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    1. THE JEWS AND “DIVIDE & CONQUER”—Not including their shabbos goyim allies, the 13.7 million of the Synagogue of Satan is less than 2% of the globe’s 7 billion souls. If God was on their side, it would not matter—as it did not matter in Old Testament times—that (((they))) are a minuscule fraction of the world’s people. We know that God is NOT on their anti-Christ side, so (((their))) tiny numbers are a problem for (((them))). We also know how this Ends (capital “E”).
      In the interim, Lucifer, the most intelligent of all the angels, pretends to be on their side—until Satan needs no longer to make that pretense because (((they))) are no longer needed to help harvest souls for Lucifer. Lucifer does not want any of us lesser beings—not goyim, not Jews—occupying his vacated throne and the thrones vacated by the other fallen angels. Until Lucifer abandons (((them))), (((they))) will continue to serve Lucifer and oppose God.
      Since (((they))) do not have God’s help, besides Team Lucifer, what do (((the <2%))) have? Divide and conquer. Whether "class struggle…, black vs. white, socialists vs. capitalists, gay vs. straight, left vs. right, etc.," the Jews are the adversaries to all mankind (1 Thessalonians 2:14)—even if they work against us piecemeal.
      If you don't have the patience to understand and build the important background, you can skip to time stamp 12:20. If you have the ears to hear, (((they))) are telling you exactly what (((they))) intend to do to you.


      1. Stop it with the anti-semitism already. Last I looked, Jews were white people. Niggers and Muslims are the enemy to be exterminated.

      2. the above poster is why we can’t have nice things and a peaceful world

        the insane drivel of another thoroughly indoctrinated fool… god? angels ? satan? demons?

        HA HA HA HA HA

        yeah… NO

    1. Excellent. Cardio with plate carrier and chest rig for me…puts hair on your chest!

      1. Sheeyit nigger
        Srsly tho I really need to do more cardio. Mine sucks. I’ve gotten rill lazy at jitz too.

  1. Pissed off solves nothing, none of us can change the ” Initial” outcome of this election. If you voted, you did your part.

    Were in Reno, it’s strangely quiet here. Almost unnervingly quiet. I’ve observed several of the older vets here at the VA House, standing staring out the windows for long periods of time.

    I see what I’m feeling in their eyes. The confusion, regarding how this great nation got to this point in time. It’s like we all really really recognize this time the “switch” has really been thrown.

    There’s no going back, no short term solutions, no amount of talking will get us thru what’s coming.

    Killing fellow Americans for political ideology just isn’t a savory place to be. Yet here we are.


    1. Washington state style fraud on a national scale.
      Some will say, and insist there is no proof.
      mail in. No exit polling, make actual legal proof impossible. BUT Ray Charles could see it.

    2. Gee, imagine that.
      Someone telling enough lies long enough that the whole world believes it to be true.
      Guess it’s our turn now.

  2. Here comes the steal.

    Predictions: SC > Trump win > Riots > Civil unrest … here we go!

  3. In my area seems folks just working/doing what needs to be done ect.I feel that in a lot of areas that will change very soon no matter which way the election results are finally sorted out,feel this goes to the courts going to see a lot of hot flashes the next few weeks,as ready as I guess I am ever going to be however this turns out.

  4. DRUMPF! won and now the cheating goes into full swing… MI and WI was firmly in the repukes column until the commies went into action. and so it goes…………

    it’s time to burn it all down and start over without commies and foreign POC

    so let it be written
    so let it be done

    the murka must be turned into a pile of smoking ashes- it’s the only way for freedom to survive

    BURN baby BURN

  5. There’s a strange calm in the air today. There is also an unusual warm streak for the next few days so it will be nothing but assholes and elbows. The Ruger 10/22 Hunter X 300 yd tacker build is proceeding as parts arrive. So is the AR10 build with custom 24″ fluted barrel. All other systems are in full operational mode and we stand ready always.

