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    1. Agitated, Caffeinated, packing cigars, steel and a loaded plate-carrier.

      Let us see what the day brings.

      Today’s gonna be a riot.


    2. NYC Queens Oblast . Lines at 6.30 am for voting. Long Island Oblast in one town voting machines 2 hours late delivery. Another town poll ‘workers’ not showing up full strength. If the commies are pulling this in NY how confident are they really? All union guys at work here voting Trump despite bigwigs telling them otherwise .

      1. “All union guys at work here voting Trump despite bigwigs telling them otherwise .”

        Quote of the election. I laugh when they say, “X # of Dem votes are in blablablah.”

        Yeah, and how many of them “Dems” are going to vote for Trump?

  1. There is no hiding. There is no encryption that works… they made the playing field.

    The Matt Bracken method is the best…. out spoken.. legal for now…. nothing to hide.

    Don’t talk violence…or show pictures that can be used against you.




    Every click you make…and call you take..they are watching you.

    1. There’s really no shame, or harm in discussing the various features of the Morbark 50/48…it is a marvelously engineered chipper / grinder / spewer….

    2. Word. STFU. Go and stay gray. Also, in regards to my previous post under the Army CSM-Ranger meme, I was just channeling Curtis LeMay. When you kill enough of them, they stop fighting. FWIW, I am 73, and I have been eating (((Communist))) s**t since I was 16. I will not listen to any whining from any shitbird, like the one Communist faggot Kyle Rittenhouse shot, blowing most of his arm off but leaving him alive.
      Let’s hoist the black flag, play the Deguello on your bugle and get on with it.
      You cannot and will not “rehabilitate” or change the mindset of any Democrat, “Progressive”, etc. And, the women are by far the worst: Hysterical, foul-mouthed, and stupid. Read what Pastor Bonhoeffer wrote about Stupidity, and how it is more dangerous than outright evil. I am getting my Samuel Whittemore implements set up for use. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

  2. Huge Trump victory.

    Huge outcry from the liberal media to ‘count all the votes.’

    Electioneering kicks into high gear, and we have one more month of the status quo.

    At least it is sunny out, cool fall air and the opportunity to do nice things with my family.

    Blessings beyond what most of the world has.

    1. “Sarajevo.” You mean a happy multi-kulti international “city of peace?”

  3. No matter who gets in, the best thing we can be doing is building up our Community so it can be resilient to whatever comes…

    1. Amen to that, brother.
      Hey, I got that book on how to make a homemade Panzerfaust…you, for educational inert projectiles!

    2. Lineman, if you want to meet up let me know. Greene Co and east of Oneonta Oblast generally on weekends.

    1. In ICT on work days, good to see a fellow Kansan on here. Live up north about 60 miles. Stay aware, we didn’t hit the big time with the summer riots but you would be amazed at the shit I’ve heard commies say in Wichita. We will get our chance yet.

      1. I have friends in JC. I was posted @ Riley a thousand years ago.
        Hope it stays quiet for us all, but especially on the plains….

    2. We’re about 2 hours SSE of ICT. Enid, OK region. All quiet out in my rural area. Younger folks are more in tune than the older farmers here. Many started to stack food, medical, ammo and reloading supplies at the the start of this clown show this spring. My rural fire station voting area was as full as I’ve ever seen it at 7 AM today. Been checking out WRSA for years, never commented. I’m on an 80 acre homestead, good to go except for comms, still working on that. Looks like you guys missed the ice storm. Tore the hell out of our area. Lotta folks still without juice. Take care.

