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    1. I miss Ole Remus and the Woodpile Report. I wonder who was the lucky one to end up with his wood pile, chickens, garden plot, cellar with canned jars of vegetables, 22LR and ammo, and bug out location?

    2. You’re 10-2; hopefully Code 4

      Currently still Code 4 here in extreme Western Arizona.

      Local gun shop still has firearms available; ammo is
      being rationed to either 2 or 3 boxes of rifle caliber,
      same with handgun ammo. Buying what I need from
      online vendors if they have what I need in stock.

      Gas is $1.99 per gallon – cash price.

      Local indian casino IS open; requiring BOTH ID and
      mandatory face panty; no one under 21 allowed in.
      3 restaurants are open for ‘dine in’; others take out only
      due to the ‘stupid-19’ boogafloo bullshit.

      ‘Tribal Authority’ is STILL touting ‘the narrative’ about
      how dangerous ‘the boogalofloo’ is..with EMPHASIS on
      how “Tribal Lives Matter”…hmmm..wonder WHO put
      them up to spouting that line of racialist bullshit?…
      They’re STILL attempting to mandate face panty
      compliance throughout the rez…don’t see their cops
      attempting to pull anyone over who ISN’T wearing
      them though…several business are still following their
      garbage dictates though…

      No current rationing of purchases of food or other
      items at stores as of the moment.

      Thing that most of the indians (especially the ‘tribal authority’)
      don’t get is that the indians addiction to welfare dependence
      is a BIGGER existential threat to their health and safety than
      the plan-demic nothingburger…they just can’t or won’t see it..
      just like meth, cocaine and heroin junkies won’t see how their
      addiction is destroying not only them but everyone else that’s
      involved with them (friends and family).

      And they wonder WHY they have a worse outcome (for being
      ‘federally recognized’/’treaty holders’) than inner-city blacks
      in either De-toilet, Shit-Congo, Bald-e-mawhr, Shitsburg or
      any other city with a large population of blacks…actually they
      DON’T see it…they’re still patting themselves on the back for
      being ‘First Nation People’ and bitching and complaining about
      how the ‘evil whites’ “stole their sacred lands” and out of their
      same mouths in the next breath complaining about how the
      ‘evil whites’ “don’t do enough for the noble indians!” (always
      with the guilt trip and shake down play…hmmm..wonder WHO
      taught them that bit of larceny/panhandling?….).

      When things go off the rails socially and especially financially,
      it’s going to be VERY interesting to see how they and others
      in the area respond to “when the music stops” where the freeshit
      like EBT/SNAP payments and other items from ‘Unka Sugga’ stop
      coming/being provided for…most likely the bitching and screaming
      WILL turn to open rioting and looting of the local China Mart and
      other grocery stores and convenience/liquor stores.

      Be interesting to see how the local orcs and orcettes from the ‘Tribal Police’,
      Town PD and Sheriff’s Office deals with that..and for how long..especially if
      the indians decide to ‘riot on da rez!’..which DOES include the local township.

      Which reminds me…need to order one more PA 5x Gen III ACSS scope while
      I still can for one of my long guns!

      Less than 60 days til the ‘Kabuki Theater’ is possibly torched
      by the bolshevists and their commie clown world fellow travelers
      and useful idiots..with the help of their controlled ‘mass media’
      and things like Facebark, Twatter and the like….

      Isn’t it great to ‘Live in interesting times’?….

      Stay safe one and all and BLOAT!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. The truth is it’s on defense, only when it contains an accurate firing solution.

    3. Pete,

      I’m not posting load and info on here. Not helping the Nazis out.

      So, I cannot find the email I no to you, so if you would, will you email me at my provided email so I can hook Dirk up?

      Thanks for opening up the comments BTW. It’s good to hear from some of these guys periodically.

    1. Thumbs up.

      I loathe all software companies with their constant “tweaks” to something that already works.

      Sorry for my assuming that the template hadn’t been changed.

  1. I’m back in the saddle again
    Out where a friend is a friend
    Where the longhorn cattle feed
    On the lowly jimsonweed
    Back in the saddle again

    Ridin’ the range once more
    Totin’ my old .44
    Where you sleep out every night
    And the only law is right
    Back in the saddle again

    Rockin’ to and fro
    Back in the saddle again
    I go my way
    Back in the saddle again

  2. i caught 2 poachers who were road hunting in their truck on saturday. i have been caring for 7 turkey all summer- 4 toms and 3 hens. assholes shot a tom and a hen before i went out and stopped them from violating anymore… DNR was called… i would’ve preferred to judge and sentence them myself… perps were both in their mid 60s and clean-cut. guess what color they were? WHITE as ghosts. shitheads weren’t even from the island. when i confronted them, of course they denied- while the passanger had an uncased shotgun in between his legs. i told them to look over there up in the tree, CAMERAS! the guy said “there’s too many people these days” and i said “yeah i know asshole” about then M.I. DNR showed up.. hope they get hammered in court. the whites are gonna die-off because they are just too fucking corrupt and dumb… they’ll get what they have earned.

    1. Dumb, yeah, just look at AntiFA. Corrupt might be a feature. In a dog eat dog world playing fair is not on the dance card.

    2. It is correct what they said though – this is the year it became apparent that there are too many people. Unless we cull it back to 500MM or so, the only people who will be able to stand it are Indians (dot) and other sub races who enjoy being packed like anonymous anomic cattle and who don’t give two shits about the wildlife or land or waters since those are all just for garbage anyway…as long as they have rice and beans and small amount of veg with some god awful spices on it. This entire planet will become a Bombay slum. The only wildlife will be street dogs and rats.

      And in the meantime we have boomers like fatTass “muh tom n hens!” calling the fn fish cops on other boomers just trying to experience the end of natural earth a few last times.

      FatTass hates cops but has em on speed dial and loves it when they harass other white boomers. Pathetic. Why didn’t you take those guys for a walk and set them up in a nice spot, then tell them to fuck off and not come again next time, and enjoy the day and enjoy the turkey? Fn boomers…you fn hate each other more than wives hate sex.

