55 thoughts on “Open Thread: Did I Miss Anything?”

  1. An observation:
    After running a couple of errands over the weekend, the wife and I just happened to be passing one of the larger, “boutique,” gun ranges in the city. This is a new facility, less than five years old, with a large, indoor, multi-lane firing range, and a big retail shop with all of the ridiculous “stashed-gun,” clothing and the like. Parking was almost impossible to find, and their lot is probably a hundred vehicle capacity.

    We decided to head inside to take a quick tour. The amazing bit for me was that they still had some ammo, a good bit of pistol stuff and whatever you cared for in the dujour bolties (though nothing in 5.56 that I saw). Prices weren’t eye-watering, surprisingly…and ALL of what they had was going out of the door, steadily, and the place was packed with people, some waiting in line to shoot, at least ten deep, while there were probably 6-8 NICS calls while I walked through.

  2. James says:”Silence is violence/Keep shooting”.

    Food/clothing/tools ect. still reasonably priced,go shopping.

  3. Three things that tell me that people are born to be fucked-

    There are still regular white folks out there that don’t carry a gun.

    People are still hysterical about a regular fucking flu.

    Cuckservative personalities are still talking about NFL games.

    1. yup. i invited 2 neighbors over for a 3 gun comp yesterday and they decided to watch the Lions game instead(REALLY?)-one of them is a OEF army engineer vet(all tatt’d) the other navy… just last week my Ranger buddy was arrested for DV- he’s fucked now… tick toc goes the clock. this is the problem for FreeFor- they are being picked off and side lined one by one because- waiting…

    2. As I’ve pointed out for years, the arrogant ignorance tied in with the denial of coming events will lead to a clusterfuck of unimaginable proportions.
      My SF buddy and I were discussing yesterday how many of our locals think they will simply kick the shit out of Antifa and then vote their way to freedom. This whole thing is a Democrat plot, none of them even have a clue about any of the castle dwellers supporting world communism/banking. Or the fact their media is misdirecting them away from the real enemy on dozens of meaningless squirrel hunts.
      Gonna be a lot of dead clueless white folks.

    3. And on schedule, ‘Ass-O-gaslighting-Flap’ is baaaaaaaaack with
      MOOOAARRRR ‘stupid – 1984’ chickenshit little plan-demic

      Guess he DIDN’T get the memo stating that only 9,120 people
      ACTUALLY died from ‘stupid – 1984’…won’t be surprised if
      ‘ruthie’ is listed as a “good covidiot commie” (her victorious
      cancer is going to be pissed!!..it was looking forward to being
      awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for unwavering
      duty under fire in eliminating a ‘domestic enemy’).

      The local indian ‘auu-tho-aa-tey’ is still doubling down on stupid
      even though they just re-opened their casino..forked tongue
      hipocrites come to mind (you NEED a mask to get in AND to provide
      proper ID)…otherwise they still have a shitskin stranglehold on
      the local town that unfortunately sits within the ‘rez’…for the
      protection ‘of the most at risk tribal members’…..

      If they’re lost their collective shit over a nothingburger coldbug,
      what the fuck are they going to do when EITHER ‘pantifa’/burn-loot-
      murder and the rest of their merry freeshitarmy clown posse show up,
      OR the shit hits the fan socially/financially and they AREN’T getting
      any more anything from ‘Unca Sugga’ in the district of criminals?……

      It ISN’T going to be pretty..that’s for sure!! They’ve ALREADY pretty
      much pissed away whatever ‘goodwill’ that they had in the community
      from the non-indian folk living here over the fake beer virus and their
      reaction to it!

      Local gunshop was full of customers, guns being sold a-plenty;
      ammo was available but being rationed – 2 boxes of rifle ammo
      per customer only per caliber. Good thing I was able to score 2
      half cases (500 rds) of Golden Bear via online (it’s made by Barnaul;
      very accurate and consistent ammo), will definitely try to score more
      and some more 5.56 asap.

