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    1. The title of this blog post is
      [b]Fighters: Checklists For Coming Excitement[/b]

      you spelled excrement wrong

    2. Friends, coming festive times will be mostly urban. Control of cities is vital, check history, no one has set siege to a rural town. Collaboration is the most important thing, left is doing it and learning, we are not. Very dangerous.

    1. Right Mr Hognuts . I ate a piece of Deer Balonies at and Amish friends house last fall and it almost took me out . 20 power shits an hour for almost two weeks until a sharp Pharmacist advised me to use Powerade and Imodium . Lost 30 pounds but I survived the great shitout of 2019 . I would never have thought of stockpiling it had I not almost shat myself to death . Gotta watch those Amish delicacies .

      1. Robert and others,

        Powerade does work but there’s an unsung electrolye replacement
        that is MUCH less expensive to acquire. It’s the brine solution that
        pickle products are stored in. Save it after the pickles are gone and
        use a 1/3 to 1/2 solution with filtered (via Berekey or Kaytadyn system)
        water…definitely rehydrates and refreshes, imho better than Powerade!
        Definitely keep Imodium and prune juice or dried prunes around in
        good stock too!

        Btw, PROPER food preparation/cooking and sanitation ISN’T
        a luxury..not now while things aren’t yet “Failure of Civility”
        and certainly not Selco’s SHTF reality..just saying…

        One can’t effectively take care of business, if one is tethered to the
        ‘porcelan god’ “taking care of business”…NOT fun!!

        Also, IF one can FIND ammo at a ‘decent price’ for case lots,
        BUY BUY BUY!!!!

        So many things to do…and less than 2 months away to the
        Kaubuki Theater that the Uniparty WILL reveal as ‘the show goes on’…
        Unfortunately ‘Joel & the ‘bots’ won’t be in attendance to deliver witty
        reparte and off color zingers as the ‘show’ unfolds…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  1. Get the actual UP address of your favorite web sites so that if They then off the conversion protocol you can direct dial in

    1. Good point!!

      CA, can you give us the “dotted quad” for the new site? Thx in advance!!


      1. Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press R
        In the “Run” box that appears, type:
        Press enter
        In the black command prompt box, type:
        ping westernrifleshooters.us
        Press enter
        “Reply from …”
        This is the IP address.

    2. Having the IP address is always a good idea because several of the most robust DNS servers are run by Google; extrapolate possibilities from there.

  2. Get to know your neighbors and BUILD AS MUCH COMMUNITY AS YOU CAN. There are a lot of like-minded folks out there.

    1. Seconded. I am finding more parents that think the way I do even in the bluest of areas. People are waking up to a degree. None of them are as far along as we are unfortunately.

  3. Assuming that you are not alone, let your No.2 in on your plans and preps so that he/she can note shortages and opportunities even before you do. Many hands make light work. Find small notebooks, put one in your pocket, and a pencil/pen, and take notes, keep score, and not forget things, and get your people to do it too. Get all your people on board with scrapping, and otherwise always being on the lookout for the bad guys, and bad guy activity, foraging, and otherwise soaking up what’s available that’s of use. Let them know live bad guys have good information (sometimes), and things on them you can use. Get your people to have this in their heads at all times: Something is always going on.

    1. The utter absence of any RW organization quite fatally dooms the nation to a year from kickoff of whatever the Left and its allies and Deep State want.

      Then and only then will the comeback begin.

      This is the price of all those who cried Fedpoast, this is the price of arming without organization.

      When the Founders said Well Ordered Militia – they meant organizing and training, drilling as a unit. The Bearing of Arms was to make sure they had their own weapons. The Founders knew it was operating as a team, a unit that made the difference. The presence of individuals with weapons meant nothing.

      Worse than nothing; you have made yourself a legitimate target – but you have no chance unless you are part of a trained unit.

      A squad is meat for a platoon.
      But a bunch of individuals ?
      That’s not even meat.
      That’s Plankton.

  4. Solar panel and charge controller to keep lights on and electronics such as radios and flashlights charged. Just add a 12V battery and an inverter and you have a pretty reliable off grid power system.



