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      1. A rough draft, (with proper spacing) of : A face-to-face with a Portland rioter can be found at theburningplatform, in the comments under the latest ‘epidemiologist’ thread. Sorry. Admin please delete it here, and I can re-post it properly, if desired.

    1. An unexpected face-to-face with a Portland rioter

      (Disclaimer: Drug-use, profanity, illegal acts, threats of death, actual death, general mind-crime, political heresies, distracted musings and rants abound in the following article. You’ve been warned! Seriously. This is mostly lightweight stuff, but nevertheless… Parental advisory is strongly recommended.)

      It’s 9:30 in the morning. Halloween day. I’ve been awake about 4 hours already. At the moment, I’m swimming around inside my head, trying to recall the events of the previous night through the lingering fog of an IPA-induced blackout…

      …It had been a beautiful autumn day in the accursed San Francisco Gay Area. The sun had just dropped behind the hills, leaving a tangerine-hued, twilight canvas for cotton-candy-pink and purple clouds. Opposite was a sickly-yellow full-moon, emerging through a wispy gray haze of smog and wildfire smoke. I was cruising down-the street, blaring Ozzy’s Bark At the Moon from my speakers, and enjoying the cool air of a fell season.

      I hook a chirpy left into a garbage-strewn suburban shopping center and catch dirty looks from all the factory-farmed humans, waiting in line at the factory-farmed fast-food joints. Not an American in sight, only darker asians and hispanics. The invad- I mean, wokefuks- don’t care for Ozzy when a young, white knucklehead is blaring it for all to hear. It’s probably microaggressive and/or blasphemous unless it’s a trendy brown kid doing it.

      Swinging around to the back of the shopping center, I pass by a young homeless guy sitting on the curb, casually a-puffin’ a cigarettay. I’d seen him around town before, flying a sign (begging) near the freeway. He’s new here, and sticks out.

      Now, I’m still basically homeless myself (living out of my car, now) but I generally hate other homeless people. I always go far out of my way so that I don’t have to interact with any of ’em. This guy, (dressed in all black) looks like somebody I’d wanna send to the hospital, or at least cross the street to avoid.

      (As a side-note, it’s worth noting that this kid was essentially the dictionary definition of anglo-saxon. The significance of this comes into play later, as you’ll see).

      So I drove by at first, and then doubled back because I need to learn more about this unknown guy who is lurking around my main sleeping-spot, at night…

      He looks like worn-out. No doubt he’s had a tough afternoon begging. It’s actually really tough to simply stand there with a sign in public, and beg for help. Believe it or not, it’s harder to make yourself do that than work at almost any job. You get sunburn. People tell you to “get a fuckin’ job!”- usually an older middle-eastern guy, or wannabe redneck. They also try to give you food instead of money- and you accept it so as not to look like a greedy dickhead, even tho you won’t eat it- because people hate homeless people, and it could be poison… or worse- laced with laxative (not a trivial concern, when you only own two pairs of pants and can’t even afford the laundromat). Also, almost all homeless people get foodstamps, so unless the sign says “hungry”- or something to that effect- just give ’em some change… Anyway. By far the most difficult part of begging is how hard it is mentally- it’s very degrading.

      I figure the kid could probably use a beer after a day like that. So, I pull up next to him in my car, and offer up my box o’ brews, and tell him to take a few. Hallowe’en is tomorrow so… trick-or-treat, ya scary-lookin’ mothereffer.

      I figured I did my good deed for the day, and start to drive away to a parking-space near to my sleeping-spot (to assess his potential threat-level out of the corner of my eye). Before I pull away, he asks me if I wanna smoke a blunt.

      Wait wat.

      “Yeah sure.”

      Normally, I’d have passed, but I was fuming mad just previously, because the transmission is already going out on the car that I’d just bought a few weeks ago. I really needed to chill out right then, even though I’m not really tryna smoke anything these days…

      So I park, get out, and beckon him to join me on the curb next to the car. He saunters over, and plops down next to me.

