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        1. Booboo says, “Uh-oh Red-Pilled Yogi, Mr. ‘adult-diaper-league’ Ranger
          ISN’T gonna like this!….”.

          The “You CAN’T criticize or investigate via logic “The Chosenites”
          (especially those tied to “The City of London” or their military/
          corporate colony called ‘israel’)” REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ng will
          start by their indoctrinated simpanzees in 3…2….1….

  1. Roger. ‘Are you not entertained….? – Gladiator.
    Most likely – further ratcheting of Virus scam ‘measures’.
    Most dangerous- Deep State creatures going full retard if they can’t see an exit. Power /internet outages with dead ‘white supremist ‘ and /or his paraphernalia found at scene of sabotage among the plays available to these freaks.

  2. when drumpf and his whore recover most riki tik the issue of Hoaxvid-19 will be settled- or should be… it’s just the flu brah. meanwhile on tfA-t isle, my new driving range, sand trap, and putting green w/ pin and flag are finished and being utilized 🙂

    carry on peasants..

  3. Take this opportunity, while they’re livin’ it up at the party, to re-mil some really good shit.

  4. WHOOO the “thinking” post above has me doing just that.
    I am of two minds about it.
    Has Trump really fallen ill to this virus, and what are the National Security implications of a biological attack on the US By the Chinese? Anyone got a live feed from the Straights off Taiwan?

    The other flap of the Conspiracy cap, is Has the President stolen a March on Biden? Was this all a ploy to get sympathy and prove once and for all that this is a virus that is no where near the threat level that the media has hyped it up to be? Will we see Biden suddenly come down with the Coof in the last hours of Sunday evening? He may have to see some polling to back up a Trump post-Coof bounce.
    Is the President faking his illness so that he is ensconced away due to an impending action ala the Q spew? Is he trying to draw out Negative Nancy into attempting a sort of coup by insisting she is the real President now?

    Fucking Chinese and their interesting times.

    BTW boss man, we need to do that thing at that place that we have talked about.

    1. Grenadier1,

      History backs your assertion on point 2. Nation has generally calmed down and taken a breather when the POTUS is in ill health. Reagan was shot in his first term and some have asserted at the time that this even boosted his second term chances.

      The other scenario might very well be that there is an op occurring and the best place for POTUS while the op was ongoing was to be ‘elsewhere’. Walter Reed is as good as any I guess. But it certainly provides plausible deniability for the less than curious (aka msm).

      1. CA-
        Really appreciate your efforts, however much, with CDM vols and their push here on WRSA. Might be really short on time to implement for some, but if nothing else they have some mighty fine reference info for baseline. BZ from one of them Paratus types.

    1. Johhny Paratrooper:
      “..Are they launching phase two? For the Election?”

      ONLY if those that sit at the head of the table from
      “The City of London” decide that it’s in THEIR interests
      and goals…then they’d quietly give the go ahead.

      Remember, via their talmud, non-jews have no souls;
      therefore AREN’T “human” and exist ONLY as slaves/
      beasts of burden to be used by the jewish “Chosenites”
      as they desire…this goes doubly for folks of the Christian
      persuasion as “The Chosenites” via their Noahide Laws
      see them as unrepentant idolators that MUST be punished
      by decapitation publicly as soon as they come to full power.

      One wonders how far Hagee’s head will roll after his former
      jewish supporters deal with him and his flock?…

      As for America; they’ve (via the Rothschilds and their ilk,
      the Sassoons, Israel Saif’s and others) have owned this
      country since their successful financial coup of 1913….all
      the rest has merely been a consolidation effort by their
      communist/zionist front apparatus. America IS their
      sacrificial jannisary style slave soldier and their financial
      steer to be butchered when and as deemed necessary.

      Of course such truth flies completely in direct and
      utter conflict with the carefully engineered indoctrination
      of civ-nat mythology and rampant ‘parchment worship’,
      whether that of the ‘Romans 13’/Scofield Disspensation
      Bible cucks or that of the ‘muh constitution WILL save
      ‘Mureica!’ simps. Ken Royce’s “Hologram” torpedoed the first
      and about 10 minutes of worthwhile research online
      totally torpedoes the second….but the NPC’s/normies
      have to cling to their indoctrinated mirages lest reality
      intrude and hurt their ‘fee-fee’s’…

      And no, ‘voting’ ISN’T going to save anyone….