      1. FatTass hates cops but has em on speed dial and loves it when they harass other white boomers. Pathetic. Why didn’t you take those guys for a walk and set them up in a nice spot, then tell them to [expletive] off and not come again next time, and enjoy the day and enjoy the turkey? Fn boomers…

        You noticed that too, huh?

        He’s a walking contradiction.

        And in love with nothing but himself.

          1. And then there are those waiting for such an occurrence just so that they can drink from it.

      2. whatever reetart. they were poachers on private land- dumbass. they are lucky there are cops to protect them still. the neighbors ALL agreed that these 2 got what they had coming. it was funny watching 2 boomers! have their guns confiscated and then ticketed- along with forever being banished from the island. let this be a lesson to the stupid shits out there. oh, and fuck off loser.

        on another note- tfA-t was right again, Drumpf! recovered “most riki tik” just as he predicted.. tfA-t is wise above all other men.

      3. they didn’t even harvest the birds. they were just two fat old cucks having “fun” who didn’t even live on this island- fuck them. they were trespassing, poaching on posted private land from the cab of their truck, with absolutely no regard or respect of the residents, the animals, or common decency, and most likely not licensed either. we watched them being detained and guns confiscated. they are lucky there are cops to protect them or they may have never been heard from again. so go ahead and defend criminals and scumbags moron.

        1. Boomers poaching while other boomers call the fish cops on em….

          Couldn’t fn make this clown world up.


        2. FatTass hates the law but calls fish cops on other boomers for “muh breakin’ the law duh island!”.

          “Muh tom n hens derp!”


        3. Yah you should kill other boomers for poaching two birds. That’s equivalent. As long as it’s LEGAL then it’s ok to shoot the birds, right? Are YOU eating them?

          500MM REMAINING. Old west cowboy rules. I.e…fuck around and find out rules.

          CA – masthead: The law of the land shall simply be: FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT.

          That’s the only law we need.

          No more poachers. No more fish cops. And 500MM.

          1. i did the island and MI a favor by identifying and eliminating 2 dumb asses from the playing field. if they aren’t responsible enough to respect property rights and wildlife as guests here or be able to restrain their adolescent impulses at mid 60ish years of age… they obviously were stupid fudds and nothing but loose cannons and liabilities to all concerned. i bet they wish they never came here saturday…


      4. My wife loves when I bone her. As far as Boomers, they don’t hate anyone more than they hate their kids.

    3. Sorry ass bunch right there. I got no use for the majority of so called hunters. Most dont own the land that they are raping. Oh how I long for open season.

  3. The line from the movie “We Were Soldiers” (2002) comes to mind….

    Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourself!

    …said by Sgt. Maj. Basil Plumley

  4. A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune to “interact” with a local communist. His head made a strange noise as it hit the concrete pavement. No police report. Claimed he was also Antifa. I don’t have TV any more so I have to get my entertainment somewhere.

  5. Nothing’s changed on this mountain, Carole has surgery tomorrow, anymore it’s routine stuff. We’re slowly rebuilding the engine in our 79 landcruiser.

    Dr’s finally cleared me after the three discs were replaced in my spine. Moved my long range to ” The Ranch” spent a day launching 338lm and .300wm at 1000 and 1500y, been awhile the thump is bothering my neck, but think it a matter of conditioning. Zero pain, up high lowers being managed with spine injections. Opted out of the last surgery, times just not good.

    Shot 120 rounds, 60 and 60. The new range is boring, nothing slick about it. Not my ranch, so I don’t get to set targets. Hoping after a few months, these guys get bored with full frontal target shooting, terrain is such that I can bury, targets in crevices exposing just the top 10 inchs. Or side 12 Inches
    O well.

    Been in the high 20s here in the mornings, and we had rain which knocked the fire danger down big time. A few Oregon fires still going but contained, lots of history burned to the ground.

    And can anybody share a great load for the 215g .300wm? Launching Bergers and Sierra bullets, right now only shooting 190g,” Shooter” you have a pet load?

    I did race my vintage 71 CZ 250 and 69 American Eagle 238, last Sunday, in a vintage mx national, hadn’t ridden in five years. Won all my moto’s, but literally could not move for two days, cramped in places I didn’t know I could cramp in.

    I just can’t imagine The Donalds not winning, if this area is any indication of outcomes, ” it’s not” will be a land slide.

    In my bimonthly email to The President, I suggested that the ATF’s NEW ar pistol regulations are suspect. The timing of the release is clearly a political move, in my eyes. Don’t see how anybody could interpret the timing, and substance any other way. IF, I had anyAR style pistols, I wouldn’t even consider giving them up, fuck those pricks.

    ALL alphabet agency needs a complete management retirement, they are DS, to the bone.

    See ya around!


    1. so pete, you’re censoring my comments now? truth gets in the way of the agenda? i’m seeing how you are. these guys had no business or right to do what they did and i think you know that.

    2. God, that CZ 250 was a great handling bike; jealous.

      On the recoil thump, I had that for awhile with a 338 bothering Atlas/Axis, last cervical stop on the old spine up to under the skull. Try avoiding traditional bench posture if you can. See if you can finagle a shooting position that is akin to being upright, leaning across the hood of a truck or out of a 5′ hole fighting position, or similar. Seems to help; was a suggestion from my chiro/sports-med guy years ago.

      1. Am recovering from two major kidney procedures in the last month requiring hospital stays and general anesthesia–final stint came out Friday, and after pissing a little blood and passing a few grains Saturday–am back on my feet again.

        Am traveling to the mountain AO to square away shit and finish zeroing the dogs of war.

        Cha-cha metrics are way off the chart now and increasing with every passing day. Only a fool has no clue what the ABR’s are planning to do after the election. I am looking at a Biden/Harris rally in Las Vegas where no one showed up. Also looking at a Trump car rally with 30,000 cars versus a Biden rally of the same with about 30 vehicles total–all leading me to believe that the election will be a replay of 2016 and maybe with a bigger lead.

