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  1. This weekend I am transitioning from my summer BoB to my winter load out. Im also repacking it for my 13 year old son. This task may take an hour.

    I’m checking and rechecking my kit and my neighborhood response setup. It’s isn’t high speed. I can live on it for 3 days if necessary. This is probably a 30 minute task.

    I’m going to head to the grocery store. Because I can.

    Then I’m taking some time to ride my motorcycle. The season is about done here anyway. I might as well do something I enjoy in the now.

    1. Reminder, Just look out for wet leaves on the roadway. Those wet leaves are just like black ice….just as slick.

      Have a good ride.

  2. If you are within driving distance of the Virginia border, be ready to move by the morning after the Election.
    Its not likely that we will have to move at that point, but you need to be squared away and ready to go.

  3. Hope everyone is squared away and if you all get in a tight spot give a holler and if I’m close I will give you a hand…Local local local…

    1. Al, could you come over and mow my lawn!!!!!. Maybe trim the trees back,oooo and rake the leaves?

      Truthfully, Southern Oregon is locked and loaded! Even though nada has happened here, people who are usually really easy going, have Nutted up, preparing to deliver spankings if needed.

      I’m amused one can literally feel the tension in the air. I just purchased another 1000k, of ball .45 for 350.00, and that’s the buddy deal!. ” felt fortunate to score the ammo.

      Lots of last minute trades and reorganization going on, our crews ranch owners FINALLY spoke with ALL the ranch owners, regarding QRF related issues.

      The far end of the valley has formally agreed to monitor, ” guard” the dirt road into the valley, should things get frosty. We don’t anticipate much Froggy-ness, never the less everybody’s gotten their shit in one sock.

      Before I headed south to Calif, mid week, we had dinner on the ranch. I was amazed that the older ranchers wives were flat spooked about what’s coming.

      The boys were issued FNFALS, mags and a small amount of ammo. Mid week, they asked if I could spare ammo for the .308s. !!!!!!, this is something I’ve harped and harped and harps on with them.

      Since that’s the ” hole” I guess I’m giving until it hurts.

      Tic Toc.

    2. Dedicated to all the fucking ultra-patriots, knowledgeable people, couch ykperds and the rest of the shit.
      Murza’s article …. This is a friend and associate of the Good. I trust the words of THIS PERSON completely.
      What I wish you too …
      Andrey Morozov “Murz”: Why did the battalion commander die (26.10.20) –
      The death of the battalion commander announced another week of experts on the drain of Novorossiya.

      Here is a typical set of stuffing from especially knowledgeable comrades in the comments of Zhuchkovsky:

      This is an operation by the Ukrainian special services. I myself am from Ukraine. I know that for sure.

      <Ukrainians are transferring reinforcements to the front line;
      <The battalion commander suddenly dies;
      Some kind of suspicious coincidence …
      Along the way, the pigs began to work

      the special services of the Russian Federation finish off and clean up the last known commanders before a major escalation and possible "Karabakh".

      According to Dobry, this infa has been walking around friends this morning.
      Killed with his wife. They said that intervention in the braking system and, like, in the steering. Judging by the damage in the car, the position and condition of him and his wife, they were finished off. The control was carried out manually. could not say in more detail. Either the necks were twisted or strangled. I do not know.
      Two days before that, Dobry had arrived from a meeting or setting tasks very angry because the task was set to withdraw from the positions and leave them in the "gray zone" (the separation of forces and resources in the area agreed with the Ukrainians in Minsk). These positions are at the dominant height and, in the event that the ukrovs reach them, they provide a ukram view of 40 km. Alchevsk, at a glance. He said fuck them. Upstream …

      All the commanders of the first wave were killed by the Russian special services or by mercenaries ordered by the Russian special services. The annihilation of the commanders of the first wave is one of the conditions for concluding the Minsk agreements, which the Russian authorities have met meticulously and meticulously.

      I am sure of only one thing – all the killed heroes of Novorossiya are on the conscience of the Chekists.

      So, in order.

      There were no "meetings about the withdrawal from positions in the gray zone, opening the ukram view of 40 km." Of course, the person did not even open the map of the area of ​​hostilities before reposting this shit, and, of course, no one will show him a map with the current area of ​​responsibility of the "Ghost". But you need to hyip, right?

      I will repeat it again. Nobody will leave any ukram positions without a fight. February 18 of this year, when at the "Ghost" site, the ukrov were kicked out of the "Pool" ("Baths") in the "gray zone", where they "jumped" with their "toad stribk", clearly proved just the opposite.

      Further, on hypotheses about the "true circumstances and causes" of the accident.

      1. Everyone already knows that the accident happened between Novoannovka and Pridorozhniy, this is between Molodogvardeysk and Novosvetlovka, another edge of the Republic, if we take in relation to the positions of the battalion and the city of Kirovsk, where the battalion commander spends 99% of his time. How did the battalion commander end up there? I answer. He was driving from the event in Sukhodolsk back to Kirovsk. I talked to him on the phone at about the moment when he was driving back. This event was not planned in advance, and outsiders could not know about it in advance, which already reduces to almost zero the likelihood of a version about some kind of setup.

      2. Everybody has already seen the footage shot by passing drivers on the road. Head-on collision of two cars. Someone sent an autokamikaze who is now in the hospital with serious injuries? Oh well.