  4. Here we are. I have some hope since Nuisiance got slapped in court and told to behave his bad self. Thank God for Kevin Kiley-my Assemblyman, who did a Paul Bunyon lift to get this suit filed. Kiley’s comment: “Our Constitution does not countenance an Autocracy. Not for a single day, and certainly not for eight months with no end in sight.” There are some good guys out there, but they battle the morons, the SJWs, and Communists 24/7. I spent the day filling in any known or imagined holes in the preps. Life proves that you can never underestimate the senior members of society to be wily, fast, and totally cunning. I thought that I put everything of dog interest away, as I was dragging stuff in. Damn! My 13 yro cocker found some turkey sausage-frozen no less-and was on that like white on rice. I had to scramble to get it away from her. Never believe that age is a deterrent to survival. Lesson learned. Trump signs are everywhere. I was behind enemy lines in the Bay Area (SF) on Sunday. We passed 4 Trump support parades. The farmers in Stockton are all for Trump. The I Hate Obama placards are aging, but still in place and dutifully touched up. There is a definite line between old line families in the Delta and the new folks in the new housing. City ideas that aren’t being tolerated. Some brave souls are standing on street corners waving the Trump signs. We are truly a divided nation. God Bless to every member of the WRSA group. I have valued the good, the bad, the ugly, and the informative. Understand much more of the world with this fine and unwavering blog. Thanks CA for all that you do. It’s a yoeman’s effort on your part. You are a guiding white light in this crazy world!

    1. Stay strong. You’re right in the belly of the beast, and I’m in the same general AO. SAC Antifa is calling for action at the capitol at 4Pm against a pro trump rally. Keep your mags loaded, your NODS battery fresh, and your heart hard.

  5. Naturally just a few days ago, they moved our polling place from the city building (constitutional carry) to the high school (obviously a gun-free zone). Bastards still think that’ll keep the ABR goons away.

  6. Good copy, remember SCTV (Second City Television) 1980’s Big Brother skit, “Big Brother is watching you watch SCTV.”
    Berglander, VoorTrekker is leaving Great Falls towards Billings and then south towards Cheyenne. CA has my phone number. Paid Tourists don’t sit around much and are always on the go. Dug up my hatchets and unstrung that wumpum belt. Scheels Iowa 5 box limit on riffle ammo, Great Falls 4 boxes. The Colony (Dallas) no limits. Costco had pellican style rifle cases for sale–again.

    1. Hey brother-it would be great to meet up. I’m in Missoula. Hope to make it happen.
      CA, please share contact information, either via cell or email.

    2. “South toward Cheyenne.”
      (A direction a lot of folks envy.)
      Count your blessings….many times a day.

  7. NE Illinois. North Riverside, Illinois. The Mall is already putting out the barricades in preparation for the festivities. The city of Chicago has the entire downtown area boarded up. National guard in the area. Police days off cancelled. The merchants warned the Mayor of Chicago, that if the looters get to them this time, it’s over for Chicago businesses. They’ll totally shutdown. Is that a bad thing? The City always drops charges against looters and rioters.

    1. Him,

      I don’t like being a downer but the plywood might be going up for a different reason. 2 of the larger mall operators have filed for bankruptcy.

  8. Just voted in Pennsylvania. What a joke.

    Once the voter’s ID is verified you are directed to sit at a folding table where six, cardboard privacy screens are placed. Poll worker then hands you a laminated “ballot” with all candidate’s names and party affiliation listed. You are also provided a black Sharpie.

    Poll worker then instructs you to fill in the blank circle next to your candidate selection with your Sharpie. When you are done “voting” proceed to the next station.

    Now, you are instructed to take your laminated and completed “fill in the circle” ballot. Feed it into a countygov device described as a scanner, that looks like a photocopier from 1995. Several moments after inserting your “ballot” into the “scanner” it is spit back out to you. You then hand your laminated “ballot” to the ScamMask wearing poll worker. She then wipes your Sharpied “ballot” clean of your “votes” !

    Is it any wonder why Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat/Communist, made a recent public statement that “Biden WILL win Pennsylvania” ?

    For the record, I DID NOT wear a ScamMask.

    Verify your zero.

    Make peace with your God.

    1. So there is no paper trail off the ballots in Pennsylvania? This sounds like local corruption.

      1. Corruption in Pennsylvania ? Surely you jest.

        Mr. Scott,

        Pennsylvania’s communist governor “Red” Wolf marches with BLM Marxists while carrying a sign “Black Lives Matter”.