        The ABR’s are going to go ape shit when this unfolds and most likely will unleash their ‘Trump kinetic removal plans’ –and then the big conga-line party starts. Two scenarios come to mind… the election goes before the supreme court–and Trump wins ergo: CWII Or… Election goes before the house of parasites (each state gets one vote), ergo: Trump wins, ergo: CWII and a kinetic removal plan/s is put into place… with the color revolution broadcast and streamed live.

      2. Badger, thank you, was prone, over the hood of my truck and large branch supported. Haven’t shot off of a bench in 30 years. The stock is a Tom Manners, unit, the barreled action is a Surgeon, custom built for me, back in St Louis. 13 years ago now, second barrel. OAL is 28. Add the Thunderbeast can, and it 300 yards long! Lol.

        As for the CZ’s I’ve got six, don’t know why, just do. The 250s are Reed valves, hemi’ed the head, 38 mic carb, digital ignitions, the 380s, are bone stock, don’t need to be breathed on, their fast fast fast, stock, I did put ignitions on the 380 s, so they start easy.

        I picked up a head band the holds either ten or twenty pound weight. I m using the light one to strengthen my neck. The top three discs were R&R In Jan.

        Right now prone is the most comfortable. For now, I’ll go the dirt rout, in a few weeks, I’ll move over to the rock pile, does two thinks for skills building.

        1, it’s awkward and the rocks are not in a pattern, hurts. Helps me focus and disregard the comfort zone.

        2, breathing and focus, on what’s important what my physiological input to the rifle controls. Specifically breathing, trigger control,,pressing the trigger, uniformly.

        This new range has zero car size boulders to works off of, and around.

        The focus points are, shut down focus on ranging, dialing and hitting quickly, but not so quick that the uncomfortable rocks your laying on dictate your ” pushed shot” .

        It’s rained here, so we’re OK to start shooting in the woods again. Until last week wouldn’t even consider it, the fire danger, dry woods were a fire looking for an excuse to happen.

        Regarding the atlas stocks, my newer 6.5 C,I had built initially had one, got talked into,it by my gamer friends. These guys actually bolt additional weight onto their chassis, for stability.

        I shot it for a week, and FOR ME,just didn’t work, I sold it, went back to a Tom Manners carbon fiber unit. It’s old school,Mc Millan, style, with adjustable rest. Works for me.

        I’m not into,cool, for me it’s all about funtion. I’m happy the atlas is working for you, they truly are a revolutionary stock, with tons of adjustments available, an added value.


    3. Dirk,

      Yessir, I do have a very slick, proven load. 190smk 300 wm. I’ll email it to Pete, he can get it to you Pete’s willing and able.

      Glad you and yours are doing well.

    4. 79 Landcruiser,nice!FJ-40/45?

      I would like to build one but feel the purists will hate me,start with 383 and doug nash 5 speed and move on from there!

      I will say bone stock a competent rig.

      1. Drove 2 FJ-40’s for 20 yrs, always wanted another since I sold my last one in ’99. Am now driving an ’05 Jeep TJ, nice unit but nowhere near the toughness of an FJ-40.
        Have also come to see the wisdom of the FJ-80, probably the best L/C ever built. Prices have bottomed out to where they are under 10-15k for a very nice unit. (FJ-40’s have developed an expensive cult following and cost 3-5x that) Dealers have been building up overlanding rigs and getting 2x-3x their value, buy a nice unit from a private sale and cut out the greedy dealers.
        The best ones are in resort towns, garaged in a vacation garage and low miles.

      2. James,- 1979, fj, 2f six. It’s got a small cam, a header, a Webber 38mm, and electric ignition, coil etc etc. this was the very first item my wife Carole and I bought post Navy.

        It’s been on the Rubicon, a few times, Sierra Trec, both late 80s. We parked it in 14, my back was so bad, I just couldn’t drive it. I’m approaching normal again, so she’s getting the once over.

        I’ve got five hours pressure washing the bottom of the LC, just came in after an hour. Is still real a dirty mess. I won’t work on it until, it’s clean, I’ve gotta drop the pan,, change oil slinger, depending on what the compression test tells me, a complete motor rebuild. I’m hoping the slinger, a new mechanical oil pump address the oil press dropping.

        If not I’ll consider changing out the crank bearings, again depends on a compression test. I’ve got to re plumb the electric ignition, pulled it out, now I don’t recall why.

        Have all new ball joints, drum rear pads, and new discs front, shocks, all the hoses are on order out of Texas. drive shock, and steering arm to replace. My neighbor across the street, purchased a FJ down in LA,six years ago. It’s wild, don’t recall if it’s the 383, but it’s something big, want to say it’s stroked, so maybe it is the 383. Has a six inch life and all the really high end off road suspension. He’s selling it for 35000. Everything’s redone, everything shinys powder coated. Killer after market seats, and a stereo out of a ski boat.

        The thing is so tall he has to flatten the tires to get it out of the garage. Bitchen cruiser, but it will never see the trails, high country ever again, it’s like brand new with all the cool guy shit.

        If your In The market let me know, I’m happy to make the intro, you can deal straight up with him.

        31/ 1 st is the end of vintage mx season, so my cruisers my winter project. That and loading. I’ve tumble every pieces of brass I can find around here thousands and thousands of cases.

        Hadn’t intended to load pistol calibers, but at these prices I’ll load. Found some JHP, 115 and some 147 g for the nines, and 230 JHP for the .45s.

        At least here, powder, bullet, primers by the 500 or 1000 are plentiful, still.

        I’m rolling my 338 lm using vitavarti N-165, both 250 g, and 300g. r-25 for the .300wm, and Varget for the .308 . VV n165 for the .243 utilizing the DTAC 115 g, bullets.

        Forget what I purchased for the 6.5c loads, it’s whatever my rifle builders “NorthWest Rifle Actions” Klamath Falls Oregon.suggested, his loads out of the rifle he built, for me are easily sub MOA, actually guarantee 1/2 MOA. The rifle capable, but I’m only requiring sub MOA dead is dead.

