144 thoughts on “Open Thread – Kenosha And Other Riots (Comments On)”

    1. This only ends one way. Unfortunately by the time good people get involved, the urban terrorists will have even more momentum, supplies, and better tactics. We good people will eventually get organized and rain fire on them BUT the police and guard will have to defend the ones getting slaughtered, the terrorists. The police and guard will go through the first waves of good people before they finally ignore orders. By then we good people will be even further behind…
      2021 will be fuct, I’m prepping for 2022…

    2. Hey C.A. ,thanks for opening up the comments. Have you done a post on battle belts yet, I tried the search function and got nothing. I really love those “supply X number people with . . . product” . For reference I was looking at the battle belts at skd tactical and some of the brands that were jumping out at me were from : HSGI, Tactical Tailor , First Spear and VTAC to name a few. I need to purchase two battle (one full height with suspenders and perhaps one a bit slim) and two gun belts preferably with Cobra style buckles. I would love to hear suggestions, tips and advice from the readership of WRSA. As always thanks for running this place.

      1. Abu,

        In my experience I have settled on HSGI’s SureGrip/SlimGrip series of belts. Also, spend the money on the Cobra buckled inner belts.

        My suggestion for magazine pouches are the G-Code (tacticalholsters.com) Scorpion Softshell pistol and rifle pouches. They have a synthetic lining that puts a luv lock on your mags holding them firmly in place. No need for shock cord retainers. Also, the same pouches can be used for different caliber magazines.

        The above works for me. YMMV. Just be aware that NONE of the above is inexpensive. One gets what one pays for. Good luck with your choice.

  1. Well, here we go again. I will refrain from any observations about Kenosha until all of the facts are in. There is really not much to talk about as the broken record of Amerikan cultural, social, and political meltdown continues apace. Time is getting very short. Use it wisely. Bleib ubrig, one and all.

    1. The facts are in: The Perp had a long history of violence, even sexual assault, AWA resisting arrest. He may have known that once in custody his prints would have been matched to other felonies so he went for his gun

  2. There is scale to this. When an individual seeks to be left alone, even confess support for Antifa / BLM during street actions they still get beat. A business puts on it’s sign support for BLM and still gets torched. A city attempts to back off police to deescalate and the riots grow worse and spread. All three of these things are recent actual instances of attempts at appeasement.

    The more Americans and America submit and seek agreement and compromise the more they attack. And the largest scale of submission will be millions bulldozed into open trenches and millions more sent to camps. America, sadly, still doesn’t understand what is being done to it, nor the enemy it faces.

    There is only ever one solution to communism and that comes at 3200fps, your preferred velocity may vary, of course.

    It is a war. But the whole thing of BLM and Antifa will be rolled up into the larger, for fun and profit, War On Terror (trademarked, incorporated, patented), in order to control you through never ending fear and begging the government to save you and keep you safe. It’s already happening and every “conservative” who says that BLM and or Antifa are terrorist is setting you up for ever more centralized, authoritarian, top down, command and control over you, not them, YOU.

    Only way this Revolution ends is when good men kill commies. Government will never save you from this, it can’t, it is incapable by design of effecting your liberty.

    But, outside of pockets of resistance, nobody is going to fight back in any meaningful way whatsoever. Government, the Bolsheviks, and Antifa are the same thing in different forms at different levels, structures and missions within the larger Revolution. Wear your face diaper, get tested, don’t gather in groups, take the vaccine, enjoy the camps.

      1. great and you can get routed by rednecks way before any inner city youth gets 30 miles from your AO.

        1. If you are anti American and support no rule of law. Yes “rednecks” would take you out for being a stupid communist. You fool

    1. 60% of white Americans are morbidly obese/metabolic syndrome/pre-diabetic.
      The morbidly obese don’t fight, THEY EAT.
      As long as they can find some cheap carbohydrate calories to shove in their fat pie hole they will placidly do what they are told.
      As far as American blacks are concerned, I am so sick of their shit.
      LBJ knew what he was doing when he converted the party of the Confederacy and the KKK into the party of the blacks. Brilliant politics. Because politics is about POWER.

    2. Gov’t/MIC are raking in billions from the war on terror (foreign and domestic), NOT ONE IOTA different from what they do in Iraq/A’stan. Haliburton makes a shitload off FedGov (foreign and domestic) from war on terror/firefighting contracts.The list is endless.
      These fuckers have learned to to profit from every conceivable angle and the masses refuse to see they’re being played for tax cattle. The Bolshevik banksters have been playing the profits on both sides of every conflict for over 2 centuries and still the masses won’t wake up.
      Dumb Goyim never learn. So why should anything change today?

    3. “Only way this Revolution ends is when good men kill commies. Government will never save you from this, it can’t, it is incapable by design of effecting your liberty.”

      You are inarguably correct, sir.

      “But, outside of pockets of resistance, nobody is going to fight back in any meaningful way whatsoever.”

      May it please God, sir, I so hope you are wrong!

  3. I am sure the readers here are as ready as they can be if this violence comes to your neck of the woods,the majority of the country has had it with this nonsense.

    People come to burn your homes and business you are then at the “Nothing to lose/everything to gain moment in your life”,good luck to all of us!

    1. What happened in Bedford County, Pennsylvania Monday night is a precursor.
      Looks like the black privilege of walking over others with impunity is about to be revoked.

      1. Mike,

        Couple weeks ago driving on I-90 my 20 year old ZR2 blew it’s radiator. In the 60 minutes it took me to get water and rig up a temporary fix, I had at least 100+ vehicles pass me by. Only one person stopped to offer to help this white “devil”. A good, neighborly American from Ohio. He was a black American. Not one Caucasian cared to help. So much for whitey.

        BLM has been hijacked by domestic, Caucasian communists. BLM is being used as a conduit by domestic Reds, who are primarily white trash, to further the agenda of the CPUSA and it’s brethren in the New World Order. Notice how few black citizens are actually part of the BLM/ANTIFA war being conducted against FUSA ?

        Your so called “black privilege” is a ruse by seditious,domestic Caucasian communists who are using BLM as a cover, to further THEIR agenda !


        SAT CONG

      2. Well if every white person is immediately considered racist because the color of their skin, then every “peaceful protest” will be considered Burn, Loot, Murderers. Tit for tat. Get over it. You start marching down a street screaming and people are used to what comes next. Now maybe these fools will realize they should expect something different than previous reactions and stop their marching bullshit.

  4. This is, truly, the infancy of a revolution to change our country into a marxist misery factory and destroy the one country (with all its problems) still the greatest provider of opportunity on the planet. These ‘protests’ won’t end until and unless there are extreme consequences to the instigators and participants burning these cities down now, before it gets to the point of no return when the rest of the country ‘catches fire.’

    1. I disagree, we are not in the “infancy” of the revolution. This revolution began decades ago, we are just now seeing “the fruits of their labor”. This has been the plan all along. I encourage everyone to read about Mao’s cultural revolution. Our college students have already formed the Red Guard and they have already been using violence to force their agenda. The only reason this thing hasn’t gone completely off the rails yet is because we (people who love this country and what it stands for) have not yet started to push back with any real enthusiasm. Once these commies start burning down the burbs, all bets are off. My guess is they will be quite surprised at the reaction they finally get. But, react we must if we wish to remain a constitutional republic and not become a socialist hellhole.

  5. I dont believe the rioters are making any new friends. Things will get worse until election, when Trump wins it will get worse. I live in a fairly safe area but there is a large city 50 miles away. It will eventually make it here, then the people living with blinders on will wake up. Maybe.

    1. If trump wins people in the burbs will feel justified in a coordinated reaction to violence that was premeditated against them. If biden wins the burbs know they popo will come after them and while some will fear repercussions of defending themselves many will realize it is game on and the govt, popo and rioters are all in it together to destroy America and the right will be in full force. The right will see it as a last stand before everything they have and worked for will be taken away for social justice and green initiatives. They wont have a choice but to cause revolution. If you fear BlM you should seriously fear the outcome of peaceful american patriots that have reached a breaking point. Nothing good will happen to either sides, but the proper outcome will be a solid republic. And hopefully a lesson taught to the treasonous bastard politicians that instigated this.

