12 thoughts on “Codevilla: “Your FBI” Will Entrap You”

  1. The FBI, dirty from beginning to end, top to bottom. It is all there for the looking.
    In the beginning, J. Edgar had blackmail files (from phone taps) on everybody who was anybody. Tell me you believe J. Edgar prepared the paperwork for the phone company, picked up the tapes, listened and transcribed them, created and maintained and used the filing system for the documents. That sounds like top to bottom, right there. And the beginning part also.

  2. Next up in the sad history of the FBI is the political spying(without judicial warrant) on ’60’s radicals.

    Skip to the ’70’s and the FBIhad scientific testimony in courts that connected hair fibers with suspects blood type. Mostly black men convicted with this “science.” Later discovered to be all BS. there is no connection between blood type and hair fibers.

  3. the repairman was mucho mucho smart to copy the drive before he handed it over to the ‘friends of Crowdstrike’ … aka the FBI

  4. While discussing science at the FBI there are two other messes that stand out.
    First, there was the DNA lab that was shut down by an ab acreditation outfit for being so filthy and poorly run that no accurate results could be expected.
    Second was the drug testing lab where technicians were personally testing the drugs they were testing on the bench.

  5. Claire Wolfe put out an excellent tutorial on how to spot a rat….and this practice of ‘vetting’ associates via social media is just insane. Most sources state that the fed had ‘multiple’ CI’s in this group of a baker’s dozen….and you can bet dollars to donuts that the CI’s didn’t know they were informing on other CI’s either. Think Malheur.

    My .02

  6. I’ve got one definite possibly two LE agents workin’ me, trying to draw me out on a ledge. Be interested to know if anyone else has experienced similar encounters.

  7. If you’re going to do nasty shit it better be with people that you’ve known for years, and who are blood, or even closer. They better be able to keep their fucking mouths shut, and take a secret to their grave.

    If you get rolled up by the feds in an operation like what went down in Michigan you were too stupid to be involved in something like that anyway.

  8. “ If you get rolled up by the feds in an operation like what went down in Michigan you were too stupid to be involved in something like that anyway.”

    Spot ON!

  9. One of the local fedmeisters stops by every now and then to woo me . He has a part time job at a local big box gun and ammo store as a side gig which I am sure he gets many good leads from . I have around 40 acres of the best deer/turkey/woody hunting in my river valley field that he would just love to hunt . He even brought me a free box of 9mm which he probably stole from the store in a feeble attempt to secure hunting privileges . I turned down his offer and broke his heart . He also does not get to hunt my place . If he is the standard for the nations security apparatus we are fooked . I have studied Claires writings on spy spotting and this clown fits the profile to a “T” .

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