      Better keep prepping and training..and definitely
      buy the two volume Civil Defense Manual and put
      it’s wisdom into use.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. It’s really difficult to say what will happen here. Most likely I don’t see a whole lot changing on the horizon. With our cosmic governor and mayor some additional Kung Flu restrictions seem possible. I am not seeing many possible antifa types around here, and our one lame weak sauce riot back when the unrest started in Minneapolis dosen’t portend the local freak show army having much capability at all. I definitely think if there was an ‘incident’ that fit the burn loot murder narrative the revcom could be bussed in within hours. I think maybe 4 bus loads of revcom could easily overwhelm our local low IQ poopoo orcs. They just do what they’re told, and would have no clue what’s going on. From my perspective they are probably as much or a greater danger than antifa.

  6. Over on Breitbart, the usual gaggle of (((Hollywood))) ghouls, trolls, demons, and deviates are in the mother-of-all circle jerks overs the POTUS’ and FLOTUS’ diagnoses. This will blow up in the twisted, hate-filled faces of these satanic quasi-humans. Can anyone imagine if any commentator on the Right had spewed such venom about Barry and his Wookie?
    Whether you like him or not; or voted for him or not; think about this: Donald Trump is a disease of the skin. Joe and his ‘Ho, the (((Marxist and Hollywood))) deviates and politicians are a terminal cancer. Prep like you have not prepped before. This election will probably be our last for quite a while. Bleib ubrig.

  7. I’m changing AO on Monday. Bought a defendable place quite a ways from the Dindus BLM/Pantifags/Reds. Already networking with local partisans for mutual aid//defense.

    WHY am I moving the family? Because a local 3-day power outage had the entire (current) communiry completely lost, and helpless.

    I need to worry about my own family, not carry the whole fucking neighborhood. The two cops that are neighbors are nice, but utterly unprepared for coming spicy times.

    So I’ll have 3 weeks to get arms, food and water supplies updated. Already stocked on ammo, comms.

    Reading “Failure of Civility” again. Good info.

  8. Images of infants puking would be more appropriate than an image of a tiger puking in regards to political debates.

  9. The North American Zoological Institute is committed to the eradication of the Urban Pavement Ape and Journalism Excellence Worldwide.
    Greetings from Kalispell on this fine evening.

  10. Most immediate concern; Election or, post election to be precise. The war will continue either way but game it yourself; worse if R win or D win? Both bad, just in different ways and over different length time-frames, but, none good, all scenarios lead to war. The numbers of people preparing to some extent or another is staggering, as high as 50% of those living in US territory, and the number of people willing to use violence to achieve politics is now at 33 percent.

    Stawks still point to Trump second term. I say they’ll leave him installed.

    Not sure if 90 days or longer but the vaccine thing is a hill some seem willing die on. That should be interesting, if I live to tell the tale, as I will have no needle plunged into me against my will.

    I hate this war already.

    Whatever that thing was that you knew you should have done but are putting it off, yeah, that thing, you know the one, get it done now. – PSA

    1. ProGunFred , we won’t be forced (initially) to take the vaccine. We just won’t be able to do anything without it, eg. Laura Loomer can’t even get an Uber ride. Also it will weed out the stubborn yeomen from the sheep for later processing.
      No way out but through indeed.

    2. Should Biden win, the AntiFA types will feel embolden to continue and escalate. They will believe they have a mandate. The useful idiots are those in the press and think tanks that for some reason believe that the Democrats have some form of control over the Mob. They don’t but are willing to ride that tiger thinking it will help them.

  11. Wall Street Journal on line has an interesting article earlier this week on how the major food chains are prepping and stockpiling for a repeat of a lockdown and shortages into the coming holiday season. The most interesting parts though were the reports from suppliers such as Hormel Foods, General Mills,Kellogg, and Campbell Foods on how they are behind.


  12. Former CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo lives in Corte Madera, California. This is my AO and I’d like to send Dick a “friend request” but I don’t have his street address. Any assistance appreciated.