        If anybodies looking for a quality built Rifle, these guys do fantastic work, their rifles top out at 3500.00 ish, the big name guys are getting 7k to 10k for the same build, I also own/ shoot those big name rifles, I would tell you that the NWRA, rifles shoot every bit as good as those rifles. Maybe better, at altitude.
        It’s built on KelBlys inc, “STOLLE ATLAS, action, 24 in Krieger #9 barrel,manners carbon stock, and a Schmidt and Bender PMII 5x25x56 in mrad, with the H59 reticle.

        Has its own ThunderBeast can dedicated to this rifle. I’m running a 2.5 pound flat trigger, the name escapes me.

        Nuff said. If anybodies interested, happy to,make the intro,


        556, is managed by the Dillon 650, sadly I’m using Varget in this batch, was hoping for a better 77g, so far not the case. Battle field accurate, which is shit, in my mind.

        1. Dirk,

          In regards to the 77smk load. Trim length, neck tension matter a lot. Supporting the quite long bullet can affect consistency + or-.
          Compressing varget seems to work well fwiw.
          205m and #41 both work well, it appears in my spr at least, the Fed gm primers group better at 500 and out compared to the #41 at least.
          I load both primers, but I also single stage them.

          Riding recoil, and bipod preload really affects a gas gun grouping greatly.

          I’m sure you already know all of this, I’m just throwing darts.

          Hope her surgery went well.

          Take care.

  6. Post Denver, I think a repost of Vanderboegh’s ’94-RoE, regarding enemy journalists, is in order.

  7. Denver – it is unfathomable why well meaning yet terribly misguided freedomnistas continue to show up/demonstrate in commie strongholds.

    NEVER interrupt the enemy in their acts of self destruction! The worse off in the massive shitties, the better.

    CA – any plans to resurrect the blogroll? New contact info?

  8. What am I seeing?

    With each passing day, the Covid fear is being ramped up. Anyone who dies “of Covid” under the age of 60 is featured in the local newscasts. Always a “healthy” person whose family just wants to get the awareness out on how dangerous Covid really is, and that it can just randomly affect ANYONE; always short on actual details related the decedent’s medical condition as all anyone needs to know is that the decedent died “of Covid.” Last one I saw, one family member even mentioned how careful said decedent was, always wore a mask, social-distanced, etc. Of course, the brain-dead talking head never once points out that if any of these preventive measures actually worked, the decedent wouldn’t be dead in the first place. But I digress.

    Along with the Covid hysteria, I’m also seeing the DNC pouring gobs of time/money on YT/FB/TW/Etc. Can’t open a single YT video, it seems, without some DNC ad and/or a DNC-paid promotion about voting by mail. Covid and the mail-in ballot are no doubt highly interconnected to one another, as it appears only via massive voter fraud run through the USPS does Biden (and probably a lot other Democrats) have even a scintilla of a chance of pulling this election off.

    Also seeing a ramp-up of stories in the local rag of “Diversity => Good; White Peepo => Bad,” in addition to every other headline, story, editorial being either “OrangeManBad” “Antifa doesn’t exist,” “BLM peaceful” or “Covid!” That anyone with even a lick of sense can see this and not understand that nearly every single news outlet is nothing more than a propaganda machine is beyond me.

    Meanwhile, I’m still at the reloading bench, canning preserves, listening on the bands and going about my regular bidness.


  9. When I was deployed we had a peculiarity. When clambering a round at the start of a patrol and at clearing at the end of patrol, we found a slight “dent” in the primer. The floating firing pin would touch the primer. This round went into the bottom of the mag as round # 30 or # 3 u til it was shot in sector.

    Military primers are harder than commercial/civilian primers, so NPT CDM keep this in mind when going on and coming off of security patrols. Place that round in the bottom of your mag or start another mag sequence.

    This is to avoid unintentional discharges. Saftey hoo’ah!

    1. We had a guy pop a round off when chambering-it was the same round that he had chambered dozens of times I guess. M4 was on safe, hand wasn’t on the pistol group.
      I don’t know a lot about primers, can repeated light strikes like that cause it to go off?

      1. Some rifles have firing pin springs, some don’t. The M-1, M-14 were notorious for slam firing, happens on almost any semi auto weapon where the bolt flies forward without being slowed down and encountering a “soft” primer with a free floating firing pin. It’s called inertia and “bang”.
        Even the godly AR can be susceptible.

      2. Yeppers, you just stated an incident which actually happened. 🤦‍♂️ My NG unit was always under the scope of big Army so we had zero (to go passes) about anything if any other NG unit was going to deploy independently as a combat arms unit to a combat zone. Success.

  10. Hi thar, Pete! Made a run to Austin over the weekend, and things are rather sporty here in Tejas. Go to a store, a church, a mall, a gas station, everyone is looking at everyone and seem on edge. On I-35 I have never in my life witnessed such reckless and very over the speed limit driving. Going to Austin and back, my wife and I were nearly hit and killed twice. There didn’t seem to be any end of it, out in the weeds or in the cities. And not just a few. As many as twenty cars in a group going easily 95-100 mph, weaving in and out of other speeding traffic. Sometimes it was a group of campers, but mostly cars and pickups. Saw at least five careen out into the median or bushes. Many State Patrol out and giving tickets. Lots of homeless encamped beside the freeway in Austin, underpasses, across from grocery stores. Some one there told me they’ve been kicked out of San Antonio and Houston and are gathering in Austin as a result. Gun stores here are out of ammo and I’ve seen old ladies with their husbands in the gun stores buying pricey AR-15s and whatever else they can lay their hands on. Sometimes I’m there (isn’t that a coincidence) when they get resupplied, and 5.56mm is going for $2 a round. I’m not there to buy of course, learned that lesson in ’08 with Obongo, I just want to see the action. The boss is usually there, and he becomes grim and definite. No buying it all up, and no bullying. Couldn’t get IN to the gun show in Ft.Worth. Extremely crowded and busy, no parking left, and a lot of trunk business being done. Texas feels ready to explode. I’m sure you’ve seen about the voting business on the news.