  6. Arson is a forcible felony, I’m not sure about Wisconsin but in Florida the use of lethal force is justified in stopping a forcible felony, not just by the victim but by any one
    So I don’t recommend this kind of activity in Florida

    1. Per the code: Section 776.08, Florida Statutes, defines “forcible felony” to include treason, murder, manslaughter, sexual battery, carjacking, home invasion robbery, burglary, robbery, arson, kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, stalking, use of bombs, aircraft piracy, and any other felony that involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against any individual.

      Reciprocity, i.e. if you are in the process of committing a Forcible Felony, and kill someone in the attempt to stop -you-, the self defense codes do not and cannot apply.
      Part of the reason soooo many folks been sensible down Florida Way… even Floridaman knows not to get too rowdy up in here.

    2. Arson can indeed be a major-league felony.

      Arson, even of an unoccupied building, is potentially a capital offense if a firefighter ends up dead.

    3. @Warren
      In WI arson of a building a reasonable person concludes COULD be occupied is attempted murder. That simple. Deriving from that, defense against such an action, including the use of deadly force, even by a 3rd party who would act on behalf of a party who could defend themselves, is an affirmative defense to homicide. As I mentioned over at Herschel’s place, folks can parse what stage of the party we’re in all they want, and play with the notion that we’re at war, or not at war, or sorta almost.

      Bottom line, if I see someone tossing a Molotov cocktail at my neighbor’s house – even if it turns out they weren’t even home – they’re going home in a bag. It’ll be a war moment for me, and others can play with the statutes and the ground in between. IDGAF. As Shrek said, “really, really.”

    4. Florida was the first state to pass the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in 2005.
      When the ‘white hispanic’ Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Saint Trayvon there was minimal protesting here despite threats to torch the cities.
      I doubt it will get too froggy (except maybe in Democrap Broward County) but if the turds and wiggers take to the white residential areas with their 1804 Haiti attitude it could prove to be a fatal mistake.

  7. Lord do I miss the WRSA comments section.
    FYI, If you will notice, the Commies are spacing out a lot more.
    And they appear to be much more confident in their actions.
    This could be location, because Portland is full of limp wristed faggots.
    But very clearly, they are evolving into a formidable “street smart” opponent.

    1. Yeah, already commented that, more than once, but it’s not what LARP’s, Cuckservatives, Boomers, Shills, Copsuckers and registered voters like to read (or hear). Their minds, eyes, and ears only swoon to the swill of Patriot Inc.’s shilling. As past commentary exchanges here can attest to. Peace Niggas!
      May you all wholly reap what you’ve sown and so deservedly earned.

    2. That’s by design. They are training their armies and promoting the most ruthless. That’s what collectivists do.

  8. these people are “true believers” that want to improve america according to their vision. getting rid of all police, everywhere, would have an unexpected, positive influence towards that end. remind me what the daily bag limit on commies will be when there are no police to protect them from us?

  9. Not being from the midwest, I had no idea that Kenosha was that big or had that many black people. I only know the name from “That 70’s Show”.

  10. Copy.
    When they stopped the sheriffs armored vehicle with guns/gunfire. That was insane. Then said vehicle throwing smoke or gas or whatever the fuck it was to move them out of the way so they could slowly exfill with literally NO firing back as they were still being fired upon. W.T.F.
    And the fucking media or whoever they are that’s filming all this shit in real time, but taking no fire. Sorry I haven’t had enough coffee yet, so I ramble a bit. Still W.T.F.
    Each day is a new boundary overtaken by these commies.

    1. The communists rioting mob did not stop the sheriffs APC, the driver stoped the vehicle of his own accord.
      Moreover, no shots were fired by anyone and LEO did not pop any CS. The only presence of gas during the incident was some dimwitted commie off camera yelling “gas, gas, gas,” as if he were military, being gassed, donning his mask and warning his peers to do the same.
      Eventually, the APC slowly moves forward, parting the waves, and goes about it’s business.

      Kenosha Wisconsin Protest Pt2 Andy Ngo https://youtube.com/watch?feature=emb_title&v=MZpzRodRrpw

    2. Contrary to Popular Belief; If you shower those things in gunfire, they cannot see, or steer very well.

      Plus, the vehicle becomes deadlined at that point because it is inoperable. When all the Armored Trucks in the US get shot up, they will run out of replacement windows and tires real quick.

      It takes days to repair. It can be done in a day, but you need a whole team working on a single truck.

      1. There are allllll kinda of fluid-carrying lines in the wheel wells of those things. Gunfire on the glass makes it nigh impossible to see out of. There is a reason why armor MUST be accompanied by infantry, particularly in Urbania.

      2. You realize the tires are solid rubber, that if the vehicle becomes stalled and under fire. The guys in it when they exfil will come out blazing to secure the scene. The commies wont stand a chance. You are an immature commie fool.

    3. It’s not a new boundary overtaken by the commies, as much as it another red line surrendered by patriots.

      First it was if they riot.

      Then it was if they start blocking traffic.

      Then it was if they start pulling people out of vehicles.

      Then it was if they start using guns and firing on people in vehicles.

      Then it was if they come to the residential neighborhoods.

      Then it was if they come to the suburbs.

      Next it will be when they come to my subdivision… then my street… then my front door… And of course, then it will be too late.

      If not now, when?

      Interesting open letter to President Trump from Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit – basically asking, if not now – when?


  11. I really hope no one screws this ‘open comment’ section up this time: always like to read other’s insights.
    While the nation burns ‘out there’ our small community is having a get together next Saturday: BBQ, setting off fireworks at dusk and drinking. Whites, blacks, Hispanics and a few native Americans. While not a large place here – maybe about sixty full time folks, we none the less work out our little problems internally – the way it should be IMHO. If we did not turn on the TV or look on the internet, we would never know there was anything going on in the big world out there ….. but as far as we (or at least I) are concerned: let the mother fucker burn down. Which is probably not only going to happen but pick up speed as November comes closer. Maybe good riddance to bad trash ….

  12. Chicago. Saturday the 29th of August. The Wrigley Building and the Magnificent Mile. BLM will be rioting and looting. Probably starting around noon and continuing all night. If it gets big enough the assholes will loot where ever they can. Not just the stated objectives. Some of them are armed with hand guns. The local merchants have warned the Mayor that if the looters aren’t stopped this time, then the entire downtown area is not viable for commerce any more. Many businesses are already boarded up from the last riots. It’s a ghost town already. Usually, the States Attorney drops all charges against anyone arrested. Even felonies. Unless they get charged by the Feds. Then they’re fucked.

    1. those are Soros AGs, elections have consequences Stay out of the cities, move to a Red State

    2. Will these treasonous prosecutors drop charges of american patriot homeowners that were victims defending themselves. Nope

  13. Kenosha (and to a similar extent Racine) has always suffered from a problem it can never fix: It’s located halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago.

    1. “It’s located halfway between Mah-Wakanda-Stan and Sheeeit-Congo.”
      There, fixed it for you. ;^)

      And of course Nadler (and others) WILL double down with “It’s all
      a myth!”….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. I flew from Milwaukee to Chicago once. I don’t think they even raised the landing gear.

    3. The Antifa carpetbaggers doing such a fine job of both following their dicta and accelerating things was convoy’d in from Milwaukee in this case. Not impossible that they could run tag-team with the Communist thugs in Chicago. Channel some Lt. Col. Nguyen An.

  14. In the hopes of a better dialogue, an establishment of the circumstances:

    The rioters are a symptom not the whole illness and a full discussion of the whole illness is not on topic.

    As we have learned from the Spanish Civil War, the anarchist rioters are a tool of chaos meant to create a vacuum of authority to be filled by organized communists, at which time the anarchists’ disruption will be a threat to the new order and they will be eliminated. Simply put, they dont want to defund the police, they want to be the police, but imposing their morality. To do this they destroy the legitimacy of the current police.

    They are practically begging for someone to attack them. They will then exaggerate it, claim it was the original cause of all of their actions, smear it onto anyone with whom they disagree, and play victim. And the major media will be headlining that narrative. Currently, enacting Bracken’s foretold plan would be terrible optics for short term gain.