      3. Why was there a head-on collision? Who was in the wrong lane? Establish an investigation. I heard a version about overtaking a bus. Indeed, there is a temptation on such a straight section, and there it seems like the roadbed itself was done normally, to overtake a slowly creeping bus or minibus and drive it in. Especially if you're in a hurry. I will write about this separately. At this point I will add – the battalion commander certainly did not sleep and was sober. His sobriety and intolerance to alcoholism, and even more so to drinking while driving, is well known throughout the Republic, at least among the military. The battalion commander was not a superdriver, he was a pedestrian before the war, got behind the wheel only in Donbass, but that is why he never "recklessly", I traveled with him several times as a passenger.

      4. "Intervention in the braking system and, seemingly, in the steering." Sorry, but this is nonsense. The battalion commander was not in his main front-line vehicle, not in the Niva, which is constantly animated by local auto-necromancers, which the whole of Kirovsk knows, but in a VAZ 2113. The fact that he would sit behind the wheel of this car that day was not predictable in advance. The VAZ 2113 had just passed a full check and tuning, and the main problem, most likely, was precisely the fact that it was fully operational and was capable of delivering 100, 120 or more km / h on a good road without any problems. The battalion commander was in a hurry and decided to take advantage of the fact that the car could buy him time.

      5. The battalion commander was really in a hurry, very in a hurry. The other day he was supposed to start a short vacation, he was going to go to Moscow for about a week, to the SDV congress. In addition to participating in the congress, he had a lot to do. When I was a volunteer, I happened to run into him during such "vacations", when he spent whole days "on his feet", trying to meet and talk with everyone who could somehow help our struggle. The range of problems that he had to personally solve and discuss began with auto parts, mask nets and treatment of the wounded and ended with communications, electronic warfare, UAVs … in general, by nightfall he crawled into his Moscow apartment wrung out like a lemon and fell dead. Sometimes I managed to intercept him on the way home and discuss some issues. This time he also had to have a very busy "program" of such a "vacation". And, in addition to preparing for its implementation, he also needed to correctly transfer all the affairs of the battalion during his absence. And no one gave him a freelance 8-10 hours out of the warehouse for every day he lived. Not delivered.

      He wanted to do everything, and if not everything, then as much as possible. "The most valuable resource is time. If you waste time, you won't catch up later." His words. He tried to be everywhere and be in time for everything, because he clearly understood that the line between what he would have time and what he would not have time divides him (and not only his) fighters into those who will be alive and well, and killed, mutilated by war, shell-shocked, crippled. Once he seriously injured his leg while walking around positions, there was an operation. He came to the service as soon as he could somehow somehow walk with a crutch.

      He did not drink or smoke, he did not have heart problems, therefore, over the years of constant continuous parking, he was not cleaned up by all sorts of strokes and infarctions. He was lucky at the front – death very often passed very close, but he was never seriously wounded. But on this day, in order to gain some more time, to have time to pick up the broken quadric from the neighbors in the front, to bring it for repairs on the way to Moscow, to be there in time … to be here … to … to … He was in a hurry. He was in a hurry … and died, trying to do as much as possible for all those who defend Novorossiya, whether it was his own fighters, strangers – it doesn't matter.

      I would like to say to everyone who is eager to demonstrate their "knowledge of the topic". Guys … when out of boredom and hype for the sake of "scratching their tongues" about the dead, it's called corpse eating.

      And further. When all this current gevalt and shit-hype around his death subside, when idle shit-throwers who get bored with this attraction leave, when only heaps of this same shit with sticks sticking out of it remain after throwing shit out of it – "of course he was killed," "all honest commanders in Novorossiya killed and he was also killed, their own killed "and other things, then experienced, experienced corpse-eaters will come out of the shadows, who will state their fucking logical versions of what caused the battalion commander to die. What did he not share with anyone, what "black cash desks for humanitarian aid", mansions near Moscow, contraband …

      In the same way, they came to gnaw the corpse of Mozgovoy, exposing Markov as one of the accomplices in his murder. No, not themselves, of course, not openly – "I, such and such, I accuse such and such that he …", no. Why scream yourself when you can whisper in the ear of ten fools so that they scream, wanting to be branded as fucking knowledgeable dudes?

      Now, seeing that public opinion is on the side of "Good", they will reorganize and start their songs in the spirit of "Well, be you honest and decent a hundred times, but in such an environment it will only end like this … and all because the ideas of Novorossia are devoted … "And then you will read a bewildering set of amazing stories about who of those who pulled the strap here with" Kind "what exactly did not share with him.

      Who are these people? These mysterious "militias of the first wave", until recently, all as one "close to Mozgovoy", keepers of his secrets, who will now become very knowledgeable in the affairs of the "Good". By the way, who is the stupider out there already climbed, without reorganizing, "wet" "Good". Here, for example, one pidarasina is hyping:

      he was not a warrior, he led and did not take part in combat … I was there, I can tell EVERYONE how he was and did Business … I will tell you personally, in correspondence, write and tell you EVERYTHING

      Who are these people? Well, in addition to the decoys from the Ukrainian units of the IPSO.

      These are those who came to Donbass with a thirst for power, uncontrolled and irresponsible power, in order to catch in troubled waters the opportunity to satisfy this thirst for power.

      And some of them even succeeded a little. He ran, ran then, in 2014-2015, some people had this wonderful intoxicating drug in their veins. It’s so great when you’re all so fashionable, in a clean new camouflage with a big scary machine gun, you’re walking through the city, and you’re in power here. And a neat brand new St. George ribbon tied on a uniform gives you the right to execute and forgive, "redistribute property", and not sit in sweatpants and slates with SKS under shelling.