        40,000 mail-in votes have come up missing in the Keystone State.

        Now we vote with a laminated ballot and a Sharpie. How “”Progressive”, read corrupt

    2. What? No way. That is not voting. Fuck those bastards. Now I don’t see how Trump wins Pennsylvania.

      1. Mr. Gray Man,

        Pennsylvania’s Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro, recently announced that “Biden will take Pennsylvania” !
        Not “if”. Not “maybe”. Not “possibly”. But WILL take PA.

        I do hope I am wrong. But, I agree with you that I do not see how POTUS 45 takes PA. The deck had been stacked in PA against every non-Democrat/Communist candidate.

        I do hope we are wrong. But, this quote comes to mind:

        “It matters not how the people vote. It matters who COUNTS the votes.” – attributed to Soviet Premier Josef Stalin

    3. “Verify your zero.”
      Check, and double check.
      “Make peace with your God.”
      I hope I’m good with Him, I think, but He might have some problems with me.
      (For good reasons.)
      But I’m good with that.
      Let’s roll.

      1. You have done some solid work and intelligence on all this Matt. I appreciate it. Your strategy of firing on arsonists is sound and defensible. Good luck.

    4. That didn’t happen where I’m at (Berks Co.). They verified signatures of myself and my wife, we made our picks (straight R), the card printed out, and we put them in the scanner. Definite paper trail.

      If you want to link up, contact me via my website. If not, that’s cool, too… whatever you’re good with.

      Weps organized, food stores stocked, ready for… whatever comes next. Now we wait.

      1. Tennessee uses the same system and it seems to be as foolproof as you can make it. Not that I am worried how Tennesee is going to go, but I think their system is a pretty good one.

    5. This your first time voting in PA?

      If not, is that how it was done before?

      Sounds a bit suspect.

  9. All’s quiet for now here in the Black Hills. Stocked, prepped, and ready. Could use more food and ammo, because I can always use more food and ammo, but otherwise we’re ready. Votes are cast, emergency radio is cranked, emergency comms fully charged. Let the games begin!

  10. All good down here in deep South Louisiana.
    We don’t tolerate bullshit down here and the fools on the left know it very well.
    Kill a commie for mommy………

  11. Yo voté por Donal Tromb

    Tanned, rested and ready. Multi-layered plans in place, intel and neighborhood watch networks alert.

    1. I’m already way past my sell-by date. It’s all good. Nobody lives forever.

      1. Matt, we are the same age. Couldn’t agree more. Just want to make it worthwhile. I do need to get off my butt & order a case o’ “hard copy”… Kindles stay off line, but still need the paper!

  12. Interesting report, Dan III.
    I’m in PA as well, I did not wear a mask either, but I did not experience what you describe. In Monroe Co. after showing ID and signing in each voter is given a pen and directed to the next station to pick-up a ballot. Fill in the little blank spot next to your preferred candidates, then bring the paper ballot to the man with the machine that takes in the ballot like a copy machine and the voter is directed to watch the computer screen and make sure it counts your ballot that you just deposited. Done.

    Paper ballot, ID required to show and sign in all seemed legit to me.

    I do agree about Shapiro – the rotten commies are working hard to take this state by fraud. One precinct in Philthy has already denied a Poll Watcher access. The sentiment is strong Trump were I am. I would be interested to know what’s happening in Pburg.

    1. $6.6 Trillion in the hole in one term isn’t enough.

      Hell, BHO took two terms to reach $6.721 Trillion, and W was a piker at only $3.2 Trillion with two definitely-needed wars.

      This is assuredly the looting phase of empire, and the digital money-suck has gone exponential.

      SMOD 2020.