    It was intriguing to see the Proud Boys recently confront antifa in a large group with a parity of tactics. I haven’t seen that since Based Stick Man.

    Lawful defense of home and person is a moral obligation but the potential consequences are chaotic and create very fragile situations both during and after. A tight rope walk as has been apparent since Trayvon.

    The best path for the individual in my estimation is to avoid the riot situation as best you can and let it occur in the hopes that it will be associated with the left during the election.

    If the riots continue or accelerate after the election, which Trump will probably win, or in the likely case that the election is contested beyond the possibility of a peaceful transfer or continuance of power, circumstances will change. Maybe a lot.

    1. Their entire game plan, as succintly stated as I have ever seen it:
      “As we have learned from the Spanish Civil War, the anarchist rioters are a tool of chaos meant to create a vacuum of authority to be filled by organized communists, at which time the anarchists’ disruption will be a threat to the new order and they will be eliminated. Simply put, they dont want to defund the police, they want to be the police, but imposing their morality. To do this they destroy the legitimacy of the current police. They are practically begging for someone to attack them. They will then exaggerate it, claim it was the original cause of all of their actions, smear it onto anyone with whom they disagree, and play victim.”

    2. Yoy are describing the moral aspect of this war.

      Dropping into the Urban Jungle like the Selous Scouts only creates martyrs for the enemedia. Staying back and letting them do their thing, and using it against them is the correct use of propaganda.


      Read and comprehend, and adapt to the unique circumstances of an armed society.

      Combat Kill House rules, but it would be less deadly if you have someone to watch your back.

    3. Good comment, Contributor. If Antifa/BLM want martyrs, let them shoot them themselves (and, when they think the time is right and the cameras are rolling, they almost certainly will).

      IMHO, no one should be goaded into shooting these people, unless it is absolutely in defense of life. And if you do shoot, I suggest taking all possible steps to avoid apprehension, rather than trusting in the machinery of our legal system. Even defending his life, George Zimmerman was the one charged with murder.

    4. Bingo!
      As I’ve pointed out numerous times, this is a repeat of 100 yrs ago, look at the major players, backers and new victims, nothing has changed much.
      And the masses are clueless still. Chasing their media sponsored squirrels.
      But down the rabbit hole you’ll find the same evil people running this show too.

  15. This is a town of 100k ppl. For most suburbs, it’s a small town. This should be a wake up call to all of us about how fast this can spread, and how close to home it can get. A town of 100k doesn’t have the police force to contain rioting of any real size. It doesn’t matter whether the media’s reporting on the incident is factual or falsified. It doesn’t matter whether he is a good dude or a career criminal. What matters is stoking the flames of insurrection until the Left gets what it wants. Also, watch the videos on Twitter. How many of those BLM rioters are black? Not nearly as many as are white. The video where rioters blocked an armored Sheriff SWAT truck with AR-15s is pretty chilling. All of them were white. This isn’t a race war no matter how they try to spin it. It’s a war between ideologies. Communism is the problem, not skin color.

  16. Stay up to date with planned riots in Chicago. Google do312protests. Updated on a regular basis.

  17. Defending one’s property with a fire extinguisher does not seem smart…

    Reason # 7,964 to be armed and ready….and not to live in urban shitholia.

    1. Nor with a sword (re: the recent incident elsewhere).

      Rule: Don’t be that guy! Mentioned before..bears repeating.

      Military pattern long guns (even the ‘obsolete’* Lee
      Enfields, Mausers, Carcano’s, Mosin Nagants and
      other bolt actions can and will do in a pinch) possessed
      and employed by multiple friends/neighbors/relatives
      in concerted effort is a force multiplier — GOOD.

      Use of the above while on ‘Roof Korean Duty’ out of
      direct reach of the various flavors of bolshevism that
      are intent on acting out their ‘professional’ anger, envy,
      resentment, especially in a ‘flammable manner’ as a group
      against you — BETTER!!

      *while there are many that would decry someone who
      comes to the fight with such military bolt actions and
      chastize them for not bringing an AR-15, Fn-Fal, M1A
      or HK-91/CETME, such surplus rifles ARE still available
      and definitely ‘Battle Proven’ for those on a budget.
      The important thing is that the GOOD Folk be armed
      with long guns that CAN deliver reliable terminal ballistics
      on command. Even a Marlin or Winchester .30-30 with
      it’s 7 rd capacity is preferable to not having any gun
      at all during the unfolding spiciness..especially if a
      group of Neighborhood Protection Team members are
      so armed.

      Remember that the parasite class’s badged orcs and orcettes
      will NOT be happy with one’s choice to dare to defend one’s
      life and property against such problem children…the defenders
      WILL be targeted by them (via their upper ‘Chain of Command’/
      politico’s) more harshly and more quickly than against the
      problem children who happen to act out with bottles of flammable
      liquids and such.

      Almost the same reaction that the “teachers/education administrators”
      and their bought and paid for political friends are ramping up the rhetoric
      against parents across the country who choose to Home School their
      children during the ongoing nothingburger ‘boomer coof beer virus’
      scam-demic…can’t have it be seen that the outcome educationally for the
      kids that are homeschooled IS definitely superior to that of the gov indoctrination
      ‘one size fits all’ leviathan…no..not at all!!…. Similar amount of vitriol and
      fear based agitation by the parasite class because the helots DARE to decide
      on something..and act on it, with better results than what the parasites can
      or would deliver.

      Remember, there are NO coincidences where any of this is concerned.
      Ok, maybe there ARE (((cohencidenes))), lol…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

      1. Oh and agree completely with NOT living in any area that is Sheeeit-holier…

        Any place that the ‘Sacred Magic Negro’ is openly worshipped/
        pandered to is an absolute “No-Go”! as a choice of place to live!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  18. Phase 2 is in progress.
    It began in the big cities, phase 2 is movement into the suburbs and smaller cities.

  19. Kenosha is roughly an hours drive from my AO.

    Outside agencies were immediately brought in to do an investigation into the shooting.

    This mornings WaPO article would have you think that this is all a minor disturbance, but the videos of the destruction were completely omitted from the article.

    The largest regional city, Milwaukee, recently fired a police chief, on a pretense. The real reason he was removed was that he ordered the use of tear gas during a protest that happened shortly after the Minneapolis incident occurred.

    Watching these videos reminds me that we have a lot of idle people on society that will destroy simply because they are idle and have no skin in the game or life. If they cannot consume it, smoke it, or fuck it, they will destroy it.

    I am trying to stay positive, but I think we in society are well and truly fucked.

    1. ….we have a lot of idle people [in] society that will destroy simply because they are idle and have no skin in the game or life.

      Not too long ago, I had some uppity Boomer WASP tell me that the reason we have welfare is to pay off and keep the blacks and other scum of society at bay. He had no problem paying high taxes to fund such payoffs. They were merely political rents. When I asked him what the plan should be when that political rent wasn’t enough for them, he just shrugged his shoulders and said by the time that ever happens he’d be comfortably in retirement and didn’t really care.

      I think he overshot the amount of time it would take to approach that event horizon and/or never realized how much it could affect “his” retirement.

      There are many like him.

      1. “May he outlive his children and grandchildren and see their suffering for his complicity”. He deserves it.

  20. From MB gab post
    ” Not organic, and has global influences -and backing. ”

    Who would that be?

    Asking for a friend.

    1. Zombie Nadler says, “Oy Veh!! ‘Dey know..even though it’s a myth!
      Shut it down or it’ll be annuda shoowahhhh!! They’ll want to
      reupholster my Grandmother who was turned into a Lazyboy
      at Auschwitz!! My 6 gorrillion bars of testosterone enhancing
      soap relatives CAN’T be forgotten, nor the ‘Diarrhea of Anne Frankenstein’!!”

      Matt Bracken would NOT be amused…..
      Fwiw, he STILL hasn’t acknowledged WHO
      attacked the USS Liberty and it’s crew in 1967…
      Or the World Trade Center on 9/11….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  21. Kenosha is more like a small town. Pop=100k

    It’s 15 miles north of Waukegan, IL or as locals call it, Little Mexico.

    Lots of car dealerships in Waukegan.

