Grok This

“This is a post-civilian-defense scenario and must be looked at militarily. There are no “individuals” out there; only individuals acting within a competent (or lucky) group will survive what is to come. If you are in a confrontation with a group, you have to have a group plan and respond as a group or you will get smoked by people who have it together. Then you’ll be nailed to the wall by the media, who partner with the commies

Legality has nothing to do with it. If I’m dead, my wife and kids lose me forever. I can’t take care of them. “Oh but the guy who did it is dead / in jail” means nothing.

“Oh, but there will be a LAWSUIT against the MEDIA COMPANY” – oh, yeah?

·@EisAugen on the lessons of Denver

Concerned American
Smart tigers vomit away the silliness of their prior beliefs as they accept the existential reality they now face.