      Also just received the 2 volume Civil Defense Manuals a couple of
      days ago..have been devouring the info whenever time allows.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. Maff b logikkkul n sheeyit.
        He says in the comments, and I quote:
        4) I personally bagged and tagged multiple COVID death victims in their 20, 30s, and 40s. You might want to adjust your definition of “old”.
        A virus that kills people 24 years old isn’t “just the flu, bro”.
        Then, or now.
        Where does he work that he’s ‘bagged n’ tagged’ multiple 20-50 yos? Cuz the CDC b saying that from 15-55, there have been 15,107 in that age range whose “deaths involved COVID” in the United States (LINK: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm) Given the number of hospitals in the country’s big cities, and the numbers of RN/BSN/NPs that staff their ERs, it seems unlikely that he’d see several in that age range die in his facility while he was on shift. But maybe he’s in NYC or Seattle or something, idk.
        And if the 90% with severe morbidities holds true in that age range, then the number becomes a lot smaller. There will always be outliers, in anything. I’m sure that some otherwise healthy 20-50 yo people have gotten COVID and died. I’m also sure that it’s a tiny subset.

    4. Word. The big Kahuna/Boogaloo/has not hit the fan yet. However, the video of that hysterical young woman in the car reacting to Ruthie assuming room temperature is a very big straw in the wind. It portends the mindset of legions who, with the financial support of (((Hollywood))) and other Tribe members and their useful idiots, will take to the streets as soon as the Mango Emperor makes known his pick to be the next Black-Robed Druid.
      As posted above, the availability of tools, food, fuel, and other needful things is out there. Heads down, stay focused, accumulate. What the irritable architect described is happening in my A/O also. The local indoor range is awash in people coming in to shoot and taking shooting classes. 9MM is scarce. 5.56 is just about non-existent. I am doing sub-caliber practice with my stash of .22lr.
      No matter where you live in this corrupt, syphilitic country there will be no high ground. Once the Golden Horde has pillaged all of the Blue Hives, they will branch out. I know my A/O will be awash in refugees and all of the Romans 13 robots, “Blue Lives Matter” useful idiots and the FEMA-financed “Clergy Response Teams” will be out in force to snitch off anyone who has any kind of a stash of anything. I’ll take Venezuela for $500.00, Alex. STFU and plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  4. 55% of all kids entering kindergarten in the US are non White. In ten years that will be 65%. What are we struggling for? Anybody know? They don’t have to kill us. All they have to do is wait a few years and it’s all theirs without a fight. Unless.

    1. Because they cant wait.
      They want to accelerate the process and live in their utopia now.
      CA and I once had this conversation and he made that point rather succinctly.
      The “leaders” of the left like Pelosi and Chucky as well as their true financers and backers are getting old. They have to get this done now so they can enjoy the last remaining days they have knowing they won.
      It is their undoing, if we exploit it and make it so.

  5. Some folk on our side are still convinced the Kung Flu is gonna kill us all. I see you posted Aesop’s pearl-clutching. I just don’t see things his way. Family members (work in medicine) got it, confirmed they got it, and it was nothing but a bad cold.

    Hunting rifles are still available as are some of their common calibers, 270, 243, 7mm-08.

    1. Yep, completely curable with early HCQ + Zn. Word of mouth is that the more rural docs are using it more freely than in the city near the big medical center. I was VERY concerned early on, when it was being downplayed by the CDC et al (Feb-Mar), but as more data & creative treatment approaches have come along it simply doesn’t worry me anymore. Sad that mask mandates are still being pushed by conservatives that are getting bad advice.

  6. Hello frenz-good to see y’all! Hope everyone is well, and the fires haven’t affected folks too much. Saw a big one burning N of Denver this morning as I flew in.

    1. Hi Berglander, glad to see ya! Feel free to pull up a virtual chair.

      Isn’t it interesting that more and more folks are reporting that
      they’ve seen the bolshevists setting the fires…but of course the
      bolshi owned/controlled media are doing everything that they
      can to tamp down on such info.

      Waiting for my 2 cases of ordered ‘Golden Bear’ to arrive to
      add to what I’ve got to keep my new ‘Serbian Beauty’ happy.
      If you see ammo available online that you need – buy it and
      get over the pinch in the wallet for doing so..more ammmo
      is ALWAYS good!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Another beautiful day here in the Redoubt. Most of the smoke has cleared away.
    I wonder how many people with aggravated respiratory problems will be diagnosed with the Kung Flu. I know! Lets ask A-sop, he knows everything !

