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    1. The voters are the problem. Find your state on one of those electoral maps and you will see that it is a beautiful red swath of greatness and then there is that one nasty blue blob of filth that is killing you. You have them surrounded. Just walk in, paint it red, and walk out. They are sitting ducks.

  1. everything tfA-t has stated, predicted, and called for has, or will come to pass- for it remains the truth, the light, and the way forward… too bad the ignorant and delusional peepul have failed to heed his supreme vision and recommendations.. reality has a way of rising above feel goods, and unrealistic wishes and hopes- however uncomfortable it may be..

    in the end, tfA-t will be hailed as the Great Wise One..

    300 million+ worthless and brainless murkins have to cease to be 🙂

    1. tfAt-t for president !

      He’s one of the few on here that make sense.

      The only other ones making sense are the small number that know who the (((real enemy))) are.

      Short of that, you’re all pissing in the wind and falling for the set up.

      1. They all revel in their smug denial as their (((handlers))) slowly bury them, but hey, it’s actually the Chinks that are taking us over.
        Let them all die, they’re too stupid to figure it out anyway.

          1. After they’re done fucking over the western world, their next high priority enemy will be the Muslims or the Chinese, and it will be interesting to see how the Chinese deal with the Chosenites. They won’t be so openly welcomed as they are here.

  2. The chair is against the wall.

    John has a long mustache.

    Keep your powder dry, and be ready.

    Atlas Shrug

  3. The time for the start of the next presidential election is near. Cast your ballot in the caliber of your choice, I prefer .308. Register the results in red on the nearest wall. Luck to all as many of us will not be here to see the final results.

  4. When the higher taxes, the mask mandate, gun confiscation raids, and other “promises” by the Marxist-abortionists kick in, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Too late. The craven, cowardly, go-along-get-along policies of the the Dead Elephants for the last fifty years have come home to roost. Anathema sit.
    This corrupt, syphilitic, Godless country has been built on the corpses of the innocent unborn at home since 1973, and on the countless innocents abroad, slaughtered by the Wall-Street-Deep-State-MIC (((Cabal))) since the start of the American Imperium under Teddy Roosevelt. Asset liquidity, gray man tactics, and local vigilance are now paramount. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

  5. Why, nobody is going to do shit but talk and bravado. That’s how it’s been all along. 153 lines drawn in the sand and everyone crossed. If people are cowed enough to wear face diapers, and wet their pants at the thought of Covid there is no way they are having the balls to fight for a nation. People don’t want to fight because they have too much to lose. Guess they didn’t get the memo they are going to lose it all anyway. All these guns and big talk….we should be ashamed.

    1. People will fight, when they are actually uncomfortable.
      There are still a couple of lanes for nonviolent options seemingly open at the moment. They are not really open but they look like they are.

      But 70 million people just got a wake up call that their last major lane just got cut off from them.
      They witnessed that it does not matter how hard you vote, a corrupt gang of mid level functionaries and their flying Monkeys will swoop in and create enough magic ballots to render it null and void.
      The other lanes we are supposed to have to redress grievances are already closed and will do nothing to provide relief from said Monkeys but the motions have to be gone through first.
      There is only one true path left and it is the one we all know is coming.

    2. What is it exactly that YOU are waiting for? It’s incredibly disingenuous to castigate folks for not doing anything when you yourself haven’t done anything.
      Go out and set the example-perhaps you will be the one that everyone else follows.

        1. I’m not the one bitching about people’s “guns and big talk” unless I’m out there using my guns and big talk. It’s rather disingenuous to complain about others lack of action when you aren’t acting yourself.

  6. This is a totally FUBAR mess.
    What a freaking nightmare of a situation.

  7. Simple fact of the matter is, as long as they keep the lights on, food trucks moving, instant entertainment and hot and cold running pornography on tap, it’s not likely anyone but the most devoted will do anything. One thing everyone I speak with finally seems to agree on however, is that the Republic is dead. We of course knew that many moons ago.

    1. As the last vestiges of hope play out, its your time to rally them to full understanding that there is only one way forward.

    2. Providing lots of bread and circuses was always a tried and true method of controlling the poopulation – even before Juvenal coined the phrase!
      Said method has been on steroids since the advent of radio and television.
      Both Huxley and Orwell are pissing themselves silly in their graves!!