    1. Sir, I’d surely love to see both of those, and your reasons for selecting the various pieces in said builds.

      I’m doing a steel plate challenge 10/22 for the offspring right now, serious fun. Yours is for “other,” reasons, I know, and would really enjoy your insights.

      1. Glad you’re interested and encourage you to move ahead with a 10/22 build. I built a champion AR15 3 years ago and from that I was inspired to build more guns, just for me. I’m a semi-retired architect and have the time and resources to do the research and make the buying decisions. With the 10/22 I am currently working on, I bought the gun new from a guy in a local club that bought it for his nephew but the parents said “No.”. I got it for $220 and it’s “off the books”. It is simple, black with a gray polymer stock and no sights. I mounted this scope on it https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010G5MKT2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 , zero’d it and put about 500 rds through it. Very nice. But it can be better. Next up was the Magpul Hunter X stock in FDE https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YXZH88A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . Then I tore it all apart and studied the workings, watched vids, read alot of stuff, and started buying parts. As it turns out a lot of stuff these days is on back order so there is a lot of wait time in this build. I now believe it will be another 2 weeks before it is ready to go to the range again. FWIW, in my researching I discovered I could have started with just a blank hollow receiver and built from there, rather than buying the whole gun to start. I didn’t know at the time that a receiver was available like that. Go ahead, do it!

  6. Well, the “counting” is still going on. It would appear we are headed for another “Bush-Gore” episode, complete with hanging chads, lawsuits, court decisions, and added riots. This smells of the (((Ukrainian Color Revolution))); brought to you by the Deep State and the (((International Banksters))). This country’s Great Chastisement is about to begin. Plan accordingly.

    1. No kidding….

      Just got back from work, went to the local gas station that I frequent.
      Looked for the newest copy of the local fishwrap…last weeks is STILL
      in the stands…it ALWAYS is delivered on Wednesday mornings to
      the store.

      Asked the clerk that I know if she knows when the delivery person
      will be dropping off the new edition..she didn’t know and the delivery
      person hasn’t been in at all this morning.

      Yes, the 4 Year ‘Kabuki Theater’ run and controlled behind the scenes
      by the globalist pedo Rothschild and related banksters WILL [S]elect
      THEIR choice of meat puppet for the entertainment and ‘civic worship’
      by the NPC’s/normie sheepies…but one should really be struck by how
      fake this is when one of their many fishwrap propaganda rags is witheld

      Just another day to get MORE ammo and other necessities and
      keep on keeping on…the sheepies will continue to group together
      and bleat for their shepherd ‘leader’ to appear and guide them…

      Oh, and lamb and mutton is currently $3.86 per pound and $2.80 per
      pound…not that the sheepies are noticing..yet….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. Weasel, there are a lot of people that need to be freedom pilled.

      Just move along you surf theres nothing for YOU to see.

      Yet the SAXON sleeps.


  7. The only people being fucked by Trump are white people, and specifically his own White supporters.
    He is the chief LE officer of the nation, and his DOJ goes after Proud Boys, RAM, Rittenhouse and James Fields (and MANY others) for defending themselves from Antifa, declares “White Supremacy” as the #1 threat as blacks and Antifa Jews riot and loot and tear down monuments and statues of White men. Meanwhile Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Kushner and various other Jews and shabbos goyim are busy “winning” by helping Israel seize more territory, create more chaos in the Middle East to drive refugees into Europe and the West, give more money to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkroaches (Turkey, Azerbaijan) to murder Christians (most recently in Armenia, but that’s only the latest victim in a LOOOONG line of victims of the Judeo-Islamic war on Christendom).

    And yes, ISIS AND Antifa are creations of Israel and Jews, and Israel is helping Azerbaijan against Armenia.









    1. Bingo!!!
      Folks are too deep in brainwashing and denial to accept the fact this is an ancient religious war, and the Christians are losing ground just because they’re so stupid AND gullible.
      Why would any sane person take advice from their enemy? Because they told you to?
      The Jewish controlled media has done it’s job all too well, and now look where we are. Christians that allow Jews to tell them what to do and think. The Trojan TV in your living room.
      All it takes is a tiny bit of homework on your part, but noooo, it’s too hard to think for yourself and it’s verboten to question (((them))). Suffer the consequences of your laziness and ignorance.