  22. They are spreading out more. And appear to have forgone “the PhotoOp” in favor of spreading out .

    Have fun trying to engage these targets WITHOUT the use of a belt fed weapon.

    1. Not that i disagree with you’re suggestion, but just what type of belt feed do you have in mind? I guess you could go with a 5000 dollar Fightlite MCR belt feed upper conversion for your AR15, or perhaps a nice complete semi auto 249 saw for only around 8 grand ? Please don’t take this the wrong way, but at these kind of prices before you’ve even add any linked ammo, may be way out of the reach of most WRSA readers.

      1. You obviously missed all those surplus parts kits over the last few decades. Smarter folks gobbled them up by the thousands. As well as the linked ammo by the pallet loads.

  23. We’re going to need a *lot* more hardened, like-minded men.
    We’re lucky to have one, ATM, at best.
    I believe the permeating naivete of FreeFor is to heave-to and standby for election day. Unfortunately, all bets are off, now; we’d be lucky to get through September without degrading into statewide conflict(s), at this rate.
    Sooner or later, a motley crew of merry neighbors are going to agree, if they already haven’t, to weapons-free and spray it up when the Free Shit Army storms into the residential blocks.
    Strongly advise to home-carry – get in the habit, as when feet matter, the safe queens are yards away.

    1. I think you’re spot on…a hundred different cells of family, friends, co workers, church members, etc. are very close to action now. Waiting for a sign or signal…they’re not certain what that is, but they’ll know it when it comes. Then it’ll be ridiculously lopsided in its execution.

      Sure, the left and the MSM will try to garner sympathy for the ‘poor children who were harmed whilst protesting non violently’. But it won’t matter. A large minority of Americans will mentally and emotionally side with the push back and wonder why it took so long…and where they can throw their support behind the growing rage against the Communist coop.

    2. Most folks don’t have the G-2 to figure this out, they still think they’ll vote their way out of this and have no skills in tactical solutions or applications of such.
      Reality can be a real MF’er.

  24. A lot of comments on that tweeter saying it’s time. Mehby. We will see.
    I’ll give the first guy some credit but dude those boots and that scarf made him look like Woody from Toy Story. Looked like a solid rifle setup though. No point in debating a neanderthal but hopefully he learned that. The old Boomer should have used the extinguisher on the fire and ignored the chimpout or stayed the hell outta the way. He underestimated the aggressiveness of his enemy. He was an idiot to think the ferals would just scatter because he sprayed them. Maybe he didn’t have insurance. Either way it was a bad call and he paid the price.

    It is getting very spicy in some parts. No so much here just North of Texas. School, work and the rest of it is happening just a little different. Rona has the sheep scared but people mostly just wear the muzzle here because of work or shopping in a few spots. Wife is a nurse and she has seen zero actual Rona patients. Just saying. We hear about people. People here and there but nobody ever dies and people come back to work after getting a paid 2 week lay off to await results. It’s fucking stupid. At least they are trying to be somewhat productive I suppose unlike the mass of overpaid lazy ass fuckers sitting at home on the communist teet pretending to be scared and getting those dollars while they shop and take trips. Complete grade A fuckery.
    Me and mine have all been working and keeping shit moving forward. We are dug in and awaiting the election thing that is sure to happen. We keep adding where we can, network a little, eyeballing the weather so to speak from day to day. Not much else to do but wait and keep going. Most folks here are like minded and sick of it. Probably ready to go open season but are careful to say most of the time. Well some of them anyway.
    Food is in the stores but stuff is kinda high. No ammo anywhere local most of the time. There are guns but they are getting way out there in price. Gas is 1.90 for real gas. Little cheaper for corn. All in all pretty normal just reduced options and higher prices on some stuff.
    We had a march a while back when BLM came through and the Police Chief marched and kneeled. So did the Mayor. It was sickening and he got a lot of calls along with the Mayor. Maybe they won’t pull that shit again. We will see.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  25. This (former) republic continues along in its death spiral. God is not mocked.

  26. I saw last night via Bone Fish blog he’d posted some Andy Ngo tweets saying that armed rioters had blocked a road and prevented a sheriffs car from passing. Wisconsin is very close to Chicago so I have no doubt they mustered Revcom for these particular festivities. Anywhere a police incident happens Revcom will probably be there within hours I suspect. I heard some reports this morning on Glenn Beck, a Blaze reporter had a gun pointed at him and dry fired by a rioter. The reds continue to escalate and they continue to win.

    1. Firstly, it was a ‘Lenco Bearcat’ APC (law enforcement model) armored vehicle, with 1.5–0.5 inch steel plate armor, not a “CAR.”
      Secondly, the driver stoped the vehicle of his own accord, after which, three or four commie rioters armed with (5.56 caliber) semiautomatic rifles milled about the APC, while one of them performed the mating dance of the flagrantly stupid.
      Kenosha Wisconsin Protest Pt2 Andy Ngo


  27. The video from “After Action Report” is instructive.

    A white guy is trying to defend his own business and put out the fire, he’s only armed with a fire extinguisher and they smoke him in the head with what looked like a Gatorade bottle filled with some thing.

    1. Probably a frozen bottle of Gatorade..that would account
      for WHY he went down so fast after the impact.

      Most likely a concussion injury at very least, if not
      possible skull fracture.

      Moral: when dealing with shitheads, DON’T be that guy!
      Being a Roof Korean is MUCH smarter.

      NOT being in Sheeeit-holier, where the ‘Sacred Magic Negro’
      isn’t worshipped/pandered to is the BEST solution.

      Oh, and stay away from crowds!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  28. Maybe there is more to the story than the (((media))) admit. Courtesy of the Anonymous Conservative—The [negro] shot in Kenoshua Wisconsin had numerous past charges for gun crimes, police assault, domestic abuse and even a sex crime, and an open arrest warrant for criminal trespass to a dwelling with domestic abuse as a modifier; felony third-degree sexual assault with domestic abuse as a modifier; and disorderly conduct with domestic abuse as a modifier. In one case, he pulled a gun out in a bar and began threatening patrons. https://us24news.com/blog/2020/08/25/breaking-jacob-blakes-criminal-history-and-arrest-warrant-finally-revealed-after-police-shooting-in-kenosha/

    1. It would not at all surprise me if (((the media))) is being silent
      on his criminal history IF the “3rd Degree Sexual Assault” charge
      was levied against him because the victim of that assault by him
      was a child.

      Documents show Jacob Blake, shot by Kenosha cops in riot-unleashing incident, has record of domestic abuse

      Not surprised at all….

      And ‘Ruthie’ Ginsberg still shuffles on…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. Word. The guy was a dirt bag. That is why we have to wait for all the chips to fall where they may. Does anyone remember Ferguson, MO? That buffed-out porch monkey just about had the officer’s handgun when he was shot. And, the total facts did not surface for some time. But, when they did, res ipsa loquitur.
      Remember my post from that time: August, 2014. Blacks are violent and physical people who have imbibed white hatred from their mothers’ breasts. They want to kill us and take what we have. I had one tell me that when I was a college student in the 1960’s. I saw it as a MP and a Peace Officer. The gloves are indeed off. No one is coming to save us. Plan accordingly.

    3. It’s weird.

      I read the exact information on the internet. Reported by various sources.

      No nazi boy, it isn’t a conspiracy.

      I must suck to be so stupid AND scared.

      Hell, I have more respect for the commies than the fucking nazifucks.

      I’m on, ring the bell already,

  29. Contextual Insurgency: Lessons From a Week Observing Portland Black Bloc

    “This article examines an ongoing effort by a complex, distributed antifa network to conduct a “dilemma action,” intended to target the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) based on several days of open-source research and direct observation.”
    “Put simply a dilemma action is a strategy using carefully-targeted types and degrees of civil disobedience to cause security forces to either concede the space and thus exhibit weakness, or respond in a manner that appears disproportionate and evokes negative sentiments in the population.”

    The whole article is well worth reading.
    Please be kind to Everyone who is on our side and a Patriot. The person who risked their life doing this undercover research is a transgender person.


  30. Until someone has the balls of Chicago Mayor Daily from 1968 nothing will change. He told his cops ” shoot them , shoot them dead” and surprise the riots stopped. Until we start using live rounds on these ass hats nothing will stop, like it or not.

