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  1. Well, the words of Mr. Remus have a new meaning, vis-a-vis the clueless Trump supporter shot in Portlandia. Stay away from crowds! Watch, wait, prepare, and continue to gather Intel in your A/O. The street thugs and their Marxist (((Handlers))) are doing everything they can to hasten the kick-off. What is worrying the more intelligent and cunning among them is all of their antics are driving more and more Normies, Sheeple, and Cucks into the arms of the Mango Emperor and into the arms of the Dead Elephant Party. The day after Election Day should be very entertaining. Bleib ubrig.

    1. No doubt there will be many more clueless stupid dead white folks in the future, they just don’t get it! Situational awareness and survival instinct is lacking, while ego and ignorance persists.

      1. Dweezil and SemperFi 0321,

        And the worst ones ARE the ‘clueless stupid white folks’ who STILL don’t
        understand in the least that the “Hostile Elite” parasite class DOESN’T
        give a flying rat’s ass for them and theirs…and more to the point, the current
        (and previous for that matter) crop of badged orcs, orcettes and their related
        leg-breaking enforcer classes are there to protect the parasite class and their
        ‘Corporate Employees’ (members of cuntgress, the senut, the head rat and
        the 9 rats in Halloween Robes..and to a lesser extent, the state and local franchises
        that exist and are marginally useful to them..down to the local dogcatcher and
        ‘truant officer’).

        They don’t WAN’T to even consider that ‘officer friendly’ who they might have
        shared breakfast down at the local ‘greasy spoon’ talking about how bad things
        are getting and that they ‘back and support the thin blue line’ might be the very
        ones that WILL ‘gear up’ with their swat buddies to batter down their front door
        on the ‘anonymous tip’ or the word of a “qualified informant” that they have
        ‘ITEM X’ (especially guns and ammo) that the local elected (by them) mini-tyrants
        decide is ‘dangerous and poses a danger to the local community’ so they MUST
        be rounded up, “for the duration of the emergency”.

        So what will Brad Normie and his wife (who BOTH voted for the mini-tyrants, etc)
        DO when the gov thugs start using the door breaker on THEIR door, just because
        they weren’t quick enough to obediently open the door fast enough for them?….

        What are they going to do while Brad’s on the floor having the shit beaten out of
        him and his wife Karen IS jacked up against the nearest wall against her stomach
        by a group of profanity snarling pack of thugs, immediately making her miscarry
        the baby she’s carrying?….not to mention what will happen to their kids and pets

        Yeah…more ‘voting’ will be sure to stop/prevent that….

        Definitely time for folks to revisit Larken Rose’s “When Do You Shoot A Cop?”

        If cops were so great, they WOULD have been actively patrolling the streets
        of Kenosha and other areas and actively dealing with the outright bolshevists
        that were running amok after sundown, no matter what the local mini-tyrants
        ordered or dictated…but that’s NOT in the objectives/goals of the parasite class
        that owns and control ‘Mureica’..ever since 1913.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      2. Their survival instinct has been rubbed out (exactly like with an old dry pencil eraser) and written over with “Tolerance / Diversity”.

        Hospitals have a technique where they practice stealth euthanasia. This is the inevitable result of
        “for profit” hospital corporations milking the medicare/medicaid system (which is why they exist in the first place). When they have an elderly of terminally diseased patient, who costs them loads of money to keep alive, they will make the decision to “make him comfortable”. This means to drug him with morphine until he dies. Hopefully quickly.

        Western Christian White Man must awaken from his opiate induced stupor, and quickly, for he is being killed.

  2. As a Kenosha Co. resident, I’m enjoying a little break in the action and actually got some fucking sleep.
    (2 miles from epicenter last week)
    Have some new additions to the accountability lists. (Local, local local)
    I would say “SPORKY” is upon us.

    1. Good Luck and God Speed Patriot.
      Never forget, There are millions and millions of us.
      Never quit, and never surrender.

      1. The question is will these millions and millions ‘step off the porch’
        when the thugs, whether freelance or governmental start rolling
        into their neighborhoods?….

        Personally, I don’t think so, seeing the internet Fudd’s and ‘good citizens’
        rushing to say, “Kyle Rittenhouse ISN’T us!!..we’re ‘law abiding’..you can’t
        just take the law into your own hands!!”