      1. took me 5 decades to finally catch on

        losing your religion will happen right quick when reality bites you in the ass.

        there’s no god or angels coming to save you or your soul… but it’s a nice thought

        this life is not a dress rehearsal or tryout for wings or coal shovels

        it is however a test of your will, determination, and strength

        win or lose which shall it be?

      2. Let’s hope it goes to the supreme court–where Trump will win.
        And I don’t give a fuck about any chaos that may arise afterwards.

        I am confidant the communists will be crushed like bugs.

    1. Naw dawg, I done loaded most of my mags already. I keep some empty as handouts.
      That said, every round of 5.56 I own is either in a magazine or on a stripper clip. Last weekend’s chore!

      1. I caught one of the local gun shops pitching stripper clips, told them to give em to me. They were stripping all the case lot ammo to sell it loose. Or can’t count in tens. Duh?
        In my time everything came in strippers/bandoleers. I guess now it’s considered boomer ammo?

        1. Man, you’re lucky. I’ve literally watch people look at the spoon, shrug their shoulders, then pull rounds from clips one by one to load into magazines.
          I think about the MOUNDS of clips that we’ve turned back into the ammo point and…

          1. The good old days when I used to open spam cans of .30 carbine and 8 rd M-1 clips, or the firing line littered with brass and strippers which we policed into our covers and dumped into empty C-Rat cases from noon chow. Used to take a bit home too. :-0

        2. have a double handful of spoons keep them in every can. All in cans are on strippers, that arn’t in mags. Also have lots of cans of 8 in en bloc for those harder to reach.

      1. How do you like 6.5? There’s about six gorillion truckloads of Hornady Black 6.5 Grendel on the shelf here.

  8. When 100% of the ‘extra ballots’ in the numbers of six figures come in for Biden, one must accept that they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

    It is an in your face, F-U.

    It’s time to call the divorce attorney. Clean out the bank account. Cancel all the credit cards…all that.

  9. We all could have stopped this a while back, but we were pussies then and now. Fuck it let it burn. I am over it, I have given everything except my body in death, I have nothing left. The America I grew up in, fought for, and prayed for is done, fuck it time to go fishing or hunting while I can…

      1. most married with chirrun types are not truly happy, they just accept their fate, slave their lives away, and embrace what they have.. what else can they do?

        i am called “the smart one” by most people i know…

        i can buy anything i want, do anything i want, anytime i want, with anyone i want…

        statistically, most of ewe suckers with kids are cuckolds supporting another mans spawn- FACT

        your wimyn most likely fuck around on you behind your back and probably do..

        personally, i may adopt an 18 year old cutie and knock her up- after i get too old to enjoy the things i like to do 🙂

        tfA-t just calls it like it is….

        1. It’s been my experience that women, for the greater part, are ‘playing for Team Tyranny’.

          So, an awful lot of guys find that they can’t discuss the things they want to, nor do the thing they want to … because they understand that they’re living with ‘unpaid Government Agents’.

          Sure, I know it’s not ‘your daughter’, or ‘ your wife’.

          I’m making a blanket observation, and it may be baseless, or uber-cynical. Each of us knows the truth of his own circumstances.

      2. In the current ‘Cancel Culture’, MEN are a liability, especially
        those that can see and reason.

        Throw in Feminism mixed with Cultural Bolshevism and
        you have the ‘I’m stunning & brave and DON’T want or NEED
        no ‘man’!!” empowered and entitled women who prefer to
        be single mom’s enjoying ‘papa guv’ being their ‘protector
        and provider’!

        The men?
        They get ‘divorce-raped’ by their ‘formerly loving and devoted
        wives’, at least 75% of EVERYTHING they worked for is handed
        lump sum over to ‘the Ex’ and IF they had children together, he
        if lucky, gets “visitation rights” and she gets sole custody..that
        is IF her feminist divorce lawyer doesn’t coach her to make
        false accusations of:

        domestic abuse
        Child Molestation

        If any of those ‘weaponized plays’ is brought out…he gets the
        divorce-rape PLUS having his name and character assassinated
        by her and her lawyer…because…”muh vagina!!”