    My ham shack is 100% off grid with 5.1kWh Li-ion batteries and 620W of solar for charging. Runs lights and radios 24/7 and charges HTs and can even watch movies.

    1. And don’t forget a way to protect them and essential electronic
      gear from a potential CME or man-made EMP event/incident.

      Research and acquire the proper Faraday Cage/s BEFORE you
      need them…just saying.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Get to know your locale NOW, every utility location, line of sight which your property can be seen from. If you have some bulk water storage, check on it. If you have No Water storage, change that. Right Now.

    And pray for our country that all of these preps will be for naught.

    1. Knowing locale also includes knowing what’s nearby that could be an attractive target that would draw OPFOR to your area. Being “just” collateral damage is small consolation.

    1. Best guys/people to be pulling ops… granny and grandpa sabotaging while blending in, or looking homeless…

      You are you own determining factor on worth.

    2. Don’t forget to get the shirt that says, “I may be old, but you’re STILL in range!!”

      Age and cunning WILL triumph over youthful bravado..hehehehe!!
      Especially when the bolshivests ‘self-illuminate’ via literal ‘hotfoot-itis’
      or their ‘privileged sacred negros’ give themselves away by running their
      ‘nigga this..nigga that’ ghetto blasters as they try to cruise into one’s AO
      for a ‘rape-loot ‘n scoot’ session…

      And do NOT discount these ‘useful idiots’ as not being threats
      in the upcoming sporkiness….

      No Buffet – No Peace “Fatties Against Fascism” – Memeology 101

      Thankfully that group of communist controlled ‘useful idiots’
      are most likely to be encountered in large masses (yes, pun intended)
      in the communist controlled cities..but be on the lookout for them
      elsewhere too…won’t be surprised if antifa/burn-loot-murder starts
      having them be ‘the shield wall’ in blocking traffic during ‘mostly
      peaceful protests’….

      Eyes and ears folks….
      Know your AO…who belongs..and more importantly…who DOESN’T….
      Re-read Bracken’s essay on the EBT/Snap food card cessastion to see
      what we’re looking at..and IF you’re actually in any large city – LEAVE
      yesterday (unless you actually enjoy a ‘target rich environment’ ala
      Heston’s “Omega Man”…ample ammo isn’t a luxury but a necessity!!).

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  6. Invest and stack silver eagles or gold, if you can afford it. Long haul hedge when the paper goes worthless. Stacked Ammo is just as good. All barterable coming our way soon. Wrap your heads around the fact that there will be NO age limit, up or down, when the shooting starts. Leave no witnesses or their prodigy for portent activity’s.

  7. 1. Beans
    2. Bullets
    3. Band-aids
    4. Buddies, lots of, dependable ones
    5. Dead-tree copies of important information, to rebuild civilization
    6. A librarian, an S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, at least
    7. Pray daily, hourly, minutely…. as necessary, as often as you think of it, in spare moments, for no reason, for any good reason, when you see a sunrise, a sunset, or something that makes you smile. Or frown, or cry, or rejoice.

    1. No offense, but screw the hatchet. Go big with the felling equipment (assuming you’re referencing keeping the fire going in the cold).

      Old school two-man Western saw is quiet and surprisingly efficient if the teeth are both sharp and set correctly. Have at it with the chainsaw if noise is of no concern, of course, post-spicy.

      The Japanese Silky Saw [take your pick on size(s)] are extremely good, despite the price. Deceptively effective.

      A maul is another good addition for splitting rounds.

      Japanese waterstones work well for me.

  8. My strategic petroleum reserve needs topping off, it was filled when the gas prices were crazy low. I need gasket material for your jerry cans. Half tank rule now in effect on all vehicles. Fill before you’re below half tank.

    Mags loaded, “out the door” loadouts in final stages of assembly. Chest rigs, med kits, ammo bags better be ready to grab and go.

    Radios, even if you haven’t trained up, I wouldn’t wait any longer to get that 5 pack of Baofengs or whatever your comms plan uses. Get the programming cable and CHIRP software and if nothing else set them to the “common bands” FRS/GMRS/MURS.