      Swisher sparked…

      Drum roll…

      We exchange minor pleasantries, and I discover that he’s disarmingly polite… I take a good pull on the blunt, and ask through the smoke, “What’s with the get-up man, I just now noticed you’re wearing all black.”

      Dude’s in a black matix jersey. Black hat, black shorts, black socks, black chuck taylors. Covered in tattoos. Long, greasy hair. Straight outta central casting. A lot like me, but I’m not into tattoos.

      He replies, “Yeah man, I just got back to California from Portland. I was in the riots, smashing windows and shit, stealing thousand-dollar designer handbags… You name it.” He says the cops and military don’t even care about looters attacking businesses, and that they’re basically only there to protect government buildings. (Hopefully they can do the same for Trump’s White House.)

      “Really?” I say. “That’s cool, lucky you… So if you don’t mind my asking, what brings you to back home to California?”

      It was obvious he’s a Cali native, judging from his style- and in conjunction with all the tattoos… He’s probably from southern California…

      He says he just got outta jail. (Maybe the riots ARE winding down a bit). Says he’s got kids in the inland empire or somewhere down there. Bingo, SoCal. We’re practically friendly neighbors already.

      He also says that he hops freight trains to travel, and been to 42 different states. Shit, I wish I could do that… He mentions that I should try it, and that it’s not so hard…
      (Who knows, if my car takes a shit, I might just get my Kerouac on sooner rather than later…). I wonder if he’s part of those secretive hobo railway gangs or something… But I don’t ask that.

      Instead- I ask again, for more clarity, “The cops really don’t care if you break into a store, and loot the place?”

      “They don’t even try to stop people,” he says, passing the blunt.

      “Y’know, I’ve actually been thinking about moving to Oregon myself.” I mention before inhaling.

      “You should go to Eugene.” He says. “Or Portland, if you wanna loot some cool shit.”

      “Yeah… Well, Eugene sounds pretty cool.” (NOT)

      After regaling me with tales of his misadventures traveling the country by railcar, I send the blunt-roach to the gods, and he politely asks if I’d mind if he smokes a bowl of meth. I don’t really care, he seems stable enough, and there ain’t no cameras here… go ahead homie. I ask if the crystal is any good out this way. He says its okay, but it burns wrong- it’s cut a bit too much.

      DRUG RANT:
      I hadn’t used meth in like 8 months.

      I stay away from it. But in the past, I’ve used it mostly socially, but also in the mornings for work, for creative and religious inspiration, and it also heightens sensuality when you’re with your partner. It IS a performance-enhancing drug, after all.

      Every day there are millions of kids in school (not so much these days, but y’know) with ADHD and related sydromes, who take amphetamines in a pill. Adderall, ritalin, even- perish the thought- methamphetamine in a pill. I was one of those kids for a short while, but stopped taking those meds, because I don’t really like amphetamines. Long story short- don’t do drugs, kids.

      (HEY!! Really tho… Don’t do drugs. You’ll probably lose control of your life.)

      The rioter mentions that he’s just kicked heroin. I applaud him for that. Good job.

      I’ve known too many junkies, and once you start down the codeine/promethazine-road, or start popping painkillers too much- you’re fucked for life. You’ll wind up pushing a shopping cart and digging through garbage for aluminum cans to fund your heroin/fentanyl addiction (you’ll also wind up shoving dull, dirty needles into your face, and you’ll eventually get a staph infection in your bloodstream, where it may attack your heart; when you’ll require open-heart surgery like my 30 year-old brother did). Those drugs, and crack-cocaine, are nothing to play with. They WILL make you their bitch. Possibly literally… Don’t do drugs.

      END OF RANT.

      It’s officially dark now, the full-moon a yellow cheese-wheel behind the smog. We’re sitting on the curb behind an empty business, and its pale lights flicker on, casting a faint, sterile, eerie white light onto the parking lot.

      After watching him roast some shards for a minute, the rioter kindly offers me the glass bubble. I decline at first, but after a bit, I realize the weed isn’t having any noticeable effect. So… I take two puffs of magic-crystal smoke, and ZOOM- we’re off! (I thought you said this stuff wasn’t very strong!) ∆#%€¶π√~****$$

      (On a related note, the glass pipe that we’ve all seen Hunter Biden sucking recently is a METH pipe- not a crack pipe.)