  31. A series of features indicative of the optics and intended outcome here:

    1. Staging false flag riots they are artificially creating are possible because the leftists politically rule these cities which enable the organization and staging these astro-turf riots. Of course this does not limit the reality of destruction and disruption such managed fake low intensity conflict theater creates, yet that is the intent, “Order out of chaos.” In one aspect, this is atypical, they have run these cities into the ground, raped and pillaged them for their intrinsic wealth, and reached the point where only massive political and economic changes can bring these centers of population back into civilized and prosperous vitality.
    The main factor involved which has enabled these conditions to fester is simply the utter interference and meddling in every facet of the sphere of peoples lives.
    Basically as a last useful purpose for the neo-bolsheviks, to reap max value out of these political/economic quagmires they foisted on people is to throw the whole cesspool away in a last act of destruction for maximum propaganda effects. Fear weaponized. Make everyone possible afraid, then those who will not, who defy the leftists, stick out like sore thumbs, and the intent from this stage is to isolate brave fearless Americans for future liquidation. Essentially this follows the classic system of tyranny known as totalitarianism.

    2. Note, only leftist urban/metro enclaves are involved in these false flag riots.
    It appears most actors involved who are controlling these false riots are either agent provocateurs who are elements of George Soros and the Clinton Crime Syndicate’s Attorney General’s Project. Which has morphed to include mayors governor’s and other key power positions. This is classic George Soros human extinction movement strategy and agenda, which has been implement throughout the Western Christian hemisphere.

    3. Notice the nature of marxian power and it’s tyranny: it is only possible to implement and impose such tyranny in prosperous healthy free, unfettered economic nations, the monetary and resource consuming system of marxism requires vast wealth of other peoples money to establish a beachhead thus a foothold to insinuate and infest the body politic and disrupt the cultural system of codes and essential traditions of the healthy host. Which involves not just an entire nation and its people, but in the case of our great Republic, it’s vast infrastructure and economic might, cities actually are a much more tasty and vulnerable base of operations from which to eventually as it is intended, to rule the entirety of America with raw naked power.

    4. Guns. The first thing they are is property, really no different in this respect than your home, land, vehicle, TV set etc. This is a very important element, both in the politics, in terms of economic freedom, individual sovereignty, and to ordered liberty, for unfettered economic activity, which owning property is an essential component of, is one of the elemental components of Liberty. Without unfettered economic activity, Liberty, the ordered kind we enjoy and know as American’s, is not possible. The 2nd feature of guns ias personal property of course is their nature, they are awesome unprecedented weapons, in particular the infantry type combat rifle, the advent of which from it’s earliest technological forms, matchlocks on up to todays mettalic, magazine fed carbines like the superlative AR based rifles and carbines, and recently the advent of pistol stocked short barrel style “personal defense weapons”, along with the fantastic game changing introduction of so called combat optics, red dot and reflex sights, and none or low magnification combat scopes, such as the ACOG type optics, transformed the combat rifle into the most effective lethal ease of high accuracy combat effective range weapon that has no precedent or rival in human history. This is an aspect of personal property which can not be overstated or exemplified in the scope of our civilizations structure, politics and nature. Every citizen a soldier. Without peer such as the AR, and other adaptable infantry combat small arms, takes the 2000 year history and native makeup of our culture based in the precepts codes and traditions of White Christian Greco/Roman, (no Judea/Christian fake/fabricated historical features allowed, this empty civic nationalism based on the agenda of Jewish world supremacy is a very cunning and misleading lie, and a most enabling lie for neo-bolshivism’s insidious inroads into our White Christian culture and system of civilization predicated and built upon Liberty and self determinism/individualism, the sovereign natural born rights all Americans are granted equally, the only equality which exists. )
    The Rifle is The Center of Our History.
    Without the rifle, ownership of private property, unfettered economic ability and access to private property, along with unfettered creation and production, beginning at the hand craft, contemporary makers, home based shop manufacture of personal property, in particular the infantry combat rifle and accouterments/possibles, America simply and absolutely would not be possible as we know it, it would not exist. Everything else is a side show, everything else is plainly, excuse my vulgar vernacular, total bullshit.
    It is and always will be our Rifles in our hands and the will to use them as fitting to preserve and advance our liberty and freedoms, an honor and a duty which only and is never anyones but us dirt peoples responsibility. There are no others, it is to us dirt people to defend and protect our culture our codes our traditions, science, religion, politics and economic activity. Do you see any others who are coming to our rescue? Again, there are no others, we are who are the ones who rescue ourselves. We are and always have been, absolutely no exceptions, the only ones who effect positive change and preserve the blessings of liberty in this world.
    That is as it should be.
    To distract us, to waylay us, to divide us from this absolute Truth of us and who we are, our enemies and their systems of corruption and power must, at the least divert us, draw our attention, our focus, our knowledge, our history, our culture, our very thinking and faith, from this Truth of us and our civilization.
    These riots and associated turmoil, and tribulation are custom made for this purpose. Divide and conquer us. Order out of chaos. Political sleight of hand. And if they can not take our property, our guns, are unable to outlaw our Rifles, then create and foist upon us the outlawing of us as Freemen.
    Is there any method and means more hideous, evil, distractive, and insidious than neo-bolshevik enclave riots, pedophelia, identity and race tactics, human trafficking, the systematic enabling of industrially manufactured and designed drugs and their incessant destructive supply into our society, the results of this chemical tyranny is to destroy the self reliant individualism and collective power of us dirt people, take out an entire generation of able bodied productive free self determining Freemen and Freewomen, wreck our traditional patriarchy and matriarchy. Last but most important, violate our codes, by which we are guided and draw strength and sustenance to remain strong, vital, indomitable people, the main ingredient of our prosperity and happiness, from which the guidelines of our cultural social political and economic security are formed into action, results, and the maintenance of our cultural and national health, and where we fit in the positive in the sphere of activity on God’s green Earth of human race.

    5. In relative truthful prospective, these “riots” involve a relatively, and actual boots on the ground tiny group of actors. To begin with, good folks do not do these things, period. Look around the sphere of your life, the scope of your human interaction, and ask yourself and others, who is actually doing these things that good folks do not do to other good folks?
    Ask yourself, who are these actors who violate our essential system of rule of law?
    Ask why these acts of destruction and pillage only occur where the leftists hold political power?
    Ask why are we betrayed by those who are in positions of such holy trust of representative system of government?
    There is another factor here which in the scope of this tyranny is only possible, it is the Yellow Media, the 5th column of Rhodes & Pulitzer’s theory and subsequent implementation of our era’s Agitprop, an adaptation of the Russian revolution Bolshevik’s Agitprop trains which traveled the Russian landscape creating and printing the classic Red communist propaganda posters which we have historical examples of, which also exemplify cirrent propaganda, and the malicious destructive lies of the mainstrean media. In simplistic terms, the riots serve the fake media, providing these consumate liars, and domestic enemy par excellence, with a blank canvas upon which to create out of whole cloth necessary false narratives, from which perpetuate and advance the agenda of THEM, The Human Extinction Movement, their goal of world dominion, based upon the ideological farce of culktural marxism, which is nothing more than a tool, and instrument with which to set up and run the worlds largest organized crime syndicate, world spanning, in order to be able to exist and operate unchallenged forever.

    .6 Mike Vannavoegh stated a truth before he passed, RIP Mike, regarding the burning down of cities, he said in rebuttle when confronted by an American woman of African decent, her comment to Mike regarding a T shirt he was wearing in public regarding support for Liberty and freedom and American virtues of what she remarked is “white racism”, “We do not burn our cities down mam, we come into your cities and burn your cities down.”