    Optics. entry level scopes, red dots and spotting scopes are better than nothing if you have to arm neighbors. Take them to the range now. Think Vortex from DSG arms or Primary arms.

    Go to SGammo and get all the back in stock notifications you can for the calibers you shoot. Anybody needing match grade should know that Walmart has .308 168 Grain Federal Gold Medal Match, and availability is OK (except around me because I have cleaned it all out.) Lots of 308 deer hunting rounds. 6.5 Creedmoor seems to be available there also. Some 12 gauge slugs, otherwise largely cleaned out. Also get on the lists for anything you need at GT Distributors.

    Water water water food food food. We all know these fucking animals control the populace with food. Squirrel away what you can. Freeze dried, canned, you name it. Top off OTC medicines. Be prepared for shortages. Get antibiotics in case your fish get sick.

    Unless you have an advantage (and you likely don’t) don’t get involved with these fucks on the street. Think in terms of a perimeter, and you’re going to have to secure it. Not easy in my A.O. Lots of BLM signs, but they’re all mapped out and in the folders. Be ready to execute your plans when they try to take over, you’ll know when that happens. That’s when they’re weakest. The advantage we have is breaking out the bolt-actions and playing a “long game.” Make the expend resources searching for “where that came from.”

    I don’t know about all of you, but I will never feel ready, but there is some relief in knowing this thing is coming to a head, and it will be better on the other side, or at least I will know where I stand. I am convinced the election is going to be the kickoff. I hope I’m wrong. CA I owe you one for waking me up some ten years ago now. It’s paying off.

    Good luck everyone! (Even you miserable fucks…you know who you are.)

  9. Big Cinch bandages plus additional sutures and bandages plus wound wash.
    (Think Wound Care) Antibiotics (survival Meds)
    chinookmed dot com
    shopmedvet dot com
    All the possible Food you can buy.
    Grain mill similar to a Corona Grain mill ( less than $50)
    One is none 2 is one

    1. God how I miss his blog. Can’t wait for the reboot with (hopefully) all the posts. So I can start at the beginning and read one per week for infinitum.

        1. Just on the site where it says ‘an archive of past issues is pending’ and the various mentions of family members reaching out saying as much

  10. I just gave my mother’s friend (mid 70s) the run down on her brand new M&P .380 (not a bad pistol for the older folks as the slide is a nice easy pull). She’s concerned that Biden might win. If the little old ladies are stocking up you know the shit’s coming hard.

    1. Friends 86 yr old mother was holding one in her hand the other day, asked me what I thought she should get, and I told her, you’re holding it. Perfect pistol for old hands. And if that doesn’t work, nothing wrong with a .22 either. Couple of those to the face and nobody is walking that one off.

  11. Fire extinguishers.
    Spare boots and clothes.
    Sand bags to protect your sleeping area.
    Two of everything you think you really need to live.
    A safe place to store everything away from your current dwelling (treeline.underground.)


    1. keep your important files on an external hard-drive that you can grab and go.
      arrange for safe-keeping of your family heirlooms, old photos and documents.

  12. Seeing new preppers so proud of their “go-bags”….

    Not one I’ve seen has a plan beyond that, and I’m the meanie for pointing out they might not be welcome at their destination, empty handed and with no skills to offer.

    Oh yes, it’s going to get curiouser & curiouser…

  13. I am going to purchase 300-400 (Maybe 500) feet of good contractor grade hose.
    And a quality nozzle that can make a good stream and a quality spray.
    Better than nothing for fighting fires.
    Test your spigots to find out which one has the best pressure. Usually this is the one located nearest to the pumps, before the water treatment filters. If you don’t have one, add one NOW. And make sure this hose is ready to use, and the spigot is secured properly to the wall so that you don’t rip it off trying to put out a fire.

    Regular bullets can start a fire. Incendiary bullets WILL start a fire.

    1. I have an indoor spigot (with ball valve shutoff) next to my water heater for just that reason (with a new 50′ hose and nozzle), in the winter the outdoor spigots won’t work when it’s -30’F.
      Firefighting from inside isn’t a bad idea.