        They’ve already thrown Kyle under the ‘normie/NPC’ bus!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        1. They … the Patriot types … will crucify Rittenhouse, because he shames them.

          See also: Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum.

          You have to hate on people like that, else the question becomes, “Why won’t you support them?” Nobody wants to face the truth about themselves.

  3. “what are you seeing and hearing?”

    Last few weeks created a new level of awareness on a couple neighbor folks who, while having good mindset & weapons skills, are lacking in terms of go-forward comms/coordination NPT stuff. Porch conversations have opened up opportunity at some mentoring and am aiming to get them up to speed once their ordered “bill of materials” arrives. It is also going to be another example of the utility of being able to quickly “clone” identical radio gear to a common purpose, as well as reassessing (for their understanding) what’s important inside our wire, and where do we draw that wire and why.

    While pasty-faced whimp-assed governor & his Lt. Gov. “Nelson” Mandela Barnes surrendered Kenosha 15 minutes into Day 1, they’ve asked Trump to stay away (after finally taking his offered help). However, in a wonderful BFYTW moment, district members of the Kenosha County Board sent their own letter welcoming Trump & looking forward to his visit. Frankly, I don’t personally care whether he visits or not, but think it’s totally appropriate if he does. I do enjoy, however, the dry corn cob shoved up the failed Milwaukee School Superintendent’s ass; maybe he can get Mandela to pull it out for him.

  4. Hope you can “housekeep” the carriage-return/hard paragraph that should be in front of the Page Two notation for my post.
    Gracias sir.

      1. I was channeling a Paul Harveyish Page Two moment but you separated them nicely, thanks.

  5. Pretty calm in NYC. Dozens of shootings in the usual nature preserves. Anyone with money buying second places .
    Downside is they are bringing their suicidal political views with them. Locals in countryside vetting refugees and remaining aloof. The winter will fix most of them.
    The Kenosha Kid got some of our new er comrades to finally realize the importance of slings
    BTW, When is A-slop going to make a public apology?

    1. Can’t believe anyone would still be debating whether a sling is needed or not.

      What sling exactly was Kyle running ? Looks like a single point which I’m not a fan of but certainly did the job.

      A-slop … yeah that’s funny !

  6. The niggers are giving black people a bad rep. I believe there are far more black people who condemn the BLM movement than there are supporters. BTW, where’s Jesse Jackson in all this ?
    The same goes for any leftist organization. They are a minority, but with the amount of noise and destruction being done as well as the MSM fanning the flames, you would think they are a majority.

    There are many more of us than there are of them. Even if we do not organize, this pathetic, whiny, yappy-dog group is going to get their asses handed to them – once the core of Americans opens up a can of whoop-ass.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned, but at the same time, never underestimate your enemy and especially amateurs being unpredictable. If anything they have revealed who they are, you can find out where they live and when the time is right take what action is required – but be quiet about it -(hey, there was an accident).

    I believe (as mentioned in a previous comment) that the result of all this leftist hissy-fit is driving more people towards getting Trump reelected. I just hope he grabs the country by the ears and shakes the shit out of it – He should put Pence in charge of house cleaning and declaring open season on leftists and anyone that smells that way. My only concern is to not go overboard and use the opportunity for a broader use.

    Keep in mind that once the tide turns, many leftists will go underground until they think it is safe to come out again. Take notes, know where they live, present them with proof of their complicity and be judicious in your actions.

    1. I’m around lots of black people in a number of American cities. They overwhelmingly think BLM is legit.

      1. As do a good percentage of my neighbors.

        White crackas, every single one of them.

        (face palm)

      2. Of course they do Kay,
        It’s because they’re low expectation, dipshit loosers that are
        lazy kaffirs that are envious and jealous about not having
        the shit that they want and desire but don’t want to WORK
        for a bit of it.

        Isn’t ‘universal suffrage’ fantastic..especially the 19th Amendment?!

        All they want is to be commies and get ‘free sheeeit’!

        Fuck them and the rest of their envious and jealous shitheads,
        regardless of WHO they are…especially the white kids that are
        rioting and looting and burning shit for blm and antifa.

        Fuck ’em all!! Get over it dipshit pussies!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. The niggers have ALWAYS given the black community a bad name.
      News Flash!! There have ALWAYS been the equivalent of niggers in EVERY group of people!

      Read Taleeb Starke’s, “Uncivil War: BLACKS vs. NIGGERS”; he’s black and he
      tells the TRUTH that the black community doesn’t want non-blacks to know
      let alone understand.