      When it turned out that there was a long and difficult war ahead with endless trenches and shelling, and not "the harsh everyday life of fiery security officers in the fight against an insidious internal enemy" complete with hot water and a restaurant, all these "first wave militias" somehow sank slightly. And then they sank even more, because it turned out that the commanders in the war are not those who spend most of their time looking for enemy spies in the food warehouse, but those who, with their constant continuous military labor, create authority for themselves among others and become true leaders, for which people are ready to go into battle, to death.

      And it immediately became uninteresting to fight.

      Having once grabbed this drug of uncontrolled and irresponsible power, they, deprived of it for the rest of their lives, are now forever traumatized by this deprivation, and for a long time they will creep out corpse eating, demonstrating their "awareness" and "involvement".

      The last time these corpse-eaters got out was when the "Wolf" died on February 18. Then, I remember, "Dobry" was a bitch and a condom who sends soldiers into the trenches to sit under fire. Now they will be reorganized, they will change some closed accounts in VK to others, and already "Good" will be good, about the dead, "good or nothing", and someone with whom they still want to settle personal scores will be a bastard, a traitor and "an accomplice in the murder of the hero of Novorossiya, the legendary battalion commander Markov."

      Well, if a person has already firmly entered the role of a jackal, then it is difficult to go back to a human form. All the available intraspecific diversity is to eat corpses alone, in a flock or with some predator, in whose intrigues the jackalie can be useful.

      Well, for those who are really worried about the fate of the "Ghost", I will say the same thing that I said that night to one of those who knew "Good", he is very worried about his death and also worries about the fate of the battalion. I think he will forgive me that I, without attribution, will quote him: "… right now, the battalion cunt … Many were ONLY FOR HIM. Because they saw how he invested. He did everything – and thanks to him the battalion lived. .. And people like him … But as you can see, the best ones leave … "

      I replied to this good, kind man, simply crushed by the news of the death of the battalion commander – "And what changed the fact that he died? Everyone found out that he was pretending or what?"

      The battalion commander worked at 100, 150, 200 percent. The battalion commander died. And what are we? We give up everything, for the sake of which he worked like a damn, why did such a huge number of people from all over the world help him and us? Give it up and leave? Let eighteen-year-old boys continue to take this war on their backs? Wouldn't anyone be ashamed to look in the mirror in the morning? I would be ashamed.

      You can write for a very long time and a lot about what kind of person the battalion commander was, how much he did.
      We can write even longer and more about the fact that it is impossible because of his death to abandon our business.
      But there is no time for that.
      The truth is in business, it must be done.

      Brought to you by Biden-Harris 2020

    3. My brother: Let me know if you are heading to my A/O and you need a place to stay. Bleib ubrig.

  4. A Petition to The Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ Our Lord, to Prevent The Second Civil War of The United States of America
    + + +

    On This Day of October 29, 2020

    Queen of the Holy Rosary, you have deigned to come to Fatima to reveal to the three shepherd children the treasures of grace hidden in the Rosary. Inspire my heart with a sincere love of this devotion, in order that by meditating on the Mysteries of our Redemption which are recalled in it, I may be enriched with its fruits and obtain peace for the world, the conversion of sinners, and the favor which I ask of you in this Rosary.

    I beseech you, Holy Mother of God, to prevent the Second Civil War of The United States of America. To extinguish the hatreds generated by Satan, to stop his evil power from coursing through the veins of our countrymen, resulting in the murder of millions, and the harvest of souls which he so ardently desires. Give my Brothers and Sisters clear vision, that they may see through the lies being projected upon them by the mainstream media, marching both sides towards war at fever pitch. “For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.” In these last days, as we race towards The Second Civil War, I pray that your love, the love of your son Jesus Christ, and the love of His Almighty Father in Heaven may penetrate the hearts of the men and women of Our Nation, that this catastrophe may be stopped before it begins, that you may redirect our path away from Satan, and stay the hand of our Brothers and Sisters in these trying times. Help us to remember the New Covenant your beloved Son has made with us, that we may follow his example and turn the other cheek as he did when faced with violence, and “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you. This is the law and the prophets.” For there is no end to the evil of the wicked, and should we choose to answer hate with hate, evil with evil, forever will our souls be damned to burn in hell for eternity. I ask this for the greater glory of God, for your own honor, and for the redemption of sinners that God may save our souls. Amen.

    Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

    Please share this petition in its entirety. Pray for Our Nation. Pray for Peace. May God Have Mercy On Us.

  5. CA-Thanks for an awesome site.

    Praying The Donald wins. Got my “Yep, Still Your President” shirt ready to go. I’m eagerly awaiting a disturbance in The Force as if millions of snowflakes all cried out at once…

    Programming some radios, re-packing a ruck, working on my greenhouse, and going to be busy all weekend.

    Glad I don’t live anywhere near blue hives.

  6. Hey,

    I’ve been checking the site for years (since 2014 iirc), the first article that I remember reading was something about the threat matrix cube as described by Matt Bracken.
    I generally like your takes, and think you know more than you let on. With that said…..it ain’t China/CCP that’s in control of the USA (and the West more broadly). It ain’t Chinamen in charge of Google, YouTube, deplatforming, etc. China ain’t the largest money political lobby group (cough, AIPAC, cough) nor the megadonors to both wings of the UniParty, nor in charge of the Federal Reserve. If you want to find out who rules you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize. There is only one group that one cannot criticize without either going to jail, getting fired, cancelled, deplatformed, doxxed, etc – and it ain’t China/CCP.
    Yeah, you know who I’m talkin’ ’bout.


