Comms Advice

Just a reminder:

This place [ ] is a wing-and-a-prayer level of resilience from OPFOR attack.

Gab has actual IT kids and budgets to keep them up.

It doesn’t mean they can’t get nuked; they just have the ability to duck-and-cover while the blast and heat go by.

That’s why we (especially the good men who lit the fuse and keep it burning) built the SooperSekrit FlammenWerfer Klub (SSFWK) group at Gab before we got nuked earlier this year.

Here’s the link:

Here’s how to get access to the SSFWK if you aren’t there already:

Join Gab here:

Once in, enter the link below into your browser:

At that point, you will be on the WRSA alternate site.

Your choice – but alt comms are almost always a good thing.

We now resume our regular hatespeech.