      Anyhow, right around this time, a young, shitty, black, drug-zombie rolls up on a bike.

      With shifty eyes, he’s approaching and looking at the rioter’s backpack like he’s about to snatch it. The rioter briskly closes the 10 paces to his bag and…

      With a look on his face like he just licked the doorhandle of a public restroom, the black zombie grumbles about the rioter not making such a big deal about it. After a tense, stand-offish moment like the black guy was gonna swing (officially making a big deal about it) the white guy commits an unthinkable act- a MICROAGGRESSION- picking up his own bag. He walks back over to me for more safety. Lol.

      Now, I was getting pretty high at this point, and seriously considered dancing in circles around the black zombie, mocking him like the mischievious lil’ elf that I now was- but instead of making fun of him, I acted mostly normal.

      The dirty black zombie walks around the corner, angrily puffing a cigarette- literally fuming. He’s just looked bad, in public, and starts sucking down his Newport like it’s his last doobie before a long prison bid. He’s offended, pissed-off, and obviously planning some scandalous shit.

      I don’t like how this smells… And I stink pretty good right now.

      I’ve seen this show before, so I start fumbling around my car for more weaponry.

      Twacked-out idiots, microaggressions, weapons, and racial tension. What could possibly go wrong?

      The rioter tells me that the black guys around here basically pick on him, and this dude’s been hassling him.
      Well… that’s just how it is in the bay. If you’re white, you’re the lowest in the pecking order, accorded no respect, and preyed upon. Ask any ACTUAL white kid in school, (not the WINOs: white-in-name-only) and that’s generally the case. No disrespect intended- but I’d bet money that your kids are no exception to this rule. Any takers on that bet? I’m serious! Bueller…

      Side safari:
      (The night immediately preceding this, I was in a quiet place, off-camera, quietly minding my own business in my car- when two young, college-aged, shitwits pulled up on me and started getting clever. The bigger, ugly, brown one clearly just wanted to pick a fight with a defenseless homeless person. American psycho 2.0? When I told both of them to fuck off and gave the eyes of a thousand yards, they got purdy scurred, and drove off… Later that night, I tracked ’em down, and scared ’em good and proper in my skimask… Happy HalloWEEN, ya lil’ bitch! They got the message… Also that night: two hispanic tweekers pulled up behind my car- carjack on the ground- attempting to steal my catalytic converter. They beat feet too! Just… leave me the hell alone!).

      Right. Focus. Less A.D.D.
      Back to the story…

      Now, when I’d first met the rioter, (I was still mostly sober) I could tell that he was, actually, a very polite and friendly kid.

      The shitty black tweeker-zombie, on the other hand, was clearly a stinking pile of human garbage and was trying to bully the rioter, and now by extension- albeit indirectly- me as well.

      So, while said human-garbage-pile was blowing massive, angry, newport-clouds around the corner, amping himself up for the robbery he was intending to commit, I started showing off my weapon-collection to the rioter.

      Guess who comes steaming around the corner, right on cue…


      The black dirtball emerges from the shadows, looking like he’s got an ass-whooping in mind for both of us, when he stops- and glances down at the sword in my hands. We lock eyes.

      Recalculating… Recalculating…

      He immediately turns around and scampers off into the night, sufficiently butt-puckered. I was tempted to yell that he looked JUST like a shit I took that morning… But I held my tongue. His ego was bruised enough anyway.

      Now, despite the rioter possibly being antifa, the kid was actually one of the nicest people I’ve ever met- and in the atmosphere of that brief, prison-like moment, shit got racial… we were just two young, puny pukes, forced together in the face of a common threat.

      Look, I can hear your bitching and groaning now: but I wasn’t about to let ANOTHER black zombie victimize ANOTHER white kid if I could help it… Even if the white kid was antifa, and maybe deserved an asswhoopin’ on principle. I’ve been robbed myself in West Oakland, at least twice like that, and it’s just awful all-around.