  8. Do not undervalue Trump’s understanding of the game attempting to be played against him, nor his ability to flank his opponents. Be prepared, though, for all contingencies.

      1. It would be awesome if it did. Hard to believe that it was done and the left never caught wind of it. That’s a biiiiig secret to keep.

    1. Agreed, but glad I’m going to have a chance to pick up a roofing hammer.

      1. “Forgot” my Estwing framing hammer outside this summer.

        The patina does wonders for killing shine.

        1. I’ve sandblasted and parkerized several Estwing hatchets. Awesome finish with a razor edge.

  9. When Trump won the Presidency, I said that he’d end up with his back against the wall, and would appeal directly to his core followers. His appeal would be, in effect, a call to arms … to settle matters in the old-fashioned way.

    I still believe that this is a viable scenario.

    Such an appeal would likely be sufficient to remove the last restraints, and provide legitimacy for direct action.

    Alternatively, he simply shuffles away, meekly.

    Just my Euro perspective.

      1. …he’ll get all his “hardcore” followers’ backs exposed for the knife to be firmly jammed in…

        …just like all the previous examples in the last 3+ years. Maybe he should ask the president to protect his supporters?

    1. If he shuffles meekly away, he is going to wind up in prison doing laundry for his remaining years.

      I think those that are pulling the strings want him punished.

    1. Bruh the sealed indictments have been sent. We’ll see the mass arrests literally ANY SECOND NOW.
      How many seconds are in four years?

  10. Marxism, Marx was a Jew. The Russian Revolution was funded y Jewish bankers in Berlin, London and New York. The USSR was overwhelmingly Jewish in leadership (Commissars were 95%+ Jewish). South Africa post-apartheid is a Jewish diamond mine capitalist heaven (Opeheimer crime family). Mandela was trained by Israeli Mossad Joe Slovo was a Jew.
    Are you getting the picture yet???
    Holy fuck. Stop blaming China for Jewish tricks.
    The media is owned from top to bottom by Jews. That’s why it’s acceptable to shit talk China and not Israel or Jews.
    To find out who rules over you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.
    If China ran things, anti-China talk would be crushed via vanning, and various other fed plots like you see with critics of Jews.

    1. It’s always “DA JOOS”. Can it. You can scream about “DA JOOS” all day but what are YOU going to do about it? What can we do if it really is?

      More important: Who do you know and what do you have in meatspace? What about local accountability folders? Who on your street, in closest 5 miles, county, and state area going to come for you and yours? Are you ready for it when they do?

      This isn’t a movie or a video game. One guy cannot save the world. One guy can send it all to hell, though. The man or woman with their finger on the trigger of our futural, mutual, nuclear destruction.

      Don’t think they won’t blow it all away if they don’t get what they want. But I can only take care of me and mine, not some bogeyman in a far away land. I don’t have infinite supply lines.

      1. “And here is the paper, a recently compiled local accountability folder, which bears upon it my neighbor droogs signature, as well as mine. Some of you, perhaps, have already heard what it contains. But I would just like to read it to you: We, the cucks of our neighborhood, have had a further meeting today, and are agreed, that recognizing (((they))) have nothing to do with American relations, is of the first importance. We regard our local accountability folder, which contains none of (((their))) names, to be symbolic of complete denial of reality.”

        ~Neville “WiscoMando” Chamberlain

        1. As an apostate, I just naturally don’t like you, but that was a good one.

      2. Odd how one can point out that six corporations control 90% of American media, and everyone nods in agreement.
        However, as soon as you mention who owns and runs them, and this is open-source fact, you’re labeled an anti-Semite.
        Comcast Universal-Chairman (((Brian Roberts))), son of founder (((Ralph Roberts.)))
        Disney-Executive Chairman (((Bob Iger))) and Co-Chair/Board of Directors (((Bob Chapek)))-(they have a strange role shuffling due to COVID, according to Wikipedia.)
        CBS-National Amusements (((Sumner Redstone,))) founder. (((Sharie Redstone))) Vice Chair.
        Viacom-Also National Amusements. The (((Redstones))) own the parent company.
        News Corportation-Rupert Murdoch-apparently a Goy-there are questions of his mother’s ancestry. However, he doesn’t identify as being a Tribesman and speaks out against them.
        AT&T-Chairman (((John Stankey))), replaced (((Randall Stephenson.)))