        And the first indication that something is amiss is when women
        start cheating/monkey-branching behind the man’s back…
        then get pregnant from Tyrone, Jahmaul, or Pooky and are
        down to the abortion clinic, lickety split..so they can go right
        back to riding the ‘Cock Carousel’ asap.

        That’s right men, SHE decides what happens to the result
        of your night with her, married or not.
        Not you!
        SHE holds total decision making over IF there’s going to
        be a child resulting from any time with her..the man, even
        in a long time marriage has NO say..courtesy of Feminism
        and the gynocentric legal system that’s created to support
        her and her every desire.

        That’s WHY Japan’s birthrate is in the toilet.
        Empowerment of women..look it up, I’m
        not kidding you for a moment.

        So, thanks women…you WANTED a ‘world without REAL Men’,
        and you got your wish..for now..until the moslems and others
        come forth from the ‘diversity’ that you all shout and protest
        for..hope you like being ‘rape slaves’ and concubines!

        “The Patriarchy” that you scream about WILL still be here
        to impart it’s will on you..it just won’t be the form based
        on Christianity and it’s civilization.

        Oh and it’s good to see all you women complying to wear
        a face panty because of ‘the coof’…it’s good practice for
        all of you to get into so you’ll be ready to wear your burkas!

        Reality IS the biggest bitch…aloha snackbar – Islam IS
        right about women!

        Of course, now all the ‘White Knight’ simps and cucked
        mangina’s will come oozzing out of the virtual woodwork
        to pout, howl and ‘reeeeeee!!’ about how I’m being mean
        and ‘hating women’…

        I DON’T ‘hate’ women. I UNDERSTAND them and their nature.
        And no, it DOESN’T have anything to do with any imaginary
        garden, magic tree or equally imaginary snake and magic apple.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        1. Well said, by somebody that has obviously been paying attention. That’s rare these days.

        2. I do have a wife, and she is not going to divorce-rape me.

          We have children, some still young that depend on me.

          I have no right to make this fight their responsibility, or to throw up my hands and say ‘fuck it.’

          They have a right to a future, and I am going to do everything I can to see that they have it.

          That is what man was created to do…to work, to marry, to raise children in the sight of God.

          Shirking those responsibilities is the opposite of manhood, which we witness in the uberfuck shitposter above you who talks a big game of bullshit, but calls the cops at the first opportunity.

          Men with no chest.

          1. Obviously, the brainwashing has worked. Doing what you’re told to do by people who spent their entire lives mentally enslaved.

            I’m in my mid 60’s, married once to a good woman for less than a decade. We’re still good friends.
            However, looking around me to all my male friends since high school and the USMC, probably over 80% are divorced and paid child support for years, and for what? Most never got to see their children enough to even make it worth staying in the area. So they grovelled at the feet of the courts and ex-spouses, hoping to see their kids every once in a while and lost all touch of their own spirit and dreams. Then married again and repeated the same scenario over again………….
            Stupid fucks. Not all of us were meant to work on a baby farm.

          2. Seamrog… you are absolutely correct in your observations. And notice who jumps on you? The three braggarts who boast of taking on the world, but each of them was bested by a mere woman.

            Carry on.

          3. Seamrog,

            Glad to hear that your woman hasn’t spoken the words of ‘doom’ to you…yet.

            Those three words are:
            “I’m not happy”.
            The alternate ‘verbal’ version of “I’m declaring gender war on you – get ready to be financially raped!” is where the woman looks over at the man from across the table and says’s out of the blue, “You’re cheating on me!”.

            What she’s just done is accuse the man of what she’s ALREADY doing behind his back! This ‘play’ by women is VERY common – they deploy this reverse verbal ‘mind fuck’ as soon as hypergamy kicks in and they HAVE started monkey-branching to other men.