    2. exactly……..for the fires here a couple years ago I rolled out my HONDA powered pressure washer, my buddy said I was crazy, but it will reach the tops of the trees and more ! gas powered ,roll it out as far as the hose will reach and my well is solar powered so when the power was cut I am good to go

    3. On that topic, having a hose bib key can be super clutch. I keep one in the truck just in case. Really good for urban water procurement.

      Also, being aware of where your/other important water main valves are is a good idea. They make special wrenches for turning them on and off at most hardware stores, but it can almost always be done with an adjustable wrench in my experience.

  14. There’s a lot of stuff to buy.
    Food. Water/purification. Sanitation. Med stuff. Shelter. Power/heating/cooling/ cooking. Communication. Transportation. Security/protection. I’m sure others can add to this list.

    Each will have their own subset of things that work for them in their situation, and according to their expertise.

    That’s the easy part.

    Now the second level: training, trial and error.
    Visit Max or NC Scout or any of a host of others. Get the basics down. Then try it out.

    Turn off the power for a weekend and see how it goes.
    See if your water purifier prevents the runs.
    Ever timed yourself putting on a tourniquet? How about your wife/kids?
    How long does it take to make that draw to first shot? How long does it take after 50 burpees?

    Next level: Friends.
    Skilled, talented friends. Now you have some work to do to come together. Read Mosby. Learn Tribe. And moar PT!
    Read Culper. Network, develop intelligence as if your tribe’s life depends on it.
    Steal a page from Bracken and hike your AO at night. Find the sight lines and books and crannies.

    Highest level: a Cause
    Read the Bible. Or your Inspirational Document of Choice.
    Who is your God? What do you worship?
    Commit to “defend[ing] your families, even unto bloodshed“.
    What is worth killing for? Or in the eyes of your enemies, what is worth committing atrocities for? What is worth going to jail and dying on the receiving end of a gang rape? What is worth fighting for despite knowing you will lose?

    When you have an answer to those questions, all the rest will come.

  15. Food smells and light discipline will be almost as big a draw as a generator would be.
    Using your smoker to finish off a roast would be a huge signal to any hungry sports fans, and possibly bring in the visitors you don’t want.
    Light disiciplne would be not leaving any curtains open after dark, and no outside lighting.
    A generator will be a beacon drawing anyone who want light and water.

  16. Don’t forget normal things:
    Street clothes (dirty war).
    Vehicles well maintained.

    Assuming that we are mainly past major equipment and information preps begin to NOT modify your behavior.
    Act oblivious and ignorant like a tv watcher. I know it’s hard.
    Talk about national politics as though it’s the answer, etc.
    Fit in, blend in, act the same as always.
    If people seem concerned just smile and shrug (unless you might want to recruit them)
    Somebody says they found some ammo. Answer that you haven’t been hunting in a while and should go get a deer this fall.
    Stuff like that. You get the idea.

  17. I’ve spent time and money recently (the last year) squaring away my gear and weapons. WEB/LBE gear, holsters, extra mags, “fighting” rifle slings (two-point retention…thanks Kyle!)…not the bullshit parade/carry slings we were issued back in olden times. Footwear…new style GI boots…not the bullshit black Cadillac leather abortions we were issued back in olden times. Flashlight and mount for my fighting carbines. Little things, not super expensive…that I think can make a big difference. Lots of good military surplus out there if you know what to look for and where to look. Super rugged, simple, and effective. I feel like I’m just tying up some loose ends before it all goes to complete shit. I hope I’m wrong about all of it, but I don’t think I am. God speed to us all.

  18. In addition to above:
    Saws, (hacksaw, rip saw, bow saw)
    Hammers (claw, ballpark, roofing)
    Jacks (bottle, floor) good for more than just autos
    Cordage (para to 5/8″)
    100 Bic lighters
    Vasoline (for health to fitestarting)
    Off-road bicycles (spare parts and patch kits)
    2-wheeled wheel barrow
    10 – various size extra heavy duty tarps
    Diner’s ready, got to go…

  19. Huge rubber bands, large safety pins, large paper clips, spare sewing needles and heavy duty thread, gorilla tape and flex sealant. Aluminium foil, heavy gage trash bags and big cans of powdered Gatorade. That’s item one.