      1. Totally goes over the heads of most folks, they’re too busy playing groupie to care about whose palms get padded the most.
        Unfuknbelievable the amount of Covid money that disappeared into crony hands, and the masses scream for joy over their $1200 bucks. Both parties and the banksters made out to the tune of trillions, while John Q. Public got a few billion. Wahoo, we won!!!!!
        We truly live among a nation of voting morons.

  13. “Remember, remember the 5th of November the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot…”
    Yeah, I know, it’s 2 days early but it seemed fitting. Working from home for months now, had the MSM blathering on all morning, went to vote, what a CF and figured V for Vendetta was a better thing to watch than more of the media.

  14. Gentlemen, and the few Ladies,
    Its been an honor.
    Watch for further WARNO updates.
    Keep your intervals.
    Aim for the guts and crotch area (lot of body armor sold in the last few weeks)
    I will see you on the beach.

    1. If you miss the guts or crotch, you might get the thigh, and that’s good too.
      A femur hit is a mobility kill, and a femoral artery hit is a dead bleed out fast.
      Aim for between the belly button and the privates.
      It’s gonna hurt, and take their mind off their business.

  15. As ready as I can be.

    Locals setting off fireworks in local town near me last night.
    Driving by polls – have been up and down – some busy and long lines, some fast, in-and-out.

    Looking for good locals in WI. If you’re on here, you’re probably on CA’s good guy list. He has contact info.

    Stay sharp.


  16. The big cities will go up as usual. Aint shit goning to happen in these here parts less someone wants to get fucked. I’ll watch the festivities pop off from the comfy chair with a drink in hand and a fat bowl of some stanky dank.
    Just in case comms go dark in a few days or whenever…. thanks for the blog CA. Just a speck in the wind here but I enjoy and more importantly I get something from this blog. Good, bad and ugly. If it does go dark let me just say……
    Fuck Matt Bracken the Jew loving sailboat captain.
    Fuck Aeslop the fear porn salesman of the year.

    To the rest of ya; Have a great election day night. Get your liberal tears barrels ready, keep your heads on a swivel no matter the outcome. Have fun and give’m hell if you get the chance.

    1. “Fuck Matt Bracken the Jew loving sailboat captain.”
      Yeah, it’s always >>dem damn JOOOZ<< …. from Chile to China, from Norway to Namibia, from Singapore to Sicily. IT'S ALWAYS DA JOOOOZ!
      [At least, it is to the Adolf-cult 60-IQ retards, who can only comprehend one simple answer for any quandary, who can only bang one key on their busted Playskool piano … and only when using their full concentration.]

      1. You’re old news. Just look at you sucking eveyone’s cock off in the comments to be relevant. You’re lucky CA is a bastion of free speech faggot.

        1. So typed the anonymous keyboard kommando, from the safety of his mother’s basement.

      2. As far as low IQ… how the fuck do you explain 4 billion with B in support to Israel; a country which shows a profit each year? Explain that ya fucking Jones disciple.

  17. Population of Madison, WI: 258,054
    Population of Milwaukee, WI: 592,025
    Population of Wisconsin, Tot: 5,822,000

    So we let 14.6% of the population of the state tell the rest of us what to do because… reasons? And one guy at the top can tell us that a 0.01% chance of death from a new virus makes masks laws, social distancing, and economic closures mandatory?

    Tyranny. Capital T.

    The F. Fathers must be rolling in their graves.


    1. If each state had a county-wide “electoral college,” no liberal would ever be elected to state-wide office, and there would be no welfare or EBT state at all.

      1. If the “Constitutional Republic” worked as advertised, they wouldn’texist, either.

        Nor would gubmint-trained assassins plying their trades around the Seven Seas, judicial lawmaking, or federal laws enforced through the “commerce clause.”

        But here we are…

        1. .
          “…gubmint-trained assassins plying their trades around the Seven Seas…”
          Nailed that. Meanwhile the professional killer takes a pose of moral superiority and deigns that he is “good with God.”