      1. Oy veh!!

        Rabbi Schlomo Foreskinstein and his assistant Herschel
        are starting to be VERRRY uncomfortable with where this
        is starting to go…

        “Huuischel..get ya tukas moving! – we gotta shut ‘dis down..
        ‘da goyim know!! Shut it down or it’ll be annudda showwahh
        for sure!! Gather up muh shekels and hide ’em good this time ya shlamozzel!!”

        Good to see ya back Al! Hope you and yours are
        doing well!

        The petulant ‘reeeeeee’ng’ in virtual support of the fictional
        rabbi and his meshuggna student/assistant will begin in 3…2…1..

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Lots of crazy talk, all over the web. Lots of scenarios about a lot of different ways people think it will play out. I got my own, but who cares, we’ll know when we know. Thing is, those who are prepared got a good jump on survival and thriving. I also see a lot of stupid going on, everywhere. Last minute Johnnies and Janes, catching some kind of fever swamp rectitude about their continued existence, and suddenly believing that something is not quite right. And lots of people still oblivious to the whole thing. And still more people afflicted with fatal normalcy bias. The screaming is one of the worst parts.

  8. Everything is topped off and ready. Got plenty of popcorn. Going to sit back and watch the festivities. Probably not much will happen where I’m at but we’re ready for it if it does.

    People in the blue hives might have a hard time when Trump wins.

    Good Luck all.


  9. Seen a few minutes ago:

    “Instagram Zucced more than 500 liberty based accounts in 24 hours
    Nearly every page I follow is now on their backup account and even some of those got hit”

    “Don’t be surprised if fb/IG took em down for thinking differently
    Commie pages are still going strong though because of course they are”

  10. We are squared away on food. Need to stack the firewood on the deck. Cleaned the flue and the Vacu-Stack. The Vacu-Stack flue cap prevents smoke from going back down the flue regardless of how much the wind blows.

    Installing a new controller in the solar freezer due to rat damage. It is rat proof now. Freezers live in a Conex container with solar panels on top.

    Vehicles topped off with fuel and topping off the diesel tank for the tractor and truck. Filling up extra gas jugs for ATV’s, chainsaws, etc.

    Here in the west we expect at least another month of good weather to work outside on projects.
    I still need to put coax in plastic conduit for a 270ft OCF Dipole antenna I installed.

    Checking daily on what is happening across the country as long as commercial comms are still working. We have Satellite TV and Satellite Internet so there may be some level of continuity if there is a grid down scenario.

  11. Single resource here, living out of my vehicle. Got kicked out of USFS last night by local sheriff and USFS ranger because overnight camping not permitted; will find a better / more stealth spot tonight. Baofeng programmed and ready. Snub nosed glock in glovebox with hollow point. Short barrel AR15, Shockwave, semi-auto shotgun, helmet, 15 magazines, bandoleer, tac vest, trauma kit, tp, water, dry food, and about 3,500 rounds in small self storage just a few clicks away.

    Will top off my tank late Tuesday afternoon. Watch your sixes, y’all.

      1. I hear ya and appreciate the sentiment. Went to Pence rally in Flagstaff this am: good time. Trying to network here but haven’t been in the area long. Found a new (legal) spot with a firing range down the road …lots of friendly vehicles in and out — Trump / USA flag / vet markings –and friendly nods for my disabled vet plates. I’ll do my best this weekend to make contacts

        1. Be careful and watch your six around/in Flagstaff.
          It IS a ‘college town’ [NAU] and as such most likely
          has it’s share of young and not so young bolshevists
          and ‘burn-loot-murder/antifa ‘useful idiots’.

          Lived there back in ’03 to ’05..some folks were ok..
          others were bolshe-lovers/commiefornians that
          were mass invading/buying up properties left and right…

          Be well, network with like minded folks there and be safe!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      2. …yeah, sleep is easy brother; when this has been real since ’72. glad you’re in safe; stay that way. firebase grumpy stands ready.

  12. Checking in from WI.
    Rural areas are fine for now. Spicy time N and S of MKE.
    Working with local folks to try to get a plan in place. Might be too late.
    Winter is coming.
    Stay safe out there

  13. Tonight, I’m going to take drunk.

    Tomorrow, gonna sit in a deer stand.

    Nice fall weather after the storm blew through and created a bunch of new firewood.

    Going to enjoy it while I can, with my family.

    We’re ready for what’s coming, as much as we can be.

    Sunday, I’ll be praying for peace and prosperity and mercy.

    Great posting on your site lately. Thank you.

  14. To anyone of the regulars here who HAVEN’T yet been able to acquire/secure
    a RELIABLE, AK* style rifle – this may be your last chance for quite some time!

    The online gun vendor that is linked to below still HAS the Zastava ZPAP M70
    semi-auto rifles IN STOCK and ready to be purchased for ‘drum roll’……
    LESS than $800.00!!

    Yes, you read that right – LESS than $800.00!!
    This is for the variant with the Poly furniture (mine is with the standard wood).


    ‘Rob-Ski’ of ‘AK Operators Union: 47-74’ HAS put the M70 thru a grueling 5K+ round
    torture and environment test, and the M70 has come thru with flying colors!!

    I’ve mentioned to two different co-workers, both family men that don’t currently
    have ANY long guns for home/neighborhood defense, to jump on this offer and
    each get one to protect them and their families..so far NO effort on their parts to
    seriously put away at least a month or two of food or water for them and their
    families…and so far NO effort to buy this carbine while it’s STILL available at a
    decent price!!

    Oh well….live and learn…or not!!

    Don’t be ‘those guys’!!