      Here’s an excerpt of Taleeb’s book:

      NIGGER = Negro Individual Generating Grief Everywhere Regularly (by Taleeb Starkes)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Trying something new. Let’s combine fun with skill development!
    It’s called “Summits on the Air”, SOTA. Ham radio skills, hiking skills, antenna field craft skills, ham gaming, all rolled into awesome locations, Summits.


    Will eventually do these jaunts in full gear, besides there are wolves around these parts.


  8. Thought we’d see more drone useage by now, especially at night.

    FWIW, the Farmers Almanac (not the competing almanac apparently there’s 2) says their model forecast for winter is longer sustained cold periods and more precipitation.

    I’m expecting a tactics change from BLANTIFA in their clothing, now that shootings are occurring.

    Looking ahead to cold weather months, hobo fires will make a comeback for the protestors standing around.

  9. Here in North Texas, not much has changed. People are irritable, but they usually are in August, because it is beastly hot and humid, and they are starting to shed their masks because they hate them. All the little socialist enclaves are humming with excitement, and the bullshit and lies are coming faster by the minute. I’m still impressed by their ability to absorb and spew the lies at such a rate, and volume. None of them that I know are aware of what the communists do with the useful idiots when they take over. Things are disappearing like printers, bicycles, ammo, guns, and common sense. Saw something yesterday, one man struck another with a whip, the stricken man shouted and turned to the attacker. The attacker said, ” You have the spirit to fight back, but the good sense to control it. Your eyes are full of hate, forty-one, that is good. Hate keeps a man alive.” I used to wonder, back in the day, why I kept living. I’ve known for a long time now, why.

  10. Last Saturday there was supposed to be a BLM march in Chicago on the “Magnificent Mile”. Usually involves rioting and looting. The BLM march, it turns out, was not authorized by BLM. I guess anyone can throw a march. This event was wimpy. The city was finally ready. Barricades up, bridges in the up position over the river, hundreds of cops. Few protesters. The event seemed to be sponsored by a group of “Black Israelites”. I think this group is a black racist cult, often times involved in anti-White violence. The leader was “Rabbi” Yusef. Also, if you wear clothing that ID’s you as right wing, you better be armed and ready to shoot. Best take that clothing off. Be the grey man. It appears that Antifa is actively hunting for victims. Surprise them. Always wear that mask. Doesn’t prevent covid. Prevents facial recognition. Wear a hat also. Good luck.

    1. For what it’s worth, I’ve read facial recognition is still able to work with masks with a fairly high degree of accuracy. Basically it analyzes your eye distances relative to your nose and forehead. Sunglasses in addition to masks would be better if you are anticipating engaging in spiciness.

  11. The reason there are no riots in Baltimore is because they have fully seized control.
    I am deep behind enemy lines my friends.
    If the lights go out, remember that we are right here with you, and I will see you at the rally point.
    Baltimore is fully in the hands of the enemy. They took over one night. I woke up and there were BLM and Marxist flags everywhere. Including the Rainbow flag.

    I zeroed 4 weapons yesterday. One of them, my Yugoslavian 24/47 Mauser 8mm, which was going me trouble for some time; Is perfectly zeroed. I have 900 rounds of 197 Grain Match Grade Light Armor Piercing Ammo. 10 rounds on target @ 100 yards cracked a 1/2 inch steel plate clean through.

    My R700 is dialed in just right that I can cut a Clothing Line @ 200 yards with it. Which I did twice yesterday within 7 rounds. I feel like a dangerous man with that weapon in my hand.

    And my SKS, which I was certain would be a disappointment, is a 200 yard death rifle with 4 different types of ammo using a zero for a completely separate ammo. What a wonderful, wonderful weapon. I would buy another SKS in 2 seconds. The funny part was I outshot both AK’s in my group. Not to say the AK is not an effective weapon.

    The AR I zeroed is an AR. Hur Dur.

    End of Report/Nothing else follows.

    1. There are a couple people in Baltimore that I love. One of them is living with a guy that was an infantry officer. I was talking to a mutual friend, and basically lamenting the potential situation there, and this friend says that the guy is confident that their position is tenable. I don’t see how, but supposedly the dude is plenty smart.

      May the force be with you.