      2. And if you had an oar in each hand you could sail away from America even faster. Remember when you said your plan was to sail away from the USA in the event of takeover? I do. I’ve been listening to you since you first hit the internet on Alex Jones. You’re just trying to make money off of doom and gloom. Clicks and ad revenue for you.

      3. Mississippi has something like that for governor. At least they did. Its on the ballot this time to change it to popular vote. Previously it had to go through the legislature.

  18. A good use of your time: dry fire your red dot, LPO or LPVO scoped carbine.
    Making your rifle or carbine go bang, at the cost of nearly a buck a shot (today’s prices), is not the most critical part of the equation. It’s getting on target fast (in all light conditions, ranges, backgrounds etc) to break your shot.

    You can practice this anyplace you have a nice window out to the backyard, or where ever. Your carbine is (or should be) in reach in your bedroom at all times, so it’s very convenient. The Bindon Aiming Concept is a real thing, with both eyes open, swinging the barrel, your left eye sees everything, your right (or your dominant) eye focuses on your reticle, come onto target, the target jumps into focus with the reticle on it, trigger squeeze, break the shot, “CLICK.” You just practiced 90% of the shooting problem, in your own home, without expending a round (or shooting through backyard window.) (With 1X red dots it’s even faster.)

    Expending the ammo to make the bang is maybe 10% of the equation, and we spend too much time waiting to get to the range. Almost every loud shot I take, I can “call it” before I look at the target paper. You just know if it’s on or not. S be like almost every pro shooter: dry fire your weapons. And, it’s a great stress reliever while pushing through all the gaslighting and propaganda on election day (or any day.) Seriously, practice the entire process, from grabbing your “ready” bedroom carbine (or pistol, or shotgun), to breaking the shot on target, dry firing. It’s 90% as important as making it go bang at the range, and you can do it anytime. And it’s a great stress reliever. This also goes for drawing your EDC pistol from your concealment holster, or from your other at-home hiding places.

      1. ok, Hedge; we get it. Now, how about contribute something useful; or shut the fuck up. You passed “boring” a couple comments ago.

  19. Here in OR the governess has loudly announced that state troopers will be stationed at all ballot drop-off boxes to prevent militias and white nationalists in full nazi ss regalia from threatening, intimidating voters, or even hurting their feelings a little.
    Seems if white nationalists didn’t exist, they’d have to invent them.
    Oh wait…

  20. Greek Proverb “where many cocks crow, dawn comes late”
    Ignore the noise. Stay focused. Make your Peace with God.
    You know what needs to be done.
    See y’all on the flip side.

      1. I lost your email address. CA can relay to you.
        CA could you please forward my email to folks in MT ?
        Thank you

  21. Seen elsewhere: “Do you think businesses are boarding up because there’s going to be a blue wave? Trump is going to win and they know it.”

  22. gonna be quite a show watching the libbyprogs heads sploden again like in ’16

    Drumpf! will win and it will be announced tonight…

    tfA-t has spoken

  23. And many of us are watching them.

    This game, ain’t a one way street.
    None of it is a one way street.

    May not have a ISR drone, or a super
    Computer running AI, or all the other cool guy shit…

    But we have eye’s, ears and brains.
    Use all to there fullest.

  24. Did my civic duty and voted, in person. Took less than 5 minutes. No wait.

    Just got back from saying a few prayers at a cemetery for a needy soul in purgatory as we’re in the octave of All Saints.

    Popped a cork on a bottle of cab, and am gonna sit back and watch the festivities unfold.

    Only so much one can do at this point, and…


    1. Spero in Deo, quoniam adhuc confitebor illi: salutare vultus mei, et Deus meus. That is from my Saint Joseph’s Missal. My mother, Carmela, gave that to me on my Confirmation: April 24th, 1960. Way before the Masonic/Talmudic Conclave of Vatican II. Deus Vult!

        1. The St. Joseph’s Missal is available from Walmart, Amazon, and Catholic publishing.

      1. Good to see you here brother!

        Be careful..one ISN’T supposed to know about the connections between the Masonics and the Talmudic “Chosenites”…especially those of the Chabadist’s..e.g. the Kushner’s – Jared and Ivanka (the converso).

