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  1. Undeterred by science & reason, the totalitarian CdA (ID) city council has decreed THAT MASKS MUST BE WORN!
    Despite findings like:
    New CDC Study Finds Majority of Those Infected with COVID-19 ‘Always’ Wore Masks

    As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. (Isaiah 3:12)

    1. Iggy: Without being specific, it’s on up here in Winterfell after 11/03. Thoughtful patriots are just waiting. The recall against the CDA City Council is just the tip of the iceberg. Be of good cheer. Plan accordingly. Stay gray at all costs.

  2. TPTB cannot implement a damned thing without the full cooperation from the Orcs and Orcettes with badges and/or cammies and M-4s. Commissar Newsome’s Kulaks residing in the Kalifornia Soviet Republic have a choice: They can rally in the streets and get picked off and beaten, one-by-one by The Thin Blue Line( see Britain and Australia), or they can go full partisan and initiate game on. The ball is in their court. To borrow the metaphor used is Boston’s Gun Bible: You either continue to be nauseous or throw up and get it over with. Plan accordingly.

    1. And the overwhelming majority of which ARE pearl clutching
      bolshevist ‘Karens’ that ‘hate America!’…

      And they are definitely empowered/supported by the ‘gov’
      which IS the ‘corporate employees’ of global-pedo jewish
      Rothschild banksters..aka the owners of BOTH “The City of
      London” and their military/corporate colony euphemistically
      named ‘israel’.

      Yeah..same deep pocket folks that funded the planned
      destruction of Christian Russia in 1917 and the intended
      invasion and destruction of non-bolshevist nations and
      cultures after that first successful coup..not too mention
      the successful financial coup of America in 1913…

      Uh oh Yogi…Rabbi Schlomo Sucklekinderforskinstein and his
      student/shlepper assistant ‘Huuischel’ AREN’T gonna like this…
      most likely Schlomo is spraining his wrist calling the ‘adult-diaper-
      league’ at this very moment…gotta shut it down or it’ll be ‘annudda

      Oy veh gevalt!! Da goyim know!!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. Killing in War: a Rights-based Justification
      Killing in War: a Rights-based Justification

      Why killing enemy combatants is morally justified

      BLUF: When we kill enemy combatants, we are not violating their rights to not be killed, because they have already forfeited that right by their free choice to violate the rights of others to not be killed.

      Every person, by virtue of being a human being, possesses the right to not be killed by another person. This is commonly referred to as the “right to life,” but the term “right to not be killed” is more precise. Our rights, for example, are not violated when we die of heart disease, cancer, or a lightning strike. Our “right to life” is violated only when another person intentionally or negligently acts to kill us.

      The term “right to not be killed” also makes clear that we possess rights only in relation to other human beings. If a dog bites us, the animal has not violated our rights. Perhaps the dog’s owner has, if she negligently allowed the dog to roam unleashed, but the dog itself cannot be said to have violated our rights. We possess rights only in relation to other human beings who can be held accountable for their choices.

      Our rights as human beings put limits on how others can act towards us. One person’s right has priority over another person’s freedom. For example, my right to not be killed trumps my angry neighbor’s freedom to kill me over our dandelion dispute. Were he to kill me, he would commit a moral wrong. To paraphrase the philosopher J. S. Mill, we possess the freedom to choose our actions provided they do not violate the rights of another. Rights must trump freedoms, if rights are to have any meaning at all.
      (see article for the rest of the story…)

  3. down in MI the governot whitless has by-passed the SC ruling that her EO’s have no power after last april and has used the health dept to reinstate covid rules…


    the AG is also trying to go around a court ruling that supports the open carry of firearms at polling places…


    the murka is truly a cesspool of humanity swirling the bowl of history… tfA-t says good riddance to that forsaken wasteland of whores and thieves that was once “the shining city on the hill”.

    mebbe next time around the peepul will keep themselves groomed, clean, ink free, and morally decent so their nation will remain strong and righteous..

    but probably not…

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