      (Whaaattttt!! I’m soft-hearted. Gimme a fuckin’ break. I couldn’t sit there and watch! On principle. Plus, I might’ve been next… You HAVE to nip that shit in the bud when you’re able. Life-advice kids, write that one down. Also- don’t smoke meth with random stangers, and then start waving weapons around. SOMETHING BAD ALWAYS HAPPENS.)

      Welp… that was a picturesque (if cliché) tweaker moment. Feeling like my old self! “Flying high agaaain.”

      I tell the rioter how dangerous it is for a lone white boy in the bay area- he should at least get a stun-gun flashlight like the one I carry, because it won’t put the life of an attacker in too much danger. It also wont put YOUR life in danger of a lengthy prison sentence, when the cops see the evidence/aftermath. The alternative of the knife or bullet-wound you’ve just left in the bitchass, snitch-ass adversary WILL wound you too. Just ask KR-15 (aka Kyle Rittenhouse). But obviously… if they gotz a gun, you can use yours too, Magoo.

      After I’d vividly demonstrated the merits of a second constitutional amendment, the rioter tells me how he saw someone’s “face get blown-off” while spending a few nights in West Oakland. Yeah… that sounds like the Oakland that I became wayyy too familiar with. I believe him. I tell him that West Oakland is okay- but to stay out of the hellscape that is East Oakland.

      Tense situation defused, the conversation stumbles on, and he says that he just got a job (the first actual job of his life!). I congratulate him. Better to work than to loot. Hopefully he can send a few bucks to his kids… I feel for him a bit- he’s at least trying. I ask if he needs clothes or anything. He only requests a pair of socks. No food, no blankets. He’s a gnarly little dude in that respect. Uncommonly well-mannered too, despite the almost two decades that he’s been on the street.

      At this point, I’m fuckin’ good and amped off of amphetamines and lingering adrenaline, so I down the rest of my beer in an attempt to get back to semi normal. I intend to make the most of the night because I don’t expect to sleep much lol.

      It’s not even 7 p.m. and I’ve already almost gone to prison. I need to get going. The rioter asks me for a ride so he can get some more drugs, and also to get away from the black zombie lurkin’ around in the shadows, likely not far away.

      Don’t even trip tater chip. Let’s go.

      So I drive him to a park, drop him off, and wish him the best of luck. Afterward, I realize I shouldn’t go back to my regular sleeping spot again- as a methed-out, angry, scandalous zombie may be hungry for revenge (perhaps brains too- it IS a full-moon after all, and Hallowe’en is mere hours away). So, I take some time to think things through in my now-very-creative meth-mind, and I decide to drive to another corner of town, where the hispanic gangs will keep any black zombies at bay with sounds of their target practice echoing throughout the night.

      I park in the dark, take two good swigs of vodka, and down another beer to overpower the amphetamines so I can hopefully sleep. I black out… Mission accomplished!

      The End.

      After this experience, I’ve come to realize that many of the looters we hear about in the media are, in fact, very poor, and it’s also possible that some of them are simply opportunists left behind by the economy, who choose to don the same uniform as the political retards, for a chance to join in the fun. But I personally think they should all be arrested, and charged to the fullest extent of the law.

      I like to wear black a lot myself, but I’m just a metalhead. (It would be great if all you older white guys would stop assuming every young guy in black is antifa. Thanks.)

      I never asked if the rioter was a literal antifascist, even though he genuinely looked the part. He was just too polite, I didn’t wanna rock the boat, and I’m honestly just getting tired of the constant struggles with people around me. But, regardless… despite our likely irreconcilable political differences, I was able to find some common ground with an interesting and polite person. IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU. Peace is needed- now more than ever. Perhaps this is how the German and Allied troops felt during the famous Christmas truce. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season, and be nice to people!

      Thanks for reading.

      Your personal reporter-off-the-ground, signing off.

  1. Winter is coming. Here in the north we got our first snow a little over a week ago. I am currently changing out some of my gear to be ready. There is a good cover for action with this because hunting season for archery, upland bird, and gun deer is in full swing. Plus, it’s getting colder – that means put extra clothes and layers in your vehicle.