    Best ammo choices (per ‘Robski’s field testing):

    Federal (very consistent/accurate – but hellaciously expensive per case!)
    Golden Bear by Barnaul [purple box] (very consistent/accurate – very affordable
    if found for under $200 per 500 round case – available in either FMJ or HP)
    Golden Tiger by Barnaul (also quite consistent/accurate – good price on 500rd
    or 1K rounds IF available)
    Wolf Military Classic and Wolf Performance by Barnaul (both very good choices –
    check for case lot availability!)

    Also check out ‘Robski’s’ “AK BootCamp NEW Edition” book at the AK Operators
    Union Store online as well as the Magna-matic AK front sight tool – both are
    definitely worth the money!



    AK* Per the information from Jack Lawson’s Civil Defense Manual, Appendices
    Annotations, Pg 424:
    “..The AK47 was really designed by Hugo Schmeisser, Kurt Horn, Werner Gruner,
    Oscar Schinck and Karl Barnitzke…all German small arms engineers captured by
    the Russians at the end of WWII, ‘borrowed’ and taken back to Russia. There, they
    built the AK47, as team at the Russian weapons design factory Izhmash, principally
    from the design of the Sturmgewehr 44, but heavily influenced by John Garand’s
    M-1 rifle operating system…”

    So, in all fairness, it really should be referred to as the AS-47.

    Don’t wait to long to get your own ‘Serbian Beauty’!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  15. If you go in, you had better be ready to get out. No one gets to stick their head up and retreat down a gopher hole without consequence. If you expose yourself, you’re exposed. All in or not at all. Let them show themselves first.

  16. Best answer to the ‘Ya gotta vote fer ya Lee-dah!’ bromide that I’ve seen!

    Rise Up:
    If we don’t vote, how do you select leaders?
    If your answer is that all voting is predetermined, how did
    Trump get into office when the entire deep state despises him?
    Your argument against voting is illogical.
    What form of selecting public representatives do you suggest?

    I don’t want or need a ‘leader’ but you sheep can’t fathom
    self reliance. So vote for your master, house negro.

    Word +1000!!

    The ONLY leader anyone here needs in their life is the one
    that looks back at them from the mirror while washing their
    hands after ‘the morning constitutional’.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  17. Went to the public range today. Recently restocked an M1-A into an Arkangel stock so it could be used with the scope the rifle came with. I bought this as an investment 25 years ago, unfired, scoped with a Bushnell 4×12, box and papers with a high comb wood stock that I could not achieve a cheek weld on. Got it from a guy who needed money 800 bucks. It took a while but the last group of 5 from 100yards could be covered with a quarter. I figured screw the investment I may need this for real. Will also be making one more run for canned goods this weekend or at the latest monday am. Remember your prayers and may God help us all. FOOT

  18. Going to have my ready gear in my car every day until this is settled. Home is as well prepared as possible. Lots of old vets for neighbors. Pissed off old vets.

  19. What are everyone’s thoughts on keeping cash at home (say, $1k-2k) for purchases in case the grid goes down or the economy crashes? Assuming that you’re already reasonably well-supplied, would it be better, all else equal, to convert the extra cash into tradeable goods and have almost no cash on hand, or better to have the cash?

    1. If the economy crashes, cash is good, but being debt free is even better. In a deflationary spiral paying off inflated debt becomes harder and harder to payoff. But having the cash in a deflationary period is actually increasing in value relative to most items ‘cept gold.

    2. Cash is an integral part of preps; in any significant emergency, at least for the early days, cash will be king. Key here, in my opinion, is to have small bills ($20’s, $10’s, $5’s and some $1’s) so you don’t look loaded when you’re buying resupply.

      The amount you mention would be the minimum to have cached, but it’s good if that’s what you have. If you’re reasonably well-supplied, keep the cash.

    3. It doesn’t hurt to have some junk, not collectible silver coins, too. Dollars, half dollars, quarters & dimes all via the US Mint dated 1964 & before. There is a good possibility the Fed Reserve paper dollars could become worthless in the coming clusterfuck. Personally, I’m only going to accept silver when it really starts getting bad. By the way, many coin dealers have seen a dramatic upsurge in both gold & silver purchases over the past 6 months. Just like ammo, shortages prevail, in one ounce gold coins & junk silver denominations. It’s what to expect in the FUSA where nothing is worth a shit anymore.

  20. Comms are for shit except SW receivers.
    Food enough to get to midterms. Spent day filling cars, and jerrycans. Far enough out that a genny could be stealth used, especially if we run in a hole in the ground (thanks for the TTP in Sabari wadi, Hadj)

    Have enough other canned goods. Have a few fam members who 2 years ago were weak, but have been redpilled by news and events- they have hard hearts now.

    Bro-in-laws Guard unit is reporting this weekend. Unplanned in the training schedule, lol.

    Hoping power stays on (every time it goes out I go to phone and tab..my EMP canaries) and that disruptions are not too bad in my AO.

    Wife and I were talking today, came to conclusion that ”it” has already started, just low level so far.

    Ya’ll be safe.

  21. Going to light a nice fire in the backyard tonight, leave the cell phone inside, drink whiskey, and plan with a compadre while the kids enjoy carefree timelessness. I’ve been having as much fun as I responsibly can these last few weeks.
    I don’t think I’m ready.

  22. Visiting family this weekend, who are coincidentally our alt-redoubt hosts (and we, theirs, if required). Topping off some of our supplies and reserves there, and gifting pops with an optic that we’ll sight in.

  23. Freezer, bulk non-ethanol gas tank, propane, larder ,vehicles, saws,tools,gear and weapons, woodpile, and my crew of pirates are ready for winter.