    It is our Rifles and us dirt people who hold our Rifles in our hands, our Liberty, who have to set things aright.
    For it is not our Rifles we hold in our hands, but the existence and preservation of America and it’s principles we hold in our hands.
    Our Rifles are many things, not just fine effective infantry combat arms, they are the symbol of who, of what we are as people, they are our culture, a culture made possible, a living culture and civilization only possible because we know, we admire, we exemplify, we live and we breath, because we own Rifles. Our Rifles in our hands completely changed the human races dialectic.
    It is up to us to be cognizant of this, if for only one reason, that is these “riots” have a particular purpose, which is to bait us, into a trap where the optics and false narratives can then be then created, to create a fiction we with our rifles are evil, sub human animals, with a cultural agenda of racial genocide, monsters, evil incarnate, because the truth of THEM and their organization is there are not even remotely enough of them to beat us Freemen, they can not win on numbers and resources, their boots on the ground minions and proxies, within the hierarchy of command and control organizing and running these false flag neo-bolshevik enclave located very low intensity organized astro-turf rioting and pillaging, number in the aggregate maybe in the multiple thousands, that includes those in high or influential offices, including the open cesspool on the Potomac and their minions.
    The objective is to create a totally fictitious picture, they and their proxies are a majority, to signal that their tiny mob rule is virtuous, legitimate, and our culture codes and system of government, our ideas of rule of law are what is illegitimate.
    This in modern conflict is referred to 4th Generation Warfare, which at its heart is war for legitimacy.
    Ask yourself who, what, is legitimate here.
    My answer to that question is there is no need to question my and my civilizations legitimacy. No. The question and answer is to kill, destroy, this enemy of mine. An enemy which is existential, an enemy bent on my and mine total extermination, every vestage, every sign, every symbol or trace of who and what I am eradicated in entirety. As a White Christian Greco/Roman Man of the West and citizen warrior, who has 2000 years of my culture running thru my blood and the foundation of my civilization within my bones, the only answer is Warr to the teeth, war to the knife. No quarter, no mercy, no empathy, no remorse, no quitting no giving up, no surrender, kill them all and let God sort em’ out. Warr of none of our enemy can be left alive, for they will come back infest once again our civilization, and because we did not take care of matters in totality, we leave to our decendents the same turmoil and tribulation we ourselves face because we made the mistake of forgetting There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This. We forgot, voting was never for voting our way out of anything, it was for never allowing ourselves to get ourselves into the pickle of having to vote our way out of anything, to begin with.
    Thank God for our Rifles.
    Without our Rifles we would be truly screwed.
    It’s time to say we do not give a fig for your lies, your “virtues”, your crying arse excuses, we see right through your racist BS. We don’t care. It means nothing to us as any lie or con means nothing. Up Yours! Kiss my arse.
    Lock & Load Men.

    1. Mtnforge said:
      “..Without peer such as the AR, and other adaptable infantry combat small arms, takes the 2000 year history and native makeup of our culture based in the precepts codes and traditions of White Christian Greco/Roman, (no Judea/Christian fake/fabricated historical features allowed, this empty civic nationalism based on the agenda of Jewish world supremacy is a very cunning and misleading lie, and a most enabling lie for neo-bolshivism’s insidious inroads into our White Christian culture and system of civilization predicated and built upon Liberty and self determinism/individualism, the sovereign natural born rights all Americans are granted equally, the only equality which exists. )”

      Be careful Mtnforge, you might accidentally trigger certain folk, like Shooter and Matt Bracken with such outright statements of truth..especially when it involves intentionally removing the rotting cloak of legitimacy from the religio-political charlatans known as “The CHOSEN People”.

      In fact, you might be labeled a “nazi” here by them for putting forth such a blasphemy..in their beady little eyes and garbanzo sized brains.

      Stay well and safe!!

      And yes, the parasite class IS trying to make this latest criminal feral retard the next “Sacred Negro Victim”..even though ample evidence exists of his former and current perfidy.

      Just another example of niggertivity in action..no fucks given here for his fate.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  32. More general comments, not directed at anybody, since I haven’t read the comments above yet. Just observations.

    What they are doing is NOT a crime. When you assign a crime motive or actions to a Revolution you have just surrendered your authority to defend your nation and effect your liberty, and you have surrendered your duty, your personal duty unto Holy God, to the system that also wants you removed for it’s own, sometimes convergent with Revolutionaries and sometimes not, motives.

    You are failing the test already. If you run into the arms of the Government that got us here all I can say is that the (also communist) public schools have done their job so well that you don’t know how to proceed.

    War is not crime. There are two very different Laws governing each. War is not a police action. In war you kill them all and destroy their property until the ones left alive submit, and sometimes, historically the loser just keeps getting killed well after their ability to defend themselves has left them.

    My intent is not to insult but educate and I pray you receive this in the right spirit.

    What’s happening is not crime for which the police or the State needs to act. We are well past any hope that the State will be able in any manner to help. These are not crime for which an arrest needs to be made. This is war the answer to which is to kill them all. The enemy gets that, and that’s why they will win.

  33. It’s spreading, and there is no going back to you live peacefully and I live peacefully and we are 100 miles apart. No, this is growing, strengthening, and evolving-until the whole Sh** show is taken apart. And I don’t mean “open dialogue and acknowledging my racial bias”. I am sure that the MidEast, China, and other characters of ill repute are sending guns & munitions to their “brothers in arms”. Every mosque is probably loaded with AK47s-full auto. We are being diversified more everyday in Folsom, thanks to section 8 housing going up. I can tell you that people in California are scrambling over dead bodies to escape this state. The only way this ends, is when Liberty minded patriots do the deed. We can expect zero back up from any state, county, township, or federal Orc. We are truly on our own. Don’t forget-the most feared people in the armies, pre-guns, were the archers. Silent, deadly, and fast. Just another tool in your shed. God speed to each of us.

  34. You cannot peacefully coexist with those that want to murder you and steal all you have.

    That becomes problematic when via Marxism and Islam the percentage of the population that support murdering the other half of the country gets the traction it has now.

    Vigilantism fills the vacuum left by injustice.

    The Marxists and Moslems are fulfilling that observation, as Trad Constitutional America and the destroyers have polar opposite definitions of ‘justice’ (and freedom and liberty and rights, etc., etc.).

    That would not be a problem for Trad Americans if a significant percentage of American officialdom sided with Trad Constitutional America and defended us. But being trained Marxists having fulfilled Gramsci’s Long March, the halls of power – board rooms of financial apparatus and corporate america, big tech, and msm have decided to adopt the Marxist and Moslem definitions of ‘America’, ‘rights’, ‘freedom’, ‘liberty, ‘hate’, ‘tolerance’, ‘peaceful protests’, ‘right’, ‘wrong’, and commensurately – ‘justice’.

    But the fact is that this Revolution is not being carried out by ‘helpless victims’, or even ghetto rats of all colors.

    I read this morning somewhere the claim Revolution was starting from the bottom up. Horse apples.

    This Revolution/Jihad is being executed from the highest oligarchic levels there are. This is top down, not grass roots.

    The fustercluck as it stands and is being executed, means Trad America and Trad Americans are receiving ‘justice’ as the oligarchs and their lap dog guv’ment lackeys and Deep State define it.

    And that is what we are seeing from real reporting, ‘justice’ being meted out to Trad America as the oligarchs and their packs of meat puppets define as ‘justice’.

    Tis but a matter of time before the disenfranchised Trad Americans decide their vacuum of true justice needs the same response – vigilantism. And we are seeing the first green shoots of that as would be victims adopt the LA Korean roofer tactics (even if foolishly on the street level as opposed to the roofs).

    You cannot peacefully coexist with those that want to murder you and steal all you have.

    Vigilantism fills the vacuum left by injustice.

    This theme will play out, from different perspectives, until one side or the other ceases to exist, and/or gives up the fight.

    The sales of firearms and ammo – like I have never seen before and I’ve seen this since 911 – tell me the definitions of ‘justice’ is about to be explored.

    Right now, the Marxists and Moslems strategic advantage is their level of centralized coordination across platforms – the ruling class, guv’ment, finance/economics, big tech and msm – info infrastructure. They run it all like good Marxists – centrally with uneducated or miseducated zealots. This centralization, however, is also their biggest weakness. Just like when the Borg get shut down when the nexxus of centralized power goes, so will the collectivist Marxists and Moslems. Take the snake’s head off the threat is done.

    Right now Trad America’s weakness is its lack of coordination and adhesiveness. There is no way at this time to marshal the 100-150 million Trad Americans to bring the fight to the collectivists. This is a major strategic and tactical weakness from where we are now.