            Again, women AREN’T evil; they are hardwired by biology to constantly ‘mate-seek’ for the most promising protector and provider that they can attract.

            The reason that a great number of them hate Western Patriarchy, is that through religion and culture, women’s hypergamy WAS put in check; there were social and cultural costs put on them to “fly straight” and NOT put their marriage and family in jeopardy for the mere excuse of being able to “ride the cock carousel”.

            Oddly enough, it was the Christian Progressives of the 1830’s and ’40’s in America that through their “Social Gospel” movement began seriously working to ensure that women were ’emancipated’ and treated “equally” (this culminated with the historic disaster of August 20th 1920…granting women “universal suffrage”).

            Of course the talmudics had THEIR own plans on how to deceive goyim women to unknowingly work to destroy the non-jewish culture and nation in America (especially through the efforts of “The Frankfurt School”) but the birth of the cancer of feminism was via those 19th century Christians.

            The solution, by the way IS always the same:
            1. Take away women’s rights (primarily the privilege of ‘voting’).
            2. Stop empowering women; NO education beyond HS and NO job/career outside the home – the woman’s job IS to be the homemaker and care for the children – and to be the dutiful wife under the Husband’s wise and responsible leadership.
            3. End ALL welfare, both domestic and foreign! Let private charity deal with this who TRULY require aid – cut out ALL freeloaders and grifters and mooch erst – especially ‘single mothers’!

            Do ALL these three steps in order and one WILL see their countries birth rates return and the cultural degredation diminish.

            And if folks riot in response to these 3 steps being taken?

            Simple, that’s when you shoot the rioters in the face..and continue to do so until they learn better!

            As for me personally, I refuse to “get back on the Plantation” where women and their politically enabled and protected game playing is concerned…it’s literally a ‘zero -sum game’ for any man that has his eyes open and sees the reality for what it is.

            And speaking of women and politics,..IF ‘Sleepy Joe’ does actually win, it’s because the women of America decided to choose him..they ARE 56% of the voters in America.

            Women can destroy a culture if allowed to do so,..just watch Black Pigeon Speaks to learn how and why.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. No negative emotion. The psychopaths crave that and it empowers them.

    Remember: they play by Alinsky Rule #1: power is not just what you have, but what your enemy thinks you have. If we think they have the power to steal, then we have given them an enhanced power to steal.

    Dont give the pricks the satisfaction.

  11. The american imperial oligarch class has been stating for months exactly how they were going to hold their ‘election’, and it has pretty much unfolded as they had telegraphed and projected.

    Keep your eyes on the big picture.

    The oligarchs have embraced global governance, and America and Americans aren’t going to be given a choice in the matter.

    To do that:

    1) The Federal and State governments must be eliminated. Debt will ultimately take care of this requirement for the destruction of the US.

    2) Not only that, people’s desire for national governments have to be destroyed as well.

    The ruination of the system’s legitimacy is intentional, and necessary to accomplish requirement number 2.

    They have openly stated the Great Reset is coming.

    They are cramming their ‘anointed’ ‘leaders’ down our throats with open and outright voter fraud and election theft – Trump won.

    The oligarchs WANT CW2.

    They have orchestrated it and paid good money to set it up, and they are intent on getting it.

    An America gutted and exhausted from CW2 will be easier to force into regional governance.

    That is the immediate goal.

    Regional and then global governance, and they don’t care what they have to destroy or how many they have to kill to get what they want.

    Just like every single other war.

    1. They did it to Russia.
      They did it to Germany.
      Guess what………now it’s our turn.
      And the proles are too stupid to see what’s happening.
      And the shit show is getting hilarious, blaming everyone under the sun but themselves.

      How’s that brainwashing working out for you?

  12. Wasn’t it Josef Stalin who said something about what matters is “who counts the ballots”?? We’re fugged…..

  13. All is quiet here, I was out in the sticks all morning, the rural areas are definitely Trump country. Even Sedgwick county is still pretty ‘conservative’, definitely a different vibe here than KC/Lawrence/Topeka. Just seems like everything is going as predicted, they are making all the coup moves. It’s good things are close, hopefully Trump won’t concede and the commies can kick off festivities.