    Come what may.

    Still shooting at night, preferred time for direct action , and just a hell of a lot of fun period.

    Hopefully by this time next month we know who the President is.

    It sure as hell won’t be next week.

    Best of luck to the real Americans on here, either way, we’re in a shitstorm.
    If you listen closely, you can hear the wind picking up now.

    Fwiw, if the power goes out.. AND cell/internet.. it’s the sign that someone pulled the big trigger.
    One or the other is not significant in itself, simultaneously both, it’s on.

  24. In spite of all the Hype about the possibility of ‘widespread violence’ after the election, I seriously doubt that the [[[bolsheviks]]] have enough paid thugs to take it outside of the ‘blue hives’ that their politicians and po-Lice control. Even in the past few Months, if one looks at the ‘riots’ in these Cities, it has never been more than a few Blocks at at Time of ‘peaceful protests’.
    Wonder why you have seen no Drone Footage of the ‘riots’? that would Reveal that they are isolated, small events.
    Also, Notice how just ONE normal person with a Gun turns the Mob away…. by only inflicting a few Casualties. When (not if, IMO) there comes the ‘incident’ where a few Patriots defending their Neighborhood Dump a few Mags and Massacre a few dozen commies, the whole Game wil Change. no matter how the kosher ‘media’ tries to ‘spin’ it.

    No Worries here, plenty of Beer and Popcorn at the ready…
    Carrots for the Horse, too.

  25. Thank God I stocked up on ammo before the virus hit. With 5.56 running <$1 a round now, and .308 match ammo unobtainable, it'd be expensive to be getting set at this late time.

    Stocking the food shelves again, maybe 40% of the customers at the closest Costco were obviously doing the same (got TP?).

    Being in a new AO, I'm the outsider, but I take heart that I see a LOT of Trump signs within a 1 mile radius, only a few Biden signs.

    For home, got range cards set, finishing last details for rapid and 3-day packs. Still undecided which I'll be stashing in my car, along with a cheapie AR15… JUST in case.

    Making contact with local militia (that seems relatively squared away, vs. the internet warriors Ive seen so much of). I hope it'll be enough.

  26. Be the sentinel. Just as the nun sitting in the chair always observant (movie scene analogy), keeping demons at bay at any such form of entrance. All citizens should self deputize as such. If stationary you are an l.p./o.p. always observant and ready at the alarm. If upright and mobile you are effectively on patrol. Tend to your a.o. and step up when your gut signals action is necessary. Consequences be damned. Be like Saint Kyle of Kenosha, do something or anything. That is all, carry on.

  27. Wife’s in San Diego w/ our only grandchild for the weekend. I’m cleaning my weapons and will be breaking into a bottle of Smirnoff in a couple of hours. At 70 my physical strength is gone and I’m aware of my mission. God’s Peace is on me. He’s allowed me to see all in all I’ve lived a good life, an honorable life. I always placed my loved ones before me and I’ll leave them in good stead both financially and morally. In Roman Catholic belief, Saint Michael is God’s Chief Defender. I was born to die a warrior’s death. I firmly believe that. I wish all here the Peace of God.

  28. ha ha

    been so ready for so long.. just watching the locals and mainlanders scurrying about like the dumb asses they are.. with any luck they all kill each other over a roll of shitwipe or the last bag of beef jerky 🙂 seriously, these people here are no more prepared than they were last decade, last year, or last spring.. i know most don’t have the amount of anything they need, mostly because they spent it at the bar, their I phone, or their dish teevee.. you know- the important things in life. i am starting to see a new level of envy and jealously coming from the peasants lately, so tfA-t wears his tac vest with BOK and pistol under a baggy insulated flannel shirt jacket- just in case. funny how life’s losers hate the middle/upper class more than they do (((bezos))) (((suckerberg))) or (((soros))) isn’t it? probably because they see the winners in life with everything they wished they had, but are unwilling to work or sacrifice for it. steady as she goes- 300 million + is the magic number 🙂

    tfA-t is calling it right now DRUMPF! will win- and so it goes…

  29. Checking in. Epic comments thread. Noice. KS, OK is probably friendly territory mostly. Lots of folks here these parts, team freedom types it’s just no one is networked for shit. I don’t anticipate much happening in the ICT. KC, Lawrence, Topeka area definitely has JBGC and antifa. So if KC people have to bug out head southwest to get away. There will be AMRRON vhf and CH 3 that way in an emergency. Locally not much ABR/Jcom as I can tell. We probably have a few wannabe sappers here, I see them around. Nothing too big organized I can find. I don’t trust or like at all the local popo, remember Andrew Finch RIP, the Wichita swatting. For now I guess we flyover people just sit back and watch the show as spicyness begins.

    1. Kansas has big-government conservatives, even out in the sticks. Their idea of self-reliance is buying more paper towels because they heard a news story. The Topeka 3% crowd are blowhards with zero sense of OPSEC. It’s depressing up here.

    2. Agreed. A little over an hour north of you. The Trump caravans are driving around daily now. Biden supporters mainly hang out in one spot with their handmaiden outfits. LEO and local governance is mostly left. Staying sober for the night of the 3rd.

  30. Working the local polling place on Tuesday (have done this for years) – small rural community (southern New Mexico). Don’t expect to see many folks given the county clerk stated that most in the county have already voted (either by mail or in person at the clerks office). Very strange but it is what it is ….. as stated before, one here would not know the world is burning (at least large US cities) if we did not turn on the media. We here (our place) could last just fine for over a year without going into any town (the nearest is about 25 miles away) but in truth, as someone else mentioned here, we have the popcorn, beer and other refreshments and are waiting to see what the next month brings: should be quite a shit show.
    Hope all who visit this site (I have been reading for years) stay safe and are well prepared. God speed.