      1. O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
        What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
        Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
        O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
        And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
        Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
        O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

        On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
        Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
        What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
        As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
        Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
        In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
        ‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O long may it wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

        And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
        That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
        A home and a country, should leave us no more?
        Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
        No refuge could save the hireling and slave
        From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

        O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
        Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation.
        Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
        Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
        Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
        And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  12. Satire, unfortunately….

    “In One college town, the dean went to his office to find 11,000 books piled up blocking his office door. Seems the students had bout the book “1984” and was encouraging the dean to read it”

    “In one college town, there has become an littering epidemic of sorts. Seems many students are purchasing the book “1984” and as they walk, cycle, or drive around they randomly throw the book out the window. The lost and found now has the deans attention”

    “In related news, the students are being locked down, paying for activities fees and meal plans but there are no activities and meals. They are issued $500 tickets for walking alone outside and not wearing a mask. One student complained to the dean and showed the dean footage as he was being cited a $500 ticket as “peaceful protestors” from BLM made up of certain privileged students marched past none wearing masks. The deans response, well that was a college sanctioned event. The student asked if he has such control over a virus if he could ask the virus to grant him some immunity so he could walk alone without wearing a mask since they can march hand in ha d without one?”

    Lastly, “students seems to have found the red paint on college campuses as many streets are being painted with 4 numbers; every street on campus has 1984 painted on them causing the local campus and city paint budgets to collapse”.

  13. NE GA: A lot more people wearing the submission burkas, and a lot more retail / business with signs on the doors requiring them. A lot more dirty looks too.

    Food prices are going up daily, but shelves are well stocked. No ammo.

    My county’s roadside maintenance has gone to shit. More litter too. More asshole behavior in traffic.

    I was in a fast food restaurant in formerly white/red county now mostly black and mexican / blue county and will not make that mistake again. Formerly good neighborhoods in this county that were trending down now look much worse by a factor of 10. Stripmalls in those areas are vacant, and they’re not coming back.

    Screaming harpies are settling down now that school is back in and teachers are not dying. As the china virus winds down in GA, you would never know it from the news.

    My church is at 20% on a good day. Lots of grandmas, not a lot of families or younger people. The traditional protestants are back up and running with pretty full parking lots, but the feel good mega churches are still empty parking lots. I think a lot of those churches will not be coming back either.

    More people walking around in pajamas with unbrushed hair and fat hanging out.

    People are tense, but not hostile up here. Yet.

  14. Phase 1 “Protracted Struggle” marxist guerrilla war is about to enter early Phase 2. Expect inner circle hit squads targeting key Trump folks.
    Burn Loot Murder pedo=boys begin activating culturally acclimated long range deep insertion assets in rural and other low population flyover country, (usually such commie insurgents and their terror tactics traditionally begin and or are based out in rural areas and work towards the cities, but no plan and objectives survive contact with the enemy, goes double for the ideological struggles, and x’s 4 for the ideological farce called cultural marxism/globo=pedo world order, ie, the organized crime factions, namely the “deep state resistance’, the #BillClintonIsAPedo pedo=elite globullshit “Initiative” and their various political/corporate captains who hide within the shell of our hollowed out constitutional republic. Not unlike the Mexican Drug Cartels who operate behind the hollowed out shell of Mexico nation state.)
    The insects who have converged and are operating and are supported by the “woke” corporate masters of the universes will step onto the stage in large numbers in concert with Phase 2 rural commie G efforts.

    An imperative is to maintain the political as much as possible.

    Another imperative is the pickle pedo=elite face, an insurmountable problem of orders of magnitude, disarmament of White Christian Culture orientated Trad American’s and the newly awoken normies. This is a central objective. Without highly successful American disarmament Protracted Struggle is a dead horse. The alternative is to go to the soirce so to speak and genocide White Trad America, kill two birds with one stone so to speak. We will see.
    Nobody, and I Mean Nobody knows the outcome nor course disarmament will take. Again this is a real serious pickle for globo=pedo, they absolutely can not leave an armed to the fucking teeth BFYTW cadre of American’s who constitute the nacent seeds of A Legion of armed to the teeth Men of The West.
    As Kyle Rittenhouse proves. ( I only hope I can conduct myself half as effectively with such courage and honor, never mind target-situational awareness, as this 17 year old genuine article American Hero. And I mean every word of that, read my Hero)