        Overall, pretty good for 2% of the American population, or it’s just a (((mere coincidence.)))
        I know the Jew thing sounds crazy and turns a lot of folks off, however once you start seeing it, it’s impossible to ignore.

        1. It’s always the ones screaming Nazi the loudest that have done the least homework, sort of a low IQ response to anything they know nothing about. Educated by Jew TV directors.
          Did I get that right?

        2. “This article is, I believe, an attempt at predictive programming by the establishment. They are TELLING US exactly what is about to happen. A contested election, civil war, martial law, economic collapse and the US will be destroyed from within.”


      3. Listen, Jew, people like me who call out the obvious (“Dajoos”) do so with EVIDENCE, crystal clear evidence. The alternative explanations (or lack of even that) have zero evidence.
        I just listed (off the top of my head, while at work) a number of undeniable facts about major players in various relevant schemes.

        Where the FUQ do you think all the Anti-Whiteness is originating from?? Did Whites just wake up one day and decide to dismantle their nation and race??? Or can one objectively notice Jewish hands, money, organization and sexual/rape blackmail schemes behind such things.

      4. Not always “da joos”, but there is a disproportionate representation of Tribe Members who climb to positions of power as a “fellow white” to then benefit themselves greatly and the Tribe somewhat. I have Hebrew ethnics among my associates and appreciate their detail-orientedness, small parts skills, language skills, but notice a common psychological failure more-or-less in all that is a fear of being betrayed that requires them to abandon or betray first. Knowing this allows me to associate, but not too much.

        1. It IS always (((the jews))).

          Anyone who’s involved in a serious manner who are not jewish are 100% beholden to the jews…. so you’re wrong… IT’S THE JEWS.

          It’s ALWAYS been them. They have been kicked out 1031 times of a near endless list of countries, regions, cities in the last 3000 years. The hard evidence and research is impeccable.

          The problem is we’ve always been too nice about it and dealt with them incorrectly every-single-time.

          Now, we’re in a real jam and the old methods of dealing with them WILL NOT WORK. They have all been tried.

          We have been pushed into a corner and there’s only one solution, the one that hasn’t been utilized.

          Are you man enough to face the reality of what must be done with these people to stop this insanity ?

          There’s only ONE option now.

          But here we are being misdirected intentionally….. it’s Antifa, its the Commies, It’s BLM, it’s the bankers, it’s the Chinese, it’s the muzzies, it’s overbearing government, and on and on…. yet, it’s really the jews.

          And don’t make the mistake of letting yourself believe it’s just their leadership. It goes from the very top to the very bottom. And if you do not fully know this you do not know the jew.

          You had better wake up real fast or loose EVERYTHING, right down to your very life.

      5. @ Pissco Mangina
        If Peter had pointed out any other group but ‘DA JOOS’ you wouldn’t have replied at all.
        But name the group that has overwhelmingly been involved in every anti – white scam ever devised and you find the time to piss and moan on their behalf.
        YOU can it!

      6. You sound like Matt Bracken, who is 99.5% right most of the time (with two notable exceptions): Buffalo Jump and Da Joooos.

        Hell, 73% of the most southern State in the South just voted to replace the last Confederate themed State flag (if you believe the numbers). They’re more concerned with when ni66er-ball will be back on the 60″ LED shitbox, or which blonde bombshell will get engaged to her Dindu dancing partner on Dancing With The Negro Stars than their OWN Heritage and FUTURE.

        At any rate, the day that local & National media talking heads fail to show up for work is the day the tide turns. But we’re not there yet, are we?

    2. Who gives a fuck who the masterminds are now? Your neighbors voted for a traitor kid toucher. That’s the problem. Jews, Chinks or Martians wouldn’t matter if our ‘countrymen’ weren’t corrupt and criminally ignorant. These players are taking advantage of a weakness.

      1. Uh huh!
        A weakness cultivated primarily by (((the chosen)) and ignored by lazy and sanctimonious fools!
        Idiots will blame the Natzees, Ruskies, Chinks and Muzzies but this country’s soul has been hollowed out from within by the cunning parasites you’re afraid to acknowledge!