  31. Just remember:
    One can eliminate as many street monkeys, wiggers and their ‘woke’ allies as they violently present themselves, but this bullshit doesn’t stop (or even slow down) until one eliminates their enablers.

    1. Anti-Semitism is illegal.
      One is better off chasing media sponsored squirrel hunts for Chinks and Rooskies.

      1. Well, hell, then I’m damn proud to ‘be an outlaw’!!

        Yee-haw, lock & load and get ready to ride!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    2. FYI–the media talking heads, Hollywood talking heads/talent agencies and communications-corporations are the main enablers who provide the propaganda support to the sheeple. 69% of their operations, infrastructure and money support resides in Southern California (ie: Hollywood).

      With these entities on the ropes or out of the picture, you will kick three legs out of the communist’s table. The political monkeys heavily rely upon these structures to support their operations.

  32. Nothing new, ready as I’ll ever be, topping up. Quiet before the storm behind enemy lines. Hope we’re wrong about all of this. Good luck all!

  33. never forget (((who))) created all this mess.

    The (((real enemy))) are the ones who need exterminating for this criminality.

    1. Here’s the latest article:


      The parasite class is doing everything they can to crucify Kyle
      as a none-too-subtle message to the rest of us that DON’T
      hold with the jewish bolshevist/zionist bankster controlled
      program/narrative…count on it!!

      THEIR wholly owned and controlled ‘news media’ have
      already convicted him.

      Hope that link helps.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  34. Currently things are quiet here in extreme Western Arizona…very quiet…

    The local fishwrap has the main story: “Tribal Council says “Stay at Home”
    order could be reinstated if virus surges again”.


    Dipshits are STILL doing the ‘Chicken Little’ where the stupid-1984
    scam-demic is concerned..still have their “COVID-19 IS REAL!!
    Tribal Lives Matter” signs up at the entrance/exits to the rez.

    And the local non-indian population IS getting VERY tired
    of this continuing bullshit….

    Current population: 3,083
    Whites: 1,370 – 44%
    Hispanic/Latino 1,293 – 41%
    Some Other Race* 813 – 26%
    American Indian 635 – 20%
    Two or more races 193 – 6%

    *Guess the statisticians just couldn’t
    ‘go there’ where mentioning blacks
    or orientals are concerned…No Samoans,
    Cubans, Puerto Ricans or Hawaiians here btw….

    And to answer the question, yes, the tribal authority
    does OWN the land that the township is sitting on..
    it’s leased to the Town of Parker..and local businesses
    like restaurants are required to pay a 18% surcharge
    tax to the tribes..most likely other non-indian owned
    business do so as well.

    Mail delivery has been spotty to increasingly unreliable as of late..not good.

    Current leo prescense in Parker (and surrounding area) is:

    C.R.I.T. Tribal Police
    Town of Parker Police
    La Paz County Sheriff’s Department
    Az Highway Patrol
    San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department
    and California Highway Patrol (they venture in
    from across the Colorado River now and then…)

    4 of the 7 local restaurants are currently allowing ‘dine in’
    for customers; all others are “Take Out Only”.

    Local hotels/motels don’t seem to be lacking for business; especially
    for crews doing road work on the local highways at the moment.

    The local grocery stores appear to currently be properly stocked with food
    and beverages from what I’ve seen.

    Gas is still $1.99 per gallon for cash purchases..if one knows
    where to look.

    Gun store still has long guns and handguns available but
    is still rationing purchases of rifle ammo to 2 or 3 boxes
    per caliber and 2 boxes per handgun caliber.

    A good question is what would happen in this AO WHEN (not if) ‘Uncle Sugar’
    ISN’T able to continue the ‘federally mandated by “treaty”‘ free shit payments
    to the local indians (btw, they HAVE re-opened their casino..with very strict
    facepanty/ID requirements – NO children allowed [no mention of whether the
    attached movie theater has been re-opened]).

    Speaking of indians and the financial oversite/care from
    “Great White Father” in DC, here’s the segment of the
    John Stossel Freeloaders series about the “help” given
    to the indians (this segment got the indians ALL riled
    up..well with the exception of the Lumby’s..the others
    were going “REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! John Stossel is
    eeeviiiillll forked tongued WHITE MAN who hates us
    indians..REEEEEEEEEE – heyya heyya..yatta heyya!!!”
    after it first was aired..and pretty much anytime it’s
    re-shown (which ISN’T often…hmmm, wonder why?….)
    [sarcasm off]

    Which is actually quite amusing as Stossel is jewish;
    one of the ‘good jews’ who tells the truth in spite
    of what his tribe’s elders have written and instructed
    in regard to us goyim.

    Freeloaders – How Government Welfare Makes the Indians Poorer

    The social and economic outcome for the indians whose
    ancestors agreed to ‘treaties’ with the government and
    subsequently live on ‘rezs’ IS absolutely worse than even
    inner-city blacks in terms of violence, substance abuse,
    poverty and individual output.

    All because of…you guessed it…welfare dependence
    via ‘government’!

    Around here..it’s “The 800 pound overweight gorilla”
    that very few want to discuss openly…

    But just imagine what the reaction would be across the country
    on rezs WHEN that dependence is ended because the ‘gov’ can no longer
    afford to pay for such…

    And already at many of the ongoing riots, there’s usually an indian
    there with a bullhorn screaming “Death to America!! – Death to those
    that stole the sacred land of our ancestors – Take it all back for OUR
    PEOPLE NOW!!!”