  13. Hmmmm.

    What if, everything you have ever been told, was a goddamned lie?

    Kinda seems to be the way it is now.

    Jus sayin.


  14. Next 90 days in my immediate AO? Addicts looking for a fix. Here in the boonies, our trouble is likely to come farther down the road. If and when the festivities kick off, the biggest problem is that the civic nationalists and Christians don’t have the stomach for what needs to be done. They’ll inform on us to the “authorities” in a heartbeat. I just don’t see “the big one” looming on the horizon. Instead, I see a Spanish Civil War with some GOP cuck playing Franco. After our side wins, the huge corporations will have to stop being openly woke, but leftists will still control the culture and we’ll still be getting genocided through immigration. I get why Remus was a “survivalist.” He saw the futility in trying to “restore” anything.

    1. The devout Catholic Franco beat (((them))) and held his patria for decades. They hate him eternally for that, almost as much as they hate Titus and Jesus Christ. Because they could not defeat him, they had to wait to desecrate his grave as they had desecrated so many graves of the saints. After Franco’s death, Spain reverted to decadence and socialism.

      One man makes a difference for the good. Be that man.

  15. @JP-Bubonic plague is not considered a threat? In a country that eats live baby mice as an adored delicacy ?? Why can’t we just nuke their stupid yellow river dam and be done with them? It wouldn’t surprise me if the Chinese try something stupid and ugly while Trump is positive for the virus. Diane and Nancy are feeding them every nugget that they can.
    In Sacramento, I continue to stockpile everything I can get my greedy, hoarders hands on. The neighbors are clueless on most everything. Despite warnings about Biden, the news, and all forms of government nitwits, most or these people hold fast to the doctrine of Cronkite only tells the truth. I can-not and will-not save them from themselves. A friend and her husband came out to visit for 5 days. Believe me when I tell you, Ben Franklin continues to be right. (Both fish and houseguests stink after 3 days.) California continues to crumble and degrade under Gabbin Nuisiance. Antifa has tried to sashay into the conservative Hinterlands in Kommiefornia and they continue to get their asses kicked. Gives new meaning to stick to your own kind.
    Shopping centers closed by early evening across Elk Grove and many storefronts were being watched by security or city police on a night that nearby Sacramento was under a curfew and patrolled by National Guard troops.
    One message to “report suspicious items and activity,” warned motorists to keep eyes open for “stacked rocks and bricks where there shouldn’t be any,” “water bottles filled with a non-water substance,” and possible antifa members who “like to dress up like wannabe ninjas, all black and face masks and usually carrying a backpack.”
    Another person, with errands to run, checked with NextDoor neighbors first to make sure the coast was clear: “I do not want to be bothered with any of those protesting and looting. Is Elk Grove expected to have those issues?” the post read.
    Fears filtered into south Placer County as well this week. Roseville police reported several groups of protesters on street corners with signs, and said they have ramped up their patrols and public presence in recent days amid rumors that Sacramento’s violence could spread.
    “We understand there’s a lot of concern in the entire region. We’re aware of several reports of misinformation on social media,” the Roseville Police Department said in a social media update Monday evening. “Rest assured, the police department is monitoring all reports related to our city and our region. We’re continually coordinating with our regional, state, and federal public safety partners.”
    Some area residents, still shaken by rumors of violent confrontations in the suburbs, indicated that they were equipped with weapons and prepared to defend their homes from any potential threats.
    Shasta: The impending storm of civil unrest is exacerbated by the fact that California’s Democratic governor and his pandemic mandates are hated by the majority of the Trump-supporting region where many are simpatico with ideals espoused by the State of Jefferson and the Tea Party.
    Day by day the human atmospheric pressure continues to build in the North State. Myriad lines have been drawn so deeply in the sand that there now exists an ever-widening chasm between the maskers and anti-maskers, science-believers versus science-deniers, and between Black Lives Matters believers versus those who steadfastly insist black lives aren’t that special, and that All Lives Matter.
    That’s what we say that here in Shasta County, home of more than 11,000 card-carrying concealed-weapon permit-holders.
    So, the farther north you go, the closer to the Founders you get. In that spirit, I stick close to my goals. What is that saying? No excuses, no apologies, no explanations.
    Keep prepping, address God directly, be clear in your thoughts and actions.