        1. Soul of the nation was hollowed out by the seven deadly sins. A healthy people wouldn’t fall for Jew or any other chicanery. If the Jews ceased operations tomorrow you one string banjo fools would find some other crowd to blame. The problem is in the mirror and across the street. Hitler cleared most jews out of the Reich temporarily but the Germans are still obedient pussies.

          1. I can’t think of anything worse than a man who enables his own execution thru ignorance, and yet here you are.
            Enjoy what time you have left.

  11. Step 1 turn on tv to mslsd turn up volume
    Step 2 place globohomotracker on household robot vacuum
    Step 3 dump all yer popcorn on floor
    Step 4 get spicey

    1. Usmc 0311, threw my tv out in March. Lost 10 pounds. Must have been snacking at night watching the tube. The tube is the indoctrination machine. Encourages younger people to accept their assimilation by the wogs.

  12. Fully anticipating that Faux News calls the entire election for the JoePedo, if – for no other reason – to instigate cascade reporting across the alphabet networks.
    “Convince the enemy he is lost before the first arrow leaves the bow.” (paraphrased)

  13. Demographics were everything.
    The deep state republicans imported
    their own demise. Kalifornia was 80 percent white in 1980 when reagan was elected. It is now 35 % white thanks to the immigration policies of reagan bush.
    Arizona is more than 50% hispanic. Same problems in Georgia, colorado, nevada, virginia, texas……..
    1st bill by biden is amnesty. And Biden will peel off Lindsey Ghramnisty and a couple others.
    5 million new dem voters before the 2022 election and 10million more before the 2024 presidential election. Texas and florida will be blue states by 2022.
    Thanks reagan bush…
    Welcome to venezuela…..

    1. Lessons learned:

      Pick your own rice and cotton.
      Pick your own vegetables.
      Spread your own pine straw.
      Clean your own house.

      Lessons soon to be learned:
      Don’t buy cheaper foreign shit like TV’s and cars.
      Don’t get used to a phone on your hip.
      Don’t think the internet will be a ‘good thing.’
      Don’t trust anyone.
      Buy more ammo.

  14. It has often been said that there are 4 boxes to protect your liberty.

    They are taking away the soap box through censorship and deplatforming.

    They have clearly taken away the ballot box. Any “election” in the future will be a sham if they can get away with it this time.

    They have suppressed the jury box to the point where there are no peers and no real ability for nullification. Judges rule. We will have to see how this goes, but it’s likely to be clearly evident that the jury box is gone very soon.

    The only box left is the cartridge box. And while we have a short period of time to let the remainder of the other boxes try to preserve our freedom, if it comes to it, the cartridge box will be all that is left. If we wait too long before action, that will, too, be gone. At least the timeline is clear. It won’t be long after January 20th before any hope of the cartridge box is gone. The apparent incoming fraudulent administration has made that clear enough already.

    After all of the boxes are gone, we will inevitably be singled out and eliminated one way or the other until our children are perpetual renter-serfs in the neo-feudal gulag of the future.

    Let’s hope some of the other boxes have life in them. If not, let’s not wait too long for the cartridge box.

  15. Garbage agitprop outlet (((business insider))) is calling commie-la Harris Vice President elect. I’m extremely disappointed in the commie mobs so far, c’mon man where’s the moxie they had this summer? hoping for a spicy weekend.

  16. South Africa: the future of America


    Ever wonder why South African blacks (“Communists”, “Marxists” etc. let’s face it they’re just blacks) hunt down small-time White Boer farmers, but leave wealthy Jews alone?? Hmmm, yep a real mystery.



    Yes, it IS indeed “DaJoos”.
    Facts, bruh.
    Facts are Anti-Semitic

  17. As of 11/6/20, neither my ballot (dropped off in the box 10/19/20), nor Mrs. Patsy’s ballot have been listed as scanned on the Washington State Elections site.

    Think global – shoot local.
    (Thanks Matt)

  18. Again It Is Time For Trump To Take Out His Tomahawk And Go To Town

    I don’t think Trump is going to go out whimpering with a baseball bat shoved up his ass, as did Romney (the wide-eyed, Mormon faggot/dunce) did years ago–or Mic-shit-stain did running against Obama (who though that was a good idea anyways?).