    But all silliness aside……
    Allow me to postulate another scenario to our predicament.
    As Will Rogers once said “There ain’t a nickel’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats” and “We have the best Congress money can buy”.

    I would like to extend this to include every flavor in the political spectrum. It’s not the politics, but the politicians. They all have a common goal – power – by any means and the rewards by ill gain.
    Any “politic ideology” is just a theory. Theories supported by rickety “laws” to give the semblance of validity, strength, wisdom and truth. Theories do not become de facto “law” until proven.
    So far all body politic is batting – zero.

    We couldn’t be further from the truth. The whole structure of any body politic is the perpetuation of lies by lying politicians. Therefore, all political theories are vapor-ware, a mirage being sold to us as order and justice to convince us that we have a choice. When we vote we think that there is a difference between these theories that divide us into believing that any one theory is better or correct. This strokes our ego, our vanity and desire to eliminate all others who disagree.
    Why does this remind me of rats in a maze ? Why do we persist that what we believe is right and everyone else is wrong ? Could it be that politics – and religion – are nothing more than a chimera ?
    Vehicles designed to keep us apart and in constant conflict?

    Consider that we have been lied to about everything, by everyone, for perpetuity. Yet we tenaciously cling to our beliefs because we need a foundation in our lives. The politicians will pump that party line because it gives them the appearance of authority, wisdom and truth. Like P. T. Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

    So, I postulate – with yet another theory. Every lie is born from a seed of truth. Remove all the weeds and find the mustard seed. What if there is no difference between any of us except the lies we have been led to believe our whole lives that divide, conquer and control us ?

    There are forces more sinister at play here. All these forces are united in one goal regardless of ideology – complete power and complete subjugation. One government, one currency, one (or no) religion, one people, one history – one big fucking gray mass with no colors. This is the antithesis of what humanity is. This is what those in authority believe will ultimately lead to world peace, order and stability – as long as an elite few are in charge – for perpetuity and we are here only to serve our betters.

    This is where we are today. I tend to believe that this sinister goal will not be achieved unless we allow it or something miraculous happens. The dynamic I see here is that there are forces beyond anyone’s control and the universe will unfold as it should.

  8. The project continues, new semi trailer, on the horizon, “ref unit” . Mavic II Pro bats charged, I’m afraid to fly it, sinking feeling ill drive it into the ground at 54 mph.

    New gray ghost upper, glock 19, with holosun red dot 507, zeroed to my eyes, works killer.

    Second pistol being built, using Lone Wolf high end lower. ” incorporates the 1911 grip angle” slides off being machined, and another holosun 507 c and tall night sights installed.

    I’m panicked, I haven’t source 3006 ammo, need 2k! Checked sources mentioned zero showing on site.

    Counting my pennies for the PVS-30 for the precision rifles. Survival blog is listing the ” Knights Armament” for 5500. The problem is zero repair sources, if needed. Reviews on the 30 are impressive, beats the hell out of 10500.00 new.

    Trailer took a crap, as did the dodge diesel,both up again, not cheap, which is why the PVS 30 isn’t on the way.

    A small group of BLM, took a nasty ass wooping down town, a week ago. Apparently they misspoke to a group of cowboys who stomped the living shit out of em.

    Do stupid shit, win poor prizes.

    The fire north of town continues to grow, the left’s , “Pluard and Clevin”? Stradegy, ” overwhelm the local resources, and their mutual aid resources is working.

    The fire patterns are in fact just that by design, each is lit to focus local resources, then the mutual aid districts lit on fire, and unable to send aid. Ignition sources are outright devilish. Fucking clever, never seen nor heard of Before.

    State of Oregon Nat Guard are deployed to the box, leaving only three Helo’s available for fire service. All Oregons fire resources are taxed to the max. Whole small towns and barrios, up in flames in raging fires, zero fire fighters even detailed to address the fire issues.