    Water is a concern in a frozen car during the winter, but that can be mitigated by keeping some inside and having a means to melt the ice. Don’t fill your vehicle containers all the way! Leave some space for expansion.

    That being said, what I see going forward if Trump wins is that the north will initially be under siege like much of the country, but then taper off through the coldest months. Once the first thaw hits and the Chiraqians come back out to play, expect disturbances in the more rural areas.

    My one overarching concern is infrastructure disruptions – probably 1/100 or less in the southern part of my state burn wood for heat and/or cooking anymore. Imagine finding the thawing bodies in the early spring…


  2. Review/understand cover VS concealment,,,,,,is a car door a bullet stopper, or is the engine block a better choice. Is shooting over the hood a better choice rather then under or around the front?

    I came in from NorCal last night, was encouraged in most towns I traveled thru the amount of vehicles sporting trump flags was huge. 1000s, of em. Encouraging.

    I’m told my town, had a downtown rally with literally thousands of heavily armed citizens active and present. ” a rumor floating that since BLM got bounced out of here many weeks ago, their,going to,sneak,in in small groups and fuck shit up”

    The locals appear to have a counter proposition. Tic Toc


    1. I have shot in and around cars for training.

      Engine blocks will stop (or deflect) all small arms rounds you are going to encounter. The deflect part is what is tricky.
      Engine compartments however are not ALL engine blocks, and the rest of the stuff inside didnt fair as well against rifle rounds. Pistols didn’t penetrate from one side to the other but some rifle rounds did.
      A, B, and C pillars in the car are sufficiently thick enough to stop rifle rounds but most of the shots were not square on to the pillar and went through the edge or a roll in the metal.

      Car doors CAN stop pistols, especially if the glass is down. They however did not stop rifle rounds at all. Most rifle shots went clean through the car through the other side.
      Rifle rounds will pass through the passenger compartment front to back as well.

      Cars make good Concealment and offer cover if its all you got, but dont depend on them.

  3. One day till the election(outcomes may take awhile),that said,food/fuel/clothes/tools/7.62X.39 still available and reasonably priced,keep shopping and don’t forget the popcorn and your favorite beverages to watch the show!

  4. Today is the Commemoration of All Souls Day.

    ALCON: There are several plenary indulgences available for the first week in November [this year, any 8 days throughout the month*], beginning on November 1st, All Saints Day.

    They are the following:
    § 1. A plenary indulgence, applied exclusively to the souls in Purgatory, is granted to the Christian faithful who:
    1° on each single day, from the first to the eighth day in November, devoutly visit a cemetery and, even if only mentally, pray for the faithful departed; [Note: one plenary indulgence for each day, if the usual conditions are met]
    2° on the day of Commemoration of All Faithful Departed [November 2] (or, according to the Ordinary, on the preceding or subsequent Sunday, or on the day of the solemnity of All Saints) piously visit a church or oratory and there recite the Pater and the Credo.

    Reference: Enchiridion Indulgentiarum, 4th edition, al. concessiones.

    * See, https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2020/10/changes-in-2020-plenary-indulgence.html

  5. No better time to change batteries out, all nods, optics, radios, range finders,etc etc.

    just discovered I have zero extra batteries for my newer holosun 507 dots. Problem shall be addressed by noon. I’ll purchase multiple extra’s.


    1. Exactly! Batteries of Every Size will be Unobtanium once anything disrupts supply chains. They are one of the First Things that Vanish during a Hurricane Event down South.

      IMO, the 123’s, Button Batteries, and other ‘Odds’ without Rechargable alternates are Critical, especially if you use them for Scopes, Rangefinders, NOD’s, etc. Flashlights should be only AA, C, or D-Cells, they will be the easiest to find.

      Switch as much stuff as you can to Rechargables, and get a good, multivoltage Solar Charger for them too.

