Three From AP for the quote of Election Day 2020:

“…The people who supported Trump are not going away and the concomitant violence that will begin after January is nothing but a giant recruiting campaign for the right. If Joe Normie is to be radicalized, he must lose faith in the current system. Whoever wins, tonight will be instrumental in that realization. In a sane world, we would be having an Article 5 convention, and not an election tonight. We are not because our leaders have failed us, and for that they are in part responsible for what is quickly becoming an inevitability…” with details at the post for tonight’s chat, running from 1900-2100 est.

See you there.

2 thoughts on “Three From AP”

  1. Trump never stood a chance. Ever since the Bush/Gore “hanging chad” debacle of 2000 the left has been working diligently to remove REAL voters from the election equation and replace them with fake votes THEY own. In 2016 the left laughed at Trump. They KNEW he had no chance to win….so they didn’t really try that hard. Hillary OWNED it. And they were shocked to the core when he squeaked out a win . They were also galvanized and have been working 24/7 since that day to insure he had ZERO chance to win this year. The advent of this PLANNEDEMIC was a gift straight from hell…..where they spawned. It gave the left the excuse to impose the insanity of near universal “mail in voting”. A more perfect scheme to facilitate vote fraud would be hard to imagine. No matter how many votes Trump gets they can EASILY manufacture as many as they need to beat him. And there is no shortage of complicit communists in black robes willing to issue rulings allowing those magically appearing votes to be counted. No….Trump CANNOT win barring a literal Divine Miracle…….or ordinary Americans actually popping those P Mags and stepping off the porch. And THAT isn’t going to happen. Normal, honest conservative Americans are too polite, too indoctrinated into supporting “rule of law” to do what needs to be done. And THAT will be the epitaphs on our graves and the mottos up on the gates to the camps the left is planning for all of us who dared oppose their Divine (Satanic) right to rule.

    1. Dan,, Trump won this election hands down, the left is stealing what isn’t theirs to steal. Trumps a man, doing what he believes is in the best interests of these United States.

      We should all be greatful to Trump, if nothing else he has pissed the deep state off so badly, they have exposed themselves, their agenda. MSM, has no problems boasting about what the plan is.

      Regardless of this outcome, Trump,will likely be back in 2024, if he isn’t lawfully determined to be the legit president. And I’m deeply concerned.

      We all have our doubts regarding what’s coming to America. Even if Trump is seated, do we sit on our hands while the Brownshirt, antifa and BLM destroy shit.

      All it takes for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing. Think it’s obvious, do we become subjects, or do we hold accountable those responsible for the destruction to this great nation?

      A question we all have to answer.

      CA, the rest of you, God bless, good will to you all.


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