounts of wealth from ordinary people to privileged interests — creating unparalleled human misery through manufactured economic collapse.

      The scheme is also about increasing corporate power by eliminating competition.


    1. Vermillion

      PopO WILL ENFORCE a new LAW? Really? This is Not a LAW. Just some mayor, governor proclaiming their dominance over the people via executive order and/or proclamation. They do so because there is no push back and they have enforcers, aka PooPo. The PopO are useful only to TPTB. These morons will take on the LOW HANGING FRUIT first. The easy targets. The PopO will violate their oath inorder to grab those who will not push back. The poPo will focus on the simple people just trying to to survive and resist the best they can. For example not wearing a mask …taken in cuffs and arrested and fined $250. Not social distancing ..”you’re under arrest”. Yeah the PopO. The same Popo who wash the feet of the nigger. Uniformed, white shirted command staff as well as regular uniformed street pOPo’s locking arm in arm knelling before a negro for their cause. The PooPo refuse the challenge as offered by the Constitution. The Popoo refuse to uphold their Constitutional oath. As WE have seen the poPOO will not confront the blm, negros, antifa, et at. They stand watch as these animals loot, smash, shoot, and burn down entire neighborhoods and businesses unfettered. They will however , will confront the non mask wearer, the woman pulled over in the night and subjected to a road side full body cavity search. The person who slow rolls through a stop sign or having a Tail light out. But more to the point the POpOO WILL confiscate the weapons of a man and woman defending their home form the very people that the PooPO are sworn to fight against. PoPOo can’t make money fighting blm, antifa et al. They can’t make money defending the rights of a home owner standing tall against the very people the pOpo should be after. The pooPoo cannot be trusted to do the right thing. The PooPoo can’t do the heavy lifting! It’s your call.
      As always stay small, do what you can.

      1. You’ve got me confused with the copsucker Dirk.
        The point of the posting is to highlight the hypocrisy of the ‘rules for thee and not me’ justice system governing Murika. The rule of law is long dead in America. If you are of the dirt people, being charged for anything, everything, and nothing at all, law and order is alive and well and working overtime.

  2. Sooner or later, some rough beast will be loosed, and start slouching towards Bethlehem. While at the same time, a lot of frustrated and pent-up-pissed normies are going to find out how much ammo they REALLY have.

    1. Variants of Killdozer come to mind…
      As a machinist, many other thoughts…


    2. Sipping an Arnold Palmer and thinking of “long driveways” and MOA.
      Planting soil
      Large flower planter.
      Waste brake disc or heavier metal disc. (bottom of pot)
      Sliced 1/4 or 3/8 (wall) pipe. (approx. 60 degrees each)
      Hinges that are bolted AND brazed between pipe and disc. leave a window between sliced pipe from driveway owners view for kinetic activation sequence. Slice pipe on opposite side (s) to leave 180 degrees of happy fun ball “planting soil”
      1 quart of pizza in a cup, (rhymes with tan her right!) centered between sliced pipe and happy fun ball zone. Top it off with Daisies.
      Make sure the hinges swing low.
      Handle with care.
      Twenty 2 = block party from the garage.
      Free thought and speech are a feature, not a bug.
      Get off my lawn.

  3. Excellent movie about the loss of individualism, and sense of purpose felt by one disgruntled man who had finally had enough, and just thought he wanted to be left alone.

  4. A Powerful explosion has occured in Beirut. It’s not yet clear what caused the blast.

    Massive, massive explosion in Beirut. Here’s the instant of the blast.

    My brother sent me this, we live 10 KM away from the explosion site and the glass of our bldgs got shattered.

  5. Huge explosion in Beirut. Maybe the biggest non nuclear explosion since the Texas City explosion in 1947. Over 3000 casualties. So far. A fire ignited sodium nitrate in a nearby warehouse. The videos of the concussion are pretty wild. Remember to stay away from windows if you hear an explosion. Lots of people got sliced and diced by flying glass.

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