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    1. Maybe he should put down his oars and grab a rifle and get his self some. Go stop the tyranny Matt! Build those gallows!

  1. I don’t think it will be a Buffalo Jump this time. The enemy did not select the time and place.

    PLA USA Peoples’ Liberation Army of the Capitalist Party, not signatories the Gene aConventions. “You are a captive. We do not have to report you to your government, we may keep you as long as we wish.”

    We’ve past that point, Ms. Wolfe; when they used our military to conceal crimes in order to hold public offices. (Waco 1993).

    1. https://www.pilotonline.com/government/article_cce68172-2187-514e-a16b-171a53e4e1b7.html

      “Gays for Trump?” movie from 2017, and as of 2016, “Presler, 28, is an organizer employed by the Republican Party of Virginia.”

      Sounds like a totally grass-roots, totally not driven by the party like the Tea Party, spur-of-the-moment street action in enemy territory led by a local.

      Either that, or it’s fake and gay like everything else nowadays. But I’m sure DJT will have everybody’s backs if they defend themselves from assault as much as he has since being in chargeof the DOJ.

      Part of critical evaluation is looking before you leap.

  2. none of you are ever going to do fuck all about this for real.

    Especially that gate keeper Bracken.

      1. I expose the real jew enemy.

        Bracken is too much of an ignorant pussy to face the hard facts.

    1. let us older veterans invite you to our little get together out in the desert southwest; especially this coming weekend; and I will introduce you to some very skilled, dangerous, and angry motherfuckers. you get the “joy” of walking up to them and telling them to their faces they “aren’t ever going to do fuck all about this for real”. I cannot ensure that you will be able to walk away afterward – because some of us, unlike you, apparently – actually don’t talk shit if we won’t back it up. Punk. Bitch… nah, cunt.
      Shut your condescending cockholster.

    2. But, bro, it’s really the Chinese behind all this. Yeah, brother, because AIPAC, Soros, Zuckererg, BlackRock/Larry Fink, Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singher, the Kushner family, Epstein, Wexner, “Maxwell” (daughter of Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch), the ADL and all the other players are ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Chinese, and totally NOT Jews.

      1. I watched the movie (Brad Johnson) and read two or three articles from different authors about the sequence of events, underlying causes, motivations and the responses to the corruption. The establishment was well entrenched and the veterans went back into combat mode and eventually won.

  3. CA, it’s John Venlet. Thinking I need to get back into the game, and I’m wondering who your host is. You can email me, or just drop a reply here. I appreciate it. Carry on.

  4. It’s coming. It’s coming, and it’s not going to start in red or blue strongholds. It’s going to start in the swing states. It’s going to start when someone finally has enough and drags an election official, or Secretary of State out into the street. Or when those patriots in the street demanding that their rulers operate free, fair, and transparent elections are confronted by the BLAMTIFA mobs and the people on the right finally fight back, because they have no choice.
    You all who are saying “do something” need to understand, this is not something to be done, it is being done to you, and you have no choice in the matter. How else are the deplorables to be purged, unless there is violence? The globalist rulers don’t give one single fuck if the death toll is 5 to 1, or 10 to 1, or even 20 to 1 in favor of the deplorables, as long as they die. They give not one single fuck for their brown shirts and useful idiots. Better they serve a purpose, than turn into useless eaters.

    You have one choice. Fight and possibly die, or don’t fight and surely die. As CA says…


  5. Maybe Trump isn’t serious about winning. He didn’t choose pro-American FBI and DOJ heads, did he?

    Why didn’t the DOJ do the work instead of us relying on Project Veritas snitches? One would think that knowing in advance that the Democrats we’re going to use mail in ballots to drag out the election that the domestic intelligence agencies would have tracked the vote harvesters and their financiers—you know, normal counter intelligence activity.

    Where is Billbarr? Anyone seen him? Who appointed him? Is Trump that clueless as our Chief Executive or is he really not serious about winning?

    1. As I keep pointing out, it’s called political theatre for a reason. All one has to do is look at the picture of Trump and Pelosi when he signed off on the Covid relief bill, handing trillions of taxpayer dollars off to their cronies.
      And the Trump fanboys won’t ask questions or do any homework, they just keep slobbering over their hero.

  6. How are the fraudulent ballots going to be identified and separated from the valid ballots?

  7. A Protest? LMFAO!

    For shits sake – “STOP!, Or I’ll Yell STOP AGAIN!”

    It’s long past time people. Long Past. Glad I have a 1/4 to 1/2 mile clear shot/view in all directions from my property.

    1. Most folks can’t think outside the box or do anything without parental permission. And we expect them to act like angry adults now?
      We are hampered by people whose greatest concern is “being legal”, just read the gun blogs and the comments pertaining to “outside the box” weaponry. These fucks will rat you off in a nanosecond for doing something “illegal”.
      Actually fighting a war is outside their legally indoctrinated pea brains. Permission from federal agencies is required first.

  8. I noticed a huge amount of air traffic Sunday and Monday nights. I would guess about triple any normal night. Most of it private jets and turboprops. A lot of it was coming out of DC, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc.. with no flight plans filed. Also a lot of traffic headed across the northern boarder. You can monitor air traffic and see some tail numbers, headings, speed and altitude here: https://www.flightradar24.com/C680/25f81d11

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