  14. Looking like war is inevitable. Stole Wisconsin, stealing Michigan and Pennsylvania. I knew voting harder wouldn’t do it. Top everything off, good luck everyone.

  15. Worked our local (small) poling location yesterday (usually do): about 40 folks turned out here and all very polite but then again, we all know each other. Pretty evenly split between D’s and R’s: I believe (given our state’s history of corruption; that would be New Mexico) that things are pretty honest at the local level but the State level? who knows? The two large metro areas (Las Cruces and Albuquerque and to a lessor degree Santa Fe) control the whole state….go figure …strangely quiet while the MSM blathers and projects ………spicy times coming …

  16. Be taking notes of all dem supporting signage in yards these people are your local enemy.

    1. Done. Interesting that a couple of houses a few blocks from me that were among the first in the ‘hood to put up D campaign signs several months ago took them down on election day. Won’t work, assholes. I remember where you live. Along with the other, more brave or stupid ones, that left theirs up.

  17. Frankly, I’m not surprised.
    The reality is that this is really a contest between the socialists who have power, but don’t want to show it(Trump), and the Communists who feel they need more power(Bernie Bros and Kamala).

    Very clearly, this has turned into a contest between socialism and communism.
    Not Freedom vs. Marxism.

  18. Strangely quiet. People still cleaning up from the late season hurricane. 5 days without main grid power… not really a problem as I could have easily gone a lot longer.

    I predict SCOTUS will support the commie steal/takeover in MI, WI, and PA. It’s at that point all bets are off and only freedom lovers need apply. All the rest of you sons a bitches can go hide and listen to Rush Limbaugh and the coward known as Glenn Beck.

    Grey Ghost

  19. I’ve stewed all day, and come to this conclusion, our side,” Media, Bloggers”are simply a mans opinion, rarely is their substance or fact based evidence in support of the bloggers opinion.

    Can no longer work this way. Without,,,,,,,,, Who, What, Where, When,Why, and How, it’s simple a ghost story. Don’t get me wrong, I read this stuff everyday, and feel well Informed,,,but then I spend from 0500 to 0830/0900 every morning reviewing stories, cross referencing them across the world, for factual info, so that I can make a informed decisions.

    Main stream media is the king or queen of this half truth and innuendo, with zero accountability. We know it’s bull shit, they know it’s bullshit.

    Gentleman, we simply have to do a better job of spreading the word, dates times, names ” Addresses” yes it takes time, but we simply have to do a better job, we don’t have billionaire and the machine behind us.

    We get our data correct, we slowly start attracting true Americans, who like me are tied of reading some bloggers fantasy, based on almost zero real tangable data.

    We have some outstanding men and women putting out good dope on our side, we just gotta get better, if not we will still flop in the trash the other side represents.

    I’d like to highlight one of our guys who is pretty decent about articulate data input. That’s “Northern Gunner”. He’s very good at articulating his data, for his fellow readers. Again his post mostly reflect his detail. I may not like the subject matter, but it’s factual 90% of the time.

    Weather I like it or not, is moot.

    I DONT have a good feeling regarding the outcome of this election. We are up against a very tough group of professionals, who get paid for this, unlike our guys who have to work a job, and post on the side.

    Gentleman if we approach a confrontation in this order, with this kinda “intel”, were fucked.

    Lastly, go to the bank on this, our govt is scared shitless, about the mood the direction our sides moving. They are working overtime to plant agents, or roll criminals into any and every groups.

    Three can keep a secret, if two are dead. Don’t shit yourself we have many many fed’s here on WRSA. If you haven’t been in their house, met their families, broke bread, in their back yard. Don’t trust em.

    A fed, or-CI, would never bring , targets into their home, into their families. Expose there homes, wife and children.

    What your looking for is family photos, of all the kids, single and many as a family. At anything less then major targets the Feds won’t spend the money to set up this family trap.

    Does the home looked lived in, things theve talked about visible.