  16. Kenoshaish-
    In addition to the national, globohomo shitshow,
    We still have the Kyle trial and Jacob Blake on the menu. Busloads of Bolshevik cannon fodder from MIL & CHI wait in the wings.
    Ducks in a row, stat.
    This has all been a prelude to the real shit.

    Trust the plan, goy!

  17. With all this talk about Sleepy Creepy Joe and Kamaltoe and the situation of disqualifications and last minute unveiling of the true candidate of the Democommies and that they are deliberately throwing away the election; I begin to wonder why?

    Suppose the Dem. Collective have already had this plan in place to have coordinated mass civil unrest and disruptions across the country in both large and small actions? We have seen the Portland, St. Louis, Seattle, Minneapolis, Rochester and Austin events unfolding. Just like a “Tet” offensive the CommuDems are sitting back in safe places while the street $hit do all of the violence.

    What would be the logical sequence of events and how would that impact people overall and in the microcosm?

    Street intersections would be blocked and people assaulted and/or killed. People fighting back would kill or be killed.
    No Go Zones would be established for People and some No Go Zones established for communists.

    Which businesses or types of businesses would shut down first and which industries would discontinue operations?

    Free travel would be interrupted, but how? Interstate highways, U.S. highways (Routes) would be affected, but to which degree?

    Commerce would be interrupted and the food situation would be the first major issue to be noticed by everyone. When would the last truck cease running deliveries?

    How soon would all hospitals and medical centers become defunct? How long before the infrastructure and the utilities are abandoned and not operating?

    The Left is so very organized and prepared and the “right” is so inept and ill prepared. Disregarding Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Sarajevo, etc.) and Rwanda, Syria, etc. how would this be developing in the U.S. We are the only country with national civilian firearms keepers with this population. We have nearly 100 million immigrants who will never assimilate or naturalize and they have most of the tech jobs and the higher learning opportunities.

    So Trump is re-elected and the Big Bugaloo/Boogaloo begins and we are now faced with uncertainty except for warfare, violence, despair and privations. How do you see it in terms of the numbered sequence of events? Nationally or microcosm?

    I asked this on a survivalist site and never got a logical answer, nor comment. It was all bravado and cuckery. Very few people are taking seriously this whole situation. Look how many people are still voluntarily wearing a face tampon. Next place that REUIRES me to wear one, I’m also going to wear an aluminium foil hat!

    I see the violence as smaller in scale and intensifying in localities and then eventually becoming county wide and a strategic pause. Commerce may be impacted and some trucks will stop moving freight. Railroads will continue and the interstates will be open except in a few metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Houston, Chicago and the Dip Sh*t Area of northern N.J., NYFC.

    The internet will be down and Ham and private radios will be the only reliable information and intelligence traffic, the networks will be 100% propaganda and much false information (it’s 99.99% now) will be directed at the people who pronounce Hyoondie as a honday, because nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public.

    When the trucks stop and people realize that no one is coming to save them and that the people in the government are their enemies, then the lights will go out.

    If the commies legally and lawfully win the POTUS, which they shouldn’t: people will be subpoena’d to appear to an obscure place and then disappear. Or, SWATted in broad daylight when all of the neighbors are back to work.
    2. They are surreptitiously awaiting in your homes for when you return from work and quietly eliminate your household.
    3. You are fired from your job and when you get home you find it burned down and no public safety response, you are now a felony vagrant. You are apprehended and disappear.
    4. People smarten up and take appropriate measures to secure their safety and their household and seek mutual protection from the 23 other “patriots” in their state who also are alarmed and reacting. They counter-revolution forces move in and you disappear.

    If Trump wins: Rioting and precision targeting without letup and increasing momentum and propagating patterns. Within a week the water, electricity, natural gas, sewage and internet are DOWN! Then the trucks stop moving and shortly thereafter–no fuel. It’s nearly winter and no heating medium of any kind. No food deliveries and no money system. The elites are unconcerned because they have what they need in abundance and with good security and obscurity.
    2. George Soros and the corporations save us! Because Romans 13. Because we have the moral high ground. Because Jeeeeeeesus is coming down to save us. Then we all disappear.