  6. Be aware of any vacant homes or homes under construction in your AO. Observe any unexpected activity at these locations and respond accordingly, as these locations could be utilized by outside actors seeking HQ from which they may spread their urban-style spiciness into your neck of the woods.

  7. My vision has gone to shit. I have to keep readers everywhere, which I often misplace or break.

    Planning to stop on the way home this evening and put aside a reasonable stock, along with the holders that keep them around my neck.

    Gonna get a good bourbon for election night too.

  8. put a vortex venom on a compact 9mm and i love it…

    don’t even have to get a sight picture anymore- just put the dot on the target and squeeze…

    12 full cords of maple, birch, and ash split and stacked, another 5 of poplar for the warmer periods…

    fuel, lubricants, and spare parts for all the machines…

    RV rubber roof scrubbed and sealed

    batteries for all machines inspected and charged

    enough stocked food and water for a year or more

    first aid, meds, medical kits at the ready

    radios radios radios and more radios of all types

    cash, silver, gold, and lotsa lead 🙂

  9. I think most are “going dark” and heaving-to, planning to engage problems as they appear until a shape-change or catching fire.

  10. All mags checked and double-checked. Cleaning kit . Batteries with dates inventoried. Night vision is a battery gobbler. Lens cleaner and cloth in double waterproof bags. Boots waterproofed with new laces. ATV gone through with new clutches,boots,solar panels,inverter,light cut-off switch. Comms tested. Walked kill zones ,checked pits and traps. Aced my Valhalla entrance exam. Reconned my AO from an enemy perspective.
    We have decided as a unit, to speak Joe Biden on all comms. Stealth. Bromitscalfigulaving to all.

  11. Yes the guy who just started paying attention is probably on TV. The more important thing is, if said guy has a clue, he’s gifted the TV to GoodWill and is looking at ads for rural property.

  12. Acquired very inexpensive IR monocular.
    Much better one$, and other varieties of
    seeing in the dark out there for sure, but
    make do with what I can get, so – Do what I can….

    As I see it, the possibilities of getting stuff delivered
    could be difficult or impossible soon, so local local
    would be coming….

    By your leave gentlemen…..

  13. Not sure if anyone else has seen this – but apparently the teespring.com page listed on the Support A Hero post returns a 404. Don’t know if the address is incorrect, or if it was taken down (being taken down wouldn’t surprise me, unfortunately).

    If, on the other hand the address has changed, it might be nice to post it so those so inclined could use it. 😉

  14. Praying for us and our folks. I suggest you do the same. Remember that we win regardless of what happens in the coming months.

  15. Heavy Metal Tribal Rap Ditty

    Hokah Hey, Motherfuckers, Hokah Hey!!
    Hokah Hey Motherfuckers, Hokah Hey!!

    I’m running through the forest on a moonless NIGHT!
    I’m heading for the Tree where they smoked that PIPE!
    I’m digging up my tomahawk (hatchet) with defiant MIGHT!
    Hokah hey, hokah hey!

    I’m facing off the traitors and the dudes who knelt!
    I’m pulling off the beads from that Wumpum Belt!
    I’m sharpening my hatchet with a whetting pelt!
    Hokah hey, hokah hey!


  16. It’s been oddly quiet here in south Florida. Maybe because BLM, etc. know that nearly every home is armed and patriots are just looking for any excuse.
    The Purge: Election Day may just become a thing.

  17. Charging all my radios and putting them in the faraday box.
    If chaos comes after the election it would be the perfect time for an EMP from china/russia/norks.

  18. Wouldn’t miss this for the world. Crackers are mean and cruel, that’s what sets me apart from the rednecks. I think in terms of a communists face going ghost white as they utter a panicked “where did that come from?” as their comrade’s head explodes. I want my contribution to matter.

    Also, building one of these, Pardon the ElectricJewTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7UZHEHhdek&t=437s

    Looking at light discipline. Didn’t throw breakers but operated “in the dark” as it’s a full moon to get the feel for low light operation. Wishing for NODs and Thermal as I work out shoot lines.

    Still not going to the “camp” with you animals when they come to arrest me for racism. Now get out there tomorrow and vote as hard as you can!

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