    But as the conflict evolves, and rules of engagement equalize, the disorganized legitimate grass roots we are living in will make it hard to strike any decisive blows to the Counter Revolution, Counter Resistance.

    What is weakness for Trad America now will become a strength.

    If properly and loosely coordinated.

    There is no common ground left in America for a national union. Therefore, there are but three outcomes from where we are:

    1) We acknowledge we can’t get along and peacefully agree to disagree, get a divorce – balkanize.
    2) The Marxists and Moslems slaughter Trad America and Americans and make the America they see fit to live in.
    3) Trad America and Americans slaughter the Marxists and Moslems and take us back to the America we see fit to live in.

    I strongly endorse #1 as it retains the assets Trad America needs to rebuild – especially our human resources. I endorse it because I know what #3 does on the inside of a person. I endorse it because it truly is moral and ethical.

    I also understand that the oligarchs dream for regional and then global governance demand they eliminate as many below the oligarch class as is possible to eliminate resistance to the death of nation states – including ours.

    So there really is no choice but to prepare for outcome #2 or #3.

    Lord, help us.

  35. I hope the paragraph breaks I put in the above post make the cut. If not, sorry that format was so hard to read.

  36. I read once of a guy who had land down on the southern border and the illegals would always start walking up his long driveway to beg/steal, whatever. He put up a big steel gong target plate down near the entrance and would give it a ring with a rifle round. He called it his, “go away bell” or some such. I may have to set one up or at least put up some numbered range markers coming up the drive. “Get off my lawn” is taking on a more serious meaning every day.

  37. Sooner or later, and I bet sooner, there will be a full blown fire fight. You can bet your last dollar it will be portrayed as EVIL WHITE SUPRMACISTS open fire on peaceful demonstrators. Remember the guy who shot poor little Trayvon was a white hispanic. No matter how it starts or ends BLM will be in the right and whoever shoots them will be crucified as an example to the rest of us to sit down, shut up, and take what master gives. This marxist revolution is not going to end well or peacefully.

  38. Just today ran across a Wisconsin plate in the grocery store parking lot – they were stocking up, the whole family. Probably drove through the night to get here. More Michigan plates, more Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, a few Californians here and there.

    Yuri Bezmenov – phases 3 (chaos) and 4 (normalization) operating concurrently. Drumpf and his AG are already putting the flying brigades of Federal gun grabbers into motion – Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, et al – normalization, the preamble.

    This kerfuffle is still very low level – it is as nothing compared to the bombing campaigns of the 70’s – “Days of Rage” – but it can get spun up much more quickly these days – conversely, the surveillance state is much more pervasive.

    Blacks are just being played in all of this, a means to an end – once the communist objective is realized, they will find themselves “normalized” too, quite probably more so than any other.

    As Ol’ Remus used to say – stay away from crowds. As Zippy always ‘sez – local, local, local

    I have to agree though, let it burn. Never interrupt your enemy when he is destroying himself.

    As for Proud Boys in Portland, just another indicator that the “good people” of Oregon only want someone else to carry their water for them. Been there, done that. I’d be very curious to see how many Proud Boys were actual Oregonians.

  39. This ain’t shit. Drop a few douche bags and the rest will flee.. Especially blacks…

  40. I’m hearing reports of homeowners with ladders to their roofs in case of Roof Top Korean.

  41. Interesting times continue. You all know what to do. It will be a joyous bloody mess. I don’t see how it can be avoided at this point. Denver flared up two days ago, and it sounds like they are bracing for more. Spicy time is here. More joy. I for one can’t wait till the bolt-actions come out.

  42. I’m not headed south, Tucson, this winter. I’ll be here in central Idaho this winter. Less opportunity for me having to shoot some dimwit in the face. I don’t want to go back to doing that if I can plan around it. Those of you in hostile areas better get your planning done.
    Lots of resources out there to use, Army Five Paragraph Operations order format.
    Might us operational planners give the masses some orders outlines? Starting points? Blanks to fill in? Classes of supply, coordination measures, comms, running passwords, rally points, passage of lines, MOCOO.
    There’s a knowledge base here as well as those with no fookin clue.
    Just sayin.


  43. One thing that I noticed in a couple of videos on YouTube was the vast Field kitchens they had set up in Portland. BLM the Marxist corporation has over a billion dollars, they can bus a whole lotta people, room and board, chow, a whole lot of ops can be done with a billion.

    1. @ Walter Sobchak

      Job One for the Trad-Americans side ought to be unraveling the finances and planning of the insurrection. Antifa-BLM-RevCon are the foremost actors most of see in this drama, but they are expendables for the most part. They aren’t the prime movers, the guys funding this, planning it, making it happen. There are already names known to be linked to the chaos – Gates, Soros, etc. – but there is so much more to be learned and documented. With the end goal being, it is hoped, some sort of moral/legal reckoning, perhaps on the order of something like the Nuremberg Tribunals after WWII. At first glance, that would seem an over-the-top response, but if even some of the rumors about their eventual plans turn out to be true – i.e., eugenics, forced sterilizations, etc. as well as blame for all of this chaos and bloodshed – then the Nuremberg analogy may be apt after all. In short, the little fish aren’t enough. Time to go fishing for the really big ones!

    2. It’d be a real shame if those tour busses started having their tires spiked,..fuel mixed with sugar..or brasso dumped quietly in their fill spouts..their kitchens and sleeping areas ‘accidentally catch fire’…

      Even Bill Buppert authored a couple of short pieces along such lines..one story involved using drones against a couple of buss loads of antifa thugs.

      Reality has ways of reasserting itself…just saying..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  44. Sorry, this is off topic, but comments are closed in the stealth camper thread and I wanted to give a heads up that the cheapRVliving site is run by a committed leftist. They have a social credit system for all participants that rewards ass kissing and virtue signaling. The vast majority of board members are leftists as well. Much bad info, but some decent advice interspersed. Read all you want, but practice strict OPSEC if you join.

  45. Everyone is overthinking this “Marxist coup” theory. Is it possible that the simplest answer is that you have legions of self hating disillusioned whites aged 15 to 65 that have been fed generations of anti-white propaganda. I know a lot of these people. For every Marxist “Antifa” type, you have one hundred soft weak men and mouthy women who believe that they are good and moral for tearing down “White supremacy” and uplifting minorities.
    They have no knowledge outside of what they have learned on television, media and school. All of which is the entrenched problem.
    A real insurrection doesn’t just get rid of radical domesticated killer apes and soy boys, it strikes at the root which is the mindset that enables this shit to exist!

    1. @ Saoirse

      There’s considerable truth in your observations. One of the biggest – perhaps the biggest – failure on the part of Trad-Americans over the last half-century or so has been the surrender of our classrooms to the hardcore Marxists who run the educational establishment.

      Parents move heaven and earth to provide for their kids, sacrifice a great deal, worry lines into their faces and grey into their hair – so that the young ones have a solid traditional upbringing and love their country and the opportunities they have been given. Then, those same parents spend a small fortune sending them to college, where those same young people are taught to hate everything their parents labored to teach them, mock the upbringing their folks tried so hard to provide, and hate their own country and society.

      Many young people eventually outgrow their indoctrination, but not before enormous damage is done. They wait too long to marry (if they marry at all) and form families, or find that they are too old (in the case of some working women), or they are so burdened with education-related debt and a degree which doesn’t earn much money, that they can’t live anything like the American Dream at all.

      A very serious problem is that the content of our education system, K-12 as well as post-secondary college/university, has been gutted of real content and replaced with neo-Marxist cant and nonsense. A people who know history – real history – tend not to be so vulnerable to Marxist indoctrination since they know the “real” history of the epic failures and bloodshed of communism wherever/whenever it has been tried. However, young people devoid of any knowledge of actual history untainted by Marxist ideological contamination, are quite vulnerable to the brain-washing of the type you describe.

      The good news is that the problem can be fixed. The antidote for lies is always the truth, and those of us who know the truth about communism have a power weapon in our hands. The bad news is the damage is extensive-enough that it may take some time – perhaps 1-2 generations minimum – for the intellectual/moral damage to be underdone/repaired.