    Many west coast states are unable to send mutual aid, as their in the shit themselves. The fire map placed here last week is exaggerated. Lots of fires, but not as huge as the map shown.

    I’m waiting for the f-15s out at the base to be pressed into air tanker duties!. Lol.

    Weathers changed, high moisture in the air, which is benefiting fire suppression, temps dropped and the aspens are turning colors, my fav time of year. Off to Reno for more spine injections Thursday.

    O yea LaNino is in, expecting a wetter, cooler winter, we need it, the forests and high plains are a tinder box.

    Crabbing at the coast has picked up, friends are having fifty crab pulls, off the coast, when it’s not red flag. We didn’t go, trailer slide was tits up, repaired now.

    AND, I slept like a baby knowing RGB, is on a slab, that SCOTUS, will receive another Conservative. In my mind far more important long term then any other political race.

    Trump, Trump, Trump!


    1. The Terrorists in the Middle East have used massive forest and prairie fires before. We just don’t hear about it on the local news.

      1. Yes, back in 2012-’13 Al-Queda printed a magazine showing their members
        how to set fires as an unconventional warfare tactic.

        Looks like the current crop of bolshevists and their fellow travelers
        have read it and are going hog wild with it…and the (((controlled media)))
        are trying to do ‘damage control’ ala “these are just normal wildfires…
        nothing to see here..nothing interesting..”.

        The ‘local fallout’ of all that burning on the West coast is that my
        local gunshop owner said to be on the lookout for the local badged
        orcs and orcetts trying to hassle folks going out to do target shooting
        in the desert…supposedly they’re ticketing people because the target
        shooting here “might cause a wildfire”. It reminds me of the scene
        in “Kelly’s Heroes” where the asshat Lt. tells Sgt. ‘Big Joe’ to keep
        his men from looting..and ‘Big Joe’ says, “Loot?..loot WHAT?!..there’s
        nothing here to loot!!!”.

        Desert for miles around…Palo Verdes and Mesquite trees here and there…
        Yeah…’wildfire’ right…whatever!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    2. Check out thermal. Prices aren’t nuts anymore. Got to use a Trijicon IR 60mm a few weeks back. https://tnvc.com/shop/ir-hunter-mk-iii-60mm-thermal-scope-640-x-480/Unreal.
      Leaves standard NOD/scopes in the dust, no illuminator needed and almost impossible to hide from. Every unit should have at least one.
      This is an economical IR laser -https://tnvc.com/shop/steiner-tnvc-tor-mini-ir-vpc-variable-power-control/
      Hope all you scallywags are doing well.
      Still waiting for A- slop’s apology – what do we get? ‘Told you so’!? LOL.
      The Gods sure are throwing some curveballs. Trump seems to thrive on it.

  9. The next time Matt Bracken insists that Black Lives Matter is “Marxist,” laugh in his face. BLM is, like the Jew Flu*, another (((corporate))) trick to deflect and profit from (((their))) planned economic collapse and depopulation—you know, the “reset” following (((their))) centuries of looting. The Jews want to gin up a race war to distract us from (((their))) economic and other crimes against humanity of all colors.

    Here is an excellent deconstruction of the bullsh*t claim that “BLM is Marxist.” Note the (((corporate sponsors))) and also the imbedded quotes from the World Socialist Web Site. https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/blms-war-on-the-deplorables/

    * https://judaism.is/jew-flu-html

    1. Yup, 100% Bracken is a fool.

      How the hell you going to win a war when you don’t even know who the f’in enemy are ??

      Really makes you wonder about that guy ultimately.

      1. I think Bracken’s heart is in the right place. Same for the guys at American Partisan, even if they’re not full on 14 or 88.

        Jesse James over at American Partisan may be the most thoughtful man on the right. I cherish his thoughts.

      2. The white Christians are their own worst enemy, they truly believe the poor oppressed Jew is their friend, while he slits their throat thru deceit in an ages old religious war, and will not end well for the brainwashed Christians. They won’t wake up, and will suffer the consequences of their own stupidity.

      3. Yup, Mutt Cuck’n is still barking incessantly about
        the “threat” from big bad China and Vlad…

        More of the same (((scripted))) schtick….

