The election is occurring on 3 Nov, 2020.
This election provides enemies of the United States an opportunity to usurp legitimate control of the government.
Enemies forces consist of the Democratic National party leadership, National Intelligence agencies, and the Continuity of Government structure.
In addition to irregular forces sympathetic to the cause consisting of BLM, Antifa, and various Left wing militant organizations.
Current enemy strength is unknown. Current enemy armament and capabilities are unclear, but assumed to be small arms, body armor and low order ordnance.
The most likely course of Enemy action is to contest the election results in court, followed be a multi-spectrum media shaping operation.
The follow on operation is most likely to be utilization of the COG mechanisms to remove the National Command Authority from the POTUS.
POTUS access to communications and the command and control of Nuclear forces will be isolated and shut down.
This isolation will be augmented by physical siege of the White House.
This isolation will facilitate foreign governments to declare the POTUS to no longer be in command and illegitimate.
This will cause a Constitutional Crisis and lead to further destabilization and allow enemy forces to consolidate power and achieve a successful coup.


Patriot forces will be prepared NLT 0800 4 Nov, 2020 to move to Assembly areas in locations in NC, PA, and WV at a later date,
IN ORDER TO allow follow on breakthrough operations to be conducted to relieve loyal forces in Washington DC area.

Coordinating Instructions:

Assembly areas will be updated as the situation develops.

Individual war fighters will be prepared to support themselves for 72 hours.
This includes food, water and shelter for the individual. Every fighter shall muster with a fighting load of 180 rounds, and 200 rounds in reserve.
Be prepared for cold wet weather. Be prepared for operations in the field.

Communications SOI shall be provided at the muster areas, but will be VHF /UHF for local level and HF for passing updates to outside elements.
We will be prepared for the wireless cellular network to be non-functioning.