    Item Two: …

  20. Yes, keep prepping. STFU. The Blue Hive meltdown will be horrific and will create legions of refugees. Make sure you have identified ALL lines of drift and plan accordingly. There are still hundreds in my A/O who are in denial. They will use the existing political structure(our ever-present ORCS and ORCETTES) to enforce whatever local edicts which are designed to take from those who have and give to those who don’t. The face-diaper Karens and their Beta Males from the Panhandle Health district are still running the show.
    The local Idaho NG armory in CDA was packed with cars today. This is unusual for a Thursday. I suspect there is an increase in training and preps due to directives from the Grinning Idiot in Boise to get ready for another False Flag. I hold no illusions about all of the clueless flag-wavers here in Rawles Land. A trip to the doctor in Spokane today showed me there are still plenty of flags and bumper stickers supporting the re-election of the Mango Emperor. No visual endorsements for Joe & The Ho’. .22 lr is still plentiful, as is 6.5 Creedmore. 9MM is scarce and 5.56 is non-existent. Read or re-read Selco’s stories. Bleib ubrig.

    1. Dweez,
      biggest problem I see are my idiot conservative friends, partially in denial and even though no military service, (never stood guard in the bush, never led a patrol or set up an ambush day or night), think they can handle anything because they’re exceptional and own guns. Gonna be a crazy shit show from the Rambo crowd, Field Marshals, one and all!

      1. Much of what is being discussed here is based upon the assumption that what is coming will be swift. And noticeable. As if all the BlueHives, half-filled with illiterate, will explode all at once in a concerted effort, aimed at you.

        But what if it doesn’t go down that way.

        What if instead of being hot-n-fast, it’s low-n-slow? How are you (the general reader here) prepared for that?

        What if compliance is the tool upon which you will be ground down? Are you entirely off-grid and self-sustaining? The super-vast majority are not. So what does one do if, in connection with compliance, say government-mandated vaccination against the WuFlu, if you don’t take it, they shut off the utilities OF YOUR ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD? Think your best buddy neighbor will still be on your side?

        This is what they did (and still do) in Eastern Europe. Saw it first hand. In former soviet blocs, the majority of people still live in the equivalent of 9-story condos. And if a few residents don’t pay their gas bill, guess what? Gas is turned off for the ENTIRE BUILDING. And they list the names of the delinquents. Hmm… what do you think happens then, when it’s the middle of winter and the outside temps are in the teens?

        Same thing could happen here, whether it be gas, water or electricity. What’s the plan then when you’re the only holdout and your (formerly) nice neighbor buddy has his rifle (which you may have supplied and/or trained him with) pointed at you?

        Just something to think about for the low-n-slow scenario.

  21. Make up your DIY Berkey Water filtration set up like YESTERDAY. Google this:

    Home Made Berkey Water Filter by Daire – Alpha/Rubicon

    Get all parts needed from eBay, Tractor Supply, Family Farm & Home, or scrounge around for ’em.

    Scope out ALL available water sources in your AO–springs, drips, ponds, streams, rivers.

    60% of you is H2O.

  22. Rifles sighted in, sidearm at 100 percent. Lots of spares, lots of ammo that works in your weapons, gear taped down and blacked out, gear is quiet and ready to rock. 2 or 3 turnequets, medic kit is good to go and a hard heart. The last is the most important.

    1. Now is a GREAT time to square away parts and medical, since ammo is out. Unless you have a .30 Krag…

  23. Spare small parts for your primary long gun.
    Re:ar15, loaded bolt, buffer spring.

    Nvgs, ir widgets, cyalume sticks.
    It gets dark quite often.

    A shit load of batteries.
    More of them.

    Usgs topo maps, lensatic compass, a plan.

    Just a few holes filled in from above. If you have this crap, learn, get proficient, get very good with all the above.

    Comms, teams moving reacting together, day and night.

    Moon out, goons out.