    1. Sean, I hail 60 miles north of Houston along US59. I have seen the tent camps along the I-10 corridor and it looked just like the tarp camps of CommieFornia. Didn’t know about the ammo prices retail. Anyway, if you ever need another gun for NPT I have one for you, (oh, you wanted me attached to it?)

      Thanks for the heads up about traffic, I drive a semi and I thought Calif. was bad, wait ’til you drive through Arkansas and Iowa!

  11. A bit chilly in the north woods. Farmers Almanac says tough winter ahead. Twenty cords split and stacked. New,” Little Sweetie ” wood stove goes in the engine shop this week. Life is fucking good. The recent gun shows had ammo of all types. My compadres picked some up. Camoed the ATV with new belts and clutch. Winterized all engines. Premium fuel has no ethanol. Proper amounts of stabil mixed in all labeled and dated fuel supplies. Run the engines until all fuel is in entire system. Run your generator and be certain to put a load on it. Inspected and cleaned another thousand rounds of de-linked 30-06. Good shit.
    Four surgeries last year. I am good for another twenty. The six million dollar man ain’t shit. I am the six dollar man. Sparring three times a week, avoiding the young guys with no restraint. Using some common sense is a huge accomplishment for me. I am no longer an armour plated motherfucker. No luck on a Neighborhood Defense Plan. Too many scared pussies. I have my neccasary plans and people in place.

  12. Jesus fucking Christus. All but the really long post sounds like a bunch of frigging retarded pre-schoolers in a pissing match. Stay on topic. Some of us really care what the hell is happening in other AO’s besides our own. Here in South Georgia all is quite. Election worries are the main topic of worry in any conversation and/or location. No food shortages as local truck farmers are providing the excess bounty of their farms. Local stores, not Wally world; don’t shop there, are showing sparce but not empty shelves. #10 cans are selling well according to the store manager. Very uncommon around this area. Local gun store is limiting 1 box of ammo per purchase unless you buy his overpriced weapons. Demand for AR’s is off the charts. Every swing dick wants one NOW; price be damned.

    1. From Sheridan to Rapid City today. Things very normal in Sheridan; spent the wknd there. Some kind of “White Man Bad/Diversiry Good/Give Our Land Back” protest in RC by the local bucks, squaws, and degenerate college liberals with dreadlocks.
      5.56 and .45acp, as well as other calibers, on the shelf in RC (even .30 Luger) but no 9mm. People mostly nice. Glad to head to home to Missoula tomorrow.

      1. On your way back: if you want to get off the interstate at Ranchester and back onto it at Wyola or Crow Agency, we could grab a burger or cuppa at the ville’s eating place.

        CA can hook you up.

        1. I’m flying from Rapid back to Missoula-familiar with Ranchester though. Get my email from CA tho-I get out to Sheridan about once a quarter.

    2. Greetings and Well Met GaFarmboy!

      Totally agree with you on the demand for the AR15 platform;
      selling like the proverbial funnel cake with whipped cream and
      maple syrup at a County Fair.

      Depending on the manufacturer/build, a VERY decent carbine
      class weapon (one old duffer kept constantly attempting to bend
      my ear about how “that underpowered poodle-shooter ISN’T
      worth crap and doesn’t have enough oomph like a ‘REAL RIFLE’
      to kill or seriously injure an enemy!”). Finally got tired of his
      ignorant and arrogant opinionism and told him to go “Foogle
      himself in his private corner!”

      Other folks that I shoot with were definitely giving him Eastwood’s
      characters look from “Unforgiven”….they WERE shooting AR’s and AK’s at the time btw.

      Seeing that a lot of the AR15 market is either: out of the price range
      of the avarage Joe ‘n Jane (especially if they’ve got a family to feed/care
      for) and are just NOW getting into being gun/rifle owners because they’re
      NOW seriously concerned about the threat that the bolshevist Globalist
      pedo Bankster backed action elements of panty-fa, burn-loot-murder,
      Negroes Forgetting About Common [Sense], and all the rest of those
      problem children HAVE stated that they’re taking their killer klown Kadre
      to the ‘burbs and beyond.

      Or that AR15’s just AREN’T available in one’s matter the price…
      here’s a very doable solution for folks that shouldn’t..stress ‘shouldn’t’ break the bank:

      Zastava Arms ZPAP AK M70 – Poly Furniture ($769.00) – IN STOCK!!

      I have the wood furniture version of it; excellent manufacture quality
      and finish throughout!

      Told a couple of co-workers who STILL haven’t gotten their ‘irons’ yet..
      told them not to wait much longer as most likely supply WILL sell out
      before the ‘Kabuki Theater’ raises it’s curtains in less than 60 days..on
      them if they don’t take immediate advantage of such for them and their

      Since there will be some folks that are new to owning an AK
      pattern rifle, here’s a overview on how the sights work and
      how to adjust them properly (btw, the front sight of the AK/AKM
      carbine can be considered a ‘Poor Man’s Eotech’ due to it’s
      layout; also on most, the width of the front post corresponds to
      approximately 18 -20 inches at 100 meters [109 yds +/-]).

      AK Iron Sights – User Guide to AK 47 (AKM) and AK 74 Iron Sights

      Speaking of which, here’s a link on how to zero an AK, the
      ‘American Way’:

      NEW VIDEO – Zeroing AK47: The American Way!

      AK 25 Yards Express Zero: how to zero your AK fast and be on target up to 300 Yards!

      And speaking of ‘natural point of aim’:

      Natural Point of Aim – Ice Cream Baby!

      Killing It with AK Iron Sights

      Here are two items that imho are indespensible when owning/running an AK:

      Magna-Matic AK Front Sight Tool

      AK Boot Camp Book – New Edition

      Here’s the take from ‘Rob Ski’ an AK expert and definite
      American Patriot resettled from Poland:

      New Import AK – 2020 Miracle!