    Globo=pedo is struggling with another aspect of their manpower problem: #1 being their numbers in effective “Direct Action” cadre capable, effectively, to make contact with the enemy and run successful armed 4G warfare. Currently they are relying on high numbers of criminal elements, not surprisingly, one could contend true to their colors, Direct Action operatives who have professional criminal history of pedo and other sex crimes, assaults, rape, murder etc. This is not surprising either once you accept the truth of human trafficking/child sex and satanic sacrifice rituals, never mind the blackmail/extortion value in such depraved criminal activity for power and lucre as an essential organized crime vector for our north of the border crime Cartels, again operating behind the shell of the American Republic nation state. From the looks of it this #BillClintonIsAPedo international/global initiative human trafficking is at least as profitable and a vast political power block as the international drug trafficking, add in the proceeds from fetus and child organlegging called Planned Parenthood, the numbers are almost inconcievable.
    So, the prominence of criminal pedo=boys within Burn Loot Murder inc operations make a lot of sense.
    Remember always: good folks do not do these things.
    They fail to understand how mean good folks get when you violate their codes.
    50,000 armed to the fucking teeth shitlords and shitlordettes on 1-20-2020 proves the truth of the 2nd Amendment, not the constitutional law itself, but the hearts and minds elemental truth of every citizen a soldier/militia history and intent behind the 2nd’s reason for existing.
    I was there, it was beyond definition by words what it is like to be in the embrace of 50,000 fellow armed to the teeth Patriotic American’s chockablock filled with cold anger. You must show up, thank you Kyle, it is the act which counts.

    Another effort to be cognizant of in Phase 2 Protracted Struggle marxist geurrilla operations is efforts of mass destabilization, read chink-flu panicdemic, efforts to delegitimize everything rule of law, traditional American, particularly the november elections. One objective could be to create enough chaos precipitating inconclusive results of the vote, “by any means neccessary” to arrive at Jeanary 20, 2021 with no certified winner, because that date is the cutoff point, where automatically the speaker of the house becomes POTUS, by default.
    Anyone care to have Nancy Pelosi and her gang of criminals running the show?

    Trump better have his Declaration of Martial Law ducks in a row and the balls to pull the trigger.
    Not a bad option at this stage. In fact it would provide a myriad of tools and power to take care of problems which are probably unsolvable any other way, rid our Republic of the cancer eating it out “from the top down inside out” as past globo=pedo are so fond of pointing out. AKA “Order Out of Chaos” in spades.
    Imagine what can be accomplished.
    Might it be, there are things are so insurmountable, President Trump declaring Martial Law, is the only recourse.
    Do we as good folks whish to, do we see it as viable, for this form of legal lawful redress, or has the great 5000 Year Leap proved it is time to go forwards and constitute a system, or lack of a system as any alive knows it, suitable, amenable to our will?
    Serious question. It’s on the test coming up.
    Me I’m in favor of a system of home rule based out, an adaptation of, of the success of the Colonial era Compact of Confederation and Jeffersonian agrarian precinct system, before the Conspiracy in Philedelphia dropped the turd of the adminstrative tyranny state called The US Constitution on the unsuspecting Compact delegates.

    AS Patrick henry claimed, “I smell a Rat”
    The Fabian’s pulled a doozy on everyone, they still are, what Henry described the USC as “this beautiful butterfly with poison under it’s wings.
    Partick Henry was right on both counts. Was always right. Because of he was wrong, the USC would have worked as advertised, not as an instrument of centralism, which in all it’s life has not created one Iota of Liberty or Freedom. It is an instrument which has taken everything. And gave it to the pedo=elite.

    Paradoxicly this is what we are really facing, you could even say globo=pedo and its proxies of “Protracted Struggle” are symptoms of a much larger problem, which our founders handed us in the form of legacy, and its up to us to avail ourselves of our inherent natural sovereign right of self determination and Liberty.
    No one but us dirt people can do this, save ourselves, there are no others, look around, see anyone else?
    Go ahead, I’ll be patient as a mountain and as steadfast in that declaration.
    it is and always has been the purview of the dirt people to effect positive change on this mortal coil.
    The pedo boys and their pedo=elite masters are going to beat us? Like fucking hell they are. Where I’m from, very rural trad America, only the tree’s and God will know where their bones lie. They will disappear on high numbers never to be seen again. And I’m not alone in that proscription of right is might.
    Nobody does it as good as us dirt people.
    God Bless us please, there are none like us.
    Long as we do not allow fear to sway our courage and grit. Are we not Men of The West who do not take council of our fears? Are we not the blood sinew and bones of 2000 years of the citizen soldier, the citizen warrior? History makes no bones about us. Nothings changed in us, where it matters. We certainly have armed ourselves and equipped, trained ourselves, with the finest most lethal small unit infantry combat Rifles gear and support imaginable.
    Again, Kyle my Hero proved this beyond a shadow of doubt.
    We are armed to the fucking teeth, not just with our Rifles, in our hearts and minds.
    As Pete has said from the first…

    Lets Win!