  24. So people are just now prepping?.. some disappointing news for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year.
    There is no ammo left to buy.. and if you find some, you wont be able to afford it. ( dummys are broke and deep in debt)
    Food storage requires planning and preparation..You don’t have time to learn, and you probably cant afford the amount you need in one large purchase anyway ( dummys are broke and live paycheck to paycheck, or is that unemployment check to unemployment check? )
    More than likely, You are in debt, rent an apartment, and are just getting by on what you make.
    I regret to inform you that you are attempting to close the barn door after the horses have run off. The time to prepare for what is coming has past. find a convicted felon who is court ordered to give up his guns, and buy them and all his ammo. This is about the only place both guns and ammo are available at this point. it’s never to late to implement the 6 P’s…. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. maybe concentrate on tangibles in your price range and availability. Fuel, camping gear, hiking, backpacking gear, blades, etc…be prepared to pay a premium price because there are many in the same boat as you….November is right around the corner

    1. Cool your jets there simmer.

      Take a step off that mountain, you ain’t special or original.

      Stay in the truck, we got this.

  25. 01. Hydration (mandatory)
    02. Hunger (avoid)
    03. Special Needs (Meds, Supplements,etc…)
    04. Self-Defense (knife, gun, axe)
    05. Elements Protection (shelter, clothing)
    06. Hygiene (essential)
    07. Germs (the enemy)
    08. Civilized (stay that way)
    09. Mr. Fixit (DIY)
    10. Mental (stay stable)

  26. Hard copy of detailed road maps.
    Drive alternate routes before actual storms hit and flood critical paths.

    Meds. Water. Snacks.

    Ear pro and eye pro for family and friends.

    Fun activities for kids to do like coloring books, card games, board games etc…

    Spare power tools for home repairs.

    Fire extinguishers.


  27. this will be most difficult for most…

    lose your good will, sympathy, and warm heartedness.

    you will need to cull some of those you thought you loved…

    they will betray you and never even feel bad about it- ever

  28. I will focus on weapons.

    Know your AR from stem to stern; the Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) is a vital part of the Stoner system to work. Go to Bravo Company and purchase the BCM Extractor Spring Upgrade Kit – 3 Pack for $12 or the BCM SOPMOD Bolt Upgrade/Rebuild Kit for $30 and rebuild your BCG. Sprinco and Crane Industries is also a good place to find spring upgrades.

    Cleaning: USMC cleaning standards destroy the AR but thorough cleaning is healthy for the function of the AR. I use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean all the parts and lubricate properly. 5/w30 Synthetic is a great inexpensive way to keep the rifle[s] running.

    Quality kit like BCM, Magpul and Midwest Industries pays dividends for reliability and persistent performance. The Stoner can run from 5.5# to nearly 11# for a DMR; YMMV. Lighter the better. GunJesus (Ian) is running a custom 5.5# Stoner 2020 project build at a hair over 5# with optic (and no BUIS).

    If you have a village that uses a common pattern rifle, make sure everyone knows it and you have battlefield pickup familiarity with AK pattern rifles.

    If you haven’t red dot equipped every weapon you own, you are not leveraging the technology and advantages they do for rifle and pistol. The red dot is five times faster than irons. There are some low price options at the $300 range that will perform well.

    You have a ten dollar head, get a ten dollar helmet.

  29. Gentlemen,

    Organize or die, and all this equipment will be appreciated.
    By the enemy.

    Without that well ordered militia you are acting as the depot for the enemy. Ask Stonewall Jackson, or look at any history of war.

    A well ordered militia meant trained to fight as a unit, the weapons being available was a logistical note. Well ordered meant organized and trained.
    It did not mean the most tricked out Brown Bess.

    Actual combat? You’ll be standing around talking it over while any competent enemy that put a month of work into the business will execute Battle Drill 1 – and you that aren’t dead will be running for your lives.

    Forget EVERYTHING but organization, and bury all ^that crap^. Organize, pick leaders and train.

    Right now all the crap is Antifa/BLM / etc S4 (supply/logistics).

    Sorry, that’s the truth.

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