        Their “novus ordo” infiltration has unfortunately been both very successful and destructive..just as the Rothschilds and their fellow travelers intended it to be (their Rockefeller relatives certainly did their part here too!).

        Don’t be surprised if those who still curry favor/are under THEIR indoctrination start rabidly howling because of their being upset with you and me pointing out who THEY are..and always have been.

        Be safe in your AO and always watch six!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  25. 4 dead including the shooter here in Henderson NV. Police shot some guy in an apartment complex after he supposedly targeted Trump voters. Looks more like a mass shooting kinda thing. It got spicy with lots of flashbangs.

      1. Thank you, sir. It was just after posting this comment that both GAB & access to WRSA began to fail. I figured it was just servers not able to handle traffic. Looks like GAB is back in business this morning. Haven’t seen yet where anything has been conceded. Coffee.

  26. Rolled into the voting station with no mask. They said, “You may need a mask.” I said, “No I don’t need a mask.” with a smile. The county did not require masks to vote but this was news apparently to the rest of the sheep. Voted with no problems.

    Interesting book linked here and written by William Briggs https://wmbriggs.com/post/33285/. “The Price of Panic” – nobody tell Aesop.

    All quiet on the Western Front…. of Tampa.

  27. Gab.com down as of 6:46PM PST, getting the following message:

    Gab.com is under maintenance

    Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. We’ll be back online shortly!

    — The Team

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  28. And the indoctrinated squirrels pretending to be Humans rush
    hither and yon to make sure that they have attended the “Extra-
    Special-1 Day Only! Kabuki – “Choose Your Master” Theater”…
    don’t forget to purchase your ‘WCW Style’ “I VOTED!” overpriced
    merchandise to share with family and friends WHO you want to
    have as your ‘legitimate master’….a goofy dementia riddled old
    yutz who has a yen for ‘sniffing kids’..or a narcissistic blowhard
    that sold his and his families soul to the Global pedo-Banksters
    that call “The City of London” home to expunge his PERSONAL
    $1 BILLION ‘debt’ in the 1990’s…oh, that’s right, he learned at
    his father’s knee how to be a ‘good goy’…been one ever since too!!

    Either way…both of these feckless meat puppets ARE the the
    twins that the jewish Globalist Banksters (especially the Rothschilds,
    but there are others..they just hold ‘the drivers seat’ at Davros and
    other such sociopathic shindigs) dance before the NPC’s/normies…
    hoping that the stupid goyim sheep never fully awaken to THEIR
    social and political control that THEY’VE enacted over centuries
    to fulfill THEIR talmudic end goals..and if one’s Christian, they’re
    really going to be unhappy with how things are planed by ‘The
    Chosen People’…life long slavery and public beheadings for ANY
    not of THE TRIBE (and here folks only thought their desert
    brothers, the moslems acted that way….).

    People who are adept and mature at self-reliant DON’T need
    to ‘vote’ for a leader..we see them every morning in our mirrors
    after we complete our ‘Morning Constitutional’.

    Those that aren’t mature and self-reliant NEED to be led..
    that’s WHY they’re still house niggers when all is said and done.

    Today/Tonight is NO different in reality from any other day…
    the Globalist Banksters who still use their bolshevist/zionist
    ‘useful idiot’ attack dogs just want you to think it’s so..so you’ll
    continue to bow down to THEIR puppets and do their bidding…

    Wakey Wakey Sheepies!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. Ja!
        Always make the effort to get it right and on target the 1st time – one may not have the luxury of a “2nd attempt”.

        Guten Nacht mein kamraden – virtually winging home to put her in the hangar, debrief and get some beer and chow.

        We’ll see what the daylight brings tomorrow!
        Stay safe, one and all.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        1. NG what are you putting in the hangar? Got a plane? If so what part of the country? We could meet if SE.

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