    Only someone with Trumps massive balls and stamina and will to fight will stand up (or can stand up) against what is being pulled.

    If anyone denies there is outright fraud–they are part of the cabal or dumb as a rock, or delusional–or all of the above.

    TPTB are pissing directly down the backsides of the whole of the nation (laughing and giggling inside) with a poker face–and this time they are not even mumbling excuses that it is raining.

    Now what I am hearing is that whole traunches of these ‘magical’ ballots are just filled out with the box checked off for Biden–and the rest are left blank. The the term “ballot parties” come to mind?!

    All of the fraud is being committed inside of Socialist-Democratic controlled districts. ALL. OF. IT.

    It is completely obvious that the Communist-Democrats in these several states pre-prepared ’emergency ballots’ just in case their so-called ‘blue wave’ fizzled out… which it did BTW.

    I am still thinking that this will all wind up before the Supreme Court.

    And there in lies the conundrum–will the majority go with Biden, because they know this old fool will fuck them and pack the court and tip the balance… because the senate races are yet not finalized? And even if they are finalized in favor of the GOP–will they go with Biden because they know they are just one mid-term election away from taking the Senate?

    The black robes in the Supreme Court know the score–they read the papers and watch the news.
    They do not live in a legal fairy-land bubble.

    What should be done is that the Supreme Court does not rule in favor or either Trump of Biden. They could invalidate the election on the prima facia evidence of wide spread election fraud and toss the matter into the hands of the Congress–where Trump would win.

    Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin are epicenters of this corruption and fraud.

    Better bet yet is once it goes before the Supreme Court and the evidence of wide spread election fraud is presented–they would rule in favor of Trump–again Trump wins.

    The next avenue is that the legal matters go beyond December 15th when the electors must meet–and then the states get to vote on sending their own electors (despite the vote outcomes)… again Trump wins.

    The last avenue is that none of the legal matters are resolved beyond the 20th of January. Nancy Pelosi becomes temporary President, and then the congress votes on who becomes president.. again Trump wins (one state, one vote).

    But let’s say one of these possibilities plays out–or is in the process of playing out.
    What will happen in the streets?


    That’s what. And if people don’t rise up and take control of the destiny of this country–they will loose it.
    I don’t think Trump is going to lay down or go out quietly–and nor should he.

    This should be a nasty street fight all the way to the end.

    Thus spake Shinmen.

    1. Dems have over-reached badly. It was out of desperation and folks are slowly beginning to see that was the motivation. It is so bad it won’t be defendable. Trump will win after the fight.

      Of course, debt based economy, unfettered immigration and empire are lined up for the next fights. Oh, yea – and a bunch of Marxists with no capacity to reason.

  19. On my mind today: Stay-behind operations. Throwing “sand in the gears” as Z-Man put it.

    I think we’re headed for balkanization followed by secession efforts in many places. It would have been nice to have four more to prepare, but does this outcome really affect any of WRSA readers?

    Like any divorce this can go two ways. The problem comes in when one party wants to punish the other, or make a point.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Since many of the Trump supporters are the producers, as opposed to the leftist takers, we do have economic power if we choose to exercise it. Cut back your expenditures by 10-15% or more, buy local from trusted businesses where ever possible, do not patronize woke businesses – find alternatives if at all possible. Do you realize what spectacular revenue growth Amazon experienced during the plandemic, while many small businesses suffered and failed? And, yes, figure out other ways to throw sand in the gears. We can do a lot just on the economic side, but there are other ways to hurt the communist usurpers, as well. Let’s see how creative we can get. Yes, it sure looks like it will come to shooting, but until then there are other means to impact things.

  20. If I was Trump, I suppose the best strategy is to stall and hold on. So supposedly this revolution is about to be start. It’s abr/j coms move. Or not, who really knows, no one. If the globohomo DO instigate a Tet, idk it’s just up to them. Put up or shut up.

  21. I just had a thought: remember all of those odd wall murals at the Denver international airport? Did any of those contain pandemic references?

  22. God Bless you glorious bastards, each and every one.
    Thank you all for your company, your conversations, and your reading lists.
    We saw this ramping up since the earliest days at Sipsey Street. Here we are.
    Be well. Do good things. Bleib übrig.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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