      Best AK For Money Paid: Zastava ZPAP Z70 improved – 5000 Rds Final!

      What sold me on the ZPAP wasn’t just the overall excellent quality of the rifle
      but that Zastava had wisely incorporated an optical sight feature on the left
      side of the receiver. I definitely made use of that, mounting an RS Regulate
      #307 mounting system to use a Primary Arms Gen III 3x ACSS 7.62x39mm
      BDC scope.

      Good news for now (at least) is that those who want to run the same optic system
      on their AK (if it allows for mounting a side rail system) can order the same basic

      Annihilator Gen 3 Optic Combo Pack 7.62 Version

      Also, the Strela AK/AKM Flash Suppressor. Very doable install by the
      owner/shooter that WILL virtually eliminate flash signature for night/
      NOD shooting and help reduce recoil and therefore increase accuracy.
      Thanks for recommending it NC Scout!

      And even though these are currently ‘out of stock’ I’d let PA know that I’d like to be
      kept in the loop for when they’re available again. They screw into the front of the
      scope and the scope flip cover assembly fits right over it:

      PA anti-reflection device for 3x prism scope

      Can’t forget about mags and ammo..can we?…

      New 30 round Croation AK Mags with bolt-hold open feature (less than $15 apiece)×39-new-vci-packaged.html

      An ammo supplier that I’ve done business with before and
      will do so again..check regularly for availability.×39-ammo

      Per ‘Rob Ski’s’ field test/research with doppler radar: ammo ranked for

      Federal (excellent…very pricey though!)
      Golden Bear (Barnaul mfg – excellent ammo – good/very good cost!)
      Golden Tiger (Barnaul mfg – next in line)
      Wolf Military Classic or Wolf Performance (Barnaul mfg -very good to excellent)
      Tula (good to very good)

      Here’s a couple of mods that WILL add to your AK’s usefulness:

      ALG Ultimate Lightning Bow Trigger (replaces stock trigger – trigger pull
      crisp with good let off at about 3.5lbs) They should still be available – search online.

      ALG High Energy Main Spring (superior to the stock spring)

      ALG Recoil Spring (enhanced)

      AK-47 Shepherd’s Crook Replacement (much better than original spring!)

      Btw IF one is going to use a recoil buffer WITH the above ALG Recoil Spring,
      have your gunsmith install it along with the other listed parts. From personal
      experience it is a pure BITCH to do on one’s own (NOT recommended unless
      you really like doing very unpleasant hard work with possible injury and major
      use of extremely colorful language during the procedure!!).

      Hope that helps!

      Stay well and enjoy spending time out training with your favorite AK carbines!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      P.S. the AK47 was NOT created by Kalashnikov! It was designed by
      Hugo Schmeisser, Kurt Horn, Werner Gruner, Oscar Schnick and
      Karl Barnizke..all captured by the bolshevists at the end of “The BAD
      War” and forced to work at the Izhmash factory. Proof of this is by
      James Lawson, Civil Defense Manual Vol. 1 pg 424

      Bolshevists are ALWAYS liars!!

  13. Ammo all dried up in NE Illinois. Fortunately I have my supply. Had it for some time now. Kane County gun show was last Sunday. I was told there were buyers for whatever you had to sell. If you can find ammo near here, it’s way over priced. The cost of being late to the game.

  14. Drew a deer tag for the week of the election. Figured it’s better than sitting around waiting anyway. Be up north away from the outskirts of the valley.

    Bought a Yaesu Ft-70DR and scrolled thru the Kia always freqs. My city popo has encrypted radios but the neighboring towns don’t.

    What was the Arfcom radio freq?

    Folks I know who don’t vote have now registered and are voting anticommie. Good sign when you can get they to people in some ways.

  15. I will say in the hills of the Hampster food/clothes/tools ect. still reasonably priced,hence,I keep shopping.I will say on items harder to get as others shopped while the prices were more reasonable.I have a few people to work with things go very wrong.I also fueled up gear and treated,ran with PRI stabilizer.Best to all here and good luck with getting final preps in order.

  16. U.S. Hid Osama bin Laden in Iran for Decade After 9/11; Bush & Obama White Houses Worked Saudi & Iranian Deal to Safeguard Terror Leader
    Osama bin Laden, the founder, and leader of terrorism conglomerate al-Qaeda, who was responsible for the deadly and devastating Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on U.S. soil, never was hiding in Afghanistan or its damp caves, according to explosive revelations in a new book from intelligence insiders and highly secret government documents.
    Thousands of Americans died that day and many more in the wretched aftermath.
    Instead, incredibly, bin Laden was whisked to a safe house in Iran following the deadly attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York, the Pentagon and the downing of a commercial jet in western Pennsylvania targeting the White House.
    And the highest-ranking U.S. officials in the George W. Bush and Barack Obama White Houses — and possibly the presidents themselves — knew where bin Laden was and did nothing to capture him, according to insider revelations and documents detailed in Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore’s upcoming book PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI In Our Pajamas. The book’s revelations reveal the United States was working with Saudi Arabia and Iran to keep bin Laden’s living arrangements in Iran very quiet.
    “One of the biggest scandals in United States history is coming unraveled,” Moore said. “This is a national travesty, and people need to go to prison. The highest members of both administrations knew where bin Laden was tucked away but sent U.S. troops to die in Afghanistan looking for a ghost.
    “Republican and Democrats working together to protect al-Qaeda and sell out the United States. We have it documented.”
    Breaking on True Pundit dot com, on twitter and elsewhere…
    Good video on this … go to 8 minute point for the good stuff.

  17. As uncertainty approaches I can suggest some things learned from talking to a few survivors of uncertainty.
    Doing rough things is rough on the mind. Getting started, especially for people who have never done them can be difficult and take some time. Time is of the essence. If you happen to have a little shot of courage before things start it can help. I’m not talking sloshed, more like numb.
    I suggest an everclear shot in a quart of gatorade. Replace the electrolytes before you use them and get to the point where you will ask yourself for forgiveness later, quickly.
    Speaking of electrolytes med kits should have salt tabs too, for next summer. One of the greatest mistakes in history has been to assume it will be over by Christmas.

