10 thoughts on “Books For SPORKY Times”

    1. The 4 year ‘Kabuki Theater’ has ALWAYS been a fraud.

      It’s no different from any other staged even or ‘sportsball’;
      just a contrived ‘Circus’ to entertain, deceive, deflect attention,
      and make sure the sheepies keep ‘baaaaaa’ng’ the legitimacy
      for the Shepherd ‘Leader’ who will manage them wisely,..while
      he continues to shear and slaughter them for HIS boss..a cabal
      of global pedo banksters that call both the ‘Federal Reserve’
      and “The City of London” home.

      Sheared by THEIR extortion/leg-breaking thug division..the ‘IRS’.

      Given counterfeit fodder to munch on via THEIR ‘Federal Reserve’.

      And the globalist banksters enjoy BOTH ‘Lamb chops/Mutton’
      and get richer off the interest from THEIR debt payments and
      the inflation from their round-the-clock printing/infusion of
      basely worthless debt-confetti.

      Been like that since they succeeded with their financial
      coup of America back in 1913…and people believe THEIR
      ‘monopoly confetti’ IS real ‘money’….

      And Jared and his tribemates continue to laugh and
      praise the uninformed for continuing to be ‘good goys’….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. CA , did not receive any contact info….email ? not sure how it works, so, if you will maybe send Berglander my info ….please and thank you

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