      1. “Education”:
        The NEA and other ‘Teacher’s Unions’, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their creature, “Common Core” (which is unadulterated bolshevism and hatred of America – especially the ‘hate whitey’ spouted lately by none other than Oprah Winfrey and others), the push to ‘allow children to “transition”‘ via such examples as ‘Jazz Jennings’, ‘Desmondisamazing’ and ‘Lactatia’ to name a few…not to mention “Drag Time Story Hour” and the open push to de-masculanize boys.

        Are we starting to see a pattern here?….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. Ummmm….no.

      The Marxist violent overthrow handbook was first executed in Nazi Germany. Then Russia, then China, then Vietnam and Cambodia, then Cuba, then (fill in the blank South American nation). The Revolution playbook was laid out by Yuri B, and we have literally seen it play out exactly as stated right here on us.

      Islam…same story, the playbook having been around even longer.

      The plays from the book remain the same – because they are effective.

      Just some friendly advice…when someone says to your face they are going to take your country from you – like the Marxists and Moslems have repeatedly and consistently, when they then maneuver as they have in nation after nation for decades and centuries in yours, and when they move on to stating you and your kind must also die along with your nation and begin the violent stage of Revolution – a smart person takes them and it seriously.

      Paradigms are powerful things. Ensuring you have the correct ones literally means life or death in 2020.

  46. That’s fucking it. It’s done. Game over, man! We’re in some real pretty shit now!
    Rioters chased and attempted to to attack an armed (with AR) citizen. He flees, not engaging, trips and falls in the road, rioters pounce and try to beat him….protecting himself, he begins shooting (BUSTING CAP’S). At least one rioter was hit, suffering almost complete destruction/loss of right bicep.
    In another incident, a rioter was shot in the head by a citizen protecting a business. Videos posted on Andy Ngo’s twitter feed.

  47. After another look, it appears that the citizen (with AR) who scored the arm hit also ‘punched the ticket’ of a second rioter. Known tally so far, two ‘white’ commies hit…..one wounded and another likely dead, along with a third possibly hit and killed.

  48. *The rioter shot in the chest was hit by the same citizen who shot the rioter in the right bicep. The chest hit is the one who goes down, stays down, and stops moving, before his comrade is shot in the arm.*

    And it’s confirmed: One shot dead and two wounded – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8665383/One-shot-dead-two-wounded-BLM-protesters-defy-curfew-Kenosha.html

    1 shot dead and at least 2 injured in Kenosha during protests; police looking for man armed with a long gun – https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/2020/08/26/kenosha-shooting-shots-fired-during-protest-injuries-reported/3441271001/

  49. ALCON,

    Please consider these words of wisdom:

    “The only acceptable response to the threat of lethal violence is immediate and savage counterattack. If you resist, you just may get killed. If you don’t resist you almost certainly will get killed. It is a tough choice, but there is only one right answer.”
    – Jeff Cooper, LTC, USMC, 1920-2006 –

  50. Why should WE pay for the damages and clean-up?
    Sue the HELL out of the DEEP POCKET Corporations and Celebrities that are funding this Terrorism:
    BLM has received MILLION$ from “celebrities” and corporations. SUE BLM and sue those supporting the rioters. Sue TARGET for $5BILLION for arson damage. Same with all the hoity-toity Liberals providing material aid and support to the Terrorists. Sue the Hell out of them. Then start Jailing them for being accessories to the physical assaults THEY have been FINANCING.
    Just naming a FEW of the Deep Pocket TERRORIST FUNDERS:
    Airbnb ($250K) · Cisco ($2M) · Intel · Square Enix · Slack · Ubisoft · DECIEM · Fitbit · Ganni · Anastasia Beverly Hills · FILA ($100K) · Lipslut · Glossier · Fashion Nova · TOMS · Spanx ($100K) · Aritzia ($100K) · RMS Beauty · Degree ($100K) · Biossance ($100K) · Billie ($100K) · Boy Smells

  51. i see the same old worry warts and hand wringers are clutching their pearl necklaces again

    they just can’t come to grips that everything they know or knew has been either a lie, up-ended and is being replaced by a more aggressive and deserving entity

    tfA-t is enjoying this show to the max…

    LOL burn baby burn

  52. The Quandary:

    1. Rioters/Communists/BLM/REVCOM/Antifa waging war/revolution without any legal retribution from government
    2. MSM complicit
    3. Local Governments complicit/enabling
    4. Police listen to local governments.
    5. Any armed patriots who shoot/defend themselves will be trapped by legal spiderweb/prison/etc. We face Rule of Law, they do not in their centers of power.


    1. Don’t engage on their terms/their battlefield, unless there is no other choice.

    2. Don’t engage en masse’ because the media will spin as right wing fascists with guns who are a threat to the state(Deep State). No patriots will get favorable media coverage in this situation.

    3. Track them down, and find where they sleep or where they are alone. Then deliver justice there. That is what they are starting to try do traditional Americans with their statements and actions of going to the suburbs.

    4. Go after them where they sleep, where they are alone, where they cannot see it coming. Have them start to wonder what is happening to their buddies who are just disappearing somehow. This will force them to start to hide. (I have yet to see any lone antifa person openly identifying as such anywhere I have been in rural usa, perhaps because they know they will not be received well already.)

    5. Think of ways to draw them out perhaps, so that they id themselves outside of their zone’s of control.

    6. We need to get Police to see orders to stand down as unlawful orders somehow. Stand down orders are tantamount to a General in military saying to surrender to an enemy who never fired a shot or who is an obvious enemy of the country and should be seen as unlawful imho. Their reason for existence is the defense of law and order, and yet they are following orders from civil authorities who tell to ignore those who destroy law and order. This is putting them in the position of either ignoring elected civil authority or standing up for law and order.

    7. Where we have Rule of Law(ROL) in our favor, then engage them openly when they seek to wage war. Where they have ROL solely against us, we should avoid conflict.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on how to engage them for the time being… We have to find a way to negate their advantages and those elements that are letting them act as they do.

    1. Another thing that is occurring to me is that by local government standing down/not taking action to stop these riots in their tracks, they are effectively creating little “ISIS” like enclaves where power has been ceded to them in a defacto manner. Traditional Americans flee these zones and thus the area is ceded to the commies. In my opinion, that is how ISIS was able to exist in Syria, because no one was stopping them. So, until someone does stop this behavior, they will keep creating these CHAZ like areas.

  53. Next is random shootings from concealment, followed by targeted political killing. This appears on track to start before the election, prob by design.

    It’s not safe anymore to stand in front of your store with a weapon.

  54. The peaceful protestor that got shot in the head was agitating people with guns. He brought “words of violence to a gunfight”. The first thing his “welfare workers” was scream “call the police”. You cannot make this lol moment up. While one of his buddies continued to stand over him filming with his iphone saying “where where is he shot” while there is a gaping hole in his right temple. This “cucked raced self hating” rioter ended up taking things too far and attacked a well armed trained person and paid the price for his stupidity. One less welfare check and many future welfare babies for sure. These fools act like they can riot, loot, burn and then march into peaceful neighborhoods and bully people. Well, now maybe they see they are not the bullies but will be the cannon fodder. They do not even see they are being told to be the front lines because they are white and being used as shields. Stupid people win stupid prizes.

    There is now research ongoing as to the plan for a redevelopment zone that lines up perfectly with businesses and homes that are being burned. Seems hedge funds are targeting these riots to burn down specific areas so they can buy low and redevelop the area in the future. These bankster fools do not realize this forever changes areas and no amount of money for decades will allow any redevelopment to be profitable. Especially if democrats are in charge. They will burn our economy. Fools and their money will soon be detached. Hope they go broke.

  55. Look at all the links and videos by Bracken this morning on gab. Looks like open resistance and civil conflict is here now. I expect to see more. Damn, this sucks. We cannot let our country slide peacefully into that dark night. We cannot let the USA fall into hell. We must stop this crap now.

    1. Just to be clear, I fully support resistance and destroying these Revcoms as Bracken calls them. Just hate seeing this conflict truly happening and opening up now. Sucks that our government just sits idly by and lets this shit happen. Adapt and overcome America.

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