    All while living off the freebies stolen from folks who actually
    produce wealth and value…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. pretty crazy how the population has learned to rely on the gubmint for entitlements ain’t it? up here, most work for the gubmint or the tribe in some form or another- if they work at all… it’s interesting to me how they can have it so good but still choose to remain wallowing in squalor .. most have a newer truck or car, $1000. phones, tattoos, and eat out, but live in cobbled together nigger shacks or trailers surrounded by worthless junk which they believe is some type of stored wealth :).

      something about “ignorance breeds poverty”

      and there’s an abundance of ignorance in the murka…

      LET. IT. BURN.

  35. The malcontents will kick up dust, but nothing will happen past the hives.
    Not when they have cities full of footlockers, best buys and dollar generals to loot and burn. Mr. and Mrs. America will be busy this weekend stocking up on shit tickets, pasta and bottled water. I predict a Trump win, and with that, an abundance of pickups driving around with Trump flags flying off the back stirring the pot after the election..The ones who are fighting age will feel emboldened to show the hair on their magentas if they know Trump has another 4 yrs. Me?, I’ll still be going to work everyday, probably start taking my xd with me. I’m squared away at home and only 4 miles from my work. I plan on bugging in.

  36. All ammo and guns have become unobtanium.

    I’ve got more than I can hold, so what’s the point of trying to get moar?

    I’m confessed.

    Are you?

    I’m whittling my time away collecting old cameras. Much more relaxing than worrying about what might happen tomorrow and/or reading the thoughts of old Boomers.

    History only repeats itself.

    Vive la Vendée!



  37. Gazing into my crystal……marble
    All this hullabaloo and this that and other are leading to a great crescendo clash of cymbals with climate change, globalization, digital currency, economic reset, kung-flu-wu, what-have-you, kumbaya, and a partridge in a pear tree.
    I’ve never seen so many people lathered up since Mable showed her ankles.
    Well campers I’ll tell you what….our betters who are oh-so-smarter than us are congratulating each other on a well played game before set and match think the frosting is already on the cake not yet out of the oven.
    I am of the opinion that they will be in for a rude surprise.
    What is happening is global, not just here in the US and A. Every fictitious non-issue is building up to what the progressives think will turn the world on its head and everything will be fixed overnight.
    Gee….they’ve had this so carefully planned that it’s a fait accompli and lighting victory cigars with worthless C notes.
    I are amused at their hubris, especially when they become enlightened with cranial ventilation that their brilliant plans are nothing but the popcorn fart released from their congested craniums having been firmly wedged in their third point of contact.

    Everything I’ve planned and prepped for the last twenty years has led to this point in time. I pray that this all blows over, but ready to let lose the dogs of war. We are leaning forward.

  38. I just want to say that all I ever wanted was to be left the fuck alone. Apparently that is too much to ask from a society that has nothing better to do than poke bears. although I am NOT a bear, it may be wise to treat me as such. That being said……

    The AO here seems to be full of normies, and they are very non-cognizant of the impending sporkyness that is coming. That sucks, if only because it would be nice to have an aware contingent to pass along info and defend their homes, of which I will not have a part of. If those folks cant or wont help themselves, there is nothing I can do to help them. We were warned.

    I have been involved for the past many years, there is much that has been done to supplant the shit that seems to be coming to a head. not blowing my own horn, but the truth is what it is. When you tell someone the truth and they call you a liar, what are you supposed to do? My feeling would be that we all have told others the truth and have received the same response. So, it is not our fault. But we, nonetheless, are being held responsible. So, here is where I say that I am fine with that. I am responsible for this mess. I have voted my way into this, and there is no voting my way out of it. Fine!

    I wish no harm upon any man. A Communist, should he stay put in his desires to subject me is no threat. Once he feels a sense of power, and decides to pursue my sovereignty, all bets are off. He is dead to me, as a countryman.

    Fuel your truck, and have extra fuel, all you can store. get more K1 heating fuel. Have a month or more of storeable food, dry storeable!!! Have your comms working, have your people ready, and have your gun clean and ready. Take care of those in your group who cannot defend themselves. Have your heart ready to meet your maker. And defend your life as God would have you to. Never forget that in your heart is the spirt of Captain Parker, and Samuel Whittenmore. Speak to them as if they were with you, for they are. They are!

    Fill your propane tanks. Water! Sandbags. Your rifle is already zeroed, right? Wicks in your Kerosene lamps? Soap! Dried goods, rice , beans, flour. Holy crap, there is so much!

    GodSpeed to all you out there! I have been praying for us, as I know you all have.

    Pete, thanks for giving us all the platform to network. Without WRSA, there would have been quite a few souls with no resources, but that was changed by this site.

    I found WRSA thru Sipsey Street irregulars. CA just made sure that we all had a chance to fix most of the shortcomings before the fucking. MBV would be both proud of you all, and ashamed of what has become of his beloved country.

    Totally the FUSA. GodSpeed Gentlemen and Ladies, GodSpeed!

    Murica, land of the fee, home of the slave.

    Prepare to defend yourselves. See you when we win.


  39. Passing the time by processing each news story through my imaginary Ol’ Remus filter. Both thought exercise and entertainment. Still have all the fire fighting gear out and just as well. The election is coming before the first rains. If the internet blinks out thanks CA for all the great ideas. Hugs won’t be enough. -Imonnit. Trinity county, Ca.

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