    We are going to see HUGE, infiltrations, or attempts. If someone gives a cover story, follow up on it.

    If the Feds are going to build an agent a cover story, it WILL be in depth, articulate, with many verifiable strings, it’s the oddball “mentions” that need verified. The Freudian slips, their timing that need questioned.

    This is serious my friends. What’s coming isn’t going to be pleasant, you dam sure don’t want to go down to deception in the opening round.

    Work smart, question everything, take nothing for granted.

    Lastly having met several here on WRSA, FTF, being at their homes, meeting their people, I trust em, but not to the bone, so,e secrets need not be shared. More importantly having them as guests at our home, having them break bread, is critical.

    In closing. To the gentleman I owe five hundred dollar to, please send me a PO box number, I’ll get your money back to you. It’s clear your out., happy to refund your money. The equipments in play, always available to you.

    You know the way, should you need to nest.

    Have a good one.


    1. Hard to infiltrate a family, or a group of friends that have known each other for 20 years. Hard to infiltrate a group of one. Remember Dorner, and ask yourself What Would Henry Bowman Do?

  20. Methinks stop focusing on palatable, political “solutions” and start focusing on who in our respective AOs need to be removed… permanently.

  21. Michigan hasn’t been stolen as of 2014L EST 4 Nov 2020. The Secretary of State tallies with only 3 counties not reporting yet, shows Trump with a 200,000 vote lead.


    Wayne County (Detroit) hasn’t been counted yet, but there’s a HELL of a lot more towns and voters in Wayne County than just Detroit, and the other 2 counties are very small, relatively speaking. For Biden to gain 200K votes with 3 counties left, without ALL votes going to him is virtually impossible without massive, obvious, and notorious fraud.

    I’ll stick with Trump winning Michigan like he did last time, with a somewhat wider margin than 6K votes.

  22. from a comment on ZH

    as of 21:37 4 NOV 20

    “Check the official Michigan election results website. It is Trump 2,318,065 to Biden’s 2,117,677 as of 9:37 PM Eastern today. The Media is lying (go figure). There are also 3 more counties to go.

    AP is inflating their vote tally: they are currently showing Biden at 2,769,197 to Trump 2,634,575. How is it possible for AP to project a winner with more votes than Michigan has officially counted? ”


  23. Agree with much of what’s been said, although I am really tired of bitching about your poor choices on women. I had a gift from God for well over 30 yrs until cancer won. Now I can say that dating has been a nightmare, and it has become obvious why most of these women are on the market: the good ones are taken and held on to!

    The blatant nature of the fraud tells us all that is needed. This game is over, at least as played by the old rules. So new rules it is. I trust my Lord with my soul, and hope to serve Him with my body in whatever ways are possible. Probably could use more medical supplies. Lidocaine, suture, staplers, and broad spectrum antibiotics will be needed. Actually looking at vet anaesthesia supplies, using LMA airways allows us ‘entubation amateurs’ to do some fairly serious field medicine. My hope is that a simple gunshot wound WONT necessarily be fatal for everybody. Not a surgeon, but the basic skills are not complicated.

    Oh … I watched the silly movie Matt & FerFal talked about a couple of weeks ago, Survivalist I think it was. Rather large plot holes, but the mom sounds like some of yall’s ex-wives 😉

  24. The United States of America
    ended today,11-4-2020,
    when 138,339 ballots showed up at 4am
    in Michigan. And every one was for Biden.
    A new nation is forming.
    We had a good run since the civil war.
    Pay close attention.
    And don’t blink.

  25. In regards to that moron, Trudeau in Canada thinking he’d send troops into the US… Nope…

    That’d be a mistake they’d long remember up there. Canada could only invade if my Grandma says so and all rednecks and bikers were dead or in jail… Still doesn’t account for my batshit crazy brother-in-law or any other mofos with a similar hatred for Canadians….

  26. Glad to see
    You back up, CA…. it’s been a while.

    My take is they’re going to try and force him to concede. More pressure will be allied via riots and cities burning.

    …. btw – been sending you comms.

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