        For a dose of reality just check out this recent
        essay by Mike King:

        Funny how truth doesn’t ‘fit’ (((THEIR))) narrative…just like
        (((Nadler))) recently caught on camera saying that “the antifa
        riots in Portland are a right wing fake news thing”…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. Capitalism dictates that private entities exist to provide a product or service… for a profit. No profit, no incentive to provide the product or service.

      Dollars are hard to come by for any business. It is not wise to foolishly waste them. And yet, all of these major corporations are simply handing out money to a cause which, if taken at face value, is supposedly ‘Marxist’ and thus antithetical to said corporate donors? Take the NFL, for example. They are hemorrhaging viewers (their supposed life-blood), and seem not to care one iota as to how their actions will affect their bottom line. It’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’ on steroids. And there is no indication that this type of behaviour will be changing any time soon.

      None of it make sense.

      Not without any quid-pro-quo, that is.

      It only makes sense when one considers the possibility that these organizations have been promised a return on their investment. Not in the form of regular sales for their products/services, but instead in the form of, for example, access to easy money, forgivable government-backed loans, reduced taxes, etc. Each of which are vehicles controlled either by the State or the Banks (the latter most likely controlling the former). This is where the elite (((network))) lies, unseen, out of sight, and off the table for discussion.

  10. Sally left us with quite a mess, lots of down trees, but the house still stands. Will be awhile before power is restored, running on generator. SHTF but we were ready, glad I’m a prepper. Lots of firewood for sale. LOL
    We’re rid of another commie on the SCOTUS but from the performance of the last two appointees I don’t expect any true change.

    1. Bama, never experienced a ” Cain” was in a typhoon in the mid 70s, In the P.I.. Fascinates me, Mother Nature, is going to win and win and win.

      I watched weather TV, for hours, regarding your storm, marveling at the raw power of the elements. Hope it all works out. I did speak with a friend’s daughter,,who’s just south of Pensacola, said not to bad, but she’s on high” ER” ground. Said flooding down lower was really bad.

      Good luck.


    2. Glad y’all are OK, we dodged a big bullet here. Laura to the west and Sally to the east. Waiting for this Beta front to go away so we can get some sun and dry out some, the cooler air has been a nice change.
      Take care.

  11. Sent a link to your inbox around 2:30am.

    Imagine your inbox is highly populated at the moment.

  12. I see old I Slop is still trying to sell the WuHoo Flu as some great killer of the world. Too bad the real numbers don’t agree with his fearmongering .
    Anyway it’s nice to be able to comment here again

  13. My response to Aesop (emphasis on Sop) “Told ya so!”

    Fear mongering or worse, ignorant, liar?

    Was any of those youngsters shot or maybe hit by a car or fell off a ladder, after all if you die now it was certainly COVID related right…..

    SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday that it erroneously posted guidance that said the coronavirus spreads through airborne particles that can remain suspended in the air and travel beyond six feet. (you can bet the new guidance will be even more draconian, and probably require and investment in some expensive technology)

    Safe proven vaccines, surely you jest, in your plandemic coma you missed the lawsuits the government lost with respect to either the efficacy or safeness of of vaccines, is Bill slipping you some cash? Or maybe the hospital are sharing some of that covid windfall!?

    And so you know, the 6ft rule was dreamed up by some high school girl for a project, you really are completely ignorant! At least I suspect as much……

    I used to think more of Aesop, but this scamdemic has proven he’s just another tool, moving on……..

    I suppose I’ll be censored just like twatter and youtube and Phuckbook would do, that’s fine I know your a liar and will never read another word from you, even if wrsa post it. (shame on wsra for linking to this claptrap)

    This blog does not allow anonymous comments. (We need to be able to catalog your response for fitment into our threat matrix)

  14. Put the garden to bed & pared down the 2 year plan to a 6-week priority list based on upcoming “weather forecasts”

    Be safe & good luck, everyone.

  15. You didnt miss anything Bro.

    S.N.A.F.U. is still the 5 paragraph order of the day.

    Intel from the nightly riots for those that dont cross the streams like I do.