    Sorry for the long post, I had to relate to someone.

    1. Well, that is one analysis of possible scenarios. And, the biggest problem I see in my A/O is the huge amount of Normalcy-bias, Romans 13 robots who will willingly snitch off anybody who they perceive as a threat to their comfort zones. We have discussed this problem before.
      The soccer moms here are already in high dudgeon over the lack of Halloween gatherings for their little curtain climbers. And, there is a mini-epidemic of missing cats(coyotes are prolific around here). But the Karens and their Beta Male cucks continue to run ads about missing Fluffy.
      But who are our real enemies? The Leviathan can do nothing without the total support and loyalty of the Orcs and Orcettes with badges and guns. We have beat that dead horse over and over again but it is absolutely true. No matter what scenario you game out in your preps, the real threat is from your neighbor with a badge or a NG uniform. Plan. Focus. Bleib ubrig.

    2. Good stuff. You’re never going to get good feedback outside WRSA. The normies are in “normalcy bias” mode and the “preppers” don’t really know what they’re doing. There is a small contingent here like you that has the bigger picture. It’s a lonely road…but it’s better on the other side.

    1. Got the message loud and clear. You are right. No one I know is ready to return to a robbed /burnt house . Cultural separation is needed. They wouldn’t allow it so nature / history will do it .

  18. My guess is things to go wrong beyond election chaos is panic buying again and shelves being empty.Food/clothes/fuel ect. reasonably priced,keep stacking.I will say the whole mexi beer bug did give folks a small glimpse into how quick supply lines ect. can fall apart,feel many more folks have pantries stocked then did before,that is a good thing.

  19. Our neighborhood is what I would define exurban. Too far out to be suburbia, not far enough out to be considered rural.

    Threats to the AO from Marxist Moslem america in our locale is Marxists.

    17 years ago when we moved here it was 1 Marxist to 25 Trad Americans. As the medium sized Mid South city we live near pulled its usual Demomarxist ruled swirl to the bottom of the toilet, the very upper middle class/middle class brainwashed useful idiots that ruined the city with their voting/empowerment have fled the city they helped ruin’s violence and insecurity, and moved en mass to suburbia and exurbia with lots of turnover/arrivals in the last 6-9 months.

    Now the Marxist to Trad ratio has dropped to 7 or 8 per 25.

    Being exurban crime was historically low, that is until the scamdemic’s response put lots around here out of work. Non violent crime has gone up considerably. We attempted to form a neighborhood watch hoping it would grow into a more defensive group if/when needs arise.

    The change in ratio and cultural war’s cancel culture have made decent people afraid to be associated with what is considered nascent militia-ism.

    The result? The good guys aren’t willing to stand up. Not even for a phone tree neighborhood watch.

    tptb have pulled off an amazing psyop.

    The astute Burke observation ‘All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing’ has been/is being used against us.

    Trust has been eroded and eliminated making friend/foe identification difficult at best.

    It means that the level of suffering will have to be higher for good men to do something.

    That is a sad thing.

  20. M.I. goverNOT Wretched Whitless aka “the cunt” has finally been punked

    not that i ever followed any of her orders or anyone elses- i never do 🙂
    tfA-t is the KING, not any loser parasite gubmint trash

    and these are some ugly bitchez – i’m thinking the signing slut in the picture is a man..


  21. Also in an ‘exurban’ AO on the edge of the Virginia Piedmont. Total, Face-Diaper-Wearing Moronism surrounds me, either Karens or those who ‘just go along to get along’. Haven’t worn one since the beginning of the Coronascam, and never will, but have never been challenged by anyone about it.

    Area is just enough removed from ‘the Swamp’ that it’s unlikely we will see any pantifa/blm action; or if so, Sheriff is unlikely to follow orders to Protect them.

    IMO, the biggest Threat Scenario I can see is, if there is enough Chaos in many Urban areas, eventually the effects on ‘supply chain’ parts will Effect us here. I Have plenty of Supplies for an extended period of Isolation, and expect that post-election Uncertainty will drive another round of Hoarding by the unprepared.

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