  15. The Patriot Prayer murder gives a whole new slant to the grey man approach to being out in public in these dangerous times.Never go out unarmed and alone and preferably during daylight.I hope they fry the piece of shit that ambushed him.

  16. this article explains and describes the many here at WRSA who desperately want the murka to keep rollin along..

    “… but current retirees are also very powerful and they firmly toe the line with the status quo. They have enough of the loot to want to protect it and keep a broken system going….”


    tfA-t just wants this donkey show to fucking end.. let the chips fall where they may

    and start over with what and who is left standing…

    yes, your entire world will come tumbling down along with all that you believed in- get over it

    tfA-t only wants what is best for all 🙂

  17. The county health board of our smallish Midwest county passed a resolution in June stating that racism was a public health issue here! I found out and went to the August board meeting to give public comment…. And let’em have it. County epidemiologist tried to put words in my mouth and then used hinky numbers to prove that a higher incidence of Covid among blacks proved that we were all a bunch of racists. Enjoyed watching the board president politely counter her every point. Afterwards two board members told me they wished they had never voted for the racism thing!

  18. One good young man delivered where and when it was necessary.
    One now ‘ex-pedo’ gains dirt nap to the face, two fellow bolshies down too…

    What’s NOT to like!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  19. Things I’ve noticed in my AO.

    1) Some of the Lee Greenwood normies are trying to find weapons and ammo … they are having a hard time with the ammo.

    2) Local gun shop has decent selection of weapons… ammo is in short supply. Not really a problem for me but as usual I still pick up ammo when I have a few extra coins for it.

    3) Intermittent shortages some larger than others at the grocery store. Haven’t noticed much shortage at the big box home improvement stores. LOTS and LOTS of empty strip malls and regular malls for that matter. The vast majority of those businesses won’t be coming back.

    4) Two new development in the burbs. Both are all brick homes at a reasonable price. Lot size is pretty small.

    5) The demonrats I know in my AO are keeping their heads down and wearing masks outdoors. LoL. Brainwashed bastards I think they know something is not right but they can’t add 2+2. Not so much for Republicraps they are outside without masks. A lot of Trump signs… not so much for Biden.

    6) Spotted a couple of young black men walking in neighborhoods where there are no black families. Both gave me a hard look as I approached within 20 yards. I suspect some kinda scouting but it gave me cause for increasing my carry posture.

    7) Increase in minor and a few major crimes since the whole revcom riots lit off. Nothing in my AO but definitely a few miles away.

    As Bill Buppert would say, “Get to the range!”

    Grey Ghost

  20. Young Kyle Rittenhouse performed like a restrained and trained warrior. Tried to disengage, but assholes wouldn’t let him. Assholes paid dearly for their poor choices.
    May we all act as well as Kyle when the time comes.
    My biggest take? I need to rethink my GI web sling. Weapon retention was key to Kyle surviving his encounter with commie fuckstains. GI web sling not so good in this department…

  21. still no blacks or strangers on tfA-t island… it’s kinda pricey to get here- if the crew even allows you on the boat 🙂 still plenty of broke dirty fat inked murkin scum on mainland Fusa… this will change

  22. Seeing an increase in mouthing off like dogs barking after the caravan.
    I only respect force and fire so let them talk.
    Starfire and Black Talons are on tap for any who feel froggy.
    The external mommy Karen brigades are masked up with face guards and armadillo suits just to go get the mail.
    The controlled demolition of the FUSA continues so don’t get anxious or despondent not even if San Fran Nan becomes preezy of the steezy when the mail in fiasco goes live in November.
    Clown World is designed to fail so that the Ordo Ab Chao plan can be fulfilled.
    The fifth column has completed the long march through the institutions and that is why they no longer hide their intentions to burn it all down.

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