  18. Forgot to mention Cities.
    If you live within a ring road, take a vacay before election day if you can. Military doesn’t lock down cities completely, they just bottle up the neighborhoods. Personnel Control Points at on/off ramps/intersections and roving patrols between them on the shut down highways. They wont care what you do in the areas in between until they get ordered to go in to them, which short of taking a lot of harassment from them they wont. Means you and yours are on your own in there. The mil aint driving into your neighborhood at night to investigate a shooting or a ruckus or anything. As long as the locals play nice with them, they dont care how you interact with each other. And the cops dont go in without mil backup, so, no one is coming to save you.
    Or I could be full of shit, but try and figure a way out of a city without getting choke pointed or forced to cross an open area with limited access. Fun huh. There’s a reason those things are fed funded.
    As Remus said, avoid crowds.

  19. All released in past couple days.

    The CIA whistleblower Allen Harrow Parrot reveals to Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods killed in Benghazi) that Obama and Biden sent Iran 152 Billion USD to coverup the deaths of Seal Team 6.
    Father of CIA hero and Navy SEAL Ty Woods, Charles, in this revealing video with Nicholas Noe and Alan Howell Parrot. Could Benghazi have been avoided? Its much more interesting than that. Nicholas Noe – Benghazi Whistleblower / Charles Woods – Ty Woods Father / Alan Howell Parrot, a Falcon Trainer, is the special guest on a zoom call just recorded today and presented at #Ampfest2020 in Miami Florida. Discusses Alternate “Deep State” CIA.

    Heartbreaking story of Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods killed in Benghazi) and how he was lied to by the Obama administration after Benghazi at AMP Fest in Florida on October 11th, 2020. Charles received intel about what truly happened that terrible day. He explains with Nick Noe, Benghazi whistleblower, explosive NEW information about Benghazi, Osama Bin Laden, Seal Team 6, and its connection to the 152 Billion Dollar Iran “nuclear deal”.

  20. dang it,, I wanted to comment on the Civil Defense manual, mentioned above.

    I received my copy three weeks ago, and have found it to be an outstanding couple of books.

    Jack, has done and outstanding job penning this series, got some local talent contributing tothe books content, it’s 100.00 bucks would tell you that if your concerned about the current tempo, and concerned about the family,,wife and children this book is a must.

    We as the family leaders get hurt/ killed, our loved ones need a manual with solid suggestions, this is that manual. I’ll be buying one each from my son and our daughter, with instructions to read it, figure out how to apply the practical knowledge within.

    These books are well done, with common knowledge, applied by examples of how to. A lot of time and effort has gone into these.

    Please support the author, his contributors.


  21. “What am I seeing in my AO.”

    Still some guns on the rack but sparse for ARs and Handguns. Decent supply of bolt guns. Rifle and pistol ammo is being rationed. NO 9MM or 380ACP.

    Grocery stores are reasonably stocked with occasional “holes” that are usually filled within a week. Gas prices are very reasonable but we have a refinery within 40 miles. Boat sales are through the roof. Camper sales through the roof. Car sales down.

    Seen one Biden sign. Memorized the location for future reference. Know other location of other Demonrat houses. Cops escorting non-local “bike riders” out of the area. Cops don’t appear to be giving as many tickets lately. I know of two cases of warnings instead of fines.

    Verified zero on ALL weapons for upcoming shit.

    Grey Ghost

  22. Checkin in from the AL gulf coast. Got my power back a week ago from the destruction of Sally, still cutting trees, got a nice log yard started. Southern Longleaf Pine average log dia is 16 in. should make some nice 1X6 v groove paneling. We dodged a big bullet this weekend. Our Rino Gov extended the Cerveza bug orders till Nov 8, I quit wearing mine about the middle of last month. Nobody says nothing. Every day I notice more and more people not wearing masks. Seem a few people are waking up. Sold some property this year hoping the new owners will build some nice houses but they have seemed to back down from their ideas of building hoping prices of materials will go down. I have told them that these are the best prices their going to see, can’t print money like we’re doing and expect prices to stay low. Most of these folks have left even smaller towns to the country life. Me, I’m hoping to leave the country life for the open life. Maybe Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. Still praying this train wreck last a few more years so that might happen.

  23. Plenty to do here at the ranch before winter. I was able to get 100 cubic yards of horse poop and old hay piled up, with sprinklers on top to get it cooking for the concrete block raised beds that we will fill next spring. I was able to purchase 10,000 composting worms for the pile. The composting worms double their population every 30 days. The pile is about 100 yards from the house so smell and flies are not an issue. The closest neighbors are a mile and a half away.

    I put up a 270 foot long Off Center Fed Dipole antenna 60 feet high, where the sides face east/west. The sides on my Bush Comm broadband antenna are north/south.

    I am adding 3,400 watts of solar to our solar system. That will give us about 13kW of solar facing different directions. The new panels will face south east where the sun comes up in the winter on those short winter days. I just picked up the aluminum angle today so I can start building the solar arrays this week.

    We have been living off the grid for over a decade now.

    I will top off our firewood and propane next month. We like to have 5 years worth of propane on hand. We use about 200 gallons of propane a year in the house. We have a separate propane tank for the 15kW 1800 RPM, Propane Generator. I use it mostly for the Mig Welder. If we get a few days of stormy weather I fire up the generator and top off the batteries.

    The On Demand Propane water heater works great and does not use any electricity. It is hydroelectric so when you turn on the hot water it spins a little turbine that lights the propane. Only in America do we heat water 24 hours a day for an hour’s worth of use. You don’t see hot water tanks in Europe where they have to pay for imported energy.

    Next year we build the Greenhouse.

    If spicy times come, we are in a pretty good place.