    They are listless.
    Several weeks ago Portland was the center of the riots and it was odds on that they would go even hotter than they have been.
    Then the Feds arrested a bunch of the leadership (and make no mistake they have leaders).
    The fires came and for the last week the nightly streams have been divided into two groups.
    Those that have been covering the fires.
    Those that have been covering actual demonstrations and marches.
    The later group is interesting. The violence has not completely stopped but it is primarily directed at the people filming the events. Unless they profess the required chants and genuflection, they are likely to be forced away, even attacked. The attacks on the cops have diminished and property damage was down as well.
    This changed over the weekend as we had the Portland Police directed to stop working with the Feds. So the protestors have simply left the Feds alone and directed their efforts at the PPB. They went on a march and damaged a bunch of windows and vehicles.
    I will be interested to see what transpires this week and this weekend after Trump makes his announcement to repopulate the Ruthless Supreme Court.
    Most Likely Enemy Course of Action:
    Increasingly targeting demonstrations and riots at the homes / offices of the Senators responsible for the votes. More directed action at those individuals and their staff. I believe we will see increasing demonstrations at the Capital itself, in order to threaten and drive the Congress to inaction prior to the election. They seek to intimidate the members of the Senate and prevent or delay the vote. I would expect an increasing level of called in security threats to the Capital. Look for Democrat Senators to allow large groups of protestors into the Capital and then set them on the offices and meeting spaces of the GOP.
    This operation will be in conjunction with nightly ramped up violence that will again seek to spread out into the suburbs to send a clear message to the suburban housewife, “remove Trump, or else”.

    1. As both Trotsky ((( Lev Bronstein))) and Stalin (((Dushgavelli))) both said;
      “The worse things get, the better for us!”

      And a lot of NPC’s/normies STILL believe that antifa is a totally
      new organization, just sprung forth from the ground organically…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  16. It was good to see you again Brother and glad you were here when the smoke wasn’t so bad…You are welcome back to my homestead anytime maybe when you can stay a little longer 😉

  17. First article.— Western civilisation is under the grip of an anti-white ideology that has been imposed in every white country after the Second World War.

    Second article.— The fair race is being exterminated by genocidal levels of immigration: a wholesale European, North American and Australian population replacement for non-whites.

    Third article.— Ergo, the twenty-first century will be the darkest hour for the fair race.

    Fourth article.— Whites either gain a sense of themselves or they are going extinct.

    Fifth article.— Only an ethnostate will save them from extinction.

    Sixth article.— If the ethnostate is formed, a constitution may start with the words: We hold these truths to be self-evident: Men are created unequal. All men are unequal—nowhere in the natural world, and Man is part of Nature, is anything equal. Equality does not exist in Nature; only in the abstract world of mathematics and in the minds of delusional humans.

    Seventh article.— The rest follows from this…

  18. Boss, I just watch all this, take it in, digest, and go on about my business. Yup, it’s a soup sandwich, and not getting any better. At one of the links I suggested the rank and file of commenters stop bewailing their virginity, cinch their belts and start comporting themselves like men on a dangerous mission. Exercise leadership and all that goes with it. Stop belittling their allies (everybody started off untrained and inexperienced), work with what they got, etc. If memory serves me correct, having a can-do and get er done mentality is what you need to win and thrive. Evidently, some of the freedomistas are aghast to find less-than-ideal conditions in front of them, along with the fast approaching shit show. Boo fucking hoo. Saddle up, bitches.

  19. Cali is on fire: it is hot, smoky, and miserable. In that order. My domicile was invaded by mice because of the fires-Cal Pest to the rescue. Little bastards are running for their lives, decided I looked like a good target. They started on my wicker patio furniture and then sallied forth. My black cocker died in July; Molly was my huntress and would willingly take on anything. It was after she left that the mousers made their appearance. So-I am still cleaning and disinfecting. Adding to my food stash as possible. Trying to think about uncomplicated and simple recipes. Winter seems like a good time to consider having lots of soups. People need to remember why old times included soups. Easy to make out of any scraps, feeds a large crowd, travels well if you know what you are doing, contains lots of vitamins, and will warm you up from the inside during cold times. I have seen Antifa in those big white Sprinter vans traveling around, looking for opportunities. Fortunately, my AO is decidedly pissed off and finished with entitled imbeciles. The old folks who want to go along to get along, are outnumbered. Some A-member did manage to dump oil all over Auburn Folsom Road before anyone noticed. It was definitely a dump-too much to be accidental. My driving skills got a workout, so I took the knowledge for what its worth. WuFlu continues to terrorize neighbors who are divided 50/50 on containment. One neighbor is moving to Wyoming-looking at you Laramie. More have fled to Reno. What a time to be alive!!

  20. Political campaign signs in your neighborhood are an important administrative reminder for the list of folks for future education campaigns. The Uniparty is merely putting on a show but the real Bolsheviks are in the Democrat Party wing.

    Gold, guns and groceries; never enough.

    In the end, the only lasting peace to be gained is through partition and secession.

  21. Corona Buffalo Jump .

    Hope you’re doing well CA.

    SE Ok is going as normal as before if you weren’t a fucking douche to begin with. Kids back in school, food is there but pricey for beef. 1.99 real gas. No mask no problem, people don’t fuck around here. Nig nog’s are a little uppity in town but they know the score. They are growing bolder though. Pushy in the lines, more mouthy in general. You can tell people know what’s up but nobody is going to jail over anything at this point. Everyone waiting for election. Money coming in hand over fist in the cannabis biz here. We are rocking it out! Only people out of work here are lazy slobs who don’t want to work or folks sucking that government dick for those tax dollars. Just waiting on the event to shut it all down. But it’s full steam ahead until then.

    Sup tfat, johnny, berg, gringo, dirk, Al, dweez and all the others that make the comments great.

  22. Talking Points – Have At It – Harris and Biden are neither Left nor Right, they’re Servants of the Corporatist National Security State, they’re neoliberals. Trump makes a big effort to not be a servant of that state, but he’s sabotaged from within by a thoroughly neoliberal bureaucracy. The US government has been run by neoliberal ideologues, ex-Trotskyites, since at least 1980, and they have thoroughly infiltrated all of our institutions – including the leadership of our educational institutions from top to bottom, and the mainstream media. Both Republican and Democratic Party Establishments are neoliberal – and Trump *isn’t* part of that club and never has been – that’s the reason for the continuing storm of hatred. And the neo-liberals are traitors to our American heritage and traditions. As far as BLM and Antifa go, they are astroturf “social movements”, supported by family foundation and corporate money, and given support by the National Security State, the so-called “intel community”. They’re part of the “six ways to Sunday” that Schumer was talking about. And the identity politics they push comes straight from their corporatist neoliberal masters – what better way of keeping a population enslaved than by creating and enforcing artificial divisions and having them fight against each other. And the Chinese Communists are just as neoliberal, as are the governments of the UK, the EU, and most of the Commonwealth countries including Australia and Canada, and they push exactly the same policies, with exactly the same goal in mind – the enslavement of the working population to globalist finance capital. That’s my take – there’s more to it, but that hits the high points.

  23. I live in a rural area about 30 minutes from Portland, and have a small side business selling waterfowl as hatchlings and adults for eggs/meat/etc. In March, demand exploded for live ducklings and goslings, way more than I could provide. I’m sure this was related to people getting into the prepping mindset due to Covid-19…the average customer was a white middle class family.

    Things calmed down to average from around May-June, but once we hit July, demand exploded yet again. This time, the clientele was 95% weirdos from the city. Not even joking, they all were walking memes and they were all from Portland proper. Many of them lived in apartments, but they said (they really weren’t very good at opsec) that their landlords were letting tenants have gardens and livestock in communal spaces. Some of them did not know what they were doing and needed advice on how to get started. Some of them did because their parents had taught them when they were kids, and were just “getting back into it”. A few mentioned that there were large groups of them getting together with community gardens with livestock. These people were buying 10-20 birds.

    Based on my experiences from the past few years, these people are taking their preparedness much more seriously than the average football fan in the suburbs, or the average boomer who is hoarding guns. Some of these people are digging in for the long haul. Take it as you will, and good luck!

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