  24. North Idaho, Sunday, 10/11/2020: 9MM still in short supply. My employer not selling any, as well as 40 S&W and 45 ACP. Pallets of 9MM coming into Black Sheep and North 40 in CDA, are picked over within hours, even though the ration is two boxes per person. Sub-caliber practice with .22 lr is what’s for dinner up here in Winterfell. However, 10MM is still plentiful.
    The Daily Fish Wrap posted a story a few days ago about Bidet/Ho supporters with signs on their front lawns. It seems some folks snuck up there in the dark and put little Confederate Flags around their signs. The Karens and Beta Males are now in hysterics. When these same Red-Diaper-Doper-Babies lift their “restrictions”, I imagine a lot of cars at school board meetings will end up with bumper stickers supporting the Mango Emperor while they are inside debating whether to serve their rug rats kale with their corn dogs for their school lunches funded by my confiscated, honest-earned wealth. Life is a vale of tears. Stay tuned.

    1. Bruh, I’ve got to get to CDA/Post Falls to see some clients and up to Priest River to see an old Army buddy. It would be cool to get together if you want.

  25. Things in my end of Cali have been relatively quiet-other than PG&E turning off power constantly. Grocers seem pretty well stocked. Sam’s Club was $2.65 a gallon for gas which is almost a miracle. Gabbin Nusiance has had his a$$ hauled to court by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. Per Kiley’s latest info:
    “It is ordered that Defendant’s motion for Judgment on the Pleadings is DENIED.”
    –Order of the Honorable Sarah Heckman, Superior Court Judge
    For months, Gavin Newsom has executed a legal strategy with one goal: to wiggle out of our case on a technicality. The Court just put a definite kibosh on that.
    With the Judge rejecting Newsom’s motion, the trial in Gallagher and Kiley vs. Newsom will proceed on October 21 at the Sutter County Courthouse.
    To seal our win on this issue, I give great credit to my co-plaintiff and co-counsel James Gallagher, who found a smoking gun on Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s website (which was mysteriously hidden after he discovered it) that proved beyond any doubt that what the Governor was arguing was factually untrue.
    This is the same Secretary of State, by the way, who bizarrely attacked us for “throwing our democracy into chaos” when we won a preliminary injunction against Newsom in June.
    As for our own motion, it wasn’t granted – but that’s not too surprising. It’s very rare to win a case through a dispositive motion; as the plaintiff, you usually just want to avoid losing. Our main goal was to fend off Newsom’s dismissal ploy while keeping the focus on his unlawful conduct.
    So Wednesday’s hearing worked out quite well. The Governor played (and surrendered) his one and only card, while we set the stage for trial by previewing our case against his one-man rule.
    We have a pre-trial conference on Monday with the Governor’s lawyers, and then we’ll be working nonstop for the next week and a half to prepare our exhibits, witnesses, and trial presentations.
    I would vote for Kiley 30 times if I could. No wonder Nancy, user of illegal hairdressers, is coming unglued. Nusiance is her nephew.
    The only weird thing this week is a Folsom Police Department truck-and I mean a nice baby-full size Ford with all of the bells and whistles, came driving into my quiet neighborhood. It said Folsom PD and then underneath the city insignia, it said “Helping Citizens Response Team”. Well, the team was a young military looking dude of about 29. He was driving s-l-o-w-l-y and deliberately. We have 4 or 6 Biden/Kneepads voters in the entire area and we are a self contained community. One way in, one way out, but not a gated community. Odd-to say the least.
    Keep stacking everything you can get your hands on.

  26. fudd + cuckold= fuckold

    lots n lots of fuckolds will need to be put to down ASAP once the game begins as they are only going to screw up any chance of meaning resistance and most assuredly will rat out anyone with a scary “assault rifle”. why does anyone need one of those? they must be one of those right wing domestic terissts teh teevee peepul talks about…

  27. Texas counties north of Harris generally have restaurants open. Businesses all have face mask signs, but most people aren’t wearing them, except in Montgomery County (because yuppie ‘Benz-driving weenies in “The Woodlands”). There are ATV gangs penetrating into settlements using the utility corridors as conduits. They ignore law enforcement. Was on grand jury for 6 months. Lots of meth and some heroin arrests. Several people charged with manufacturing explosives. Harris County has a communist police chief, the DA is a lesbian who is letting violent criminals go free – no bail, and the mayor is a Demoncrat who has been re-elected. Homeless people and ad hoc gangs of “teens” are getting more violent.
    Local Brookshire Brothers grocery stores have soda shortages because of a “nation-wide aluminum shortage”, no Kleenex, popcorn, Ball jars, Gulf Wax, or pickling salt, Campbell Soup out-of-stock on many types, Ramen noodle soup nearly out, wet and dry dog food almost all gone, and Gatorade is all gone. Plenty of fresh meat, milk, and eggs so far.

    Lots of commercial real estate for lease in urban and rural counties. MANY businesses have closed for good.

  28. Pretty quiet on the Iowa prairie. Other than hearing about the occasional student forced to stay at home for a week or the occasional HS football game getting cancelled, you wouldn’t even know there’s a “pandemic” going on. Outside of the newsroom, I don’t think anybody truly cares.

    Wife and family took a long road trip around northern Iowa couple weekends ago on a barn tour( don’t laugh, I appreciate the history and architecture). I bet Trump signs outnumbered Biden signs 100-1. At least. Probably twice that I lost count. Don’t know if there’s enough commie votes in the 4 or 5 counties that go blue to put Iowa in the Biden corner. I think we are soundly red this year despite “polls”.

    I haven’t shopped for guns or ammo for at least a year so I can’t say what’s happening locally but I hear stories that most everything is picked clean.

    I’ve got a pretty kickass CB setup and would like to break into Ham but really not sure which direction to go. Ain’t got much time for studying tests what with kids, work, our part time livestock operation and full time home acreage maintenance job anyhow. I kind of just want to listen in, that’s what I do with the CB.

    Mostly quiet out here though. Haven’t heard much of anything going on. I think a lot of people are laying low these days.

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